Best KO Combos in UFC History

Best KO Combos in UFC History


TJ hit him with a 31-piece bucket


As much as this sub hates Cowboy, goddamn that combo was and will always be choice.


Feel like Cowboy is going to be underrated in the future because he's an asshole and his career finished in a massive skid.




Racist, gropes fans girlfriends, rich kid, etc.




He’s an elite gatekeeper that could beat some championship level talents, but ultimately the true killers often killed him


Yeah i think that's the perfect description. A fringe elite talent that lacked athleticism and had some big flaws in a very competitive division. Much better than journeyman tho.


He’s a hell of a grappler and a elite kicker shame he’s an asshole


I could never tell if he was a gatekeeper or a choke artist when it came time for him to perform at an elite level.


Think he was just not good enough, it's no coincidence that he choked and "didn't show up" when facing soutpaws, pressure fighters, and well top of the food chain people.


Hot take - he’s a rich kid cowboy cosplayer without the mental fortitude to overcome people who really put in some real hard yards to get to where they are. Everything he does is for fun so he never had that drive to really put in to get over that last mental hurdle.


Could be a good explanation, but a good part of his failures are due to a lack of skills and attributes rather than heart and thoughness. Kyle Bochniak has heart and thoughness in spades, same as Mouthino, same as Leben, but they just aren't that good.


It was like the moment he realized in a fight he might lose or was losing, he would just give up. It was strange.


Silva vs leben really was the new wave of mma coming in to replace the old guard. I know Silva is one of the best to ever do it but watching him dispatch leben, it felt like his style was cheating.


And Silva is 5 years older. That’s why to me he’s the UFC GOAT. He’s a fighter from Pride and still managed to do all that in the UFC for years to come. He was miles ahead of his own time, similar to Fedor. An even newer wave arrived while he was still a champ, and that “new wave” isn’t all that spectacularly better than he used to be. That’s some GOAT shit.


Surprised they don't Have **Marquardt/Goveia** in there IMO it's the best of them all Video game type stuff


By far the most arcade fighting game style looking combo I've ever seen. Between leaving out that and the famous clip of Chuck lighting up Tito this feels like the best UFC combo's of the past 10 years. Marquardt vs Woodley was also ridiculous, but that was in another organization at least.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8J2q4TPFEM Shits crazy yooo


I forgot how nasty that Gustafsson ko was


He did [eyepoke the shit out of Teixera before](https://thumbs2.redgifs.com/ImpossibleDopeyBats-size_restricted.gif) the finish, which gives context as to why Glover could not react to any of the uppercuts.


That was a really scary and spectacular combo


Just watching Dustin throw that unending combo makes me want to shoot a double leg. I don't blame baldy for trying it


😂 Like it that Conor is being called the baldy here. He was bald in the first Poirier fight as well btw.


Nah that was unbeatable Manbun Mac


conor destroying eddie is probably #1 top UFC championship performance in history. That distance management is insane, literally pulls back just enough for eddie's punch to barely graze conor's nose


>Jon Jones vs. Shogun > >RDA vs. Pettis > >T.J. Dillashaw vs. Barao > >Amanda Nunes vs. Ronda Rousey > >Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Carla Esparza These are my favorite 'savage champion origin' fights.


That was the best Conor had ever looked and he has never replicated that performance. He found the balance between darting in and out and planting to land


Did you see Anderson fight Franklin?


Feel like Whittaker vs Tavares should've been on here, maybe it's not considered a "combo". But that slip under left hook is one of the quickest, smoothest knockdowns I've seen in the sport.


sick video idea actually


Alexanders uppercut spam is so impressive on that combo. If it keeps working why not spam it... lol. That must have been so cool at that moment for him after all the training he went through to sit back and just admire the moment during the actual moment in real-time. I bet it seemed like slow motion to him, and he made it look so easy. I think he if came up in a Jon Jones free UFC he would have been champ for a long time.


Conor’s finishing combo on Eddie is a nice mention imo.