Check it out! What makes our Texas Motor Speedway vaccine clinic run so efficiently.

Check it out! What makes our Texas Motor Speedway vaccine clinic run so efficiently.


They did an outstanding job, would love drive-by shots again next pandemic.


If I'm still with DCPH by then I'm sure we'll use what we've learned this past year. Drive through clinics are the way to do it.


10 out of 10, would recommend!


This was definitely a first class operation. Thank to everyone who help!


I had heard how efficient it was, but was still amazed when I got my first shot at the beginning of April. I'm glad I dont have to dread long lines and stuff for my second shot this week!


Dr. Matt Richardson, the DCPH staff, and the volunteers have done an amazing job.


The staff and national guard did a great job... no complaints.


Props to everyone involved for making such a massive operation run so smoothly. Both of my appointments ran like a well-oiled machine.


This was a great example of what local government can do at a large scale in an efficient manner. DCPH adjusted their sites/methods as it went on and added wrinkles here and there between my shot visits that made it more efficient each time I went. Credit to the federal govt. recognizing it and once FEMA/National Guard joined in with staffing and logistics, too. It's a shame that it's all coming to an end with so many unvaccinated still, but that is not because of the efforts of all involved.


Let's not forget the Ham Radio Operators maintaining communications and doing early warning storm spotting out west. The CERT and MRC volunteers who were running things behind the scenes as well. There is a lot to be proud of in Denton County.


It's an incredible story, especially given how their political overlords the Denton County commissioners were doing things like meeting without masks.