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Sex before food I get pretty hungry after sex


I think I can eat while having sex, so I choose both at the same time. Although if we consider cannibalism as something valid ... you can have sex and then eat your partner. Let me be clear, I am not saying in any way that I support this type of practice or that it should be legal o permitted or something, but I have to present all the options that my sick mind finds.


How would eating while having sex look like? Laying on the back slurping spaghetti while your partner eats his portion while humping/thrusting? There are lots of situations coming to my mind that seem hilarious.


Equal according to Maslow.


I feel that food should be first. Sex is not exactly something without which you would die. Food is.


Food before sex unless you go anal!


You can’t live without food I think that answers the question


The first one, cos eating right before sex can make you bloated and uncomfortable, or give you a stitch if your activity is too vigorous.


Sex before cause I need to earn it…that and I like aggressive blowjobs and don’t want food on me


1) Water 2) Sex 3) Food


Do you mean what order to do them in, or how to rank them in terms of importance?


If you mean what is more important it depends. Animalistic sex in some cases since to reproduce is often more important to our instict than eating. If you mean what you should do first then absolutely sex before food. Because during sex you use a lot of energy that you would get back from eating something. The other way around your body would be in distress because it needa to digest the food you ate and therefore sex would ve contraproductive to it.


Depends on how heavy the meal is and how rigorous the sex will be. A light salad before sex will give you some fuel but not leave you bloated and sluggish. Sex before a heavy meal such as a pot of spaghetti bolognese can build up an appetite. You may feel sleepy after eating though.


Which came first, the chicken or egg?


Depends on what u need more, it's a personal decision. Most would choose food, needed more over the week as sex 😉😁