What if these special glowing trees mark areas that you've officially "cleared"? I will happily take this over a ✔️ on a world map any day.

What if these special glowing trees mark areas that you've officially "cleared"? I will happily take this over a ✔️ on a world map any day.


That would be cool. It would also be cool if the world was very bleak, but when you clear the area or something it would light up these smaller trees but also make the trees and nature more colorful.


Totally. Like, your accomplishments are restoring the world or something.


What a brilliant idea!


Tarnished: Bridge of spirits


What do you mean by 'cleared' though? I'm not sure Elden Ring's open-world will be as straightforward as other games.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to recall reading that throughout the open field, they mentioned smaller areas that you can go (like the "church" looking building from the CNT teaser for instance). Maybe, once you've cleansed an area like that and restored a little more of the Golden Order to the Lands Between, it shows you in a physical way. Totally spitballing, but I think that would be pretty sweet.


Still do you have to for instance find every piece of hidden loot, clear every unique enemy, explore every small ruin, etc. to be considered 'cleared'?


Probably would be once you beat a boss, mini or major


Not necessarily, but let's say that there is some ruin off in the distance. You go there, and enter. There are a bunch of enemies and a nice big treasure chest at the end. You kill the enemies and loot the chest (hey, sweet, it's a new skill!) That dungeon is then "cleared". You will know that you've looted it by the cool golden tree that appears nearby. You can go back there whenever you want, but there are no more treasures, and the world is now more beautiful.


It'd probably just be major a major objective, like a regional minor lord in a fort or something, and they'll leave the secrets/extra stuff up to you to find and do.


That would be beautiful sweet


Omni, the guy who leak much info for Elden Ring back in the great hollows day, did said that as you progress the world will change heavily, and you can see the damage by the shattering of the Elden Ring, you might be onto something here.


It's probably the inverse, and I'm pretty sure the open world is going to more tame. There will very likely be themed regions with a specific set of themed content. I very much doubt it's going to vomit chores at us like Ubisoft games. or be as free-form ( think Elden Ring will be a tighter, more nuanced experience). We already know you can go dungeon diving and engage in more traditional content, for instance.


They probably signal safe areas were you can rest and not worry about enemies attacking you


Like there’s a bonfire near by


Maybe when you rest at the checkpoint it lights up the trees around it? That way you can head towards non-lit trees and be sure you haven't been there yet.


I could totally see that, too. Either way, it's such a good look.


Maybe when you kill a field boss/clear a dungeon, the power of the Erdtree that the boss was using up is able to return to the land, bringing these Erd-saplings back to their full glory?


I think this is a part of what I’m considering the deceived or puppet ending is. You accept the accord, you follow the rays of grace, these have significance to the the retention of the powers that be. I think they seem too important to the story to be some late game completion award


Could be!


That was my guess since we have seen images of the same areas with and without the trees. Purty.


My problem with this theory is that the more development-time has gone by since June, the more promotional screenshots show what I call "Erdlings" (little Erdtrees) being lit all over the map. It's as if all large trees are going to be glowing by the time the game is ready for release, and the non-glowing variants we've seen are part of the game's current build as they've been working on it. I'd like to be proven wrong, however, since there are already rays of crepuscular light leading us to important locations. Maybe the trees will have similar functions in the opposite direction.


Yesh i was thinking it looks too small to be the erd tree. Be pretty cool


maybe they are the map "shards"