Jose Aldo closes door on Conor McGregor rematch: ‘Never’

Jose Aldo closes door on Conor McGregor rematch: ‘Never’


Wow, Aldo is all class. No surprises there.




Khabib was literally asked point blank about him. Khabib believes combat athletes can’t peak twice, and the guy was trying to use Aldo as a counter example. That was what khabib was responding to, he wasn’t just shitting on Aldo out of nowhere Edit: did any of y’all even watch that interview? Or just read the article headline?


But he did shit on Aldo. Saying Aldo only fights for money and isn’t a true champion.


Did you watch the interview? Khabib also said that Aldo doesn’t have a champion’s mindset. That Aldo is a businessman. Which is a ridiculous thing to say. Meanwhile Khabib himself signing deals like a business. Aldo was fighting world championships when Khabib didn’t have even 10 pro fights and is still top 5 in 135 while Khabib is retired and signing deals like a “businessman “. I was shocked how disrespectful Khabib was in the interview.


Right? Khabib is out here living it up eating tiramisu while aldo is still risking his ass. Khabib is great but saying aldo only fights for money and doesn’t have a champions mindset is stupid. Jose Aldo is still more of a champ than khabib ever was.


Aldo: “No, I don’t see myself fighting Conor. Never, I think. I can even say that. It might happen tomorrow, but that’s not the path. I root for him today, I hope he recovers from the injury and fights again at the highest level and becomes champion again, because that way he and I will always be together. No matter if I’m down and he’s up or the other way around, people will always put out names together, and that way we carry each other up.”


What a great answer


Hands down. And he has a point about “we carry each other up”


I fucking love Aldo so much.


A true mixed martial artist and a legend within MMA, I'm glad he is getting a lot of good attention right now. He deserves it!


I used to not like Aldo much cause of his undefeated winning streak in his championship run, but after he lost it he started growing on me. I really enjoyed him murdering Stephens' insides.


Dude his war tour back to the title was legendary


People respect Conor for the way he beat Aldo but without Aldo being so amazing it wouldn't have been such a big deal. They both lift eachother up is right.


Aldo never hated Conor tbh. It was like what others say he changed when the camera is on. Through his embedded he seemed more confused and hurt that Conor was acting the way he did. Who knows how they interact behind the scenes but my impression was more that he was perplexed than anything


He stated he was furious with Conor in the pre-fight actually


I can’t remember who said it on here. But he said something like Aldo was just really annoyed that Conor was one way behind the cameras and then when it came to being in front of them or the eyes of the media, he put on that trash talking persona, apparently he has to be (as if it’s not painfully obvious) perpetually drunk too.


His trilogy with Poirer exposes the best of this. Even Poirer himself voiced some confusion with this after their 3rd bout. Poirer 1 = Mean trashtalking Conor Poirer 2 = Nice, down to earth, I just wanna have fun fight Conor Poirer 3 = Mean trash talking, angry, personal insulting Conor


I think it was real in the 3rd fight tho and it was ugly


The pre fight stuff seemed really forced but after the fight yeah. Poirier now owns just as much real estate in Conors head as Khabib.


More probably, he finished Conor twice in less time than Khabib did once.


I think it was real before hand too tbh. I just think it seemed so forced because Conor was trying to come up with a reason to hate Dustin other than “you knocked me out”. Im pretty sure Conor denied that he was unconscious and said he wasn’t hurt by any punches in that second fight despite the fact he was slumped on the floor


Exactly how Colby Covington is. Dude is such a good dude, especially to the fans.


You can be furious due to frustration with a persons attitude, but it doesn’t have to be rooted in hate. Has your buddy ever done something that pissed you off? Same concept


Cmon man, the ufc literally did a global tour to let Conor rip on the man around the world. Don’t over think it too much, Aldo and even Conor has shown class to one another as time moves on but back in 2013/2014 they definitely weren’t buddies


I’m not saying they were buddies I’m saying it was business and Conor took it too far


You didn't say that lmfao


Nah just kisses


Stop trying to ram your square peg into this round hole.


If you round hole doesn’t want to get pegged why don’t you cover it up? Don’t be a tease I know you want this square peg.




It's so wrong it's right


If Aldo hates him why would he even make this comment. You can be hurt AND angry


emotional maturity and realizing that if held on to a life long grudge he'd drive himself insane reliving old memories, especially after losing the way he lost?


Its been like 7 years since the fight. His feelings have changed


Even Conor didn’t seem to hate Jose. After he beat him it seemed like he genuinely felt bad and said they would have a rematch. I still hope they do one day since the first fight ended so quickly


They should box eachother in their 40s


>beat him it seemed like he genuinely felt bad and said they would have a rematch. Yeah he said that. Then he proceeded to deny him the rematch and shit on Aldo for the next 4 years.


Well he never fought in the division again after that fight. Did he shit on him afterwards though? I don’t remember but fuck it wouldn’t surprise me.


The tagline for Proper 12 was that it goes down easier than Jose Aldo. That implies that Aldo either has a glass chin or is extremely slutty.


That's why Aldo is so damn good, it's the slut magic.




Lol i haven't heard that before. After the first fight Aldo turned down the short notice rematch because it would have been too soon. This upset Conor i guess and when he got beat by Nate, Aldo or somebody from his team on Aldos account roasted Conor for losing. That is all i know about their "beef" after the fight. They have been surprisingly pretty supportive of each other over the last few years though.




I remember hearing Aldo was offered the rematch but denied it, because it wasn’t enough time or some shit Could he confusing it with a different fight tho


Yes it was a short notice replacement. Aldo got shafted again with the Alvarez match.


It wasn't for a rematch. The offer was for no belt on the line and at a different weight. McGregor didn't want to lose the belt by defending it.


Lol people love to gloss over this detail to try and defend Conor/make my boy look bad.


Aldo was heavily in denial calling it a lucky punch. Saying he didn't really lose. It was kinda cringe as an Aldo fanboy.


A flash knockout is a very lucky end to a fight at 145. I'm not saying Conor didn't have power and precision but Aldo had never lost in the first round and has never lost in the first round since. His 5 prior fights (all wins) had gone 5 rounds (Mendes), 5 (Lamas), 4 (Jung), 5 (Edgar), and 1 round (Mendes). All of those 5 rounders were unanimous decisions. Him saying it was lucky was essentially him saying that it's lucky he KO'd him at all and also lucky that he did it early, because otherwise it *should have* (given his record) gone differently. Maybe he even thought it was a fluke, but given his record he has every right to call that a fluke. Aldo wasn't, and still isn't chinny. Conor isn't some HW KO artist. And in hindsight, Conor is incredibly lucky Aldo wasn't able to stay outside his range and spam legs kicks all night. Yes, Aldo was bitter, but a LOT of that came from how the UFC treated him afterwards. Sure it was a little cringe but completely understandable when you take into account how he was treated. Conor is the only 145 champ to not defend the belt and the second 155 champ to not defend the belt. The UFC broke all their own rules for champions in order to setup bigger and bigger fights for McGregor. Aldo had plenty reasons to be upset.


It's okay, bro. I learned to cope too.


At the end of the day I really couldn't care less. It doesn't take away from what Aldo has accomplished. It's just disappointing that people act as if Aldo went completely insane because he couldn't cope with the loss. No, it was the loss plus the UFC treating him like trash. No other champion in UFC history had been treated with that much disrespect. Hell, if someone of Aldo's caliber lost the belt today we'd all be talking about how annoying instant rematches are and how we don't want another belt held up with a potential trilogy fight. People look at how the UFC treated Conor and assume that it was because he was the next GOAT..... no, it's because he could sell PPVs better than anyone else. Dudes not even in the conversation for GOAT not even for greatest FW of all time.


Hold on brother I’m crying Imagine the pain he must have gone through after losing the belt in the most humiliating way. And yet he comes out on top stronger and wiser.


If you watch closely you will see that when he noticed Aldo crying, McGregor accidentally broke character for a brief moment, empathetically wincing before quickly composing himself. He probably remembered how he felt losing in just a few seconds to Joe Duffy and knew exactly what Aldo was going through


Jose Aldo, legend.


Mofo just made me tear up. What a fooking legend.


His victory over Jeremy Stephens and Moreno winning the FW belt are hands down the only two times in my 15 years of watching this sport where I genuinely had tears in my eyes. The look of relief and peace in Aldo after he beat Stephen's was really something. I could feel it even from my living room. Same for Moreno when he got on the mic and let it all out after winning the belt. Having been a fan since TUF, watching his ups/downs and resurgence hit me like a damn freight train. As someone who has fallen and come back in my own life, that shit warmed my heart.


Khabib beating Gaethje after his father died was probably the biggest one to me. Not just losing his dad, but every interview constantly asking you about it, just seemed like it was tons of pressure releasing all at once.


That one felt like history in the making when it was happening.


I’m also a fan of the post fight interaction/consolation between Khabib and Poirier when Khabib gets the crowd to give Dustin an ovation.


Also when Oliveira won the title. So happy for him.


Chaaalee Olives... Yeah baby... 🤭 (bad Hangman text impression)


We don’t deserve him


Wow, what a great dude it’s a shame Conor can’t show the same respect to the opponents who have beaten him




Man Aldo just gave me respect to the man himself


Why is this making me emotional lol. I hate to say it, but it's like some anime speech or something lmao


What a legend Aldo is, wow. Total respect.


God damn, Aldo is the man. What a beast.


Jose Aldo the real BMF and NMF all in one


this quote inspires me, thanks for postin




Not at all, Aldo is one of the few people Conor consistently has shown respect for ( after their fight of course). Really nice to see these two have mutual respect for each other


Tbf McGregor recognises Aldo as a legend and praises him quite a bit.


Conor literally just tweeted about how Aldo is a legend didn’t he lol?


Does this sound melancholy to anyone else? Like, he's way past any anger he feels and has moved to almost pity for Conor... or now that he's seen Conor fall so far from grace (attitude and behaviour and not necessarily the losses), that he can't feel anything but sympathy?


How can you not love Aldo, man.


I could see Conor offer him a fight at 170 and act like that's completely fair.


When RDA pulled out people gave Aldo shit for not stepping in as if a rematch on a weeks notice a weight class up is totally fair for a champion that defended the belt 9 times.


THIS. Too many people bring up that Aldo was given a rematch but they don’t mention it was a short notice offer. That’s a publicity stunt to either beat an unprepared Aldo, or claim he doesn’t want the rematch when Aldo logically declines. He deserved a full camp, no world tour, rematch.


Didn't Aldo post on Insta that he was already training for the rematch in January before being offered the rematch on two weeks' notice? It will basically mean that both guys were on training camp but Aldo was training for Conor and Conor for RDA. So the option wasn't really bad for Aldo.


That’s true, Aldo posted that he was ready for a rematch anytime anywhere like a week before he got offered the short notice rematch against Conor.


This is the part that everyone is conveniently forgetting in this thread, Aldo heavily campaigned for the rematch, made a litany of excuses (some from him, some from his coaches), declared any time any where, and then bailed when given a chance. I love Aldo, but he deserved the shit he got at the time.




Why would you say "anytime, anywhere", and then turn down the fight when offered the very next week?


Because fighters say stuff like that all the time without it being taken so seriously, lol.


Most fighters haven't had their win streak snapped in 13 seconds, putting a massive dent in their legacy (for the general population, not hardcore mma fans) He had a lot more reason to want a rematch than other fighters who say this stuff.


It's your convenient amnesia that's forgetting the offer was a short notice fight for NO belt on the line and at a DIFFERENT weight class.


they literally just went over this.


Shhh you’ll ruin the aldo circlejerk


The argument would be better if they’d mention that Frankie Edgar got offered it … the day after he had major knee surgery.


Come on...Aldo said it himself he will fight him. Mf even repeated himself two times if you didn't hear him the first time. I know people love aldo now, but don't bs like he didn't asked for it then declined "My only exception would be fighting Conor McGregor. At any time, anywhere, and since he is scared and knows that I'm gonna win... It doesn't even have to be title fight against him. You can keep my belt. What I want is to whoop your ass. Again: any time, anywhere. " https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.joe.ie/amp/sport/jose-aldo-calls-says-he-wants-rematch-with-conor-mcgregor-anytime-anywhere-528570


Fight was offered at 155 my boi, with a week's notice. Jose would have been a fool to take that


"Any time, anywhere"


Any weight? Considering that aldo can demonstrably make 135, 155 would be giving Connor a huge advantage


The implication of any time, anywhere is under any circumstances, so yeah... any weight.


You do understand that you are arguing ''yeah but I *insist* on taking the commonly used expression literally no matter how unreasonable it is''


My son, do you not know what anywhere, anytime means? Does it means at 145 with a full training camp? Conor was preparing to fight for the 155 title, y the fuck would it not be 155 when he's fighting a replacement? Aldo know that before that post.


Idk if you’re new here but fighters say stuff all the time that isn’t true or is an exaggeration etc. taking a short notice title fight is a stupid idea for someone of aldos level


Yeah but that doesn't mean to fight at a different weight class... speaks to the urgency of how badly Jose wanted to fight him. Don't start being a casual my guy


Ah yes, the super hardcore mma redditer has spoken.


But it's more like when people bring this up they say "Conor never gave him the rematch". I do agree with Aldo and his decision. Tbh i agree with Khabib's take on taking short notice fights. However many fighters do it cause they need the money...


I think they offered it to everyone basically. I remember Frankie got offered too but he had surgery


Wasn't for the belt either.


This is the reason he accepted the short notice rematch against Max as well. He thought he would be done the same.


Calling it now. Despite Jose's claim of not participating in circus fights, Conor/Aldo will be the Co-main to Jake Paul vs Justin Bieber Live on TRILLER from AT&T stadium only on PPV May 6, 2023


Best case scenario: Aldo changes his mind last minute as he reminds himself of what he values. Jake Paul pulls out because Logan beat the shit out of him. Conor gets knocked out by Justin Bieber.


>Conor gets knocked out by Justin Bieber The craziest timeline


0 chance. conor can never run it back because if aldo wins it basically admits that the fight was a fluke


Imagine thinking the first fight was a fluke, oh dear.


People would 100% say that though.


People say a lot of things. Conor called the shot repeatedly leading up to the fight, was seen throwing it during his warm up and then did it. He saw a hole in Aldo that he could exploit and he did.


Im sure Conor throws a left leading up to a fight quite often lol




I’m not an aldo fanboy lol. I just had to poke fun at Conor throwing what he’s known for in training being seen as special or something.


Im sure Conor throws a left leading up to a fight quite often lol


That fight was 100% a win fair and square by Conor, and he might win every single time they rematch. But imagine thinking their fight is anything even close to a one punch fight.


Conor at this point was extremely good and it would have been an incredible fight to see play out. We the fans, were in a sense robbed of a great fight that night. "Fluke" is a funny word, it implies that it was something that was sheer luck, something we couldn't have predicted. It really wasn't though. Aldo came forward, uncharacteristically left himself too open to the left hand that even stray dogs on the street knew was McGregor's primary weapon. They could have fought ten times more and that never would've happened, but I think it's unfair to call it a true fluke. Similar is the Masvidal v Askren KO. A freak thing, but it was calculated based on Ben's likely approach. Equally not as fair to call it a "fluke". A true "fluke", is Yair knocking out Zombie with that back elbow at the last second of round number 5.


The Yair elbow wasn’t a fluke either. He trained it, tried to land it multiple times and did.


Landing it in the literal closing seconds of the 5th round after being soundly beaten around the octagon up to that point, is about as close to "fluke" as you will get in MMA realistically.


Same with Rose v Zhang. Not really a "fluke", but one fighter found and successfully exploited an opening very early in a fight.


Not a fluke. Nobody punches someone without the intent of putting them out.


Spar much?


I didn't know Conor and Aldo were sparring


So you do punch people without the intent of putting them out.... Interesting. Another thing you don't know is that even in fights, only low level amateurs throw every shot as a ko shot.


Come on man don't play dumb. The point is that Conor threw a punch with the intent to hurt Aldo. How is it a fluke that the punch happened to knock him out. Is every KO a fluke now since they didn't know for a fact that the exact punch would knock them out?


Oh so now you're moving the goal posts from saying Conor punched him intending to put him out, to he only intended to hurt him. Idc if it's a fluke or not, but saying nobody punches someone without the intent to put them out is just ignorant meathead bullshit.


>Oh so now you're moving the goal posts from saying Conor punched him intending to put him out, to he only intended to hurt him Is hurting someone by punching them in the face not trying to put them out?


Wait but Khabib told me that Aldo was a businessman.


Such a weird take from Khabib, Aldo has goat status while Khabib retired in his prime dodging a lot of potential match ups


Potential matchups? There was no one else at lightweight at the time. The only one was Usman, but that's another division, can't blane him for not taking that one.


aldo is never going to beat petr yan at 135


Yeah you're probably right but what does that have to do with what I said?


whoops sorry meant to reply to another comment


Lol. I was like "yes but why bring that up". Now it makes sense. Carry on lad.


He said Aldo right now is only fighting for money as he doesnt have a realistic shot at the belt. I think he is right.


That’s terrible logic. Aldo might not be the champ but he can still do it because he enjoys or because he wants to add more names to just list of top wins.


I dont think so, I think its more likely that he fights because thats how he makes his living.


That may be true for other fighters, but it's absolutely not the case for Jose Aldo.


It is absolutely the case for Aldo. Just like it is for 99.999% of all fighters. It was the same for Khabib too.


They are cool now. Wanna see an interview between the two one day


I don’t really want to hear Conor speak ever again.


U fookin WEE-ZEL!!!


Why on earth would anyone think they would rematch. One guy is at lightweight, sometimes dipping into welterweight, the other has made serious changes to his diet to be competitive and get that title shot at bantamweight. One guy is basically the equivalent of Nate Diaz, someone they roll out for a big payday, the other is a serious contender in his ageing career.


Khabib was right about aldo. That man is truly an icon who is never wrong about ANYTHING


Jesus Christ guys, the man is obviously joking


sarcastic remarks don’t work well with Reddit


Khabib is wrong about a lot of things but when it comes to the sport he’s got probably the best analytical mind I’ve ever seen for it. His predications are scary accurate


Literally everything he's ever said is true


Habiba bless


Aldo fights at 135 and Conors last win was at 170 (not that the weight had much to do with why dustin beat him but the point still stands) this rematch couldn’t have happened anyway


Not giving Aldo the immediate rematch is one of the greatest injustices in MMA of all time, and I HATE immediate rematches.


McGregor wanted to move up for double champ. Can’t force him to stay in division. Aldos next fight was title fight anyways


If you get knocked out in less than 20 seconds you don’t deserve an immediate rematch


if you're the most dominant champion the division has ever seen, you absolutely deserve a rematch.


Strong disagree


Tell that to Cain Velasquez


Aldo was offered a rematch almost immediately and he declined it. When RDA got injured ahead of UFC 196, they offered Aldo to fight Connor again and he turned it down, that's how we got Connor vs Nate; Nate was the third choice.


Yeah a short notice rematch to a dude who KO’d him in 13 seconds. Yeah, if I were Aldo I’d like a full camp too


Wrong weight class too, not for the belt


Not saying they were optimal circumstances but this was perhaps his one and only chance. After all, he did get KOd in 13 seconds, hard to sell that rematch as it is. Also he was calling for a rematch, like a week prior saying 'anytime , anywhere'. Guess he didn't want it bad enough. I'm not blaming the guy for not taking it, but I would definitely not call this 'one of the greatest injustices in MMA of all time'.


Aldo always winning




Doctor stoppage, doctor stoppage




This is the seed for a Rocky 3 story


That's what came to my mind. Also: "Ain't gonna be no rematch!" "Don't want one."


Aldo overall most likeable MMA fighter?


Meanwhile, Khabib: ‘when I made him tap, it was not enough, I wanted to eat his heart, so I jumped over the cage and attacked his corner while my guys jumped him’


So humble.


Aldo is world class man. Love him!


As much as I feel/felt Aldo deserved the IMMEDIATE rematch at 145 I can see why it will never happen. Realistically, both men have rebuilt their bodies in the opposite directions. Conor has simply bulked up too much to ever cut to 145 again and Aldo has seemingly mastered the cut and is performing well at 135.


Yeah.. but what does khabib and ja rule think?


And where does Kevin Lee fit into this?


I don't think Connor could make 145 anymore. If he could I think Jose destroys him the second time around.


Conor ain't making 145 and Jose ain't going 155 anytime soon.


Conor circlejerk is still strong.


Jose might last 14 seconds this time - that’s about all he could hope for


Careful not to break your wrist jerking Conor off.


> McGregor holds just one victory in the past five years Cocaine one hell of a drug.


It’s nice to see they have a mutual respect for each other. Especially with the verbal shit spree Mcgregors been on. I saw conor gave him props on Twitter this past week.


Aldo is like the dude who got dumped and started exercising and kicking ass in life, while Conor is the chick that dumped him and turned into a hag.


Aldo has a legacy to protect, McGregor is in a downward spiral.


Jose had his chance when RDA broke his foot