Warrior Code: Clay Guida

Warrior Code: Clay Guida


Apparently he used to always perform badly in the gym that everyone in the gym was expecting him to lose every fight.


The reverse Mike Pyle


Just one comment on Reddit gives more interesting inside information than this whole 4min generic UFC promo. I mean, any MMA fighter could be in that video


Mannn I'm a casual but I can totally see Clay as the archetypical guy who has little fight self control and so he can't spar anywhere close to 100% without losing his mind, but you close that cage door & he's a problem for anyone. His Sanchez fight is burned into my mind.


I heard this as well, maybe he's not going 100% in the gym and saving it for the fights, regardless he made it to the ufc hall of fame


I'll always be a Guida fan


You can be sure that when Clay Guida is in the cage, you're in for a war. Dude always gives everything every time. He might not have the best record but at that point he's the guy locking the doors after everyone. Guida is an institution in the UFC.


Guida has beaten Nate Diaz, Dos Anjos, Pettis, Gomi, Lauzon, Thomson, and a few other bigger names that I can't think of. The dude was a legitimate threat to anyone in the top 10.


Thats sounds crazy now that you put those names together


You can still bet him next weekend and get underdog money


Rightfully so. Guida is old and way past his prime.


I think he looked great his last 2 fights. Can't argue past his prime but he still has a gas tank that rivals the Diaz bros and still has decent wrestling.