How did Rebekah go to inquire of the Lord?

How did Rebekah go to inquire of the Lord?


Yes. Every person in Christ has the Spirit of God living in them and He can speak to you through them. Romans 8:9 But ye are not of the flesh, but of the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is not his.


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Okay this answer is a little bit tongue in cheek. But only a little bit. As soon as you have two Nations growing in your belly, you will be given the ability to make any inquiry of God that you want. Until such time, no such skill will be granted. Okay I'll take my tongue out of my cheek. One of the things that the Bible teaches us is that there's a time and a place for everything. And the time and a place for every purpose. What was going on the Old Testament, isn't this sort of thing that's going on in the New Testament. Rebecca didn't have the Holy Spirit living within her. We have the Holy Spirit living within us. The methodology of how she would go about getting information from God, then it's completely different and how we go about getting information from God. That being said, it's also important to realize but in the Old Testament their relationship to God is completely different than how our relationship is to God. In the New Testament we're not just servants of Christ, we are brothers with Christ. Our level of responsibility is higher than their level of responsibility was. It's our job to make sure that we're walking in the freedom that God gave us to cause and create wonderful things for other people and ourselves. This desire comes straight from the Holy Spirit. According to scripture. That being the case, one of the common misunderstandings that a lot of Christians have, is that they think that they're only a servant of God. They don't realize that they've been lifted up one more level up. Where they are considered a brother to Jesus himself. That means that our prayers and what we're looking for is different than the types of prayers and what a lot of people are looking for. A lot of people want to ask God what God's plan is for their life. And what they don't realize is that it's God's plan that you work out your own plan. That when you're working out your plan, and that simply includes walking in the freedom to cause and create something wonderful for other people and yourself, but that desire is exactly what God's desires is for you. I hope I've clarified something. Not made things muddy. I also hope you've had a great Monday!


Thank you so much for all of thus. I've gained a lot of comforting messages through your text. Thank you so much!


My grandmother used to listen to God time to time, she was christian from the very heart. If you do believe and have faith, he will speak to you


The Hebrew basically suggests she "departed" or "walked" and "worshipped", and the Lord answered her during her worship. Edit: It is also worth mentioning that it is technically that simple, but you must realize that Aaron and Rebekah are 1) pivotal people in the Lord's work, and 2) lived (perhaps imperfectly, but) in full submission to God and the Word of God.


>are 1) pivotal people in the Lord's work, and We all are... or at least have this potential inside of us ​ >2) lived (perhaps imperfectly, but) **in full submission to God** and the Word of God. Here's what most people are missing today, yet are fully capable of doing.


Amen, OP wanted to know what and how. I Did my best.


According to the Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible, “inquire” refers to the formal act of asking for an oracle from YHWH through an official prophet (1Ki 22:8; 2Ki 22:13,18). The result of her inquiry is an oracle (v. 23). Usually an oracle is delivered by a prophet or priest, and in the ancient world at large is mediated by a diviner. The statement that “she went” suggests travel to a sanctuary, though if she visited a prophet, they are not always associated with a sanctuary. Whatever the source of the oracle, this statement features the same laconic silence about the details as Laban’s divination (30:27) and the role of the household idols (31:34). All of these derive from Laban’s family and indicate the continuation of standard ancient Near Eastern religious practices that are preserved by that side of the family. Yet Yahweh showed some level of tolerance for the slow progress and here was willing to communicate through whatever specialist Rebekah consulted. During the time of Moses, God likewise communicated through the foreign prophet/spiritual technician Balaam.


>I wonder if there's any way modern people like us can go to inquire of the Lord like Rebekah did. How do we do it? Thanks! Yes... even moreso... we walk with a relational God who's given us His Spirit.... poured it out on all flesh even. You ask, and expect Him to respond because His word says He will.


He absolutely Does respond to anyone who earnestly inquires of Him -- even if you are not a believer yet.


It either means that she received a direct word from Yahweh (audibly), or that she inquired of the priests and they received the answer. We tend to forget that there were priests prior to the levitical system (such as Mel in Genesis 14), and that "worship" in the Bible is usually sacrifice. It's possible that Rebekah went to the priests, offered sacrifice, and asked for their counsel.


We have the Spirit if God within! We pray, Ann’s listen. God always speaks to me on His timing not mine !! Always when I’m not expecting it.


Yes. You can.


Before Yeshua came things were different, we now must enquire of the Holy Spirit and GOD speaks to us through His WORD.


There was a scriptural methodology involved, a very specific showing if you prefer It has nothing to do with voodoohoodoo witchcraft The elder is representative, as is the younger Representative of what is always the question, right? The elder, the first born, in the scriptural senses meaning every person, is born a slave to sin, which is "of the devil." 1 John 3:8 The second person is considered the "younger" vessel. The vessel of honor, that God loves. God actually hates elders, meaning people who are slaves of the devil. Who does God really hate in that equation? It should be very obvious, the devil. The second man, the born again person, wrestles with our adversary, internally, with God's aid, direction and influences. And our hope is for our eventual takeover, by Him, in Him.


Pray. Seek God with all your heart and ask Him to come to you. Worship Him and honor Him. Then He might come to you.


ותלך לדרוש. לְבֵית מִדְרָשׁוֹ שֶׁל שֵׁם: ותלך לדרש AND SHE WENT TO ENQUIRE at the school of Shem (Genesis Rabbah 63:6). https://www.sefaria.org/Rashi_on_Genesis.25.22.4