Dana White blames ‘scumbag’ media for convincing fighters they’re ‘underpaid’

Dana White blames ‘scumbag’ media for convincing fighters they’re ‘underpaid’


This has to be an Onion article


he went on travis brown pod or somthing trav said fighters are whiny and should shut up cuz they are the one who signed contract, dana kept saying media scumbags who don’t kno how the business works etc


Travis Browne doesn't get why other fighters don't just find a more successful spouse.


Seriously. If he were single, his net worth is apparently 800k. That shit's gonna run out.


Especially when the medical bills from getting the shit kicked out of you repeatedly start to add up in your old age.


Even if we had universal healthcare its still grossly underpaid.


I’d counter that if we don’t know how the business works why not explain it and then the media scumbags would back off. We all know that there isn’t some secret to the business though.


You strip away their bargaining power by not allowing unionisation. You pay them the lowest you can. You name them independent contractors so they don't get any benefits. You make their contracts exclusive so they can't compete on the job market. You shave your head and take every steroid in 10 miles radius so you look like a Spiderman villain. And, voilà, you have a functioning business.


So he just stole Vince McMahon's business model haha




Exactly what he did. We complain about it the same way wrestling fans complain about Vince. But at least Vince is likely to sell the WWE soon.


> Vince is likely to sell the WWE soon Oh I didn't hear he's dying Seriously, if you hear talk of Vince selling the WWE, it's wolf tickets, he'll take that shit to his grave.


Homie is 76 and has been abusing steroids for 40+ years, he's not going to be around forever.


His mom is still alive and kicking so it's possible that he out lives all of us


This ruined my day thanks


Your first mistake is thinking Vince McMahon is human. The dude will probably live to 110 or something crazy.


76 is a good enough qualifier. The 40+ years of roids is probably what keeps him going.


Nah I think he’s about to get 5B from Disney Ufc got 3.5 a few years ago Vince ain’t turning down 5B for himself and family to be set forever


I don't doubt he'd take it, but if there was only one person on earth that would turn down that offer out of stubbornness it's him


As bad as Vince is the mid-card guys make more money than mid-card UFC guys. They have downside guarantees. With merch and shit they make more. Developmental guys make shit. Where WWE is pure shit is health insurance. They work a ton of dates. No holidays. No health insurance. You are up to their whims as far as what they cover. Bobby The Brain Heenan was their biggest heel for like 20 years and didn't have health insurance until he worked for WCW. That's criminal.


It was years ago but I read an interview with Christian where he said just his cut of one WWE game was more than he made in a year main eventing as champion in TNA. Just one game. They released those things every year.


We should have Universal healthcare but thats a seperate convo.


Lmao all we need now is Dana to start the kiss my ass club and to book a fight against stone cold nate diaz


They could almost recruit actual pro wrestlers too. But instead of doing the gimmicks before the fight they could do it after. I think a good start would be to win a match and then yell loudly that your going home to drink a coors light because bud light won't pay you. I feel like pouring a coors over your head before the fight might be the way to go though.


Heavyweight kiss my ass matches is where the stakes get high. Bob Sapp might make a comeback for that. Hell, Akebono would if they waive the weight limit Come on! PRIDE never die!


That’s why ppl are probably supporting aew in everything they do. They’re a better product at the moment with more energy. We all need to do this when the right company goes against ufc


The worst part is when there is another company that shows up that gains real attention, the UFC just buys it out. Remember how awesome Strikeforce was when it was around?


WEC was fucking awesome. And then UFC bought it and created the lower weight classes to accomodate the fighters from WEC.


> The worst part is when there is another company that shows up that gains real attention, the UFC just buys it out. Remember how awesome St Which is the exact actions an anti-competitive monopoly would take!


Yeah, but not allowing monopolies is socialism. -Dana White


How can you be independent contractors if the contracts are exclusive and you have a no-compete clause?




“No I take dat dere celltech" - Ronnie Coleman


You forgot that his “high class companions” make more from rubbing his bald head than his fighters make for beating the shit out of each other


To be fair, those companions have a far more disgusting and dangerous job.


Do they get Septic pay?


> You shave your head and take every steroid in 10 miles radius so you look like a Spiderman villain r/rareinsults


He shaved his head and bulked up artificially because he's surrounded by killers and he wanted some of that fighter cloud. What a joke.


"You just don't understand how the business works" is the anthem of shitty employers.


When top level athletes go on record saying they're broke, and burst into tears upon getting the news they got a bonus... I don't really need Dana's side of the story.


Yeah it's mad that the UFC will boast about being the highest stage in MMA yet the majority of their fighters definitely do not get paid top tier money, Dana's a big red greedy cunt that continues to line his and his greedy friends pockets off the back of the people that make the UFC worth watching


The argument almost made sense back in the late 2000s and early 2010s when the Fertitas had recently bought the UFC, it wasn't certain whether the company would survive, and they was still a huge untapped audience that needed to be marketed to. Now, the company is on stable financial footing, has serious corporate backers, and everybody in the country already has an opinion about MMA


WME-IMG bought Zuffa with the expectation that they could continue to exploit the favorable labor arrangement. They have no incentive to change it.


Wtf, somehow I dislike Travis Browne even more now.


Shit birds flock together.


Got a real shit-flock there rick.


Shit moths Travis. They started as shit larvae and then the grew into shitapillars. A whole pandemic of shitapillars —- Dana White


Didn't think I'd see a good ol Lahey line on here yet here we are in this shitnado together!


Whyever would Browne feel that way, considering nobody outside of hardcore fans would know who he is if not for....oh! Could it be because he's the sugar baby of one of the best paid MMA fighters ever? Shit, this isn't even "got mine fuck you," it's "I'm fucking a lady who got hers, nyah nyah."


TIL Browne is a cherry-tomato


Travis Browne has a podcast that people listen to? https://youtu.be/-KjSrnZRg6s


Wtf Travis you shill you aren't even signed anymore, does he actually believe fighters aren't underpaid? Is there any other sport on the planet where the risk/pay discrepancy is as high as MMA? EDIT: he's still signed but hasn't fought since 2017, surprised he's still on the roster.


Travis had a contract for life since he changed his last name to Rousey.


With who? Dana or Ronda? I hope he has one with Ronda too for following her to that awful ass gym letting that dummy Edmond ruin him as a prospect. Who remembers when Edmond said he could beat Aldo lmao


[Thank you edmung.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnOWPl-nSI8)


Ah yes, Joshua Fabia's spirit animal.


Travis and Dana are eskimo brothers.


Travis Browne is a piece of shit. That's been known for years now.


You idiots don’t understand hit this works! *I* get all the money


"Don't these scumbags know that the way this business works is that I get all the money? I'm the real business value here! Not the people who are actually creating a product for me to hock to the masses! Me! Me! Me!" Yeah - that sounds about as American as you can get. Great job repping the masses Dana!


It's from a non-parody news site called 'The Tomato' but we don't know who runs it


Dana is being so Dana-ey he's about to reach some form of singularity, peak tomato levels


Next headline: Dana White blames ‘scumbag’ cost of living for convincing fighters they’re ‘underpaid’


Or, "Dana White blames "scumbag" doctors for diagnosing former fighters with CTE, causing them to want health benefits."




"Dana White blames hunger for convincing fighters they're underpaid"




“Dana white blames numbers for convincing fighters they’re underpaid”


Just ask Mike Perry about that one


"dana white blames r/mma redditors for convincing fighters they're 'underpaid' "


Fighters reaction to getting a bonus like it was the lottery and constantly asking for it tells me otherwise


Yeah, the video of Aspinall being told he got a bonus and then breaking down made me super uncomfortable. Shits fucked https://twitter.com/ufc/status/1434284083878588416


Let's not forget that this is a video from the official UFC Twitter account. This is a promotional video. This is the UFC equivalent of a rich YouTuber videoing themselves giving a homeless person shoes for views. And if you look at the replies to the video it's clear a lot of the audience thinks the UFC is benevolent for this.


They want the UFC to give fighters a Publishers Clearing House award moment, which they can only do if the fighters are so poor that they live and die by the bonus. Disgusting.


I remember reading an interview somewhere where Dana White specifically talks about how they weight pay heavily towards bonuses so that fighters are more willing to take damage and put on a show for the "just bleed" crowd.


Benevolent is a great word here. The key issues is specifically that how much fighters get payed should not depend on UFC's benevolence, but it does. I thought the same thing when DC told, what he thought was heartfelt story, of how Dana and Lorenzo gave him half a mil after he lost to Jones. It should not depend on them to decide to give out pity money. I just had a 3 week medical leave for a surgery and I don't need to thank my boss for allowing me to leave, Spanish laws demand that they let me, the company has no choice in the matter. It's the same thing for the UFC, they need to be obligated to give away a bigger share, not toss it to fighters when they want to feel like good guys.


This extends beyond the UFC, but the UFC is a good example of it. We rely on the generosity and philanthropy of the ultra rich for all kinds of things. They are painted as heroes, beacons of light in a dark world. But why? If they paid a fair share we wouldn't *need* their charity. Philanthropy (and fight bonuses) are just a fee the ultra rich pay so the poors won't question the wealth disparity too much.


Innuendo Studios has an interesting video on the topic "There's always a bigger fish." He comments that the wealthy love charity for that reason, minnows getting to eat should always be frames as an act of will of the wealthy, not how things belong. I've also always found that MMA is a perfect microcosm of why unjust capitalist societies work. "I don't have to support right a that would benefit everyone because soon enough I myself will be on top" is a dumb stance to take in a society and also a dumb stance to take in MMA, but fighters need to have an almost delusional self-belief in order to succeed. They need to believe they will become champions one day. But hey... Maybe this entire framework is flawed even in MMA. After all believing you'll definitely become a champion is often counter productive. It often leads to fighters never developing and never patching up holes in their games.


Holy shit that is fucked. The man went into a cage and fought another man for 15minutes. After months of day in day out preperation. And he wins. But the thing that makes him cry is getting the 50k bonus. Fuck me, these guys are underpaid. Edit : Him only having fought for 3 minutes makes it even worse. Imagne all of the above, but instead you get knocked out after 3 minutes. So you get less money and some extra brain damage and medical bills.


That 50k bonus was his pay. His fight purse went to training and his team basically. Ufc fighters fight for the odd chance of making any real money. Unless you are a big draw. You fight to keep food on your table.


Don't forget flights and accomodation. UFC only pays for fighter + 1 cornermans flights. They also only book you 1 hotel room.


Now now, you think the ufc is made of money? Only the fighter is in the ring and it only takes one corner man to give a pep talk and provide water between rounds. Now you're being unreasonable. /s


Just look at Mike Perry, not a hundred percent sure but I think his corner man was pregnant even. Can’t be that hard. /s


Her being pregnant all came down to that only one hotel room mentioned earlier.


Hell, most of the guys I hear about still hold a regular job and fight on the side.


When I was fighting I was living in my gym and teaching classes so I could have money for food and gas.


Yeah, we have a couple UFC fighters in the gym, they had to do lots of side promotions like vodka and meal prep on their social media...


Or situations like Cannonier saying he NEEDED to fight again soon because he dead broke. These guys don’t get paid enough at all


Fucking disgusting. They’re professional athletes and living pay check to pay check


Not disgusting enough if the average fan doesn't care as much. UFC will start paying their fighters more appropriately of what other athletes are being paid when unionization has passed when fighters form together on their own or until public opinion starts impacting profit. If the latter, that will be more of a trick play: wouldn't be the first time a company sets themselves up ahead of the news by promising x for their employees and always either delivering the promise short with half truths or straight out quietly yank the promise away. Unionization in MMA needs to happen. There are pro MMA fighters reading this board and I don't want to point at any fingers but come the fuck on. Any fighter talking about the roughness of the business is basically signaling for a union. Fucking slide in the DM's or something to get the ball rolling you fucks. Then again I am sure trust in the MMA world is hard to come by. Look how quick Travis Browne was quick to lick Dana Wheat's boots just to make him happy.


Exactly that. Dude a freakin profesionnal athlete that relying on \*bonuses\* to have some luxuary, its ridiculous...


Damn bro I had never felt the emotions this video made me feel. A mix of happiness, anger, empathy and disgust.


Like those videos of kids getting free tuition if they make a half-court shot


Well one bonus is worth anywhere between 2.5 wins or 5 losses, so yeah. It is fucked.


YoU'rE jUsT vIrTuE sIgNaLiNg


People who constantly claim that those who disagree with them are virtue signalling usually have no capacity for empathy, so they just assume when people want to help others it’s just because they want to make themselves look good


Actually few events ago a female fighter got the 50K and she said how happy she is that she got to pay her debts. Don't remember who but it was posted here. Also there was a reaction of Rafael Fiziev when he was told he got the 50K bonus (after Marc Diakiese fight IIRC) and he was also happy with that. ​ I mean if you are putting your health on the line (for a huge company) you would at least expect to get paid an amount that will aid you after retiring.


It was Cheyanne Buys.


Man they make barely ANY money after calculating the expenses, travel costs which they THEMSELVES have to pay, training camp and professional nutritionists and other basic needs. Most UFC fighters have to work side jobs since they can't make enough to retire. Its competitive slave labour and Dana is the rich owner. Fuck him


Dana is practically Leonardo DiCaprio's character in Django Unchained with his mandingo fighters


Base salaries for major sports organizations: NBA Players - $925,000 MLB - $570,000 NFL - $660,000 NHL - $750,000 And this is just for the base level athlete. The base level contract for the UFC is 10K to show and 10K to win and a possibility of being 1 of 4 fighters to win a "bonus" for a great fight or peformance (and even those are rewarded terribly sometimes). Take into account most of these fighters have to pay for things like training, nutrition, and travel all out of their own expenses, and the UFC pay looks fucking laughable compared to these major organizations. Why would you want to be a fighter if the cost of being a fighter is so high compared to these other organizations that will give you all these things for free too? Hell 1 year with a base salary at any of these sports is probably more than majority of UFC fighters make in their career.


And people wonder why retired fighters get into those Triller Boxing events, they win more in 1 night than they did in their whole career just by showing up and getting jabbed a couple of times by any of the Paul douchebags.


OK now this is just silly. Now the UFC giving 5 figure bonuses is bad? You guys would never be satisfied no matter how much fighters got paid. The UFC is the greatest MMA organization in the world and pays their athletes better than anyone else, Why would you complain when the fighters aren't? The UFC has the fighters best interests at heart and Dana's always looked out for the kids, They're more than well taken care of. Once you copy and paste this comment you'll receive your $50 Venum coupon, make sure to delete this part - UFC intern


The worst story to me is when DC praises Dana for them dropping him a million dollar check. Instead of sitting back and saying "these motherfuckers can just throw me a million dollars after a fight, why am I not getting a better contract?" He takes it and then becomes the company man.


When DC told that story about receiving a million dollars from Dana with a big smile on his face, I felt sick to my stomach when I thought about the PPV doing 800,000 buys. It's literally the same tactic pimps use on prostitutes.


The UFC should be studied in every university as an example of complete workers rights abuse and abusive HR practises.


They definitely should, at every turn they hide fighter pay(Athletics commission no longer disclosing pay) Intentionally mislead the public and fans( Inflating the revenue split by including USADA pay and refering to the TUF contract as "6 figures") And the most egregious of all, removed fighters sponsors to "Make the sport look clean" when the canvas has more sponsors than ever as well as sponsored fight clocks/stools and the biggest slap in the face, they've added their own sponsors to the fighters kits that fighters don't see a cent of.


>when the canvas has more sponsors than ever as well as sponsored fight clocks/stools and the biggest slap in the face Lol add to that all ads in between fights plus the 5 minutes of Bruce announcing all the sponsors before the main event.


The most egregious one for me is commentary reading ads **during the fight**. Can we just please watch the actual fights without directly being served ads? There was one fight back in the goldie days i remember laughing because they didn't call a big knockdown from a punch realtime because goldie was reading an ad spot. Bro Joegan waited until he was done before he reacted to it.


' this fight clock is brought to you my mode- ooohooohohhhohoho he is out " Y'all know what fight this is lol .


Isn't the contract still the same amount of money 15 years later? I love how there are articles about how terrible the contract was 13 years ago and now it's worth even less thanks to inflation. Fuck Dana.


What's the deal with the TUF contract? I'm out of the loop. Is it just that the call it 6 figures without disclosing exactly how much that is?


Its spread over many fights so like not alot per fight. Sounds better than it actually is


I recall Koscheck saying he got a better contract than Diego because he was the biggest draw to come out of that season and could negotiate a better deal. Dude gets a lot of hate but he was pretty ahead of his time and understood how to promote a fight.


It's a 9 fight deal lasting 3 years that adds up to "6 figures" if you win all your fights. And the UFC can still extend or cut your contract whenever they want like any other fight contract.


btw Wilder vs fury 2 did 900k buys and wilder had 30mil purse guaranteed .


DC's purse was only $90k...


Imagine having a contract for less than 100k and then your boss drops a million dollar bonus on you. Of course you are going to be out of your mind happy and grateful, but not realizing that you are underpaid, even after all these years, is insane to me.


Ikr right it is like a master giving some water to his slave after making him work like a dog for years now all of a sudden the master is an angel and a hearty jolly good ole fellow .


I've said before that people like Dana and the rest of higher ups in the UFC used to run slave trades back in the day. Different times, so they can't literally do that anymore, but the attitude is much the same: exploit the people as much as possible.


Stockholm syndrome.


"He is not a bad guy trust me officer he is a very nice person when he is not angr !!! uwuwuwy"


"he took care of me in the end so all the previous abuse is okay!"


"Dana white takes the absolute best care of his fighters "- DC probably


Thurman/Porter were on CBS primetime, drew similar numbers to a strong UFC on Fox show, and combined made $2,400,000 in disclosed pay. Vanzant VS waterson did similar numbers on Fox, and they combined for $73,000. $73,000 is 3% of $2,400,000. Boxing paid 33X as much as the UFC.


That Chappelle bit about Iceberg Slim is definitely applicable in this situation


It's disappointing how much of a shill DC has become but it's hard to blame him when nobody else really seems interested in doing anything either and he knows if he did anything out of line the UFC would find a new commentator


This is great.


Was wondering why there were so many upvotes here


Lol you got me with the first half


Had me in the first half, not gonna lie.


>The UFC has the fighters best interests at heart Lofuckingl


You had me all riled up


Number 4 ranked MW Jared Cannonier came out after a hard win and said "im broke" The revenue split gives the fighters something like 16% of the earnings they make for the company. Not sure how anyone could defend that. Least of all one of the guys who stands to profit from it.


the fighters make themselves more of a joke day by day as they allow dana to absolutely pimp them like this. then they smile w him, laugh w him, call him uncle dana and beg for bonuses while he makes tens of millions a year and presses and harrasses guys whos girlfriends and wives he likes its pathetic. at this point its on them. every last one is a bitch for dana


For all the shit Diaz bros do, they still keep coming back to their pimp. Until any fighter worth their salt starts a union they are all bitches to Uncle Dana. What a shame. I understand if we are in the 1800s as the road to unionization wasn't even fucking there. But it's 2021, we have workers rights. The fact that fighters don't want to form unions as this has been discussed foe decades is because of self serving interests. It's why I dislike GSP; he talked of unions only as a bargaining chip to further his own income rather than actually getting it started with his star power attached.


I think it's more they're a bitch to the potential of becoming a superstar and being willing to do whatever it takes to get there. Other promotions have been shown to pay way better but don't have as much reach. Fighters take a pay cut to come to the UFC because it has the potential to blow them up. They let Dana get away with the shit pay because there's a chance they could blow up and then they can get their own checks through sponsors etc. The reality is its just like any other organization. Probably you, and everybody you know does the same thing. You work for whatever you're given in the hopes that tomorrow will be better and organization's take advantage of this to dangle the carrot for your entire life and leave you with a 25 years of service plastic plaque and a $30 vacuum cleaner. Or in this case CTE and a highlight reel of you getting knocked the fuck out that they play every Saturday 15x.


dana white as always been anti fighter. I never believe much of what comes out of his mouth when he talks about them


It's generally a requirement to be anti fighter to be a good promoter. Don King was one of the best for a reason.


Dana has no shame.


Just like his buddy in the thumbnail pic


And what's crazy is they've both somehow got tons of poor and middle class people sticking up for them all the time. They get working class people to side with them over the other working class people they screw over.


It's almost as if both of them use the same tactics, just in different ways relative to the agenda they're trying to achieve. Who knew when the Tomato started to regurgitate similar phrases that it turns out he crossbreed with an orange. One authoritarian figure is another just in a business suit while telling you, "be thankful for the scraps you have. I know plenty of people, in fact good people, who would love to be in your shoes." (Classic abusive shit)


Dana White is a low level gangster who thinks we are as dumb as he is.


How is Dana supposed to play $50k black jack hands if he is giving that money to fighters?


Or afford $50k hookers!


The fighters need to band together, it’s ridiculous how underpaid they are. They’re literally making millions for the company while putting their physical well-being on the line and they’re getting paid peanuts.


I agree. A fighter's association is important so they don't get ripped off. Ripping anyone off is bad enough, but ripping off people who sacrifice their health to compete is another level. I'm starting to wonder if the fans can/should be the driving force since fighters risk being blackballed by the UFC's superior bargaining position.


Couldn’t agree more. I think fighters need to start a movement that fans can then rally behind.


What if last minute all fighters from a card pulled out and sent Dana a message saying pay us.


They’d need support, cuz I’m sure there’s a clause in the contract, but go fund me might be an option. It’s actually really intriguing. I’d be willing to help somebody do that. It would actually be a pretty cool statement when he tries to come down hard and the fans bail the fighter out.


.....The third or fourth best welterweight in your company's history just went to get outboxed by a Youtube star for a good payday, the dream for an MMA figher is to get big enough to box a name and get beat up for good money


> for a good payday Said welterweight got his *biggest* payday ever from boxing a youtuber.


Makes UFC look like a bigger pile of shit than it already is.


By a landslide no less, he never got close to that level of pay in the UFC, even when he was literally the best fighter in the world.


Worse…gold medal wrestlers going to the WWE. It’s like the NBA losing the best basketball player in the US to the Harlem Globetrotters over money.


Not just to get out boxed. He went out sad begging for a rematch.


UFC pays 20%. Every other pro sports league pays half. There’s actually very little to understand. Fighters are arguing for that 30% disparity.


He calls fighters “kids” which is about all you need to know Kids don’t get input Kids get a small allowance that’s not up for debate Kids have no rights They’re just kids. This guy pays his hookers more than some fighters.


I hate hearing it! Every time he calls fighters that - ‘this kid’ it makes my skin crawl. They’re business partners not kids. I’m sure it’s a psychological thing he does on purpose.


Yeah i think its him trying to assert his dominance. I forgot who it is but Dana once said that it pisses him off when fighters call themselves businessmen.


This is an interesting observation


and the ones that make him money, Jon Jones, Macgregor, etc, he calls fighters.


Unreal that guy. If anyone is a scumbag it's him, fucking Scrooge Mcduck. Fighters put their health and bodies on the line so he has a product to sell and fill his coffers and hey cant even survive on 2 fights a year. He should be embarrassed.


Yes, the old "blame the media" play. A bit overused in recent years if you ask me.


"Ich beschuldige die Lügenpresse!" - Dana "die Tomate" White


oh fuck, this made me laugh out loud


Funny how the scumbag media hasn't convinced NBA or NFL players of the same. What a dogshit defense. It's so condescending and disrespectful of the fighters.


I'd say it's the best time. You have 40% of Americans who are convinced the media is always lying to them.


Breaking: slave owner blames scum bag laws for slave unhappiness.


Fuck Dana


Surprised he isn’t saying “Fighters are actually overpaid. They should appreciate it before we bring them back down to earth for the sake of our budget” “Fighters should actually be paying us to have the crypto.com logo on their shirts. It’s a privilege” “Fighters could have to buy their shorts and gloves from us. We’re giving those out for free. Aren’t we fucking awesome?”


Dude is everything wrong with this world. Imagine where we would be at if people like him did not exist.


I blame scumbag tomato for convincing the public they aren't. And btw what media is that? Or is it court documents?


The scumbag media reported the court documents accurately, can you believe those guys?! What assholes, huh?


Vile man representing a vile company.


Then get on your high horse and watch it for free like the rest of us !


10 years ahead of you brudda




I really need a behind the bastards/crime in sports podcast series on Dana. CIS touched on his shittiness a few times like how he publicly discredited Rumble's 4th domestic violence accuser while in the same rant claimed the UFC has a zero tolerance domestic violence policy. Again, Dana in the same interview claimed the UFC has a **zero tolerance domestic violence policy** then discredited Rumble's 4th domestic violence accuser, while also touching on his prior conviction for domestic violence.


[Dana right now](https://imgur.com/a/s973X6n)


Person/people at the top who are filthy rich are being pressured to pay their employees more but it won't happen because roughly half of the population has been brainwashed into thinking some billionaires paying their employees more is "socialism" and anyone asking for more is just being ungrateful. This sure does sound familiar 🤔


Dana will never understand that it's "I *couldn't* give a fuck"


“I *literally* could give a fuck.” -Dana White Too many mistakes for such a short sentence.


I think most of the Fans think they are underpaid as well.


That’s the most Dana thing I’ve ever heard.


Dana is a clown 🤡


PERFECT photo for this article. Fuck Dana White. It’s the only good thing coming out of the circus that Jake Paul is doing. Sparing with him for 2 months paid better than the fighters career earnings. I repeat fuck Dana White.


He is just a fucking scumbag.


Man, fuck this man.


Wasn't there a fighter helping train Jake Paul for Woodley that said he made more training Jake Paul than he made in a year fighting for the UFC?


You tal’mbout cumbags B? Great products, never tried’m.


Hahaha stfu tomato!


Just to show you how bullshit Dana is. As of July 2021, Dana said the UFC brand is worth $9-10 billion That is more than the value of the New York Yankees & Manchester United combined. Im using individual sports teams, as the UFC is basically like a sports team. A single athlete is signed to a single group, who has a single source of all of its revenue (even if there are different generators of this revenue). Its brand. Much like a sports team. I dont think we need to compare salaries of a Man United player and a UFC fighter. But, if you want to go leagues, thats cool too, since the UFC is technically a "league". The IPL (Indian Premier League) is the top flight cricket league in India. The revenues generated by the UFC are far and away higher than the IPL (by my cursory review, by about 20 times higher), yet the average salary of an IPL player is about 10 times more than a UFC fighter. What all of the examples (sans the UFC) have that the others dont is guaranteed revenue. The ESPN deal guarantees the UFC a certian amount of money, whether a pay-per-view sells 1 buy, or 500,000 buys.


It's even simpler than that. What proportion of the UFC's revenue is paid to it's fighters? That number is known for most larger leagues and hovers around 50% (negotiated between players and owners). The UFC pays out roughly 15%: [Source.](https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/may/11/nba-players-are-making-a-fortune-from-nfts-ufc-fighters-may-not-be-so-lucky)


And that's some extra bullshit because on sports teams, the team pays all your travel and training expenses, while in the ufc everyone is an independent contractor responsible for nearly all expenses.


Dana has had it out for workers' rights since the Culinary Union days with the Fertitas.


“Multimillionaire blames media for convincing lowly employees that they’re underpaid.”