Kevin Holland, Johny Hendricks detail coaching relationship. "My goal is that whenever Kevin goes out there everybody is like, ‘Well, damn, now we can’t deal with his wrestling. Damn, we can’t deal with his striking," Hendricks said. Hendricks, 37, who now works full-time as a Texas police officer.

Kevin Holland, Johny Hendricks detail coaching relationship. "My goal is that whenever Kevin goes out there everybody is like, ‘Well, damn, now we can’t deal with his wrestling. Damn, we can’t deal with his striking," Hendricks said. Hendricks, 37, who now works full-time as a Texas police officer.


Just a reminder this is r/mma. This is not the place to discuss police and politics associated with the police. Any such discussions are going to be removed up to a ban


Wow that is one weird headline. Good for Hendricks for finding a stable career after fighting though, it's not super stardom but I'd assume that career path is better than 80% of what fighters do post UFC


Its nice to see him back in a profession where roids are encouraged.


I can't believe you would say that. You tell that to my 3 honorable cop friends that are all also on steroids


Everyone's on steroids is what I'm hearing


I'm not 😎 because I can't afford them 😎


Yes you can, Chinese steroids are cheap.


Testosterone is literally cheaper than whey dude


Is it really? All my friends on gear are on tren or test, they all recommend tren but it's more than im willing to spend, how cheap is test?


Lol bro, do yourself a favour and read the wiki resource on r/steroids, and stay the fuck away from tren. And yes, test is incredibly cheap


https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/comments/4u7mwg/aftermath_of_16_week_tren_cycle This one?


Sounds normal to me, does this mean I can load up on test and tren with no side effects? Sign me up


if they’re recommending you tren when you’ve never done gear, they’re just in tren-sociopath mode and are fucking with you


Cant discuss that here without a ban, but cheaper than whey.


That's a big brain move right there. I respect it


i fight ***your*** fucking ass


ur on steroids


No one with 35k karma has three friends


Joe Rogan has every man over the age of 40 with health coverage on TRT lmao


And all you can eat donuts and no weight cutting.


Fries with the burger.


I mean honestly if steroids helps you pull my ass out of a burning car then juice it up, slut.


More likely those roided up arms will be beating your ass slut.


Dont threaten me with a good time 😏


Let’s be real here guys. You don’t need to steroids to depress a 7lb trigger pull.


Buddy 90% of the time cops won’t do that


Along with firefighters and correctional officers


If your occupation involves saving lives, including your own as a realistic situation every time you clock in then by all means get as thick, solid, tight as you want.


But keep us updated tho


I personally don’t have an issue with steroids outside of competition. I think people should still avoid them due to health reasons, but that’s it.




Ummm ever hear of a little podcast called The fighter and the kid bappa?


Especially how the last bit wasn't really a sentence. Edit) also don't try to make sense of the quotation marks


Tito would be proud of a sentence like that.


I prefer not to go to prison but respect! ✊


Nope. Maybe certain departments, but plenty of cops do very well not even mentioning the pension. My town spends like 70-80% of the budget on the police.


Putting aside for a moment the potential ethical ramifications of being a cop, it’s usually a solid job when it comes to income, benefits, and pension. Here in California I now a few paramedics who are trying to become cops for those reasons in particular. Hendricks could be doing a lot worse. And it’s a steady paycheck unlike trying to run a restaurant.




I don't know man i have been doing some customer service and i would hate to be a cop as they always get the worst "customers" and people generally expect A LOT from them. However if that's what he likes then good on him.


Kevin continued to praise his new coach saying, "he's a veteran of the sport and even helps me with my nutrition. Just the other day we were at a Wendy's drive thru and I ordered the #7 meal. He told me to skip the fries then gave me a wink and a nudge saying 'its a secret of the pros!'. You only learn those kinds of things from a veteran of the sport like Johnny."


Is this a joke?


Yes, Big Rig used to eat whataburger and skip the fries


Actually got to spar with Holland last Friday he's a chill dude and his takedown defense is getting better already.


Did he talk to you the whole time throughout the rounds? Genuine question.


Not with me. He was just training with me. But some of the guys he got to have more playful rounds he definitely did. Every once in a while if I would land something he would shake it off kinda deal. But nothing crazy like how he fights


I read the comment before reading your name/flair and was thinking okay I don't really think Holland stuffing the takedown of some random 3 stripe white belt from reddit tells us anything lmao


4 stripe white belt if you please 😂😂😂


Haha fuck thats me :/ I actually hit the best takedown of my life last week tho against a guy who went to adcc... Might have had something to do with the fact that he had just done ten rounds in a row and i had been resting though hahaha He proceeded to sub me later in the round (easily) and said good job and I was grinning my ass off the whole drive home.


Hey I'm right there with you bro. I'm a 3 stripe white belt and I think my dog could stuff a takedown of mine


Having 4 legs probably helps TDD


As long as we keep showin up man!


As a zero stripe white belt, you guys might as well be black belts


I find that the showers at the gym are the best place to nail a take down on the more experienced guys. Hard to stay on your feet when everyone's all soapy.


Damn thats pretty cool. I really like watching Kevin fight and he seems like a chill dude.


I thought he was for sure. After practice he played around with a couple of the younger kids. Let them try and hit him for a few minutes a piece while he defended and played around. Took pictures with the ones who wanted them.


Hell yeah. I hope he has a successful career. You too baby boi ;) AARONNN FRENZYYY MCKEEEEENZIEEEEE


Isn’t Rafael lovato your coach? Are kevin and Rafael cool after they fought?


Yeah he is my head coach. Steven wright is my striking coach I drive to ft worth to work with him. And as far as I know they're just fine lol it's all business anyway and they fought like 6 years ago. Steven wants me to get him to come down and spar with Kevin sometime soon


I got the chance to spar with him as well. He told me we were going to practice BJJ. Told me go get on all fours, he got behind me and pushed his pelvis into my rear end. Said it was a special move and that the only way to defend was to push back. So I did. I asked if he had a monster can in his shorts and he laughed. Then he fucked me in the ass and we both went out for ice cream after. I let him bang, bro.


You're a fucking rape victim, dude! - Tittiez Or'Deez


Imagine you doing some drunk driving and fucking Hendricks pulls you over, I'd think It was the booze


"Excuse me young man do you know what you are doing is a crime? Almost as big a crime as what the judges did to me in my title fights."


You were robbed at gunpoint huh? Son lemme tell you about robberies


"I have located a bottle of Barcadi 151 on the subject as he was behind the wheel. The abv percentage is a tad more than the power of the strikes I was throwing against GSP in the latter rounds of our title fight."


I am not impressed with your poorchoices


Sprinkle a half dozen y’knows and ‘Nahm sayings’ then it’s Hendricks


That's when you send your gay lover to attack.


What if he’s had too much red wine?


Oh he’s reaching for those grapes


I'm pretty sure he would just tell me to crack the coconut


I would simply recall and implement the Wonderboy gameplan.


I’d just go Paulo Costa on his ass and chase him around the street. Simple really


I'm honestly just built different bro


I’m fucking yoked bro. When I see red you’re done


if you got some fast food you can probably bribe him off


Reminds me of the Tom Segura bit talking about Steven Seagal being a cop


man i been flyin helicopters fo like 74 years


TIL Johny Hendricks is a cop


I live in Texas. Now I’m scared that I’ll get pulled over and get double legged


Don’t worry bro he’s weak to karate you just gotta keep your distance


can you imagine what would happen if Hendricks got that split decision win against GSP?


Probably would have fought Robbie Lawler at UFC 171.


Yeah I think we got the same timeline already haha


instant rematch. gsp wouldnt have left on a loss. hes too much of a competitor.


I think he would’ve at least taken a break. He was physically and mentally checked out by 2013.


The biggest decider would be whether GSP still leaves the sport after a loss, or if that motivates him to keep going and he gets a rematch to try to get the belt back. If not, I think the difference would be that Hendricks would have one defense and may have a slightly better reputation among fans.


Pretty sure the reason GSP left wasn't because of competition, but rather personal issues. His father was ill, and he impregnated a stripper. He had a lot of personal issues, and had to set away for sometime.


> and he impregnated a stripper. Wait this was actually true? I thought it was just a rumour. You have a source? Edit: https://blacksportsonline.com/2013/11/unplanned-pregnancy-dads-health-causing-georges-st-pierre-semi-retirement/ This is the only one I could find.


Prime GSP would fook any hole he'd find


There were also rumors back then that he was gay because he was never really seen with women in public. I still have no idea what's true, lol


lol no, GSP was quite the player. There are plenty of photos of him with him in nightclubs with women as far as his ,abnormally long, WW wing span could reach


My man


Plenty of photos with angle bros as well though. Cancels itself out


look up “Georges St Pimp” on youtube


Imagine going raw on a stripper when you're a multimillionaire


I'm trying to and it's great


Him having the most risk-averse style possible makes that so fucking funny to me. Jabs and LNP's his way to victory in the cage by day, barebacks strippers by night, all day.


"Impregnated a stripper" Imo he's the goat for that alone.


I am not impressed by your contraception


"Water is wet, the sky is blue, i impregnated a stripper what you gonna do" - GSP


Yo UFC , I will seriously consider paying for a stupid fight pass sub if you can give me a cop Hendricks reality show


Big Rigs' Stake Out


Big Rig's take out


Steak* out


Pig Rig


Dana: So what you’re saying is you really want another behind the scenes show for upcoming and past events?


Fight Pass has a show called "Where Are They Now" iirc. Tim Sylvia is on it.


Yeah I've seen a few of those but they are just like 10 minutes segments on how those fighters are nowadays. I want something much stupider than that


I went through a whole night of looking fighters up. Koscheck owns this company now. Weird seeing him without blond hair lol https://checkdefensellc.com/management-team/


Hendricks & Seagal buddy cop movie


It's just footage of him eating donuts.


Butterbean had one


BBQ by day, patrol by night.


I know you didn’t ask and you probably know this already but the Fight Pass is like the Netflix of UFC. I can’t tell you how many fighters careers I’ve binged, seasons of TUF watched, and all the other crap that is included. The app itself does need some work though…


All of fight Pass works like absolute garbage. But the content on there is amazing, if you can actually find what you're looking for. You could search Chael Sonnen Anderson Silva and get fights that were on their card with no fights by the guys you searched for lol.


seems like every fight i watched had different walkout music too. prob a copyrights issue, but i like rewatching the whole events including the walkouts.


Yeah i do that too. But the search function needs some damn work. It'll recommend the whole event and then all the prelim fights individually and not the damn fight i search haha.


Seriously. The Fight Pass content is amazing, but the app is the worst I’ve ever used. The worst part of it is that it got worse. I used it a lot like 5 years ago and it was always bad, but I started using it again this year and it’s even worse.


Formula 1 has a streaming service and people have made shit on github that makes the interface so much better and so much easier to find certain races or programs. I don't know if Fightpass has an api or whatever the fuck makes that possible, but I would resub real quick if I could find shit that I know is on the site easily.


This story reads like something you could make a movie out or some sort of Rob & Big reboot lol


Hendricks hanging outside Krispie Kreme all day?


Would be interesting to see how far Kevin Holland can go if he does actually address his TDD weakness and improves his wrestling. Cool to see Hendricks finally come back to the MMA world, hopefully working with Holland will show some results in his next fight. Now to see how many juicing jokes pop up in this post.


Holland literally almost knocked Brunsons and vettoris heads clean off their shoulders. The dude can strike and hits hard as a mofo


Wobbling Vettori is no small feat, dude's head is made of depleted uranium. I thought Holland ~~might do better~~ would be better off at 170 but he can clearly crack at 185.


Wobbling vettori was definitely impressive. Holland needs wrestling and TDD and he will be a contender for sure.


During the brief moments of stand-up Holland did some nasty damage to Vettori on the feet (nut shot aside) iirc If he can get a solid TDD to cover his striking he can definitely become a menace to the division.


IF he actually does he can be a top contender. His striking is seriously legit and fun to watch


kind of sad that someone who was in several main events over three years has to work a full time job now however, this also gives a new definition to Pigg Rigg


Doesn't seem like he made sound investments either though


You mean the Big Rigg Steakhouse hasnt' been featured on Food channel yet??!!!


It's bizarre how many people think opening a restaurant is a safe and easy investment




He was famous. Thats a huge step up from the horrible investment of just trying to open one randomly . Everyone in town would be like "hey, let's go to that famous dude's restaurant." But when you basically make a fast food style steak house, it doesn't matter if you're Gordon Ramsey. That shit is going to fail.


"Fast food style" would suggest efficiencies and mass appeal. Cutting into a steak to check the doneness at a steakhouse based in Texas is neither of those things.


> Cutting into a steak to check the doneness at a steakhouse based in Texas is neither of those things I am not from Texas, so explain why not, please.


You lose all the juices in the meat when you cut into it before it’s finished. Kills the taste.


Didn't it only last like 9 months lol


He dumped money into things like that shit steakhouse and also, dude went from PPV money to out the UFC, incapable of pulling even any checks so fast. Variance of pay kills some dudes if they haven't planned for bad scenarios


Don’t forget his F650


I looked it up thinking that couldn’t possibly be a real thing but it is. Why tf would anyone even want to drive that thing?


Lol I’m not sure but I passed a big yellow one the other day on the interstate.


I'll give him a pass for this one. I think that as ridiculous as that thing looked, since he was known as Bigg Rigg Hendricks, driving this truck enforced that persona.. as impractical that thing might have been


I imagine they’re mostly used for fleet vehicles. My service has an F750 for a giant mobile dispatch unit and all our ambulances are F550’s. They’re shit though.


Didn't he basically fire Team Takedown and Dolce right after winning the title because they were "too expensive" and he went from a super disciplined guy to a total slob over night?


I mean he went from super disciplined to total slob overnight following the introduction of USADA...


He still left the team that got him to the top and Dolce who would babysit him and make sure he didn't eat like a pig. Everyone likes to put all the blame on USADA and ignore those first two major things. In reality it was likely all 3 but I think the first 2 factors were bigger given how Hendricks declined.




Johny was also on the hook for paying back the guys who sponsored him when he was basically being paid to train. From what I understand, they took a chunk of his money every time he got paid. There was an article on here years back about it. Edit: Team Takedown was taking FIFTY PERCENT of his profits https://mmanuts.com/news/johny-hendricks-gives-50-profits-financial-backers/


Right, but they also supported him before he made his debut. It was a high risk investment made by TT. They invested in many other wrestlers that didn't pan out. It was basically the venture capital approach to MMA development.


Same kind of deal with TJ @ TAM. Faber gives you food, housing, and takes care of everything so all you have to do is train. In exchange he takes a bigger cut than most gyms. As soon as TJ wasn't getting the good end of a lopsided deal he left. Kind of shitty to break a deal as soon as it pays off for the guy who invested in you.


I thought about that at first but honestly props to him for holding it together and heaving a steady full time job that offers full health benefits and probably a pension. Considering the ufc has a rough track record with employee pay and benefits right now Johnny is in a much better spot than his counter parts. All those aches and pains he built up from fighting is covered by his health insurance and he’ll have a nice pension for when he retires.








How do you know he HAS to? Stipe is a firefighter but I doubt he has to work at all.


His financial struggles are pretty well documented. He opened a steakhouse that failed miserably. That alone probably cost him most of his life savings. He also had a gym that went under.


nobody told him you have to let the customers EAT


I can picture Big Rigg coming up to a customer's table. "How's everything?" *"Pretty goo.."* "You see the trick is you don't eat the fries" *"I wasn't finished with that"* "You wanna hold my championship belt?" *"Uhh sure?"* "Well you can't!" Proceeds to walk away from the table with the customers plate and half a porterhouse in his mouth.


Yeah, restaurants and gyms are both damn risky investments. I've looked into opening a gym and it's brutal, you'd have to do it for the love of it.


I was going to say the same until I googled Hendricks career earnings. He only made $2mil (disclosed/guestimated -- not including backroom bonuses). If 35% of that went to taxes and then 50% of the left overs went to his coaches that's not leaving him with a ton. Stipes career earnings are over $5mil (again, guestimates that don't include back room bonuses or PPV points) so he's in a much better position to not have to work again in the future.


Yeah if you make 5 million in a decade with even half ass investment knowledge or success you don't have to work any more if you don't want


Work is work!


The idea that serving your community/working after being a fighter is some sort of injustice is a troubling sign of the times, IMO. Retiring extremely young introduces more problems than working in those years. Hendricks likely could be in a much better financial position as well, but he's struck me as a make money/spend money kind of guy who was loose in his business endeavors.


He also bought that dumbass truck


Jesus. This thing is a monstrosity: https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn3.vox-cdn.com%2Fthumbor%2F4Ru9Bq_mbuOM6e_4k4z5NgnPDSA%3D%2F6x0%3A661x368%2F1600x900%2Fcdn0.vox-cdn.com%2Fuploads%2Fchorus_image%2Fimage%2F45874216%2Fhend44.0.0.JPG&f=1&nofb=1


I just saw that particular purchase for the first time. I don't like to shit on people for personal choices but that's truly some buffoonery.


It's not really sad that a man in his 30s works. I mean it's sad for everyone tbf but I'm not sure why fighting should get you a pass or something. I'm quite proud of the fact I don't fight.


Writer doing him a solid by omitting the "..know what I'm sayin'.." phrases after every sentence.


I forgot all about that quirk. It used to annoy me so much, know what I'm sayin?


Nice read. I was a huge Hendricks fan from when he was gadooshing welterweights from Brenneman to Kampmann. His fight with GSP and the first Lawler fight are some of my favorite fights of all time, true WW classics. Shout out to TX


thats cool hendrick's got a stable career after fighting. between being a cop and coaching he must be doing just fine.


I f##king love this. Hendricks reached the highest highs and then the lowest lows in such a short time span it was tragic. Would be such a great story for him to be a part of turning around the career of a possible future champ


But is he not eating the french fries!?!


In case anyone doesn't get the reference: https://www.flocombat.com/articles/5052656-johny-hendricks-running-lean-and-mean-ahead-of-ufc-200 > "The weight is no longer an issue; I got LouTrition," Hendricks said. "Me and Dolce, we had a good run, but man, having Lou by my side has been a blessing in disguise. > "I can still eat bad, but it can still be good for you. For example, in the off-season, I can go have Whataburger. Just have the burger! Don't eat the fries! Get a drink, eat the burger. Would he want me to do that? No. But he knows me, he knows who I am, so he's going to say, 'Johny, if you're craving something, go get it. Just send me a picture of it, and don't eat the fries.'" Sure, Johny. Just skip the fries...


This is really close to my own weight cutting program though. 😿




Johny is so horribly undisciplined with eating that it's past funny to just plain sad IMO


> “My goal is that whenever Kevin goes out there everybody is like, ‘Well, damn, now we can’t deal with his wrestling. Damn, we can’t deal with his striking.’ This is a novel and innovative strategy and it's going to work. Because the other coaches are all like, "If people can handle his wrestling and his striking, I'm OK with that."


imagine getting pulled over and it's fucking Big Rigg. *sir do you know why i pulled you over today?"* **Because the judges screwed you over against both GSP and Lawler in the rematch?** *... Have a nice day sir*


*you gonna have that leftover arby's sitting in the passenger seat?*


I’ve been following Johny since his college wrestling days and I just cannot see him being a good coach. I hope I’m wrong of course, but he just seems like the last athlete I would pick to become a coach. As a wrestler he was pushed really hard when he was young by his dad and he was extremely gifted physically, basically won everything young. He was the type of guy that coaches had to keep an eye on for his discipline even in college. With all of his bad habits he was still a two time national champ and three time finalist, and then goes on to become a UFC champ based almost entirely on his natural one punch KO power. Along with being an absolute moron, I just don’t think he’s the kind of guy who can relate to the common athlete.


i thought this too, but maybe part of his hist/ personality makes him a better coach for top mma fighters. def wouldn't want him teaching my niece / nephews that are just dabbling while they are young.


Yeah maybe, the reason I thought of it is because his rival in college Mark Perry is now a super successful wrestling coach, but he’s had to go about things a lot differently than johny did in his career. It’ll be interesting for sure.


Very interesting to hear what Johny is up to. I hope he enjoys it and doesn’t feel like he’s wasted, which is I believe how Mark Kerr felt. I hope he isn’t working because he needs to, and if he does it’s because he blew his money. In what other sport does the World Champion, who arguably beat the GOAT, need to go and get a second job when he retires?


Big rig had a restaurant that failed so I'd guess he actually needs the money at this point.


If you haven't seen it the ESPN 30-for-30 called "Broke" is a really good watch. Interviews with a lot of athletes, coaches, money managers, etc around sports who for one reason or another ended up, well, broke, or discuss situations they've seen play out. A lot of these guys made *way* more than any UFC fighter not named Conor and managed to be at zero a few years after retirement.


That's the worst title I've ever seen


Johny Hendricks is such a cop type


Good for Johny. Former champs deserve to spend their last working days eating bbq and taking naps in a patrol car.


Wow Johnny became a cop? At least he will get that lucrative fast food discount now.