Self-Improving Every Day Until Elden Ring Releases (Week 2)! We’re making some progress.

Self-Improving Every Day Until Elden Ring Releases (Week 2)! We’re making some progress.


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I’m down nearly 3 kg (~6 pounds) from my starting weight last Saturday! It’s within the range of daily weight fluctuation but I’m gonna take this as a win and use it to motivate myself to keep going! Thanks for all the support I’ve been receiving from you Hollows, here’s to a happier and healthier Elden Ring experience!


That's awesome! I'm psyched to see you're making progress. I'm down about 2 lbs (0.9kg) myself since last week. I would suggest (if you aren't doing this already) weighing yourself first thing in the morning every day, *ideally* after pooping and before eating or drinking anything. I find that my weight fluctuates very little that way and I end up seeing a consistent 0.2-0.3 lb loss every day, whereas if I weigh myself at inconsistent times of the day the fluctuations really fuck with my motivation and state of mind sometimes. Either way man, awesome work! Keep it up!


2 lbs is 0.91 kg


Good job.


God gamer.


American here so I was very confused with this post till I zoomed in and saw kg


Congratulations man, I admire your resolve


My goal is to get under 200. I’ve lost about 15 pounds ever since school started again


Good on you! You can do it :)


Noooooo you're supposed to do something extremely unhealthy like drinking copious of alcohol every day till the release! Jokes aside keep it up, you'll soon be a lowly tarnished no more and instead become a true lord.