If you want to make friends it REALLY REALLY takes effort!

If you want to make friends it REALLY REALLY takes effort!


Making friends through work is probably the easiest way as an adult, depending on profession.


Your opinion is valid, but I have to say fuck that. Work friends are your friends because they have to be. Sometimes it’s great but sometimes you have nothing in common except that neither of you can stand the sound of Janice in accounting chewing her food with her mouth open. Work friends are your friends until you stop working together. Find a hobby you enjoy, and go do that thing. All the people you see around you are people who have at least 1 mutual interest. It’s pretty easy to talk to people while you are doing something that makes you happy. Don’t have a hobby where this works? Try rock climbing, painting, cooking class, social dancing, sewing, yoga (sometimes), etc.


i mean, your work friends might have one of those mutual interests. i just don't necessarily want work friends because i want to keep my personal life separate from work. but one could argue that our personal lives have always blended with our work lives and this has been happening increasingly more.


Work friends are not real friends, don't make that mistake


Me: hey man, let be friends Potential friend: stay the fuck away from me bro, need to maintain social distance Me: 🥺


Every time I get depressed about not having more than 1 friend I remember how much effort it takes... which makes me realize those thoughts are just vanity since I don't have the emotional reservoirs to make the investment.


This is a really good point. Thanks for this dose of wisdom


I disagree. I think people are turned off if you try too hard to be their friend. Instead, just be friendly and approachable. The two most important factors that will determine whether you will be friends with someone or not is 1) proximity and 2) similar interests and values. You will make friends with people most likely at your job, through meeting friends of friends, or doing a hobby you enjoy


Ya I don't mean literally. I'm saying it takes effort.


1st of all, you stated a very interesting point, secondly, as my twenties journey started, most of friendships when it comes to youth come out as toxic, as for me, idk if it's wrong or not, but I classified people i meet into two categories "Friends", and "Comrades" (seems more like a communistic concept, but doesn't have anything to do with it), Friends basically include my true friends, that have always been with me and as i believe, they'll always be, only 4 people, and comrades consist of people i met at university or at associative activities and with whom i established good relations, i've no idea why i did that but works fine xD


I agree with you. I'd add that maintaining/keeping a friendship can take even more effort


What did you do to make friends within your age group?


The absolute key to this is have a job and make friends at work or join a group of some sort and make friends there. This pretty much will not work otherwise with true strangers.


thank you king


Honestly I find this to be the case at uni too. I went to a uni where a lot of students came from the same high school. I befriended all types of people but groups already formed, I had no idea how and I was constantly being forgotten that it became exhausting to keep trying. I'm a minority so I feel that people don't give me a chance unless I'm talking to another person. Its never worked out for me in school even while taking it slow, doubt it will in the future.