Looking for Pandemic Emergency Response Plan for smaller city.

Looking for Pandemic Emergency Response Plan for smaller city.


Pandemics fall into high risk, low probability category (and require more resources for local government). Depending on city size, I doubt there are many that exist. I would probably piggy back off of a bigger city and then scale back to what is realistic for your city. I know the city of Houston has a preparedness "guide", but it's not exactly what you are looking for.


Are you looking for Fire/EMS disease protocol style plan? For locality based plan link up with local Public Health. Feel free to message me as I was on both Public Health and Public Safety. Best, Kevin


Partially that but this plan will serve for all of public safety and honestly the city at large for the most part. We have a pretty well done emergency operations plan but it deals mostly with flooding, Hurricanes, mass casualty incident etc.


I also am very interested in something like this, I’ve just been using a scaled down one mixed with a smallpox plan I made in undergrad. It’s...not terrific.


At my current internship one thing I did was review and format plans, you can maybe contact your local public health and see if they have a pandemic plan. We have an influenza pandemic response plan. I'm sure your jurisdiction would be willing to share.


You'll need to work with local healthcare facilities. Do you have a hospital? One near by? What about a health department?


[https://veoci.com/veoci-covid-19-solutions](https://veoci.com/veoci-covid-19-solutions) You can work with this group, they build out solutions small city fire departments that can be implemented in a day.


It’s a little late :)


But this finally got it into the purse string holders heads we need to prepare and that it’s going to cost them money. Gotta be ready for the next one.