Denton County Public Health administers 250,000th vaccine

Denton County Public Health administers 250,000th vaccine


Dr. Matt Richardson and his team are doing such an incredible job! Just three days ago TMS had administered 200,000 according to [this post.](https://www.reddit.com/r/Denton/comments/mgq9y1/texas_motor_speedway_marks_200000th_covid19/) Well done, Dr. Richardson!


When I went in yesterday afternoon for my second dose they looked to be operating at max capacity and efficiency. They’re doing awesome work over there.


I really wish we were working at max capacity! A major problem we're having at our clinics is our no show rate. Every clinic we have around a 20% no show/ cancelation rate. We could vaccinate even more if people would keep their appointment.


I wonder how many people ended up getting one somewhere else, and canceling there. That's what I ended up doing when a nearby CVS had an opening.