Walking into UFC 247

Walking into UFC 247

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What would happen if they would get caught? Just a "gtfo" or a fine from the police?


You get thrown into the ring and told you must survive for 90 seconds.




He really took that loss hard. RIP, Bonesaw




The Slim Jims literally killed him.


I can hear that comment.


Just right now watching the movie what are the odds.


I got you for 3 minutes! 3 minutes of...play time!






I got ya for three minutes of PLAYTIME


So you chose death.


I feel like I could run and dodge for 90 seconds.


Yeah, definitely not. 90 seconds is a lot when you take in consideration the size of the octagon, running is not an option, and dodging kicks/punches from trained professionals isn’t either


I dunno, I've watched a lot of mma from my couch.


Oh in that case you got this bro.


So, a sofa sensei, eh?


Skilled Mai Tai fighter


I’m more of a pad tai myself


Why limit yourself to only one discipline?


Ok, but how trained are these dudes attacking a man in the fetal position?


Laughs in pride fc


Do you want a knee to the body? Because that's how you get kneed in the body.


Ahh, but you see I only need to survive, which would be fairly easy assuming my opponent isn't actively trying to kill me. I'd be unconscious in seconds, but that's not regularly fatal.


Heck, if I tried to block something i would K.O. Instead.


[you’re going nowhere](https://tenor.com/XhdG.gif)


You also might not feel anything after 90 seconds in the ring.




More than likely they just tell you to leave. I’ve snuck into tons of places, including backstage at concerts, better seats at sporting events, roofs of tall buildings, abandoned buildings, etc. I’ve been caught plenty of times and the worst they ever do is throw you out, in my experience. One rooftop they showed up with a camcorder and said they’d press charges if I didn’t leave immediately. Most security staff don’t want to report that someone got past them so it’s mutually beneficial to just toss you out. One guy even said “I don’t wanna fuck my day up by having to call the police so please just leave.” The only time the police got involved was when I got caught exploring an abandoned subway station and the police caught me themselves. Spent a night in jail but it was just a misdemeanor. Charges got thrown out without me even having to go to court.


Was this the abandoned subway station in NYC that’s always filmed for movies?


It’s in nyc but it’s not used for movies. The ones used for movies are typically not abandoned, just stations with extra platforms. Hoyt Schemerhorn has an extra platform that has been used in a number of movies and I believe also in MJ’s Thriller video. I was busted in the unfinished and abandoned South 4th St station which was built as part of a massive planned expansion of the subway system that was never completed. They built the stations first and never got around to building the tunnels between them. I went after it was filled with graffiti by a group of artists working there in secret for an entire summer. Google “the underbelly project” for pics.


How the hell do you picked up by cops in an abandoned station? Plain clothes waiting for you by the exit or something? I can't see uniformed cops just hanging out in an abandoned station


The graffiti project I was going to see got some media attention so the cops were waiting outside the exit


Gotcha, sorry to hear that!


Thanks I’m googling now, by the way are you from ny?


No just been here most of my adult life.


Can confirm. I do a lot of security work and half the time I just laugh and tell people “good for you” if they sneak past. Plus the paperwork is a pain in the ass and not worth it.


Holy fuck abandoned subway in ny?? Where? And how? I love visiting abandoned places. I used to go to kings park psych center like 4-5 times a week and run laps around the security guards and police lol.


Cant get arrested for trespass in the uk unless you have tools for committing crimes on you


Like fraudulent identification?


Did they make claims that were someone they were not?


Well, it’s like wearing a police costume down the street. You’re not making an claim that you’re a cop, but that doesn’t matter because you’re implying it.


Because of the implication


There’s that word again. Are you gonna hurt women?


I'm not gonna hurt these women! Why would I ever hurt these women? I feel like you're not getting this at all!


I’m not getting it.


>You’re not making an claim that you’re a cop Depends on the jurisdiction. In Germany for instance, wearing a police uniform *is* making a claim you're a cop, and it is punished accordingly. That's because in Germany, citizens are required to accept a police uniform as sufficient identification for someone being a police officer and aren't always entitled to ask for additional identification.




Uniforms are accounted for pretty tightly, you can’t just quit and keep your old uniform. Your (former) coworkers will come after it and take it back.


Surely they'll just give their buddy a pass.




And they're implying they're a paid customer?


Yes? I‘d definitely say so!


Yes, aka, fraud. If the pass around the neck is their "ticket", this is no different than just printing fake tickets for anything else.


I'd say comparing fraud to impersonating a peace officer is apples to oranges.


> apples to oranges But you can still compare them.


I'm not talking about comparing it to being a police officer which is obviously worse, but they're implying they're a paying customer with fraudulent documents.


They're getting a paid service without paying, so yeah the implication ends with the venue out money they wouldn't have been otherwise.


The venue isn't "out" anything. The paid service isn't individual, and there isn't anything taken away by the person that sneaking in unless they are taking up a seat in the stands that a paid customer would take up. If you assume the person sneaking in wouldn't have paid for the service in the first place, the venue isn't losing anything (unless services include something that *can* be taken, such as free drinks) I think its quite an important distinction to make, because sneaking into a public performance doesn't have the same impact as, say just stealing something, in the same way that stealing a CD is worse than pirating the whole album.


“Just because I am DRESSED like this does NOT make me a police officer!”


But what if the back of the uniform says booty police


Wearing a police costume in the street isnt illegal


But what if I have a police costume fetish


You can wear a police outfit as long as you don’t do anything only police can do. I looked it up cause I have a super legit police outfit I’ve worn for Halloween events.


Yeah this is forging documents and illegal. Even if it is a civil event it is illegal to create forged documents to enter if there is a monetary cost to enter.


Exactly! And they KNOW what they’re doing is wrong.


Civil, not criminal. Couldn't be arrested for it alone.


No, what I am saying is even if they attend a non government event that has a cost or pass system to enter with forged passes it is illegal


No you have to refuse to leave a place after being asked


Likely. I learned about it when I was in to urban exploration for a while


Ah the skyrim rules for trespassing


Wouldn't even be trespassing as they were waived in. If anything it would be fraud.






Trespassing is usually just a misdemeanor so wouldn’t matter for hiring. I’ve been arrested for it and never had any issues with background checks. They even brought it up at my Global Entry interview and I still got approved lol.


No chance, they'd kick you out. You could easily say you found the pass, that would never standup in court. I mean the video evidence wouldn't help but I'm assuming this was only published afterwards. People always sneak into events, it's a simple locked out for sure. I've never heard of anyone having a lawsuit unless there's malicious intent.


You could say you found the pass with your picture on? I mean you *could*, but you’d have to be beyond stupid.


Shit, forgot about that part. Um yeah... that might not work. Better hope for getting just kicked out.


You could say you bought all access passes off Craigslist for $1,000 each and some guy asked you for a headshot and mailed you these. You’d still get kicked out but they couldn’t charge you with anything, there’s always plausible deniability if you’re smart and don’t admit to anything


I like how you think. Saying you paid for them is a smart move.


This needs to be up higher. GREAT out there


Probably just a "gtfo" unless they got caught doing some dumb shit or interfere with the game in any way.


Falsified credentials... depends on how much tickets cost


Dumb question. How did they know what the pass was supposed to look like?


That's the real question. The passes change every event and to get them legitimately you're required to sign a document that says you can't take any pictures or post it anywhere or you can be penalized criminally and/or fined. Also, most event passes have a barcode and require you to scan them when going through some security checkpoints.


I only was at 3 events with VIP access all 3 had barcode scannable passes that were always scanned.


But what information does the barcode contain?


If done properly, only a number. That number should be enough to bring up all relevant information from the system. Downside to that, is you need to query the system for every scan. Every time. So they might just encode your seating number, or your tier (regular/gold/VIP or whatever tiers they use). The solution is to flood the gate. One or two people with a badge that doesn't scan, might be a couple of cheaters. 10 or more people, seemingly unrelated to eachother, all not scanning, is a fault in the system. Just let them through.


The last bit is a good idea. Especially if you are some of the first people in.


>Just let them through. Didn't pan out that way at WrestleMania a couple years ago https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3522214/amp/Let-Let-Ticketing-mishap-T-stadium-kept-thousands-wrestling-fans-stuck-outside-WrestleMania.html


Likely just a serial number for that badge that can be looked up showing if it has been scanned in or out (to prevent passes being used again when someone who is still inside used it to get in) as well if there is a photo of the person it could come up on their device.


This is the encryption key for this individual. Likely we'll throw up the name on the scanner. Name don't match or key don't work. You don't get in.


It tells the machine to go ‘boop’


Having received passes for other types of events, its not always the case that they have barcodes on them, depending on the type of pass you also occasionally bypass security for certain events


Assuming yellow shirt security won’t really know. I interned at a concert company and had a pass and was never questioned


My guess is, if this really happened, they purchased legitimate but cheap tickets to the event in order to get into the arena. I don't think I've ever had a pass scanned beyond the front door at one of these things. After entry, the mere appearance of a legit lanyard would be enough.


Well, if that doesn’t appear in a statute somewhere, they can’t just make it criminal by decree. They are not elected lawmakers. So at least that line of reasoning is iffy. Same goes with fines. They need to sue you first. And win.


They bought them. There are no in process shots of them making them, just holding the pass next to a cutter after showing a mock up on photoshop.


Exactly, they didn't even show the passes once they were at the event. Just filmed themselves making the fake passes and then used real passes when they were there.


Did you notice the photo on the phone isn't the sam as the photo on the pass? And the pass on the computer isn't the same as the pass they were cutting. The cutting didn't look like they even trimmed anything off.


These guys had real passes also. They just made it *look* like they made fakes so that they could post on r/actlikeyoubelong. WE'RE THE ONES GETTING FOOLED!!! But then, because they successfully duped us, their submission is actually legitimate!


So... the act of acting like they belong wasn’t for the event... but for the sub... so they acted like they belonged on r/actlikeyoubelong by acting like they were acting like they belonged at the event... That’s some next level shit


Honestly though if that was actually intended then I gotta give them props, but that does seem pretty unlikely since isn’t that a tik tok video?


Someone surely posted them on Instagram


It's not a dumb question. The photo on the phone isn't the sam as the photo on the pass. The pass on the computer isn't the same as the pass they were cutting. The cutting didn't look like they trimmed anything off. I don't know these guys so in my head there's a chance they actually had passes and reverse engineered to look like they snuck in. Just my observations, though.


I worked backstage for one of the biggest pop artists of the world a few years ago, and the road crew had with them the badges used for the whole (European) tour, meaning if someone posted a pic of the badge from the first concert, others in the other countries could easily access the badge, photoshop it, etc. This is actually very normal when it comes to crew, stagehand work, etc. Crew is constantly in and out of the arenas and all, and scanning would be too much hassle(?). They often use the same badges but in other colors for the other types of people (like wardrobe has this color, food&bev for the artist has that color, management and the crew closest to the artists has their own color etc). Therefore, we explicitly got told to NOT take any pictures where badge or the chain to the badge could be seen. If pictures were taken or leaked and it was our fault, we would've been fired but also got a fine or something, since it's considered fraud (I think). With that said, I believe there are sites like 4chan and stuff where people post their badges for others to copy.


I do this at stadium concerts to get down into the pit! Pit tickets are like $200, but it’s only about 20 for entry. Change your seat number to PIT, print it out, show it to the pit security. They only scan at entry to the venue, not into the pit.




Yeah I thought the same. They made the video for valuable internet points but had actually paid for real passes. The things people will do for attention!




That's kind of the whole point of this sub though, there are so many people at an event like this security won't bother checking if you're dressed for the occasion and have what appears to be a valid pass




I worked out at my gym for over a month without scanning my card simply because I was new there and didn't know I was supposed to. I just walked straight past the register and nobody ever complained.




One might even say they *acted like they belonged*.


You really underestimate the power of someone who seems like they know what they're doing. It's called the Bavarian Fire Drill and it's effective. [Here's an example of a bank robbery done using this tactic](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/300_million_yen_robbery).




Because it's assumed. You wouldn't trust a cop to disarm a bomb who looks really fucking incompetent.




Exactly. Confidence goes a really long way.


Thanks for sharing this!


Nice one


I've got right into corporate boxes without showing anything. If you look confident and look you own the place they just let you past. It's like a Jedi mind trick. If for some reason it doesn't work, you just act like you were confused about where you were supposed to be and return to your cheap seat that you paid for.


That’s literally how being a con man works my guy.


I think they bought tickets to get into the arena and used the fake passes to get into the club level section which takes you down to the floor lever. I work for nfl franchise. To get INTO the stadium is the hard part. A drunk fan can finesse their way around a stadium/arena






Right, like what about the obvious cameraman?


No. Definitely not. They don’t show any shots of actually making the passes other than a photoshop mockup then cutting to pulling the pass out from a cutter like they had just cut it.


Easy solution if you are ever caught: Simply say "WHAT!!?? I Paid $2k EACH for these off a guy on Craigslist, he told me he was a promoter and they were left over from a Charity Auction!"


Their picture was on it though!


“Guy on Craig’s list told us to send in headshots”


Forging identification takes it a bit too far imo. Are you really "acting like you belong" or are you literally showing people forged papers so they believe you have the credentials you say you do?


That's why high profile events use barcode scanners nowadays. You show them your pass and they scan it and if your ID matches what pops up on their screen you can go in. It shows them everything pertinent about you and if you can be onsite at that time.


Sometimes it’s easier to add yourself to that database without paying than you think :)


Oo elaborate please


No harm done to anybody and they didn't steal nobody's tickets/seats and to pull that off you gotta act like you belong


Yeah, that's just forgery, not acting like you belong.


why not both


They **did act** like they were belong though. /r/technicallythetruth


It's both parts. An actor isn't made by the props. If someone had the legit pass but were one of the most paranoid people around, they'd be more likely to be caught than someone who had no pass but absolutely owned the situation.


Someone who has a pass and acts normally wouldn't be caught, but someone who acted normally without a pass would be caught. Same acting, the prop is the difference.


If someone looked closer at their ID and figured out it was fake, then they would’ve been caught. However, they were acting like they belonged so as to not arouse suspicion. This is a little bit of “Column A and Column B” so I think it meets the standards of this subreddit.


Lol think your taking Reddit a bit serious


I doubt the identification is anything like the real thing. They just made something that looks sufficiently official.


Fake. They had tickets. Looks like they have their own paper cutter, tailored suits, etc. They didnt get into any VIP areas and they didnt really get ringside. They were in the more expensive tiered seats which they (based on the tools at their disposal) look like they could afford. Additionally one of them seems to have a black eye which likely comes from practicing mma. A rich frat boy learning mma bought the most expensive tickets he could afford


They probably had generic tickets and not expensive ringside one. Ticket are checked only while entering, not once inside. They sneaked in the exclusive area


All those security guys just got fired.


No they didn’t, no one cares that much.


Next time they'll just require a hologram on the badges or something a bit more difficult to counterfeit.


Or.. more likely nothing happened at all.


More likely they’ll get mandatory training on social engineering


More likely nothing will really result of this


Depends on how big the video/story gets. If the venue gets wind of it they may want to take precautionary measures to prevent other people from attempting the same stunt. That’s why they usually try to make an example of the people who did it. Even though I agree it doesn’t really warrant anything further than throwing them out, they may try to have them prosecuted or sue them for damages.




No they didn’t, because the video was clearly faked




I'd caught just start your own pen testing service




Sell me this pen.


I feel like this is the type of video if Dana White saw he would appreciate.


I bet dana would think otherwise.


imagine your security being this easy to circumvent


This would probably get you fraud by false representation in the UK. Definitely not a trivial charge, and one that will have other implications when it comes to applying for jobs or financial services.


If they didn’t really have tickets and just stood around floor seats for too long security would ask them to take a seat/see their tickets


Maybe when you do stuff like this... enjoy the experience and keep it to yourself, yea? You're certainly not the first, but advertising the idea/process will spoil it for all.


Yes, that is true, the last part because if someone posts it about then security staff will be beware and it defeats the purpose of sneaking in to an event that they are not allowed to go to




Way to doxx the guard doing her job. Dicks.


is counterfiting charge only for money and documents?


Well done lads




Mad lads. This is genius.


I wish they’d blurred the faces of people. Some poor bastard will lose a job because they were being the kind of event staff we’d all like.


Where were they standing at the end of video? If they just stood on the side wouldn’t that be suspicious?


[This is actually real. Some guy snuck in to see Conor McGregor.](https://youtu.be/8PL1BC1s8CQ)


I’d say it’s entirely possible they had passes and faked this video.


The first guy looks like he has been 10 rounds with a UFC fighter already then found out he shouldn’t have been there in the first place and was “escorted” out by security! How can a human look like he has 3 black eyes?!?


My and my brother-in-law did this at a WWF event without the ID. We had tickets but the queue was too long and we couldn't be bothered to wait.




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Funniest thing i've seen all week lol


I don’t believe this for one second as the badges that we wear have stickers on them that change per event. They tell what media can go where. I was all access and would have special stickers. I believe these guys just made a video and actually bought tickets. You might fool the people at the door, but not ringside.


“That’s a fake media pass and they can’t get into the premier clubs. I’d hear Mansfield Ohio mentioned on reddit. Edit: I’m interested


The last Anderson Silva fight and the Rose fight almost happened in Curitiba it's my city i was definetely trying to sneak in but they changed it




A lot of people. The UFC is one of the biggest mma organizations in the world. People love mma man. They aren't the only major organization either. Bellator, PFL, Rizin, and One FC. And let's not even get into the countless smaller organizations in the world. Point is, the UFC has some of the best fighters on the planet. Who doesn't want to see UFC is a better question.