It's in Fromsoft's best interest to release their own gameplay before the network test...right?

It's in Fromsoft's best interest to release their own gameplay before the network test...right?


I would think they would prefer to break the silence so to speak with their own carefully chosen gameplay over something other people upload that will probably not make the game look as good.. But everyone knows applying logic to the marketing for Elden Ring doesn't always work out lol so I really don't know.


Ah...remember when we tried to use logic to justify elden ring being shown a few months after the 2019 trailer? Good times.


I don't know what to expect anymore, lol. I guess the closer we get to release the more antsy I get about waiting.


The gameplay trailer succumbed to trivially & non-existenence in my reality now a network test will take place.


Yeah once Dunkey gets ahold of Elden Ring I promise he will break the game within the first 5 minutes.


"THE DRIVING IN THIS GAME IS SHIT" as he's trying to drive a motorcycle up a mountain at a 75 degree angle


Hahaha, Dunkey would simultaneously be the best and worst bug tester of all time.


That last part has me crying lmao


I've lurked this sub since almost the beginning, but wasn't around for any pre dark souls, sekiro or bloodbourne hype. So serious question - is there always this much speculation and hype about a from game? I actually do remember sekiro hype and remember seeing very short game play, but good lord, this is some hype. The more I see posts like this, the more I just want the whole game to come out. I don't wanna be spoiled with little bits of the game. Kinda like knowing about guardian ape. It's close enough boys, just hang in there til Feb.


I don't know man. It just feels like a lifetime since the pandemic started, I'm ready for some normalcy again. A new From game would make me feel pretty normal. You wouldn't believe the stupid shit I've been doing to try and occupy myself. I might have literally gone hollow already.


people are very dedicated and excited for fromsoft games. and adding to the fact that the times since original reveal. that said i dont think fromsoft have revealed a new game 2.5 years before release before? \- DS3 was revealed e3 2015 and released march 2016 so les than a year. \- Sekiro was revealed e3 2018 and released march 2019 less than a year again. \- Bloodborne was revealed e3 2014 and released march 2015 less than a year again. \- DS2 was revealed december 2012 and released march 2014 1.5 years. \- DS1 was revealed feb 2011 and released september 2011 less than a year yet again. The length since reveal and the increased popularity of the soulsborne series combined with it being their supposed biggest game world yet, people are hyped and tired of waiting.


I've been around for every new from game starting with DS2 and yeah, there's usually a lot of speculation. There's also usually less time between trailers and gameplay footage, which arguably fuels the speculation even more.


Other games has less than a year wait between announcement and release. Network test for DS3 was the biggest hype so far but that was even before Sekiro came out. Sekiro hype is a little muted because of lack of PvP but the community still theory craft alot of it. Elden Ring is basically a culmination of all those games success in an open world level design with GRRM as the lore master. Then you get 2 years of wait time with barely any news. It’s just a recipe for fever pitch level of hype. This is arguably the most hyped Fromsoft games ever. The only thing that would probably hyped it even more is to call the game Dark Souls 4.


There’s always a lot but I think it’s more so now with all this junk going on, people need something to look forward to. Idk how people are making it without prayer :(… It’s a strange world right now.


The network test leaks are gonna blow the internet wide open. You're gonna see some real shit that a carefully edited marketing video won't ever think to show.


Fromsoft explicitly doesn't want people leaking network test footage though. Doesn't it make more sense for them to reveal something before that happens? Because it surely will.


Did they say to not leak gameplay anywhere? Sorry if this is a dumb question. But a network test is going essentially be a stress test, which means a fair amount of players. Everyone is going to see a ton of gameplay during a network test. And they must know that’s a guarantee. I can’t imagine they possibly think that nobody will leak network test gameplay.


Yep - a guy from this subreddit sent them an email and they essentially said that you can't record or take screenshots


Well the definition of what you can't do can always be bent on a pc


I mean even if we get the version of gameplay they want through a trailer people are still going to leak any potential bugs just for shits and giggles


I know, but it stands to reason that if they're ready for a network test (and any accompanied leaks) then they're ready to show off gameplay, right?


It makes perfect sense for them to show us gameplay, which means they won't


I have the feeling the game is so big that it's full of bugs. Like skyrim release-level of bugs. I don't know why they have not released the gameplay but the network test is definitely because they want to see what happens with a lot of people playing at the same time and trying to break the game


Skyrim was built on one of the most spaghetti code ridden engines of all time, I highly doubt elden ring will have the kind of glitches Skyrim has. You forget Bethesda game’s literally brick computers when they come out.


I didn't know skyrim bricked computers lmao


Yeah every time a new Bethesda game comes out there’s always hella forum posts from people who’s computers or consoles bricked as a result of a crash.


Nothing approaches Skyrim-level bugs lol that game has awkward/weird/annoying bugs that still plague it till this day. and it's gotten re-released like 20 times already.


Well skyrim is a different beast but this is Fromsoftware's first attempt of making a true open world game. A big map with online and crafting, so I would be surprised if there are no multiple bugs


Bugs? sure. Every game is buggy to an extent. Bethesda-level bugs? Impossible, cannot compute.


I remember the good old days of playing Skyrim on my PS3. The save file increased in size exponentially the longer you played; eventually the game gave up and stopped loading textures while dropping down to like 5 FPS. My Dragonborn got to experience what it’s like living in Tron before I gave up in frustration xD


You've never played Oblivion, Fallout 3, NV, 4 or 76 and it shows.


Cyberpunk 2077?


You'd think that they would, but don't expect any such thing. There may be something in December, but I highly doubt before that. If they wanted us to see gameplay before the network test, they would have already shown us.


Nah, what they're gonna do is secretly record our gameplay and use it to supplicate the 16 minutes of gameplay. It will not be the same and we'll be none the wiser.


I expect another gameplay trailer at the game awards in december, nothing sooner, nothing later. And it's better that way, more trailers would only mean more spoilers. The CNT will suffice, even if its prohibited to stream it, people will definitely capture gameplay and upload it as soon as bamco gives the good to go, so we're gonna get plenty of that, dont worry.


Why is everyone waiting on those 16 minutes of gameplay, specifically the demo that was shown to journalists? Seems unlikely to be released


My point is that they have gameplay to show, right? Doesn't have to *exactly* be the 16 minutes journalists saw.


Yeah, it's just that everyone specifically brings up those 16 minutes as if they're expecting em. Of course they have gameplay to show, though. Much more likely, I think, we get a nice polished trailer with gameplay


I hope so. If we get gameplay we'll be set until release. I'll have gameplay to watch over and over again, and no doubt at least a couple Vaati videos to enjoy. It'll definitely make the holidays more enjoyable, since there really aren't any games besides Elden Ring and Horizon that I'm looking forward to. My PS5 is just gathering dust right now.


Fuck I wish I had a PS5 to collect dust. Haven't tried very hard to buy one though, if I'm being honest.


I just got really lucky with the Target app. I had the benefit of being on night shift, so I was awake for restocks that typically happen in the early morning.


Yeah I need to figure it out and get one. Demon Souls looks incredible


Gamestop supposedly being restocked very soon


How soon we talkin'?


https://www.gamespot.com/articles/ps5-restock-updates/1100-6475811/ This Friday but only in select cities apparently


Lol I got stupidly lucky by idly checking a store while on my coffee break at work.


Nah man, that's fate.


I’ve been ticking over very happily with Hades. Have you played it yet?


I haven't. I've been thinking about Death Stranding maybe since it always seems to be on sale. But with the limited time off I have I want something more visceral. The Ghost of Tsushima DLC was surprisingly brief, which was disappointing.


Ok so if by visceral you mean kind of fast, tangible action, Hades is really very good. Scratches some of the DS itch too imo, because it’s fundamentally about learning movesets, experimenting with builds, and picking away at the lore.


Sekiro had a 10 minute gameplay demo a year before its release, and there was also a clip release of an early and altered corrupt monk boss fight. They also had journalists play 3 hours of it, 21 of which were released by Vaati about 6 months before the release. It just seemed like that may be the direction From was going in for future games. The confirmation that 16 mins of tailored footage was shown to journalists in a similar way only encouraged fans into thinking that we'd see it too once the youtubers had a chance to hype it up. At this point it doesn't make any sense that they're still hiding it now that everyone has all the details from it, but can't see it. It's a really bizarre marketing strategy, to continuously tease the rabid fan base only to go mostly silent afterwards.


I think you might have something here, the leaks from the test could easily be a bad showing from making a lot of common soulslike mistakes and make the game look less than it’s best. While I wouldn’t be bothered by that myself, I expect the game to be an unforgiving gauntlet, some people might be turned off seeing it that way.




People want to see stuff, they just don't want to see *too much* stuff. It's natural for people to want to get a look at the gameplay and new mechanics. People just don't want to see bosses or late game stuff. Easy solution to that: show an early section of the game that doesn't reveal too much, which is what the 16 minute demo apparently was.


There was a single leaked gameplay clip that is under thirty seconds and features basically nothing. Since the games announcement years ago, we have seen no unedited gameplay from the studio. It’s not even about being “spoiled”


It's was like this in the Halo sub too. I don't know why people can't be patient. It makes no difference whether we see a trailer today, a month from now, or the day before the game actually releases.


Fr it was understandable when the only thing we had was a cryptic cgi trailer


They stated that content they have so far is still a WIP. They’ll probably release some proper footage when they’re confident in the state of the content, like if it’s actually finalized and practically ready to go out


If this is the case, and they arent able to confidently put together 15 minutes of gameplay, then the game is much farther from release than the existence of the network test would imply.


They probably just want to see if the network is finished, and if it goes well, they can focus their entire effort on everything else. It is still about 4-5 months away from release, so lots of work can be done in that timeframe


This definitely makes sense


Everyone keeps asking about the 16 minutes gameplay, we will never see that, it wasn't meant to go public, it was only for the journalists and some YouTubers. Fextralife said in one of his livestreams that from didn't even bother much to edit the gameplay video they were shown. Whenever they show us something it'll be something different. Now considering that there will definitely be gameplay uploaded or streamed from definitely has to show something before that. Otherwise people may make a bad impression about it , and I don't mean us who pretty much know what kind of game to expect, I'm talking about people who never played any from game. From said they want to attract more new people to play elden ring and their games in general. Now there was a leak a month ago which suggested that we'll see gameplay on October 31st on ign , a 25 minutes gameplay to be exact , personally I'm not so sure it's true, but i thought of mentioning it


they'll also want to guarantee that when footage does get out, it's not all last-gen footage that makes people think the graphics will be bad. It's unlikely that all network test leaked footage will be last-gen, but it's not 0%, so if they want to get ahead of that, they will have to release something.


The exact opposite would be true. It's in fromsoft's best interest to release gameplay after the network test. It goes network test, Patches, and then gameplay before release window hype starts. With the delay they're still 3 months out. They don't need to release anything official until they're ready or it looks more like the final product will. They just risk losing support with early footage like the 30 second leak. It doesn't look indicative of the hype yet.


Your thinking too much. Leaks or no leaks this game will be bananas and will sell a shit ton of copies. ☀️


That is exactly what they are trying to avoid, isnt it obvious? They want people to go experience the game unspoiled. They may release it only at the same time of the network test.


I think people really need to get over the 16 minute gameplay thing. I’m sure From will show gameplay and trailers but so highly doubt it will be the 16 minute gameplay that was shown in private. Anything that isn’t from people in the network test will be made for the public to easily digest.


Why???? Network test gives you infinite gameplay lol


No? It gives a few people some limited gameplay that they can't actually record or share. People will probably use capture cards or their phones to get around it, but it will be low quality and will probably get taken down from reddit and yt if uploaded.


Nah I don’t think they need to, we are going to get a ton of gameplay from the network test assuming it’s a decent sized area. I could see them releasing a gameplay trailer based on that though.


But is it going to be the quality the game deserves? I thought the leak we got looked fine, yet there were still a lot of people complaining.


The network test? I think so, I know some people were disappointed with the leak but it was some random corner of a map. To me what makes a souls game good has always been atmosphere, yeah the demon souls remake also looked amazing but it played like a 10 year old game. I guess we will have to wait and see but to me a network test is news they are confident in their game.


I dont really care if i get to see gameplay before release, FromSoft never dissapoints.


Oh, I don't think they'll disappoint. I just think, like, it might be fun ;A;


You like the previous games? You trust them? Gonna buy it when it comes out regardless? We don't NEEEEEEEED a trailer. Everyone just wants their next fix.


I too enjoy me some hot steaming copium in the morning!


The closed testing is for how the gameplay feels, if it is right then they release a gameplay trailer. If it needs adjusting then they would need to adjust it and THEN release the gameplay trailer. Why would they show us something that they are not sure of.


Closed testing is for bugs and stuff. They're almost to the point of releasing the game, why would they go back and change entire aspects of gameplay? It was a month delay, not half a year.


State of Play us around the corner.