Ariel Helwani gives his take on Dana White's comments calling MMA Media douchebags for talking about fighter pay

Ariel Helwani gives his take on Dana White's comments calling MMA Media douchebags for talking about fighter pay


He goes the fuck off on Schaub too, which is not MMA related but hilarious nonetheless.


ariel's split with espn has been pretty great. it feels like the old ariel, but his takes are much more precise and have more authority behind his claims.


It's that same old chaotic shameless energy, but pointed towards a different direction. Fucking Heelwani's out here stirring the pot with the UFC as a whole the way he used to with Rampage and Nick Diaz and I'm here for it


Heelwani is definitely my favorite nickname in the world of MMA.


His nasal reach stats (if he was a video game) would be up there with the best


"biggest nose in combat sports history ! , Joe !" - Mike goldberg probably .


Cuban Muscle Crisis is better.


Meatball is up there for me.


I love it. Ariel is a damn gem. Hes at a point now where he doesn't need to pull punches. He's blackballed from doing event interviews for the UFC, but clearly doesn't need to.. the fighters will line up to be on his show.


Cant the UFC stop their fighters talking to him, though?


Independent contractors babyyy


Views equal money, ariel flat out has the biggest voice/mma platform in the history of mma media. Ariel probably makes Dana more money then most of his fighters and he’s not even on the UFC’s payroll.


I like how Brendan Schaub these days is described as "not MMA related"


Have you heard him talk about MMA? He has no idea what he’s talking about unless he parrots someone else, and even then he parrots it wrong. A good way to get some money is to bet opposite to his picks.


Talmbout Brandon Slob? Great pawlcass host never herddum.


Love the way the SchaubTalk meme has evolved alongside his CTE 😂


Every time I see one it's 1% more unintelligible than the last. Which sounds about right considering.


Just gotta ready the sub, you become fluent in schabism pretty quickly.


It makes me happy


one hundrud percent myman


I watched one of his fight companions, it must’ve been Conor vs Dustin 2/3. He bet on 4 guys and everyone of them lost lol


He said in early 2017 that Khabib vs Conor wouldn't be a draw. ​ Obviously power of hindsight but it's hilarious seeing him make that prediction


Not even power of hindsight, a Conor fight..... with the most insane buildup of all Conor fights? Not a draw? Oh Schaub


It would have been before the whole dolly incident though yeah, claiming any Conor fight not being a draw is amazing.


That's the Schuab-est thing I've ever heard. It's tawff out dere bapa


>He bet on 4 guys and everyone of them lost lol 2 in the same fight. iiiiiivry thing he turns touches to shit my man's.


Why do you think draft kings had a Schaub picks boost


How was the fight companion? Those are the only things I might watch of his


Last one was good. Rampage shared some great stories.


Remember when he called Jimmy Rivera the dark horse of the division?




He's also said he will deliberately give incorrect or controversial takes just to be different. So he will hype up his take for ages, fighter loses and then basically says "but I sent a text saying the other guy would win"... so what's the point in listening to the podcast if you're going to deliberately lie about your opinions.


Whatchu talm bout bubba. Imma duss off the ole skillset


Some people have some sound practicality when it comes to something like fighting or any sport. Some can also talk about the strategy of it. Some can do neither.


He doesn't even know who the fighters are. He has to look at their wikis and even then, I'm not sure if he is even retaining information about the fighters as someone else reads the wikis to him.


I'm aware. It's funny to see him get to the point where he is considered "not MMA related" when he, you know, used to fight in the UFC.


He's a "comedian" remember?


Alwayz ben his dream, B. Dad forced him to get into stupid fighting.


Calm eaten em b, abso loot drawl


Tells stories bapa


Aaron "Michael Jordan of MMA" Pico


Inheriting the crown from Travis Lutter the Michael Jordan of BJJ.


His podcast about MMA/Boxing, which he calls a “Lifestyle pawdcast” because he doesn’t actually want to talk about it, is literally just him reading off results and event line-ups off of Wikipedia.


Does he know what he’s taking about when it comes to… anything?


I just want to hear him pronounce Chidi Njokuani.


Brendan ain’t for everyone. Or anyone lol.


Clearly you've not heard nor seen his take on Conor's angles, b.


His picks are based on who he has a relationship with.


He just gives Luke’s Thomas’ takes in broken English.


He’s more of a ~~Comedian~~ Ignorant Asshole really


Any links




Jesus, the man fucking LASHED OUT lmao also >A Reddit page that loves him dearly Ariel is definitely an homeless cat, right? lol


CEO of Chang’s, b




Big hittah stuff right there.


Jesus Christ Ariel. “Go back to your 50 podcasts no one listens to.” I’m mostly indifferent on Ariel but this was class.


That shit made me burst out laughing. Fuckin' A+.


And this was Ariel still taking the high road. Didn’t even bring up Brenda’s CTE, dick pics, lip fillers, electric bike, him eating poop off his shoe or Brenda’s comedy special (lowest rated comedy production in history according to IMDB). So I guess Slob got off easy.


He did somewhat state during his original talk about it that they need to lay off because there's a lot more he can say to end them. I don't remember the exact wording.


>“Go back to your 50 podcasts no one listens to.” Straight massacre. Segues straight into the next segment absolutely covered in TFATKZ blood.


I think tfatk subreddit script writes for ariel


"Bryan Callen you've got a lot going on, worry about that." That one got me the most. Subtle way of saying "worry about your multiple sexual assault accusations bro, not me"


Jesus, he actually murdered them.


The way he said "You won't." Near the end was fucking great.


Wow....wow jeez


Thanks bud


This is awesome. I love Heelwani.


stop stop ariel! hes already dead!


That was a 10 minute massacure. Ariel gives a single fuck these days and people are really going to regret pushing him to this point.


When you use truth as your weapon, you cant be beaten. An Brenda ain't about that life, most monkeys could beat him in chess.


Omfg Ariel leaving ESPN is the best thing that ever happened.


Damn I don’t know what I was expecting but it definitely wasn’t that. Good for Ariel honestly


I like Heelwani!!


Anyone have the clip he's reacting to?




This is so good. Brendan is an absolute piece of shit and I love this.


“Bryan Callen, you’ve got enough going on, don’t talk about me.” RIP Bryan Callen 1967 - 2021


Lmao wrecked him. Loved the part where he says Brenda doesn't even know what the word narrative means 😂 It's funny because it's true.


I just watched and Jesus Christ. Heelwani is the hero the MMA community needs, dude doesn't give a single fuck anymore.


i'll never forgive rogan for forcing schaub upon us


I think you'd be surprised...


I find him very easy to avoid. If it wasn't for the countless lame Shaub memes, I would have long forgotten his existence


It's so ridiculous to see all the hate he gets and you can clearly tell the people mocking him listen to his podcasts. If you don't like him don't listen, but you are literally quoting everything he says? Do you really hate him?


Well I don’t listen to his podcast and I think he’s horrific.


He probably thinks he is horrific as well. He also probably thought he was saying terrific.


I think watching a single beige frequency video on the guy is enough for anyone to think he’s horrific without anymore exposure at all.


Rogan took down the original cut of Beige’s documentary on him too. I wonder if that’s floating around somewhere


What’s beiges documentary ?


[Enjoy Bapa](https://youtu.be/qaNV8N4P2Nc)


One of comments: 'It's amazing that one person can have horrible stand up in two totally separate careers...' I'm dead 😂


48 minutes !?! 😂 thanks mate haha


You working overtime on those fryers b tawlkin bout employee of the month at Chang’s bapa


Look into why he gets roasted daily. He’s a living meme like DSP Thanks to streamable we can laugh at him without giving him views.


Recently went to see how he was doing and same as always. Begging and guilt tripping his fans for not giving him money, oh and banning them if they don’t give money and they run him the wrong way.


his flubs get posted on twitter a lot. borrachina depot does a really good job with that.


Thats not really true, I make fun of Schaub sometimes and I’ve never consumed a piece of media he created or was part of beyond 10 second clips of him saying stupid things that amuse me Its possible to dislike someone and make fun of them without actually devoting any large amount of time to it or him, it’s usually just a claim to deflect criticism or hate without addressing whatever spawned it. Like I’m sure there are people who obsessively hate him and spend hours doing it, but its really not a prerequisite. What else ya got chin?


Rogan really is Melkor and Schaub is Sauron.


War Ariel


Honestly, thought Ariel's response was a bit too tame here. Think he could've went in more on Dana and the UFC just being straight up corrupt with the bullshit they pull not paying fighters.


He's gotta walk that tightrope as a journalist who still requires access.


Yeah, I've always found Ariel to be a bit of a tool and I still don't much care for him but I find myself agreeing with him more or late. Here he is absolutely right and anytime someone sends a genuine FU to Schaub that deserves praise regardless.


You'll never hear the commissioner of a big 4 sport talk about the media like Dana does, because they don't hold 90% of the reporters by the balls like he does.


Has stephen a smith ever challenged dana or the ufc on fighter pay? That guy seems to say whatever he wants.


There was some segment where he was pushed into a clearly uncomfortable conversation about business practices relating to being fair to his fighters. I believe it was with Domonique Foxworth, former football player.


The best part of the exchange: Dana: "We're still giving our fighters full pay, even now that we don't have a live gate" Foxworth: "The fact that you can afford to do that, tells me you were paying them too little in the first place"


Foxworth really brought to light the entire situation. I think he said something along the lines of \[you can be doing everything right as a business man, but that doesn't mean the fighters are being treated fairly\]. I think he brings up a point that fighter pay is a negotiation between the UFC and the fighters. The less the fighters are paid, the better Dana is doing. Dana likes to obfuscate the situation and not bring up the actual truth of the situation.


Wasn't Foxworth the president of the NFLPA before, or am I mistaken


You are correct. He was also a big part of the negotiations from the players’ side during the last NFL Lockout in 2011 shortly before becoming president


Yes, he definitely has the credentials for this conversation. He said something very similar when players in other sports were negotiating 2020 salaries. "If your team owners can afford to pay you in full with empty stadiums, you did a poor job in your last CBA negotiation."


That dude is a savage.


You have the wrong impression of Steven A. Smith. He doesn’t advocate for what he feels is right, he literally just says whatever he thinks will get the most views, whether he believes it or not. On the show when it was with skip bayless, if one chose a stance on something, the other would just chose the other side and then debate it like their life depended on it.


It's different because it's ''acceptable'' by the fighting cultrue in both Boxing and MMA that fights are somewhat fighting cans. The same way it's accepted that fighters in Boxing can fight cans even as a champion. It's like doing steroids in sport, most of the people are gonna deny it but most of the people (depends on which sport) are juiced one way or another and it' just ''open secret'' It's not just Dana White, it's just how the fighting sport have been running mostly Boxing because it's been popular since 1900 but it's nothing different with MMA. It took them 100+ years to introduce Ali Act but fighters are still getting underpaid.


I enjoyed this rant a lot.


MMA media is so meek because they’re constantly in fear of losing access due to Dana’s scumbaggery, so I’m glad Heelwani is bringing up these issues


For real, all reporters in press conferences talk to him like they owe him something.


I mean how many people would be willing to stir the pot and talk shit to a person who can essentially cut them off from their source of income if you piss them off slightly, despite the fact he isnt even your boss? It's all well and good seeing Ariel be ruthless, but that dude is set and has an established audience. You cant expect some reporters who's paycheck to live that week may depend on if they attend a press conference or not to speak against Dana even though they probably should. Dude controls the entire sport like hes a dictator.


They do, their press credentials. All the good journalists are blacklisted.


Ariel nails it once again in this clip although I’m a fan so I may be a little biased


I'm a fan of Ariel too, but I can't understand the amount of flutes on this sub who use their personal dislike for him to discredit such a reasonable take. All Ariel has ever done is report facts. Any time it's been made personal or he has become the story is when some insecure meat head like Dana or Brendan call him out.


HEELWANI is here to stay man


I’m loving this Independent Helwani


UFC/Dana fucked up getting him fired from ESPN, it was the perfect distance to keep Helwani. Ariel has a cushy ESPN job, picking his shots with the UFC. ESPN can influence Ariel's reports. Not sure if Dana counted on Helwani getting a lot of outside interest after ESPN that would allow him to talk this much shit though. I wonder what Dana would say if Ariel started talking about Unionization and Ali Act and all that


He might start punishing fighters for going on ariels show if that were to happen


yeah this is definitely what he'll do. I'm curious why he hasn't even done that now tbh. Maybe the more he restricts fighters the more chances they actually rebel?


New contracts *WINK WINK*


That’s exactly what I thought. Expect UFC fighters to be banned from going on his show sooner than later


Not banned, just not given any meaningful opportunities or paydays. Then they have to “retire” because they can’t afford to train or buy insurance. So really much worse than banning from a show….




Dana thought Helwani would fail, cause Dana is a moron.


The most scariest thought off all. Conor turning on Dana and entering the show of Heelwani. Please let it happen


This is a face turn if anything


Lol, to think that no matter what Dana tries to do, he can't get rid of Ariel. Dana made the ESPN contract and there was Ariel.




He absolutely annihilated Schwab and Dana. Ariel's my new best friend.


All seriousness though you'd figure modern day gladiators would be compensated highly in order to give us wild performances. I might go eh fuck it for a 10k bonus but 100-150k bonus I'd be willing to day fuck it


But if they start paying athletes more, how would Dana be able to afford to have state of the art gyms and basketball courts in his private hotel floor?


You see those clips too? Fucking embarrassing. Dude goes around making vlog tours of the crazy hotels he stays at and brags about it on podcasts, all while most UFC fighters are underpaid


Where can one find the clips you speak of?


He shares a lot of stuff on his instagram I believe


Here's a recent one, b [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQPNWsA0JK0&feature=share](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQPNWsA0JK0&feature=share)


That's some real tone deaf shit.


Jesus Christ.


looks like any generic hotel room connected to a basketball court, cinema and bar. Literal definition of new money


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaius_Appuleius_Diocles This athlete in ancient Rome was worth 15 billion equivalent


"Gaius Appuleis Diocles is not a needle-mover. If you're not ready to mix it up with literal lions for two bushels of grain you're in the wrong colosseum pleb" \-Danicus Alba


Ligma Testioclees was my fav gladiator.


Where do you get billions?


according to the article it was millions, not billions, still a cool story though


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forbes%27_list_of_the_world%27s_highest-paid_athletes The list is only about modern time athletes. For example, Gaius Appuleius Diocles, a Roman Chariot racer is said to have earned 35,863,120 sesterces, by one estimation over $15 billion in today's dollars.[2] This means he would be the best paid athlete of all time, derived from an extrapolation that his wealth would have been enough to fund the entire Roman Army for more than two months, "the apt comparison is what it takes to pay the wages of the American armed forces for the same period."[2]


According to https://www.lovemoney.com/gallerylist/80373/the-worlds-richest-empires-ever-revealed the entire Roman empire was worth $43 billion, so one dude being paid 1/3 of that seems a bit far fetched and there seems to be conflicting information. On the actual wiki page for him it says the following under winnings: His winnings reportedly totalled 35,863,120 sesterces, equivalent to 358,631.20 gold aureus or 2,600 kg of gold. As one modius (6.67 kg) of wheat in 79 AD Pompeii cost seven sestertii, Gaius Appuleius could have acquired 34,172 metric tons of wheat, roughly equivalent to US$7.3 million in 2019. His earnings could provide a year’s supply of grain to the entire city of Rome, or pay the Roman army at its height for a fifth of a year. Classics professor Peter Struck describes him as "the best-paid athlete of all time",[1] worth between approximately $60 million and $160 million in equivalent basic goods purchasing power.[7] In a single day, he earned more than the annual pay of a procurator.[8] His wealth also eclipsed all but the wealthiest of the Roman senators.[9


If they paid fighters and banned/regulated weight cutting the fights would get so much better.


Even Conan the Barbarian was getting bonus wins by getting women brought to his cage.


Don’t get why people hate Ariel when he’s the only one with balls to call out the ufc him doing that overshadows his instigating in the past


He's not the only one calling out UFC someone like Luke Thomas ain't exactly on Dana White's nice list either and has done hour long episodes about how UFC is a monopsony etc. But I gotta hand it to Helwani, I do like independent Helwani a lot more than ESPN Helwani.


lol his wikipedia page describes him as a "washed" analyst.


Who hates Ariel? I feel like it's only Dana


Ariel was heavily disliked on here for a long time


I used to wonder what I was missing whenever Ariel would get brought up on this sub and everyone would shit on him.


He use to really instigate shit with the fighters and that pissed people off. He doesnt do that so much anymore. [Also because of doing shit like this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftI0Ra8-oQ0)


What are you talking about? That was fantastic


You and I both brother


I'm relatively new to MMA (3~4 years) and always wondered why there was such a hate for Ariel. Sure he asks tough questions, that some our favorite fighters might not like. But in all honesty it's better to ask some tough questions than listen to reporters just pander to fighters and Dana all the time. In other sports, he would be considered one of the nicest reporters.


Good reporter, he sometimes, at least 1 time per interview, asks personal questions or tries to generate drama and sensationalism. I don't like that.


The DC affair rescued Ariel from the mob. DC knew how it felt.


Yeah but not much anymore, as the original guy stated him going full scorched earth on the UFC ever since splitting with ESPN has pretty much outweighed him being an instigating little snake back in the day


Only by people who kiss Dana's ass and who don't know how sports work.


So. Many. People. Especially if you go over to /r/ufc (even though I'm on there probably more than I am here). Its absolutely mind boggling to me how many folks call him a "weasle" or a "rat" for covering the sport honestly.


Honest question, why do you spend more time over there? Any time I’ve been through that community it just seems filled with shit takes or the occasional funny meme. Am I missing something?


I'm a sucker for the memes and watching the Khabib fans and the McGregor fans fight with each other. I come here for real news obviously but I enoy going to the circus for mid days breaks.


Should go to /heem/ for real madness


Nah. People really don’t like his shit stirring. Just look back to the post about Ariel poking Jorge to discuss going to jail even though Jorge didn’t want to discuss it at all. Compare the comments there to here.


Folks on here have seen him as an instigator that tries to start / generate artificial drama for the sake of views. I understand why folks feel like that, but I think partially it’s that he’s willing to ask pointed questions that most of us are thinking about or wondering. You can see some of this in his last interview with Aljo.


I didn't like him instigating so much. I like him more now that he is raw, but not his biggest fan


It's just business 🍅




Why does this sub take 8 hours to approve posts? Someone get Ariel burying Schaub up


I think if your upcoming prospects like Tom Aspinall cry after hearing they won 50k bonus, something went REALLY wrong! 50k are fine and everything, but to a person that has a maximum of 3 paydays a year, that has to live of something and pay the people that brought him their, it shouldn't be live-changing or rather life-saving money! That's ridiculous! Aspinall (he's just an example for many) is ranked 11 of the baddest dudes on the planet: the UFC heavyweights. And it shouldn't be apparent, that he's crying over being paid 50k more. Especially when you consider how other sports pay you more, even it you're like the 500th best player, they're usually all still millionaires in Basketball, Football, Soccer (at least German soccer players in the first league). And if Dana would back up, how it's impossible to pay the fighters more, AT LEAST give them the right to have sponsors back!


Level headed and fair response. Ariel’s got a point


In Israel Adesanya's last fight, he and Vettori combined to earn $900k for their fight. Less than a million dollars! For the most popular champ in the company! Less than a million dollars pay for a championship fight! And meanwhile the NFL minimum is $600k, meanwhile the heavyweight boxing champ and opponent are taking $75 million EACH for their fight! I couldn't believe it when I saw that stat. UFC pay is horrible!


my bet is that if UFC doesnt change their remuneration setup for the fighters, they may not be that relevant in a decade. Would be their own downfall.


Does his voice go higher the more pissed off he is?


Scorched Earth Ariel is the best timeline


most reasonable take imaginable


Heelwani is the fucking bomb.


Who is surprised? Dans built the brand - UFC, now he can hire no names for 12/12k


It's crazy how Dana sounds so much like r/mma 's Orange Voldemort using the same tactics like he did


We all know Dana is crook


UFC fighters need a union, like every other pro sport. Until that time, Dana will fuck them for the bottom line.


One of the funniest things about Dana’s crusade on the media is that he has the biggest pack of shill lapdogs in the media that surround him and ask him softball, limpdick questions. There’s literally only a handful of people out there talking about fighter pay with honesty - Luke/BC, Ariel, Jack Slack, Heavy Hands, etc. And Slack and HH aren’t even “journalists”. I guess there’s some on MMA Junkie and Bloody Elbow that’ll call it out, but for the most part he’s completely surrounded by bootlickers. His skin is just so paper thin.


I sincerely hope behind the scenes the fighters are unionizing and are coming close to becoming publicly known. A new color would have to be named in order to describe the coloration of Dana’s face.


great response from Ariel tbh


I don't get why people talk about Dana like this? Like look what he's done for the sport. His success even bought out organizations like Pride, Wec, and strike force. He's the reason women are in ufc. He never tolerated any fighters who got caught with peds or other heinous crimes. He's been known to shake hands with every fan, fighter, coaches, and government. We have the audacity and arrogance to call him tomato when we should be calling him Sir Dana. He's been through a lot. Been bullied, been used, someone even stole his Royce rolls at one point. Without Dana, there is no subreddit for MMA. It will probably even be joined with squared Reddit ffs. So maybe for once u should actually be fair and say thank you Dana White. For all that you've done. Signed, DW


My pitchfork was so goddamn close. Well played.


Long live Heelwani


The thing is the more money the fighters get, the less money his coke dealers and prostitutes get...


If Dana had his way I’m sure they’d all be fighting for food & shelter with bonuses being an hour with a ring girl. Dana would be watching the shows from his Scrooge McDuck throne at ringside.


Bryan Callen was talking about Ariel’s family?