Paddy Pimblett on Sean O'Malley: "He’s a bit of a bitch-ass, isn’t he? Breaks his ankle and blames his loss on that. He’s got clean strikes. He’s got good standup. But as soon as he gets put in there with a decent grappler, he’s gonna get beat." And O'Malley fires back: "That’s not very nice."

Paddy Pimblett on Sean O'Malley: "He’s a bit of a bitch-ass, isn’t he? Breaks his ankle and blames his loss on that. He’s got clean strikes. He’s got good standup. But as soon as he gets put in there with a decent grappler, he’s gonna get beat." And O'Malley fires back: "That’s not very nice."




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Sean O'Malley is pretty sucking Irish too... Sean in Ireland is like John in America.


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Paddy “the Suga Baddy” O’Malley.


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Sean doesn't care lmao he's here to make money and BOUNCE


Good for him. He's getting more money crushing 135lbs cans than top 10 fighters


like he say's, fight the worst opponent you can for the most money, people call him a can crusher but he's just a businessman


He’s both. I don’t see this argument being thrown around when MVP fights. Typical UFC bias


yup. MVP is just getting paid, just like Sean. can tell because they fight cans and they always try and make a show of it. seeking walk-off KOs, mad multi coloured hair, fucking pokeballs. they both have a fan base that loves em because of it. it is weird that they’re viewed differently by the wider community. at least from what i’ve seen.


To MVP's credit, he has a rematch with Douglas Lima now in October, and Lima is legit. Guess it might be one last hurrah from Page and making an attempt at the title next if he wins that one (but that's a big *if*).


Yeah, Lima is an elite striker and neither guy is good on the ground. So... 3 rounds of wrestling incoming? Hopefully we get a fun standup match and not MVP vs. Daley 2


Did you watch the first fight? Its gonna be all stand up again


Douglas has a pretty good ground game: he's a BJJ black belt and has plenty of submission wins, maybe his wrestling might be lackluster, but his ground game is good.


I would have to disagree. The Amasov (and the first Rory fight) show he has massive holes in his ground game.


Sure but those dudes are pretty high level. Lima has a competent ground game. He's not Till or someone like that. He's not gonna submit Damien Maia but he can hold his own down there with Bellator's best. Strength is certainly his standup but saying he's this terrible guy on the floor is just disingenuous.


Respect to him for fighting Lima in the first place. He performed well, too, despite the iconic KO. Looked like he belonged in there with him but screwed up.


I'm no fan of either guy as cancrushing is just boring to me but you have to respect both of their decisions to do it in this environment that is blatantly anti-fighter.


I love watching MVP fight and I don’t mind his antics I think he’s good for the sport. I don’t understand when a fighter gets so much hate on here. I can understand not liking a guy but you’d think some of these fighters farted in their moms mouth with how they react.


I dont see the connection to MVP on this one at all. Hes not specifically holding out on tougher opponents because of pay. Hes rematching Lima soon, and participated in the tourny where he lost to him (where he also beat daley). Theyre both characters for sure, but thats about as far as it goes. No hate to Sean either, get your money, the kid deserves it. I just like to see that forward progression in fighters and Sean doesnt seem to want to take those steps. He got a following before being a top contender and is leveraging that before making the step up. This might also speak to the disparity of fighter pay between organizations, but I dont know MVPs numbers since he blew up around the time of his cyborg fight.


There is literally zero comparisons to be made between the two.


Let me know when O'Malley fights someone like Lima or even Daley.


I replied to the guy above but the difference is that one guy is 8 years younger and still sort of on the rise vs the other having been a pro for 10 years and having fought basically exclusively cans that entire time and hasn’t looked great when he’s fought people who are closer to his level.


Sean has one tune-up against a late notice replacement, and now he’s on can crusher on the level of MVP. Yet another example of why mma fans are THE worst


He was scheduled to fight smolka, don’t act like the last minute replacement was the only can


People get annoyed at mvp because he'll fight 3 0-0 guys and then be ranked #3, not his fault but still rubs people the wrong way


Yea people say shit about MVP all the time, and celebrated when he got KO’d. Myself being one of them.


Lmao. Everyone says this about MVP. When he got bodied everyone shat on him too.


I guess the difference is that Sean is 26 and still sort of on the come up. Where as MVP has been a pro since 2012 and has done nothing but crush cans basically the entire time.


When is Mario Van Peebles fighting again


Is this /s? That's basically all people talk about when MVP fights


mvp gets shit on constantly tho hes fighting the homeless and math teachers


I get the point you’re trying to make, but Sean is fighting UFC competition, he’s getting good matchups but it’s not the same


>but Sean is fighting UFC competition, UFC's low level fighters are pretty much no different than most other organizations. UFC has good depth in their top 15 but let's not act like people who found success in the UFC haven't gone onto lose to middle of the road fighters in other orgs


Lima is better than anyone Sean has fought


Ya but MVP talks a big game as though he thinks he’s the best fighter in his division. Sean on the other hand is owning up to what he’s doing.


In that same vein, people call him a really skilled fighter but he's just a businessman. Funny to pretend that he's great when he's so unproven, starching full-time mainstays at the paint factory.


Is that even smart though? If you don’t fight good fighters, you’ll never get a huge contract. Champs get like $300k all the way up to $1 million+ If you just continue to fight newcomers you’re never going to get a big contract or ppv points. If Sean just turns down all good fighters, I seriously doubt the UFC will give him a good contract after this one expires.


Ufc will give him a contract as long as they believe they will profit. He’s currently a draw, so I assume they will. Casuals like myself like watching him. We pay the ppv.




agreed. Eventually fans are just curious how a fighter stacks up to the competition.


No way. Look at Cowboy, Masvidal, Diaz. These guys haven't looked Champion level quality in forever but they are draws anyway because their fans like to watch them fight/like their style (Masvidal fighting Usman makes this look weird but he has like 40 fights, for a long time he wasn't and I don't think he's taking super seriously as a contender anymore). Sugar is one of these. He's exciting to watch due to striking + meme knock outs- I don't think casuals will care if he's Championship quality or not.


> Sugar is one of these. He's exciting to watch due to striking + meme knock outs- I don't think casuals will care if he's Championship quality or not. Difference is all the guys you mentioned rose up the ranks and saw where they stacked up. They didn’t just exclusively hang out in the peripheries crushing cans for paychecks. If they had, I’d say there’s a good chance they wouldn’t have reached the levels of popularity they did. An example of this is Mas. He didn’t hit the levels of fandom until his run leading to his title shot. Before that he was just a journeyman that most fans didn’t really care about. If O’Malley continues doing so, he’s more likely to end up like MVP than the guys you mentioned. I doubt he does though, I’d bet he gets a bit better contract and looks to rise up the ranks.


Nah. I host a fight night every ppv and for fight nights that seem hype. People don’t care. They don’t even know. They zone out talking and drinking until the fight starts, watch some dude with colorful hair beat the shit out of some one, then go back to talking. That’s the casual audience and what UFC wants. Even though you guys are the heart and soul of mma, there’s more casuals and UFC wants their money.




Going to disagree there. Just because I host Saturday parties and pay for a ppv for entertainment doesn’t mean I know anything about it or wouldn’t stop watching immediately if my guests wanted something else.


Hosting every PPV definitely isn't casual. You're not the target audience. You're basically the same as everyone here you'll watch almost any fight that is not a casual.


He says this now but hasn't he tried getting big fights in the past with henry and cruz. He didnt get a good name for his rankings so he started saying this


Well O’Malley did come into the UFC pretty young. Maybe he is just gaining more experience, training his weak spots and getting better before he cares to push. If that’s the case, his criticism is unwarranted (for that at least)




Not true. Maybe PFL or Bellator is a better payday for him in the future. If he goes up and loses quickly he could be out of the UFC, while currently he gets safe fights and plenty of air time to build his brand/experience.


idk man, he was talking so much smoke about being the best than got called out for cans and spun it that way. With how butt hurt he was on his loss I think it is how he can cope with fighting guys nowhere near him.


It's basic risk reward analysis. He goes for low risk, guaranteed reward vs high risk high reward. If he became champ he'd be even more of a sensation than he already is. He'd start making millions per fight. But the risk of getting KOd/losing your starpower/brand after a string of messy losses just isn't worth the gamble.


If he doesn't want to fight higher competition where a higher pay is warranted then that's okay with me. But he shouldn't cry about not getting paid his worth when his value isn't high in the first place.


I dislike O'Malley in general, especially after the Chito loss, but there is no universe in which i can't agree with him. Fucking pay me more to fight the best guys, or keep feeding me cans.


And hes got the perfect style for that. Smooth and clean just as long as they don’t put him in there with a beast. He already said he gets paid all the same so for sure he rather scrap with cans all day.


He’s the UFCs Michael Venom Paige


Michael Venom Paige Vanzant?


MVP has way more flashier striking.


He'll have to fight some stiffer competition once he comes towards the end of his contract though so the UFC can use it against him if he loses.


Probably, but with how many last minute replacements and short notice fights the UFC cobbles together, he could probably keep using his hand injuries to delay until he wants to fill in against a last minute opponent or gets offered someone so they can have his name on a card


I agree that Sean is making the correct decision for himself, but I really don’t understand why fans are so happy about this.


They are living vicariously through him and don't want to see their avatar crash and burn


>Breaks his ankle and blames his loss on that Yes, yes, anyone would’ve lost with a broken ankle


Except O'Malley . Undefeated


His 13-0 shirts are hilarious imo just for how hard he's going into the character. He should dip into his hater market and sell some "suga bones" shirts so he can make money on both ends.


It was actually kinda funny when Logan Paul asked him about his loss and he was like "It was deemed a no contest by the Suga athletic commission"






Ah the ole' Brian Bosworth. classic. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/07/nfl-brian-bosworth-broncos-prank-ban-the-boz-shirt


Mentally undefeated


Another day another he said she said Sean O’Malley post…


Bad Paddy has a conviction for being caught with weed when he was younger too, I doubt he cares if Sean smokes


In the interview that this quote is from. He also talks about how he’s impressed that O’Malley is a “pothead” but still gets shit done. He then says “fair play to him lad”


I really dont get why people think all pot heads cant get shit done. It’s just like anything else, it effects people differently. Some can be completely functioning alcoholics and methheads. You don’t think there can be functional pot heads? There’s tons of em.


lets not compare weed to alcohol or meth here buddy


put the pipe down, jsmlooth265. your kids need you


Username checks out


It's just one of those days...




Paddy is indirectly talking shit about Conor too.


He should just call out Mcgregor for when he comes back lol. Get himself a possible payday down the line if he keeps on winning


I don't know why it feels like Sean is bigger in size than Paddy


Sean is actually only an inch taller, and has a one inch reach disadvantage and is much, much skinnier. But he’s massive for a BW.


Taller yeah, but Paddy looks like a bodybuilder in comparison to Sean.


Paddy looked massive in that fight. I thought he should stay at featherweight but he filled out. O’Malley is hollow like a bird and he’s the one that did peds.


Fun fact Sean is the same height as DC


Honestly, I expected Sean was taller.


He is, DC is 5’9” not 5’11”.


DC's body is a chod. He is larger in circumference than height


We got a little tuna can


girthy boi /


5'9" is the height of true alphas. Stumpy bois rise up.


It's literally the average male height how are you stumpy bois?


Bruh what are you talking about. Paddy is pretty damn big for a lightweight


Yeah ik ik but for some reason from his interviews and stuff he looks like a 14 year old boy.


It's the face and the hair, looks like an 80's schoolboy.


nobody seems to be mentioning that O'Malley's grappling is not indicative of your typical one-dimensional striker. He seems to have taken to grappling in the time he's been doing it, just watch his performance at Quintet


People think that because you’re a high level striker you automatically have terrible wrestling.


Being good at submission grappling isn't the same as having good wrestling though


Almost like you gotta mix it all together or something.


Like a mix martial arts?


Combined combat


Or just watch him not even attempt wrist control against chito Vera and get elbowed to sleep. Grappling in grappling matches and grappling in the octagon are very different.


I actually agree with you and think his current grappling hasn’t been tested in an MMA context, but is pretty good in pure grappling so it’s TBD. Just saying that Paddy’s overlooking some things in his assessment. But I disagree about the Chito fight, whatever happened to his leg is the real headline there


Sean's leg injury shouldn't have stopped him from defending those elbows though, as the guy you replied to said it was his lack of wrist control that was the issue. It's very rare that you see someone instantly get pounded out from guard at 135 without being rocked on the feet. It's not like he has a great grappling resume either, his only Quintet win was against Takanori Gomi who has always been susceptible to submissions (and was about 10 years past his prime when Sean fought him) His MMA grappling isn't really TBD, it's proven to be lacking.


These guys are the kings of self-hype. They were made for each other


I mean, breaking your ankle is a pretty good excuse for losing a fight.


Didn't stop Daniel LaRusso


Well he cheated, that was an illegal kick


I like both Paddy and Sugar. I would say that there are unknowns to how good Sean is at grappling because we haven’t really seen him do it in the octagon yet, but that doesn’t mean he’s bad at it. He could be a beast at grappling but prefers striking and going for KOs. From his podcast I think Sean took it well and seemed more confused by paddy’s comments than anything and Sean still showed respect for what Paddy is doing. I would like to see Sean grapple in a fight though.


I agree with this fully, I like both guys and I don't think either were out of line with their reactions or comments. The headline also cuts off part of Paddy's quote. There were sentences in between the above ones where Paddy says: "He's (O'Malley) a little pothead, so hat's off to him lad, he's still getting shit done while he's stoned half the time. So well in Sean O'Malley, but I do reckon you're a tool... He's alright with his fans isn't he? I like people who interact with the fans because without fans we wouldn't be where we are now, know what I mean? I don't like people who don't interact with fans, I think they're arseholes, know what I mean? So the fact that he does, makes me like him."


His grappling isn’t bad I have seen it in person. He competed in Quintet and got a sub. He also trains with the best BJJ Bantamweight in the world Augusto Mendes. He’s not a total scrub on the ground.


He subbed old man Takanori Gomi who has always been known for being susceptible to submissions, not much of an accomplishment


Yet as someone else pointed out, he made no attempt at wrist control against Chito and got elbowed into the dirt as a result. That's fairly entry-level stuff, relatively speaking


I think the fact his ankle was destroyed might have been impacting his grappling in that moment.


I love them both. Probably gonna be my top 2 favorite fighters soon, as Sean’s already number 1 and I’m quickly falling in love will Paddy. I see more potential in Sean as of now, Championship wise, not to say paddy can’t improve because he seems well rounded, defense is just gaping hole. As for Sean the grappling is more of a question mark than a hole, the heart of Sean may be a hole


Lol you're using the word hole too much




Please don’t let this be the future of the sport. I know some people are into this stuff but I find it so boring and repetitive. Don’t need forced gossip and feuds over tweets and interviews.


This is the present and the future of the sport. If your favorite fighters don't do well on social media your favorite fighters probably aren't going to get good fights.


Yawn. This "MMA purist" take has always been dumb. If you actually didn't like this stuff you wouldn't watch interviews with fighters at all, you'd just watch the fights and this shit wouldn't matter to you. Why else would you watch interviews? So you can see fighters repeat "he's a strong opponent but I've had a great camp, best shape of my life"? The reality is you just don't like this particular fighter. Paddy's pretty genuine as far as shit talkers go.


Isn't this the history of the sport?


To a degree. Maybe I’m in the minority, I just don’t find this stuff entertaining at all. Feels like soap opera and reality TV gossip. If others like it fair enough, I might just be getting old.


It's actually calmed down a bunch. 5 years ago at the height of conor mania guys thought the formula was simply talk shit = drawl and everyone was trying to follow conor's blueprint talking shit in the media and post fight interviews and being a character people remember. [It got weird](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lE_eaXV1r4).


LMAO that moment when he has to pause to remember his rehearsed speech


Right? If I want to watch athletic dudes trade poorly rehearsed insults I’ll stick to pro wrestling.




I think paddy is going to come and go relatively quickly. I don’t see him being great AT ALL


Lol this sub truly hates Suga.


The day o malley fights a wrestler than shuts them down a lot of people are gonna question their existence . Never seen a guy in his 20s basically have a cap put on him by fans lol


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxEyH6mkaOg](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxEyH6mkaOg) ​ Whats your thoughts on this fight and the ending?


I'm at work, can someone tell me what happens?


He gets wrestle fucked for most of the fight. Clearly losing, he acts like a punch that grazes his back\\side of head rocks him. Ref stopped fight, sugar wins by dq because he said he couldn't go on. It was sloppy gnp by his opponent for sure, but such a pussy move and a ton of acting from Sean.


Wow, what a fucking bitch move. Between this, the Chito Vera fight, and being friends with Tekashi69 it amazes me that this guy has fans over the age of 18.


Personally I think breaking your ankle in the middle of a fight is a perfectly reasonable excuse for losing that fight.


The exact same can be said about Pimblett with a competent striker


Not sure how people criticize his grappling when he has done little to no grappling in his UFC career thus far


He had a chance to grapple Chito but didn't do shit except take elbows to the face.


Paddy: he's a bitch ass Swan: hey, y'ah don't say that!


Paddy’s a douche, why talk shit to someone in Different weight class.


I mean, as soon as Paddy is matched with a decent striker, he gets KO’d too so


Rat behaviour to take that from what he said. Typical journo stirring.


I don't know the context in which Paddy was mentioning Sean but it's a little fucking strange to talk shit about a guy 2 classes lighter than you


If Jon can shit talk Tyson griffin anything is up for grabs


He’s literally asked to talk about the various fighters


To be fair, he also said he really likes and respects Sean O'Malley for how he treats his fans.


With all the leg breaks recently Paddy probably shouldnt be poking the karma gods.


This a fight I want to see at featherweight in a couple of years from now


Breaking your fucking ankle in a fight gives you one of the best excuses imo


Harsh, but O’Malley does have some bitch in him (in the context of other fighters lol). Look at his one amateur loss, I’ve never seen a person so blatantly give up. It’s why he will never be champ


> Look at his one amateur loss Just looked this up... this article says his only amateur loss too, but when he gets on the mic at the end he says "this is my second loss." Weird. https://www.essentiallysports.com/ufc-264-mma-news-a-look-at-sean-omalleys-only-loss-as-an-amateur-mma-fighter/ https://youtu.be/TXn2xVg6wFA?t=377


he looks like a child in this. not sure people should be putting so much stock into this. 😂


Agreed, it was 8 years ago and he was about 18.


No. If you had one bad performance when you were still a literal teenager you're a no heart bum and you will never be champion.


Not sure if this is the fight he was referring to, but I was listening to him talk on his podcast a longggg time ago (around the time of the Chito loss) and he was talking about his two amateur losses and he said he isn’t a sore loser because he wasn’t mad when he lost in the past, because he was just outclassed and he knew he had things to work on, and this dude was a blackbelt (if this was the fight he was referring to) but the Chito loss doesn’t sit well with him because it’s not like chitos skills were better it was just a lucky shot


Look at Charles Oliveira, he has a history of giving up when fights get tough and now he's champ. Anything can happen


He was young at the time. Just because someone quits doesn’t mean they can’t be champ in the future. Look at Oliveira


Great example, Oliveira had been looked at as a quitter for years


and the fight that won him the champ he looked dominated for most of it


Idk about dominant for most of it. He came out strong with the wrestling and back take but he took a lot of damage once Chandler got it, he faced some real adversity which imo is one of the biggest things he has improved at. Lee got some good shots in and Teymur fouled the shit out of him early as well but he dug down, toughed it out, and finished all three of those guys




My b, read it as “he looked dominate for most of it”


He looked about as good as McGregor did in the 3rd Poirier fight lol. He was basically surviving at the end


And everyone knows Conor had no chance of coming back in round 2. Absolute shame, would’ve definitely preferred Charles as champ over Chandler.


Lawler too. Quit on the stool between rounds from leg kicks in the Spratt fight. Never really got the stink from that off him until Manhoef kicked his leg off and he stayed in it and got the KO.


Lawler vs Mahoef was nuts too


I never understand this argument. People can and will evolve mentally over the course of their career. Suga was fucking 18 when he had that loss, cut him some slack. Honing your skills, getting good wins and building confidence will all change a fighter's mentality over the years. Also this endless pushing of the goalpost of what would make a fighter good or legitimate just for the sake of shitting on them is annoying. Most fighters in any given division will never be champ


The argument isn’t understandable, it’s a bunch of emotions about a fighter they don’t like wrapped up in the dogma of the hivemind.


Chucky Olives is a prime example of this. He’s had the skills for years but his mentality has noticeably shifted over his last 3 fights. He had a war with Kevin Lee that resulted in a comeback late in the fight, next he dismantled Tony, and capped it off with beating Chandler for the belt. And this is a guy that people would often criticize for giving up when things didn’t go his way in a fight.


A war with Kevin Lee? I know this sub loves Oliveira but that's major hyperbole He dominated Tony and only showed his resilience in the chandler fight for a round


He overcame a whole mountain of adversity in that Chandler fight too.


I can’t wait until he sleeps Dom and people do this exact thing and say it’s only because Dom’s old and/or washed. Haters gonna hate. Is=Is.


I mean, Dom is fucking old tho. Now, him vs Aldo, that’s intriguing.


Aldo is old


But still a really good fighter


Aldos been lookin like a killer at 135 though in stark contrast to dom recently


Think the fact cruz is made of paper mache also ties into it


giving up is smart if you have been bested. people fuck up when they best themselves in their own heads.


Especially when youre 18. No reason to continue on and take big damage that early in your career, when youre not even being paid.


> Look at his one amateur loss, I’ve never seen a person so blatantly give up. yeah idunno bout that man, bad example lmao.


Lol the fact that you had to put in brackets (in the context of other fighters) is really telling of the level of fragility in the mma community


Can you link it? I’ve never seen it




He was 18 at the time. What is wrong with you? That doesn't make him a bitch and this sport would be better off if more fighters were able to call it quits earlier in the fight. Look at Kattar? That dude took serious damage against Holloway for no fucking reason. That fight should have been called long before it ended, but people like you really fuck the chances of that happening up because of the way you talk about fighters who don't go out on their shield. Way to be the absolute worst MMA has to offer. = Will add counters to your other stupid comments: His Vera fight had a nerve get hit that completely deadened his leg. He thought his career was over at that point, and still fought with a fucked up foot. We have seen this shit happen with other fighters as well, Chandler being a notable example. He also broke his leg against Soukhamtath and won. = Basically the fact of the matter is, you don't know what you are talking about.


Why do people here give this weird bitch pass to O'Malley?


Paddy is right. Sean also supports a registered sex offender /pedo. Even tatted it on himself




The snitch9 guy


match them up now. it will improve them both going forward.


They are two weight classes apart


I mean kind of bad wording. Feel like blaming a loss on breaking an ankle, is quite legit excuse.


"breaks his ankle and blames his loss on that" . a broken ankle is surely one of the more legitimate excuses