How many hours have you guys put in in each from soft game?

How many hours have you guys put in in each from soft game?


According to my steam acc: DkS1 300 hrs DkS2 Sotfs 200 hrs DkS3 500 hrs Sekiro 850 hrs (and people say it got no replay value, tsk tsk) Dunno about Demon Souls and Bloodborne but i extimate something like 100hrs in 3 different playthroughs for demons and 300 for Bloodborne.


I've never understood people who say sekiro has no replay value. Sure, it doesnt have much diversity, but it never gets boring, and moving through the world and beating bosses is just too satisfying. It even has bell demon and Kuro's charm to challenge yourself. Second Fromsoftware game I've replayed the most.


I completely agree with you. The gameplay is so much fun that I find the game to be the most replayable for me. I think I've played it like 15 times at this point. Comparatively, I've played Demon's Souls 8 times, DS1 7 times, DS2 3 times, Bloodborne 4 times, and DS3 5 times.


Some people also eat poop, don't need to find reason there.


DS ≈7k; BB ≈5k; DS3 >3k; DS2 >2k; DeS played. I have no idea how many hours I spend in sekiro tho. Edit: after exploring and experiencing most of the game I like doing a lot of challenge runs, which brings the hours spent way higher. Although with DS1 and DS3 I also played a lot of PvP.


Woahhh 7k? Damn hey respect man. I wish I had your time lol


Yeah, I had a lot of time, especially in middle school. The fact that they're my favorite games obviously contributed a lot


Have you ever no hit the games?


Yes but only DS1, DS3 and BB. My first challenge run for every game is torch only run, it's kind of a tradition for me. Until I'm able to get a torch it's fists only.


DeS: \~75 hours DS: \~120 hours DS2: \~140 hours BB: \~110 hours DS3: \~90 hours (haven't beaten the game yet) Sekiro: haven't bought it since I haven't beaten DS3 yet.


Wow you re in it for a treat


Sekiro imo is the best one-time experience (apart from your first from game) but the least replayable unfortunately.


For me replayability is purely tied to how much fun I find the game and specifically the combat to be. All the build variety in the world will not make the game replayable if I don't like the basic gameplay. So for me Sekiro has been by far the most replayable From Soft game, just because I absolutely love every aspect of it, particularly the combat which I find endlessly satisfying. I enjoy fighting all the mini-bosses and bosses all over again, trying new challenges, re-exploring the areas, etc... Not to mention that there are NPC quests that are as replayable as any quests in the other games in terms of the different outcomes. I think I've played through Sekiro like 15 times at this point. Meanwhile I've only played Dark Souls 2 three times, simply because I don't really like the combat in that game and no amount of builds, weapons, or armor sets is going to remedy that. DS2 should theoretically be the most replayable based on the variety and amount of content, but since I don't find the content to be that enjoyable compared with the other games, it's the one I've replayed the least. Ultimately I think how fun I find the gameplay will always be a bigger factor than how much theoretical build variety there is.


I feel that, though for Bloodborne. While it's pretty short and more limited compared to Dark Souls, it's the one I've played through the most just because I find the combat super fun (and I love the atmosphere and aesthetic of the game to death). The game's only got 20-ish weapons (not including firearms), but because of how varied and fleshed out each one is the combat still feels fresh every playthrough.


I'm a bit scared tbh since I feel like at this point my skill level is decreasing rather than improving but the game definitely looks beautiful and I want to try it one day.


Your skill level in Ds or BB won't matter while playing SEKIRO.


Interesting, how so? And is it by chance comparable to Furi in case anyone here played that game? What worries me is the lack of grinding, a practice mode or summoning. In DS whenever I'm stuck I can just go somewhere else, grind out levels and gear, then summon help and usually overcome most obstacles by brute force after a few attempts. In Furi I worked up to the "full experience" by playing easy mode and practice modes consistently over the course of a year until I was ready to play the game at its intended difficulty. Afaik Sekiro has none of that so I only wanted to pick it up once I've actually beaten DS3 and Sekiro goes on sale


Nah man, there is nothing that can be compared to Sekiro. You have tons of options in Sekiro too, not necessary to fight the same boss if you don't want to. But grinding levels and gear is not a n option, since there is no such thing as level. And the amount of bosses in Sekiro is a lot, especially in the beginning.


You'll be fine, it'll take a while for it to click but once it does I honestly don't believe it's much more difficult than the rest. Just very different pacing. I honestly think I had a tougher time in DS3 late game than Sekiro late game 🤷‍♂️


Because it was so much different than dark souls I couldn't really get into it at first. I always wanted to pick it back up though. I recently took the plunge and it's going a lot better now. I found I was getting really angry the first attempt, but now it feels more fair. Idk, I think it just takes a second to click, and if it doesn't click at first you might need to step away for a bit and try later.


That's quite interesting. I feel the same way in different areas where I consciously attempt to improve at something; e.g. playing piano, working on a difficult software project at work, or playing From Software games. It always seems like I get worse and worse, until I suddenly manage it somehow anyway. I don't get it!


I wish I had a PS5 just to play demons souls. Game looks like a visual masterpiece


Fellow Xbox-boy here; hoping for Demon Souls or Bloodborne on my console some time in the future!


DeS=2000 hours, DkS1=800, DkS2= 70, DkS3=300, BldBrne=400, Sekiro= 60, DeSremake= 50.


I doubt you could even imaginate it...


DeS is probably about 80 hours between original and remake. Dark Souls is a solid 150-200 hours. Dark Souls 2 is 500+ (mostly in original, with about 80 hours in Scholar). Dark Souls 3 is about 100. Bloodborne is about 280 hours. Sekiro is about 50 hours. EDIT: Dark Souls 2 was my first experience with a Souls game at launch; I played that baby blind until my PS3’s controller wore out xD


Shadow Tower 1 \~45h King's Field 4 \~40h Shadow Tower Abyss \~30h Kuon \~15h Demon's souls \~150h DS1 \~700h DS2 sotfs \~200h DS3 \~1900h BB \~200h ? Sekiro \~200h ? Ninja Blade \~60h probably


Whoa !


It's amazing that you actually went through 60 hours of ninja blade you must be a QTE god


it was my first fromsoftware game and i was in middle school


Ah that makes sense


Yo what's this badge next to my name


500+ hours in DS3, though I have closer to 700+ hours in Bloodborne thanks to the replay value offered by Chalices.


Idk how many hours specifically but i triple dipped on DS1 remastered on switch PS4 and PC. I think imma buy an original copy and play on PS3. I double dipped on DS3 and played on PS4 / pc Demon souls i played on PS3 when it was announced and played the PS5 version as well.


1k+ for ds1, dsr, ds2 vanilla, ds2 sotfs, and ds3. Couple hundred roughly in Sekiro.


DS1 400 ish DS3 50 ish BB 5 ish - just started my first play through Sekiro 100 ish


How’s bloodborne so far


having a tough time adjusting to combat as I just finished a DS1 run. I absolutely loved Sekiro, so I'm hoping it will click soon.


Holy shit some of you guys have like 10 months of your lives spent on from soft games. I got like 300 hours in BB


Demon:0 Dark1:over 1k Dark2:over 1k Dark3: 4-500 BB: 100 Sekiro: like 20 (haven’t finished yet)


DSR: 140h SOTFS: 350h DS3: 270H


Every first playthrough of the games I have put in around 40-45 hours to complete it.


Probably close to 1K hours with DS1 and 2 combined. Didn’t like DS3 very much, too linear in my opinion, but I got a few playthroughs out of it including modded ones. Maybe 200 hours in DS3? Bloodborne probably has around 200 hours into it as well. Sekiro is likely around 150? Demon’s Souls (classic, not remake) is probably around 90 or 100.


DSR: 115+ Ds2: 53 Ds3: 38 I played sekiro for like 6 hours and I liked it but I think I’m gonna hold off on it for awhile


DS1: 170h DS2: 140h DS3: 110h BB: 110h


About 80 each in Bloodborne, ds2 and ds3… about 60 in sekiro and about 200 in DS1


100+ sekiro, 55 ds1, 60ds2, 50ds3, 240 bloodborne, 20ish demon’s souls


Ds 447, ds2 417, bb 60, ds3 72, sekiro 87, DeS 40?. I'm burned out on the series, I'll do only one ER playthrough :/


DS1: ~70 hours DS2: 30-40 hours BB: Two full playthroughs (don't have a PS4 myself) DS3: ~1000 hours Sekiro: ~80 hours


DS1: \~150-200 DS2: \~300-400 DS3: 87 BB: \~200 Sekiro: 114 DS1 and DS2 most of my playtime was on PS3 so they're just estimates. DS2 was my most played souls game due to not having a good PC til 2017. Despite the hours, DS3 is my favorite in the trilogy. Will probably play it more after Elden Ring.


All together like 20k hours XD I play since the beginning of the beginning :v


DS1 - 165h (~5 playthroughs) DS2 - 85h ( 1.5 playthroughs) DS3 - 318h (~8 playthroughs + my brothers) Sekiro - 91h (~5 playthroughs)


Wait until you get a chance to play Bloodborne! I have similar number to you in the other games and just had the chance to play BB this year---it's easily #1 or 2 in the series.


Yes, I really wish I could play Bloodborne and I am still hoping the rumors of a PC port are true. Elden Ring is the closest thing to it so I am trying to wait for this instead. Sry about the late comment btw.


DS: something like 200-300 hours DS2: around 600 hours DS3: around 800 hours BB: 200+ hours Sekiro: 200 DeS PS3: 100 hours Des PS5: 150 hours


* DeS = 0 * DaS 1 = \~250hrs * DS 2 = \~2Khrs * ds 3 = \~700hrs * BB = \~100hrs * sekiro = 67hrs love me some dark souls 2, i want power stancing back.


74h in DS3 and 56h in Sekiro and both of them are just 1 playthrough. i could have more hours, but i dont see the point in replaying the games again even if i loved them


Diffrent endings


i dont think its worth going through the same game again just to see a different cutscene at the end of the game


Thats fair, i think its worth it but thats just me.


You have little experience with the series so maybe you don’t know how much variety there is. Another play through of the dark souls games can be totally different in terms of how your character looks and plays as well as the areas and bosses you will encounter. There is a lot of optional content in these games.


i mean thats probably one reason, but i just dont feel compelled to replay them. even though sekiro i might consider due to it actually having bosses exclusive to certain endings


Dark Souls 2 and Bloodborne both have optional endings with optional bosses. Just so you know.


very cool. might play ds2 someday, but bloodborne never if that shit doesnt come to pc.


DS2 is my favorite in the series. Try it out sometime for sure. Shame about Bloodborne. There was a leak that it will be coming to PC next year. We’ll see.


Sekiro ~150h, DS 3 ~60h, DS 1 ~30h


Demon’s souls - 30 Sekiro - 60 Bloodborne - 100 Dark souls - 150 Dark souls 3 - 350 Dark souls 4 - 400


Where can i play this Dark souls 4 O:


Dark Souls 4 holy shit he’s from the future. What’s it like ???


DeS= 0. DsK1= 600. DsK2: 300. DsK3: Around 900 Bloodborne: 1400


Around 100h-150h. DS3 400 for pvp


DeS : ~100h, 2 full runs, a busted magician solo and a Dragon Bone Smasher STR build in coop. DS : 107h in Remastered, 273h in PTDE DS2 : 264h in vanilla, 257h in SotFS DS3 : 496h BB : ~150h, Quality with Ludwig's Holy Blade & a bloodtinge Chikage + Evelyn Sekiro : 80h, only one playthrough so far, curentrly doing my 2nd run Charmless & with Demon Bell to try the Shura ending bosses & the boss rush mode


Ds1 ~300 Ds2 ~120 Ds3 ~350 BB ~ 270 , Sekiro ~ 100


Demon's souls remake: 102 hours Ds remastered: 40 hours Ds2: currently playing at 25 hours Ds3: 205 hours Bloodborne: 124 hours Sekiro: 105 hours And elden ring is prob going to be 1k hours. Im already prepared to invest time in it. The theme and concept of it is just my type


Playthroughs of each: DS: 3 DS2 SotFS: 2 DS3: 14+convergence mod Sekiro: 10 BB: 5 DeS: 1 (remake) Not a big fan of DeS


DS1: 250 DS2: 130 DS3: 300 BB: 500 Sekiro: 350


In total? Or per character because I could count the total of all my characters or just the main one with the most time


DS1: ~200 hours DS2: ~800 hours DS3: ~300 hours BB: something like 500-700 hours Sekiro: ~70 hours DeS: under 10 hours


About 3-400 a piece in DS2/3 BB and 40-60 DeS remake/Sekiro. Still not finished DSremaster but about 40 hours in so total around 1k hrs


Dark souls remastered: 42 Dark souls 2: 1.7 (just started) Dark souls 3: 400


DeS: 80 hours Ds3: 60 hours Ds1: 50 hours Sekiro: 80 hours Bloodborne: 36 hours


Ds 1/2/3 200+ hours Sekiro ~70 hours on ng+ got to November to finish 100% achievements


i did some math right before Sekiro came out and I had a total of about 3k hours across all of the games I only did one runthrough of Sekiro, about 70 hours but i've also played a bunch of DS1 since then so who knows


Combined for Bloodborne, sekiro and the souls trilogy? Probably about 6-700hrs, so you know about sample size


300+ in all except Sekiro


Ds1 - 40 hours Ds3 - 47 hours so far Bloodborne - around 40 hours as well Sekiro - around 30 hours


No dark souls 2 or demons souls? Maybe they’re next in line?


I did play like 7 hours of ds2 but I just couldn’t get into it, Demon’s souls is definitely up next though


Idk probably almost a thousand hours. I’ve deleted saved a ton but in dark souls 3 alone I’m approaching 100 hours. I have tons of other deleted characters on bloodborne and dark souls 1 so maybe around 500+


Thousands across the franchise. Best bang for your buck.


These are the questions I choose not to ask myself. If I had an exact figure, I would be embarrassed.


I started playing the fromsoft games less than a year ago and I have 60 in des, 80 in dsr, 60 in ds2, about 200 in bb, 30 in sekiro, and i just started in ds3 but I can tell it will be up there with bb. All of these games are just incredible


Ds1: 30 Ds2: 62 Ds3: 68 BB: 70 Sekiro: 30 (not finished)


100ish sekiro, 1.2k ds3 - about 200 hr of solo playthrus and about 1k hrs of invasions and duels


Immeasurable amounts. My PS4 files got corrupted, so I've reached my limit of save files for characters on two separate instances for Bloodborne and DS3. At first I was annoyed that I lost all my files, but then I realised I just had another excuse to play my favourite games again. The only annoying thing was doing all the easy chalice dungeons again to unlock the high tier gem ones.


Demon: 60 (made just one run) Dks1: 130 (made three run) Dks2: 400 (my first fs game, made 4 run and played a lot online BB: 150 (made two run and chalices, no online) Dks3: 800 (made 4 run + a ton of PvP) Sekiro: 120 (left as soon as a hit platinum) Demon remake: 0 (since I don't have a ps5 yet) The online is the biggest factor as you can see, it motivates me to play a lot more than I would otherwise. When there's not I just play till I feel like I've enjoyed enough ever inch of the game and then I proceed to watch gameplay and speculations about them. If Elden Ring is gonna have a good online and it's really gonna be so big I think I'm probably gonna spend way over 1k hours on it, maybe even 2k


DeS - Don't own it DS1 - 150 hours (over multiple consoles and pc, also including remastered) DS2 - 25 hours (beat it twice in that time) DS3 - 350 hours BB - 3 hours (loved it but 30 fps gave me severe motion sickness, waiting for 60fps patch) Sekiro - 30 hours


All rough estimates. - DS1 50hrs. - DS2 25ish hrs. - DS3 100hrs. - BB 200 hrs. - DeSr 100hrs - Sekiro 20hrs


Dark souls 3 has the most for me I had about 500 hours in it the first year I got it according to PlayStation the others I’ve put far less time in even tho I love them more like bloodborne or sekiro but my first will always remain my most played hopefully until elden ring


DS1- 85 DS2- 50 DS3- 390 BB- 120 Sekiro- 125


DS1 80 DS2 30 DS3 1500+ BB 200+ DS 25 Sekiro 10




I think I had like 60 days in DS3. I did the math the other day and added up all my kills and it was over 2000 dark spirits killed lol


Dark Souls 1 - I don't know. I played it on console first and don't have an exact number. Probably somewhere between 200 - 300 hours though, i guess. Dark Souls 2 - 250 hours Dark Souls 3 - over 900 I haven't played Demons Souls and Bloodborne, as i never owned a Playstation. Sekiro i stopped at the fight against the dude on the horse because i got so bored and annoyed by the combat. I guess i prefer spamming R1 over spamming deflect\^\^


too many


ds 180h ds2 0h ds3 230h bb 100h des 50h sekiro 30h


Ds3- 288 h Sekiro- 95 h Sorry I only played those 2. I'm such a casual


I would say 1500 hours into everything with ds3 being half of these hours. Ds2 a close second and then ds1. Mind you i havent played exclusives since ill do that this xmas when i buy a ps5. As for sekiro i just didnt like it.


DS (90 hours) DS2 (70) DS3 (200ish) BB (200ish) Sekiro (80) no demon souls for me yet 😞


200 hours in Sekiro, 700 in Dark Souls 3, and 30 in Dark Souls 1 remastered.


DS3 462 hours DS1 118 hours DS2 + SOTFS 96 hours Sekiro 42 hours (didn't finish)


Haven't played Demon's Souls \~100 hours-ish in Dark Souls (can't PvP there for the life of me) 500 hours+ in Dark Souls 2 SotF (PvP was good, I was bad) 500 hours+ in Dark Souls 3 (Anor Londo Unfaltering Prayer Force... yes, it was me. Don't you dare gank me again!) 300 hours+ in Bloodborne (the game feels shorter, but the Doll keeps me occupied...) 100 hours in Sekiro (game is hard, but no PvP) These are all estimates, I'm not opening Steam to actually check, Gabe'll try to take my money again and I'm not armed anymore. Elden Ring'll bring PvP back and whole new ways to murder people. Thank Michael Zaki! 500+ hours ez


des: not played ds1: 100 hours ds2: 3 hours (I got bored once I reached canary wharf the enemies were so boring) ds3: 400 hours bloodborne: 70-80 hours? sekiro: 80 hours


Demon Souls: 45 minutes, my friend let me try it on his PlayStation Ds1: probably 100 hours or so, would've been less if the door to Gwyn would've opened on my first playthrough Ds2: 60 hours but I'm planning on doing another playthrough Ds3: 400-500 hours as this is my favorite Soft game Sekiro: 10 hours, beat lady butterfly and GORINOBU and made it to Ashina castle but just got bored BloodBorne: maybe 10 minutes


The door to Gwyn didn’t open? Oh no wtf I’ve never heard of this bug. That sucks major assage


Yeah I couldn't find anything about it online


DS-38 Hours, two camping completions then go board DS2- i can't remember thing about this game. BB- 44 Hours, because I suck a didn't know where to find the last hidden boss. DS3-112 Hours, Because I suck and mad the mistake of going for platinum. LS- 49 hours, because I suck and had to do an entire extra campaign completion to get the platinum.


DeS : 60h DS : 120h DS2 : 200h DS3 : 600h BB : 300h Sekiro : 200h I've been playing Dark Souls 3 again lately because of the mods, it' s such a refreshing experience with just one mod.


Demon souls- 40 hr 1 playthru Dark Souls- 70 hours 3 playthru Dark Souls 2- 30 hr not completed Dark Souls 3-900+ beaten many time Blood borne-40hr not completed Sekiro- 40 hours not completed


DS1: 500 hours (350 PTDE, 150 Remastered) DS2: 30 hours (never clicked for me) DS3: 900 hours (I am pvp god) BB: 300 hours Sekiro: 40 hours (never replayed much)


100-150 hours in DSR 100-150 hours in DS2 Vanilla & SOTFS 200+ hours in DS3 Finishing Bloodborne as I didn’t have a PS4 till now.


DS1: 149 DS2: 189 DS3: 214 Sekiro: 123 Bloodborne: 88 Demon’s Souls Remake: 134


Demon's Souls (original) : nearly 150 hours. Demon's Souls Remake : 90 hours Dark Souls (PTD Edition) : nearly 150 hours. Dark Souls Remastered : 80 hours. Dark Souls 2 : 0. Dark Souls 2 (Scholar of the First Sin) : 250 hours. Dark Souls 3 : 400 hours. Bloodborne : 280 hours. Sekiro : over 300 hours. So roughly 1700 hours all told, or approximately 71 days.


DS1: ~150 hours DS2 SOTFS: ~200 hours DS3: ~400 hours BB: ~300 hours Sekiro: <100 hours The SoulsBorne games have become sorta like comfort games to me, so I come back to them somewhat often, especially DS3 and Bloodborne


Too many


* DeS: 0 :( * DS: 60ish * DS2: 60ish * Ds3: 300ish * BB: 300ish * Sekiro: 100ish


Demon’s Souls - 75, Dark Souls -100+, Dark Souls 2 - 20 something (never clicked), Dark Souls 3 - 400+, Bloodborne - 1.5k (best game ever made, fight me), Sekiro - 300+


DS3 = 700h DS2 = 400h BB = 300h Sekiro = 100h DSR = ~ 100h DeS remake = 40h I got every platinum except for DSR and sekiro. I should finish the platinum of sekiro before ER though, not DSR because DS1 is the one I like the least.