Chael Sonnen interviews Kevin Lee after he competed gymnastics with a team of 12-year-old girls. One of the things Kevin learned from the challenge was he could use more core workout in training. He fights Daniel Rodriguez on August 28 at UFC Vegas 35.

Chael Sonnen interviews Kevin Lee after he competed gymnastics with a team of 12-year-old girls. One of the things Kevin learned from the challenge was he could use more core workout in training. He fights Daniel Rodriguez on August 28 at UFC Vegas 35.


Okay, that girl climbing the rope with her legs completely locked out in front was super impressive.


I had a judo coach (cohens judo in Illinois if anyone familiar) who would do this with a rope in each hand, to the ceiling, followed by pull-ups up there before coming down. He was a stout dude probably like 5’5 with the widest chest I’ve ever seen. Phenomenal guy and a fucking freak of athlete. He was doing this @ 35 mind you.


I can tell you I would not be able to do that


I can't wait for Daniel Cormier to gush excitedly about how nothing is better for your camp than training with junior high girl gymnasts on next weekend's card.


RC! i’m telling you man.


Who's RC?




Ha, thanks man! Honestly still haven't heard of him. I guess it was him and DC's show that replaced Helwani's old show on ESPN right?


Yeah and it sucks. RC is a fuckin casual


I think RC is actually pretty knowledgeable about the sport in general, much more than the average fan. That said, it’s still weird having someone who isn’t an MMA journalist, ex-fighter, pundit, etc. RC is cool but he’s just not interesting in this context - the dynamic isn’t fun and he doesn’t bring much else to the table to make a good show. The formatting is weird too. I just listen to the audio podcast, and now they have the ~40 minute show chopped up into 2 parts throughout the week. When I don’t have anything else to listen to, I throw it on, but it’s pretty bad and I don’t go outta my way for it.


Man I really tried to give DC and RC a try (2 episodes), but its just two old dudes talking about their hometown pride mixed with educating RC about MMA


Man it is so bad. Why didn't they just put DC and Chael together.


I bet it's because they wanted two different shows instead of merging them. DC and Chael would be dank... reallying anything would be better than this RC fucking clown


I’m not a podcast guy but I actually tuned into DC and Helwani a couple of times. Want to hear experts or close chat on MMA. If I wanted to hear someone educate someone else on MMA I’d just record the failed attempts to get my friends into watching a fight card


I really want them to get DC and Laura Sanko, their chemistry and rivalry on the weigh-in shows is awesome! She also actually knows MMA which is a plus.


She actually fought in MMA as well (1 pro fight and I believe 7 amateur bouts). Also, had a decent podcast with Megan Anderson before their friendship ended


Friendship ended?


It is ALLEGED that Megan was sleeping with a married coach, and Laura disagreed with it, so they had a falling out. This is all RUMOR and SPECULATION tho. Nothing is proven.


Damn I can’t believe Megan would do that man.


Friendship ended with ANDERSON. Now DC is my best friend


Dc is such a prisoner of the moment. I noticed that too back when I listed to his and ariels pod


This is about as wholesome as it gets lol. "I take on all comers" haha, gold line Kevin.


>"I take on all comers" haha, gold line Kevin. Hearing this I couldn't help but chuckle pretty loudly 😂


Same, i have two little kids and i love seeing stuff like this from fighters. Cool post


Thanks man!


'Talking about how he gonna kill someone. Mikes had 30 fights, lost half of em, ain't killed a motherfucker yet' Dude is actually underrated with his trash talk. There was the one with Tony at the desk as well. I remember some ppl in this sub thinking Tony was verbally owning Kevin. Really dumb. It was Tony not even making sense and Kevin appropriately kinda going wtf is wrong with this guy I guess it didn't help that he shit talked a real estate agent twice and couldn't beat him though


Tbf that is just Tony's charm.


Coming up: * Kevin Lee v an actual greyhound one lap around the track in Romford, London * Kevin Lee v the sun trying to power up an electric vehicle * Kevin Lee v a printing press - first to reproduce the full text of the first Hunger Games book I would watch every single episode of Kevin Lee taking on things he can't and won't win.


Haha that does sound fun!


This is really cool to see from Kevin Lee.


Him in Thailand a few years ago was also really cool.


Kevin Lee is a cool fella.


My daughter is a (retired) level 9 national level gymnast. The workouts are fucking insane. I wrestled 20 years. I have said as in training it's the hardest most demanding sport. Gotta say gymnastics is right there. They would wear vest with 20lbs added doing 20 to 30 pull-ups. Same vest abd hang upside down doing sit ups etc Now consider damn near every girl is like 80lbs or and tiny. The pure strength they have was freaky But then 20+ hours a week practice is insane itself


They are athletic specimen to say the least.


> They would wear vest with 20lbs added doing 20 to 30 pull-ups. Same vest abd hang upside down doing sit ups etc Which is particularly crazy when that's between a quarter and a third of their body weight a lot of the time


Gravity just doesn't work if you're that small.


So was that why Might Mouse could get airborne and armbar Ray Borg so magically like that?


I’m having a hard time imagining a heavyweight throw another heavyweight into a flying armbar. I’m sure it’ll happen, although probably less magical than MM’s 😁


Ha, too true. I also can't imagine anyone from the middleweight up throwing it like that.


There are athletes out there who can. But if you’re that athletic and heavier than a middleweight you usually end up playing other pro sports. MJ had a 48” vert ya know


Johnny Walker if he trained that move every day could pull it off on Dana


There was a moment where Brock took down Cain... and Cain did a crazy gravity defy where his hips just seemed to bounce up without any leverage point. Very impressive and memorable moment.


i like chael. the kids seemed to have fun, good pr for kevin lee. all around great video.


I see holes in Kevin Lee’s leotard


Watched it the first time it came out and while rewatching it I was thinking, did he let the girl win the push up contest ? Or did he do a kevin lee and blew his load too early


Nah I thought the same thing. Went real hard then looked up and realised she was tired, so he slowed down to her pace and gassed before she did


I really love Kevin when he’s being himself.


Gymnastics training, GSLee/LeeSP in full effect


I bet t ferg would win all of these challenges in his prime




Kevin is my boi


This reminds me of the time Lorenz Larkin taught some MMA techniques to porn stars. Sadly the original video is now gone, but this site has a clip: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/porn-stars-learn-mma-skill-17056227


Lee picked an unfortunate color of tights for this particular set of challenges rofl


What I'll remember is that Kevin Lee met with a couple 12yo girls and was sore for about three days.


Women tend to have better cardio and core strength than men.


Actually it's the other way around. However, they do tend to have shorter torsos. Make of that what you will.


I’ll agree to disagree. I am not saying they can pick you up and manhandle someone. But workouts using your own body as weight, woman are generally better than it at than men. Sure there are some freaky dudes out there but I mean on average or like endurance maybe was the better word.


Put an "average" athletic man and woman against each other on pull-ups, push-ups, situps, and a mile run. There's a big reason why PT in the military tests give a massive handicap to women and it's all bodyweight workouts.


i cant even believe theres an argument here lol.


people in this sub believe men to be categorically superior in every physical manner despite studies showing that women do in fact have just as good endurance as men if not moreso


cardio front could be cause of lighter bone structure and most ultra marathon endurance athletes not reaching "prime" til well into their 30s where pain threshold is elevated despite declining physical attributes (strength. max vO2. flexibility, lactate threshold). its a battle of will over athleticism. less muscle mass and lighter skeletal frame would be a benefit in those very specific sports. every long distance run in olympics guys times are faster than girls. so women have better cardio argument is pretty dumb. theres 1 girl who smashed an ultramarathon record. thats one sport. and one woman. 🤷‍♀️


So women have better cardio then men? Strange given how men are better at long distance running, huh? Core strength? Are women better climbers than men, or is it the opposite?


youre dead wrong about the strength component. ultra marathon endurance its pretty even on cardio front. strength and conditioning standards for Australian national level swimmers was 30 pull ups in a row for guys. women 20. edit. this was early 2000s. hint both guys and girls have gotten stronger since.


usually have comparable stamina and endurance compared to men


how are you measuring this? if only there were cardio and strength based events where the best in the world compete every four years for time. if only we could look up if guys or girls typically cover the same distance much more quickly than the other.