we aren't allowed to record or take screenshots of the network test

we aren't allowed to record or take screenshots of the network test


Leakers: Oh no, anyways


Michael Zaki: “I’ll delay an extra day for every second leaked.”


I don't know why Michael Zaki became a thing but I love it.


watch the Prepare to Try series, that is where Michael Zaki orginated from. One of the best playthroughs out there IMO


[that channel? ](https://youtube.com/c/preparetotry)


They made a new channel called RKG, same type of content, highly recommend checking out.


I remember the lesser known sister, Miya Zaki during the hollowing days lol


we shall once again return to potato quality phone leaks. this is getting nostalgic


Oh don't worry, people do not give a fuck, and *will* be livestreaming this network test.


Not sure about streaming, but we will definitely see tons of uploads.


I guarantee there will be people streaming, there's no way there won't be.


It'll have to be on burner accounts, they WILL get banned


Brandish the Elden Stream... For all of us!


Lol, oh no can't afford to lose that account that gets 1 view a year.


I mean sure, but twitch will ban them. The question is : they'll be streaming for how long.


Porn sites: it's my time to shine >!What could be more erotic than ER gameplay footage anyway!<


FOOTage, you say?


depends on the age in that footAGE


Maybe the Artifact category will finally get some use again.


If I get it, I'm recording it a phone, gonna fix it on a phone stand, these new phones record 4k60 anyways. I'm gonna be like a backstreet dealer with this footage. Ofc if I actually win the lottery and get selected for the network test...


People are even confirming they will at least record it max quality. Do not worry, I'm sure someone streams it.


I have a note 10+ 5G 60fps 4k with a tripod. You'll get what you need BOI


thank you father


It's ok, dark souls 2²


Enough to feed the whole Corvian settlement.


Good luck stopping 50k players, lol. Seems pointless to even try to stop it.


50k only in one region. There will be more than 100k total




The population of the world


I meant, how does he know 100k ppl are being selected where he get that number from


It'll stop big youtubers and streamers from recording it. I'm sure they realize regular people are going to leak it.


Yeah this is kinda weird they are going to even try makes me wonder if that Rep doesn’t really know and is just answering the question on company guidelines. Like it doesn’t even seem like it is worth trying to stop people.


They only say this cuz if they want to act legally to take something off, they can. But they know very well that people will take screenshots and record the gameplay. Some will be dumb enough to stream it, i'm sure


That's a positive spin on it, although I would think discretion would be 1 of the easier things to phrase in legalese / network test contract. Why just start with 'no' instead of 'all arbitration will be handled by fromsoft staff at their discretion'?


It's going to happen anyway. They can't stop tens of thousands of people.


Thats what they want you to think right before Miyazaki invades your apartment with a strength build and a baseball bat.


Miyazaki holding baseball bat: "I'm about to make YOU leak"




Jokes on him, I’m so into that




Don't threaten me with a good time


Lmfao the image of glowing red Miyazaki breaking into your house and pointing down has me dying


My condolences


That somehow has a bleed or poison infusion 😤


Baseball bat with rusted barb wire




Damage output is the kind of thing that just tickles my balls!




Reinforced Club


Which sadly means it’s useless


Miyazaki breaks in and he’s got a lightning avelyn with lightning bolts


And he floods your apartment


Gonna make my apartment a poison swamp level for Miyazaki by plastering feet pics everywhere.


While wearing Xanthous Crown and using it as a secondary baseball bat


Worse than that. An extra month delay for every 30 seconds of gameplay that winds up on the internet.


I can just show him my stash of feet pics to stun him


Miyazaki is Yakuza 0's Majima confirmed?


But chooses to throw poop at us...




This here is something that can rival matt mercer sneaking into your house and throwing pool noodles at you


I don’t think they care about leaks or footage. It’s just so that if a big streamer uses footage to bash the game or critique their unfinished product, it can be promptly taken down.


I really don't think they even intend to. They are stating this as "the rules for everyone" because it's easier to say this than to say "We don't want professional streamers to show this stuff on Twitch with 200k viewers before it's finished." These rules exist for bigtime people who generate video game content for large audiences for a living, not for Timmy and his 3 friends that wanna watch him play Big Dark Souls.


Yes And that's certainly why we will have the right to a gameplay before the CNT. Otherwise, I don't understand lol they know very well that on thousands of people some will let go of their own gameplay.






They are going to threaten us with another delay of one day for every second of gameplay leaked


*I'll turn this car around right now young man!*


Assuming the game runs at 60 FPS, that’d be a bargain for a few screenshots


Do we know how many will participate?


It's 50,000 just for Europe, unsure about here in the US and other regions. But rough estimate of AT LEAST 100,000 or more people


Forget winning the lottery, i'd rather win this.


50k for Europe? That's rough...


Where are you getting these numbers from? I can’t find anything about them online


Oh then yeah definitely they'll figure something out. Good to know, thanks!


Every screenshot delays the game by one day


The game will be delayed for one day for each screenshot or each second of video.




Nooooooohhhh ELDEN RING


We're fucked




Elden Ring release confirmed! Nov 20, Common Year 864, 3rd Age after The Great Fall of Mankind


Don't give em ideas my guy.


*someone reveals a 20 hour play through of the entire game*


At 60 FPS that’s 11,835 years. Damn these delays.


So be it. i will be able to play the game or at least get a lot of gameplay info. A prace im willing to pay the delays.


Imagine not a single person out of that 50000 is interested in Sharing their network test experience with the internet. No one from this sub. No one from YouTube, no content creator whatsoever. And imagine we won’t see a single snippet of that juicy network test. Impossible. Haha… unless ⚆ _ ⚆




Isn’t it already?


Can some hollow out there donate me insight? Please.


It’s only 50k for one region, it’ll probably be closer to a couple hundred thousand people


If I get a chance the play I will not leak it. But If I don’t get a chance the play plss leak it!!


That won't stop me because I can't read


The words! What do they mean?!


This message was sent by bandi namco support to me replying to my question of recording the game closed network test


what email did you send the question to?


Bandi namco support web site


thank you


What happens if we do? Do you know that?


You make Miyazaki sad


Well we dont want that do we now.


The penetrator pulls up at your house at night




Your feet pic privileges get revoked


We'll know once the NDA's are sent with the test access. BF2042 closed beta warned they could ban you from playing the full game on release. Which lead to very few leaked footage and some even claiming they didnt care about the ban and posted them anyway only to get banned a few hours later.


Oh wow, wierdly enough i hope elden ring is like that too. Idk why but i just want things to go the way Fromsoftware and Bandai want.


You shut up!




I think the Pursuer is on the look out, make sure to have a dagger ready.


I mean, do you really need to be told that? It’ll happen anyway, whatever, they know it.


Yup, I think this just means no streaming on Twitch etc. What if they stream on reddit?


But they have no way to enforce that. It's so dumb. When you have a few dozens of dedicated playtesters you can sign individual ndas and prosecute/execute proper paragraphs in the agreement if violated but here... it's very weird.


Yeah, i find that so weird too. Maybe its mostly to disencourage bigger streamers and Youtubers from streaming/uploading it? Because apart from that i'm sure they know that the material will be out there.




I've been looking around a bit and apparently Dark Souls 3 streaming was also only allowed for a few people, while the share option was disabled for most people? I wasn't around at the time but that's what it sounds like when searching for it. Sure, still seems different this time (even though we will see if again some people might be allowed to stream, but it feels like it won't) but yeah, they seem to like to put some weird restrictions in there.


They actually have, watermark player-identification. Other companies like respawn's apex legends uses this to prevent unpermitted footage from getting leaked via banning that player and nobody is gonna risk losing access to Elden ring.


maybe like just hide that in the upload then. problem solved.


Yeah fr just edit it out


But what if....it's hidden somewhere unexpected! Dun dun dun!


Upload it with intentionally low quality


It’s your full name made translucent and laid over the whole screen. It’s designed so that editing it out would either remove most of the image, or leave a pattern visually similar to your name anyway. This is how it works for any digital material, just like how sales of digital photos always have the copyright mark repeatedly laid over the photo so you can’t just screenshot it without buying.


You seriously underestimate what people are willing to risk just for a tiny bit of internet clout, the 27 second play test leaker is probably out of a job now after the stunt he pulled, I'm sure plenty will leak gameplay from the network test.


You're not a battlefield player I'm assuming. Leaks from the close beta from battlefield were pretty sparse, and the people who uploaded these clips all got taken down. Twitch would ban you if you stream and youtube uploads were taken down. EA warned that they would ban people from accessing the full game on release if they did not respect the NDA. We don't know what's going to be in the NDA for those who will get access. I know I won't risk it. Remember there's no PC access so flagging a PS5 is super easy.


How would they go about flagging your console if you're recording via your phone? IP address?


I think a lot of times games/movies in situations like these will have like a unique QR code or equivalent embedded in the actual gameplay, that doesn't look apparent to a human eye but a computer algorithm can pick up even if you're just filming a screen with your phone, called a watermark. Would probably have your unique console serial and username, maybe also IP (or at least be linked to them). Whether they're actually going to do that IDK, but just because you're filming the screen doesn't mean you'll get away with it.


If it's "invisible" then it probably won't work if the quality is intentionally poor


If you reduce the the quality to the point, watermarking stops working, there is no point in upload the video because it will look like a really bad cam rip. As long as your I can recognize what you watch in the video, the algorithm will find the watermark. You can even watermark sound.


There's probably something you could do to make it not identifiable anymore, but you couldn't be sure unless you actually knew what method they were using, successfully detected it and manually edited/obscured it in the footage, and then you would still have to look for redundant methods. I'm not very sure that intentionally poor quality, yet still sufficiently good to show discernible gameplay, would be sufficient to make unintelligible any kind of watermark they could put in.


I've never been so confident knowing that a rule is absolutely going to be broken in my whole life


If people are willing to murder knowing they’ll be punished severely I know people will leak tons of info when there’s little to no repercussions.


"or other **live** action"


This message will work just about as well as the one on the door to Old Yharnam. Djura who?


Well Djura at least could shoot us with a Gatling gun if we ignored it, which Bandai can't. Unless.. 😳


I think they had to write it down from legal perspective, but OFC a lot of new content will be released by players.


Unenforceable. Maybe it'll stop the big content creators from posting videos or streaming it for fear of strikes but all that will do is create a situation where there's a lot of demand for videos and streams with a vacuum of people to fill it. There'll be absolutely no shortage of up-and-coming content creators who will happily take the risk for that many potential views. That's all without mentioning the random clips that are going to be posted all over the place on twitter and reddit and everywhere else. What this should (logically) mean, though, is that we get the 16 minutes before the Network Test. They know gameplay will come out of the test, and if they're saying the game isn't in its best state they should - if they're not dumb - want to get ahead of the flood of videos that they're not in control of by releasing their own video that they are in control of - namely, the 16 minute gameplay video.


Now we return to beg them for the 16 minutes trailer


Its kind of funny , they must know its going to happen and gameplay will be everywhere on the internet. So this only prevents big youtubers to monetize their video , why ?


its interesting that they dont allow any gameplay or screenshots to be taken, but they also know for a fact that they cant stop the players from doing that.


Watch someone upload a potato quality pic and the next day Elden Ring’s been delayed all the way to December of 2069.


So the guy who was playtesting for them literally uploaded raw footage of unfinished build on his yt channel and they are asking thousands of random Joes on the internet not to upload gameplay?? What


* everyone who has a capture card and will play the the network test *: "Oh no! Anyways"


for every screenshoot => 1 month delay


Elden Ring release date now Feb 3022


60 fps=3600 possible screenshot per minute=3.33 minutes of leaked gameplay=1 millennia delay So yea, it would probably be much worse


Welp. Time to invest in a cryo casket/chamber.


Elden ring 3077




I doubt you could even understand it


Its like when potato's were introduced in Europe. The dude who brought them hired a few guards to watch over the Field and told the guards to accept every pribe and to look away if someone was stealing potatoes.


Do you have a link to this story? Sounds hilarious.


of course after reading this no one will do it hahaha what a good joke


well I figured as much.


I can count with my fingers the number of people who are gonna listen to this


Why is bandai so content on not showing us anything? I’m honestly getting kinda worried


The great hollowing is on the doors


They’re gonna let fifty thousand of us play it in a few weeks. If the game’s a mess, we’ll know about it then. I doubt it though


I assume they want to give us the minimal amount of spoilers regarding environments and mobs so everything will be fresh and new but I wonder if there is a much better way of doing this


I’m hoping that’s the case, I know ER won’t be as much of a clusterfuck as cyberpunk but With them announcing a delay after saying they were very confident in the January release date and these private showings it’s kinda hard for thoughts not to wander


I feel like the fact that this private test is accessible to the public (that gets invited atleast) on all 4 consoles is way more reassuring than the uncertainty around cyberpunk before its release


Yeah, I don’t see Elden Ring being as bad as Cyberpunk. We’re gonna have a 50000 player bets that you know will get leaked compared to the very few people who got to play cyberpunk with no leaks. Also, Fromsoft has a better track record than CDPR, fromsoft has made five amazing games in the past decade while CDPR made on amazing game with good DLCs and one decent game. Plus it’s just a one month delay compared to cyberpunk multiple month delays.


Ehhh I think it’ll be fine. Let’s all remember a few things here… 1. It only got delayed a month. Not “indefinitely” or to next year or something. This also happened with Bloodborne, and everything was fine. 2. Cyberpunk was barely shown to journalists, and nobody even saw a console version until release. Journalists have already seen Elden Ring gameplay, and the general consensus was very positive. If we had anything to be worried about, I feel like the journalists who saw footage wouldn’t be saying “it looks great, get excited,” they’d be saying “we may have to wait for them to polish it.” Especially considering the nature of creators like Vaati - These aren’t some casual game writers, it’s people who know the Souls games deeply. 3. They were specific about why they were delaying. Generally when games (or movies) get endlessly delayed, they’ll kinda just tell you a new date and give no other info. They specifically said that the “depth and strategic freedom” was causing issues, which to ME means that they’re just fixing stat/enemy scaling and stuff like that. Smoothing out level scaling and game progression is one thing. What Cyberpunk was dealing with (gamebreaking bugs, glitchy AI, borderline unplayable on consoles) is another. 4. Fromsoft has a great track record. CDPR already had bad press floating around and was known to be a shitshow internally, even before Cyberpunk. I simply trust From more than them as a developer. This is at least what I’m telling myself haha, because I was also worried when I saw the delay.


Tbh I don’t understand why people thought CDPR was the second coming. The Witcher 2 was good, and admittedly TW3 and it’s dlcs were amazing, but I don’t see how that meant they couldn’t do wrong.


To be fair, I'm pretty sure journalists responded positively to Cyberpunk's early demos. Granted it was a highly curated PC only demo and all, but I really don't trust their response to these demos whether it's the journalists generating some early fake hype for a bad game, or the demo itself misrepresenting the game. I don't think Elden Ring is a similar case though, just saying that, in most cases, I don't trust private early demos.


I dunno... The whole "not trying to spoil" thing immediately goes out the window because...well...they're letting a huge number of people playtest the game. Those people will have things spoiled.


Anyone getting actual confirmations they're in the test yet?


Won't be known until November 8/9, I think.


As if that ever stopped anyone


That won’t stop me


I will record it for sure


Yeah no, just try and stop me lmao


stupid motherfuckers


People really gonna get to play the game before we see gameplay


So...the video would be uploaded to various places, but famous content creators can't upload it to protect their own careers. What's the point?


Good luck, with that.


Miyazaki will send you to the poisonous slow walking swamp dimension if he catches you recording gameplay


Attonment for the wretches by the wrath of michel zaki


In Darth Vader's voice: NOOOOOooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh


I don't get it why they would try to prevent that, it's going to happen whether they want or not


There's something I'd like people to understand, if the final number of testers is small enough, you agree to an NDA and you're in a country bandai namco can prosecute in, DON'T SHARE IT. It's simple to fingerprint videos nowadays, YouTube's been doing it since 2007 to find copyright infringing content without user reports. It doesn't go away by compression, conversion whatever the fuck unless you actually use your phone to capture something like 80% of screen. https://www.videomaker.com/article/c12/15431-protect-yourself-watermarking-video It works by hiding unique ID in the least visible bits of pixels rendered which when compressed still stays put as the maths behind this unique id keeps different codecs in mind. What, I am trying to say is it's very much possible to trace back every leak to their leakers as each tester would be given their own fingerprinted render of game. So if it's not a lot of people, they might just send someone to your home to check your water meter.


Oooh okay. Well I'm sure it won't happen then.


When do we know if we've been chosen or not?


November 8th or 9th depends on the region


when will we be told for eu?


On the 9th


Alright. So will we, the ones that don't get into the network test for one reason or another, get something as well? Preferably something gameplay related that isn't just a screenshot? If not, fuck us, i guess...


Fine then, keep your secrets


Like the ancient scriptures have told us before: If you know how to make really good tacos, you shouldn't try to sell enchiladas.


Wait. Does this also affect share play for PS4? Me and my friends were planning on seeing if any1 got it and play it w share play to show the others




People aren't going to actually honor that are they? Like surely there will be leaks?


They said the same thing about the Dark Souls 3 network test. Everyone uploaded footage from it anyway. From didn't do anything about it.


They didn’t say anything about recording it in my brain 😎


I wonder if the ps recording would be blocked. I really wanted to record it so I have something to watch over and over again until the game releases.


Record it with a card or with your phone


So what? We are less than four months away and have not seen any real gameplay. They are giving all the reasons to leak a lot screenshots and live videos. The wise move would be to elease a gameplay trailer before the test. But FromSoft marketing is just to dumb.


Not if you’re a big streamer or youtuber. It was the same with the DaS 3 network test.


No shit? That's what "closed" with an NDA means.


There's going to be hundreds, if not thousands of videos on the internet the day the network test starts. What the fuck is wrong with bandai? I'm convinced the company is being run by monkeys at this point.


I couldn’t apply for this test sadly die to being overseas and no consoles, but I really hope people respect From Software’s request.


INB4: Someone’s going to do it anyways


That seems pretty standard for a closed test.