‘Rusty’ Nick Diaz’s ‘best years are behind him,’ says Georges St-Pierre: “I’m under the impression that Nick left a lot of money on the table, unfortunately for him, because maybe his best years are behind him. For sure he was rusty.”

‘Rusty’ Nick Diaz’s ‘best years are behind him,’ says Georges St-Pierre: “I’m under the impression that Nick left a lot of money on the table, unfortunately for him, because maybe his best years are behind him. For sure he was rusty.”


What a way to butcher a quote to make it seem more dramatic


Anyone with realistic expectations of Nick were probably actually impressed with how well he did. Because realistic expectations should have been super low.


For real like, man had way more output than he should have, and I was fairly happy that he had the wherewithall to call it a day when he did.


I was sad at first as Robbie came out & looked great while Nick looked like he was out of shape & going to get obliterated. Then he seemed to reboot his fighting spirit & got going. Holy shit he really layed it on Robbie for a bit. Both had a great performance & that exchange at the end with Robbie asking if he's ok was worth it for that alone. The finish was by no means a bad look for Nick for anyone with a brain. I hope he realises it's no hard feelings, comes back for a few more dedicated camps & makes his retirement cheques he deserves & rides off into the sunset with his stacked bag of cheese.


Yes, I loved the fight. Nick is amazing to watch. Both were impressive and Nick knowing when he was done was a great thing and in my eyes just shows maturity. I wish more people in MMA had the sense to do that. The most disappointing thing about it was the reaction online 'Nick gave up', 'Sad to see Nick pussying out, where is his warrior spirit?' etc. Are these people that dense that they wanted Nick to get his brains smashed in for no reason? I thought about this a lot when that Lee Murray vs Tito street fight cartoon was posted the other day. I don't find that impressive, I think it's fucking disgusting. They animated people stamping on people's heads when they were defenseless on the floor. That's not cool, it's fucking criminal and horrific.


>'Sad to see Nick pussying out, where is his warrior spirit?' Anyone who questions the Diaz brothers warrior spirit is an idiot and you can safely ignore them.


Big diaz brother fan but that was sad to see, dude was there for a check nothing else


these same ppl probably bag on Chris Leben for qutting vs hall tho.


He was doing good until he got hurt to the body lol. Had clean hands. Got hurt. That's a fight.


You have absolutely no way of knowing that


A good example of something not to pay attention to.


Idk man just saying he showed up like he just got off the couch for a fight, still put on a pro level performance then just faded. nick used to be known for cardio and grinding, he lost this fight from lack of conditioning


It's too bad he has to step in like that for a check he already earned.


Hes been out for 8 years almost how is that earning a check?


Seriously! They way people describe that Murray-Tito fight, you would think curb-stomping someone was the height of comedy


I completely agree that he did the right thing by quitting if he knew he was done, however that's the type of shit you hear from the Diaz bros and their fans all the time so I can kind of understand those type of comments. They're literally 2 of the biggest mouth pieces in the sport, have to expect to take it as well as give it at times, I've definitely heard the Diaz brothers criticising other fighters for far less over the years.


His boxing was still a Beauty to watch


For real. He wasnt in anywhere near the shape he used to be but you could still see the hands. Those combos were beautiful to watch, a lifetime of muscle memory trying to fight off this killer in superior shape... Called it quits when robbie wouldnt follow him to the ground knowing he was done, i was sad he lost but i respect the hell out of him


Will for sure be remembered as one of the greats…but I don’t think he’s quite done yet!


Have Nick fight B.J. Penn and we would have a perfect match.


Mike Tyson still has gorgeous combos working a bag but he shouldn't fight.


Yes he should fight the Logan Bros to the death back to back


Lol, well that's one way to get rid of them.


He looked pretty good in there with RJJ, was nice to see two Legends put on a show


I still haven't had a chance to watch that, but I believe. He still has absurd hand speed for his age. I'm sure it was a good show, but I wouldn't put either of them in a ring with a serious up and comer.


Yea Maybe another Holyfield fight That sort of old timer exhibition payday is still interesting


I think after the interviews and after he came in pretty heavy I was worried but I think he did all right. I'm glad he fought Robbie rather than getting fed to someone like Yair or something.


I agree with your point, but Yair is a featherweight.


God forbid he get fed to Yair after Yair's incredible "5th most convincing loss in Jeremy Stephens' 5 fight losing streak 2 weight classes below welterweight" performance 2 years ago 😱


Sir this is a McDonald’s


“MMA world shocked 38 year old man who hasn’t fought professionally in almost 7 years doesn’t look as good as he did a decade ago.” “More breaking news at 11.”


Well you should've seen how many Nick Diaz fans in here was saying he would still return and beat top 10 guys and possibly a title shot after a win or two.


You gotta understand, Diaz Bro fans back in the day, were the OG Conor Mcgregor fans. Seriously it seemed like every 14-40yr old dude in Stockton with a username like 209GanjaSmoker420, would post a lotta shit on youtube/the underground/wherever, talking about how Nick/Nate are the only real fighters.... because they are the only fighters they watched... and how GSP actually lost that fight, and a bunch of ridiculous shit like that.


Man, the first time I saw a clip of McGregor was on MiddleEasy amd they actually called him "The Irish Diaz Brother."


"you're taking everything I worked for motherfucker"


Oi, I'm not gobsmacked, mammyfackers


Nick 1, 2 and 5.


1 2 5 is from condit running around the cage for 25mins


The meme has evolved to any bout Nick lost by decision


only by diaz haters but sure


Or by anyone without Diaz blinders on. There are lots of people that like the Diaz brother but also see how ridiculous they are when claiming they won fights that they pretty clearly lost.


Condit won


im just explaning where 1 2 5 is from


The underground was hard work. It was riddled with Just Bleed & Woo guys. Affliction t-shirts abound.


You mean the Sherdog forums? Ah the good ol days. I talked to BJ at the airport after the fight! And he definitely told me that he separated a rib when he swept matt towards the end of the 2nd round.


You still get guys on this sub saying Nick got robbed vs Condit, it’s embarrassing.


Your call about Diaz Bros being the OG Conor fans makes perfect sense, because they same the same shit and apparently have the same IQ about real life.


There were people in the live thread acting like he didn't look like shit.


And how many were there, really? I've rarely ever come across Diaz fanboys of that extreme level in here Maybe in other platforms but on r/MMA there are far more upvoted takes trashing these nigh-non-existent delusional Diaz fanboys than actual delusional Diaz fanboys


You obviously joined the sub after that time because the place used to be flooded with insufferable obnoxious Diaz bro fans.


I joined like 5 years ago, so could be true But even if it were, if we're talking about ancient fanboys from over 5 years ago that's even more pointlessly punching down Not only would these fanboys be irrelevant today, Nick Diaz would have been 5 years younger than he was as well


Prior to them fighting, so many people were claiming Nick would be the one to beat GSP and there was no telling them otherwise.


The title shot thing is valid. Nate probably would've gotten one if he slept Leon lol.


> Nick Diaz fans Not the brightest bunch of fans tbf.


Hasn’t looked good even back 7 years ago. His 1 win in a decade was BJ Penn and people forgot BJ was boxing his bleeding face off for real then gassed. Reminded me of when KJ Noons boxed Nick up, another 155er. He hasn’t looked good in forever. Frank Shamrock couldn’t walk to the cage and Thomas Denny was a small can. Paul Daley best win in forever and Paul almost had him then mentally folded in a lot of ways. Lots of fake news with Nick today and new fans. Love Nick but is is what it is homie. Also did nothing against Anderson Silva in last fight but Anderson did fail 3 seperate Drug test and was on Xanax rofl, so I’ll give him a pass there. Ps. Commission testing caught Anderson not BS USADA.


Nick beat the brakes off of BJ. What the hell are you smoking?


Not the first round. BJ messed his face up and out boxed him then gassed and boxed up. Nicks only win in a decade, watch the first round and come back to me. KJ Noons messed him up worse tho but Nick did win the rematch. Just saying Nick hasn’t had really any high level great wins in a decade +. Truly believe Paul Daley quit too.


Nick has almost always been a slow starter. His whole game was forcing people to fight at a pace they couldn’t maintain and then drowning them with volume as they started to fade.


Ps. I like Nick and relate to him in many ways or atleast did but I’m just being honest. These new age fanboys narratives on Nick Diaz are laughable to me reading arm chair psychology.


I’ve been following MMA for ten years now. I know some people have been around longer but still.


2003 for me and I’m about to be 32. I learned about it cause went to Golds Gym as a teenager and some cop tried getting me to fight cause I would hit the bag rofl. I fell in love ever since. I was a legit Nick fanboy, back when I smoked Pot lol. I always been a rebellious type guy who doesn’t like authorities so I love Nick but just saying how it is. Most guys in Strikeforce were in real fights aka took over entire UFC when got bought out but Nick had mostly easy fights.


You're so cool


Doesn’t change fact BJ boxed his face off. I used to be a Nick fanboy in 2007 and friends would be shocked in shifting on hm but it’s facts. Nick clubbing and drinking 24 7turned me off as a fan too tbh. He’s got nobody to blame but himself. I still like Nick but the man couldn’t beat Diego Sanchez in his prime due to strength. Diego never had a ounce of hands. He’s a good fighter but in Strikeforce he fought barely anyone there. Ducked Woodley too btw.


One round of success doesn’t make BJ a better fighter. By that logic Conor did better than Nate in their first fight because he won the striking exchanges in the first round. If you lack the ability to finish your opponent in the first round but lack the cardio to maintain that output afterwards the other guy is the better fighter. It doesn’t matter how good your technique is if you lack the conditioning to support it. In his fight with Nick BJ was beaten until he quit. Any other narrative is delusional.


Nick won no doubt. BJ gassed and got whipped but my point is that’s his only semi good win and Paul Daley who I believe had Nick almost KOed and blew it and quit more then what Nick did but that’s another topic.


This seems like a lot of logic to explain how Nick Diaz being tough and having excellent conditioning in his prime as well as very good hands had nothing to do with him beating elite fighters. Give the man the credit he deserves.


I give it to him but just doesn’t have the wins. He always fell short against top guys cause he’s physically not that strong or athletic like Nate so there always a safety net when fighting them that you can just grab them or take them down if really needed. Most of time just clinch em, also they are slow so can always counter punch. It’s why Conor hand picked Nate thinking it was easy but didn’t realize Nate for his flaws is a technical boxer. Andre Ward said Nate was way more technical then Nick in sparring who just tried to make it more of a tough fight. Nate has solid understanding and why he caught lil Connie with way less speed then broke the quitter as everyone does who fights him now and til he retires.


Did you smoke crack before writing this, BJ had his shit kicked in by Nick, Daley was on a 3 fight win streak one of his wins being a good version of Masvidal.


“It was a tough night for him because he came back after six or seven years,” St-Pierre told Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Iole (h/t SportsKeeda). “It was a long, long time. “Nobody can come back as good as they were before, after that much time. I’m under the impression that Nick left a lot of money on the table, unfortunately for him, because maybe his best years are behind him. For sure he was rusty.” Actual quote. OP played with words


He definitely left tons of money on the table. Left the sport literally aa the Diaz name got huge, generally off his back grinding in those late '00s. Easily a few mil over 4-5 PPVs + whatever else during those 5 years But with the bullshit weed suspension and a natural inclination for a break given that he'd been fighting since he was a teenager....the break was chill. It just went on far too long. He should've tried to come back after like 24-36 months tops


What probably happened is that he thought that he was going to have to serve the entire 5 year suspension and just said fuck it I might as well live it up. Despite the fact that it got overturned like halfway through that suspension was basically the nail in the coffin for his career.


I think time got away from him with all the clubbing. When you just constantly club all the time, everything just becomes a blue and you feel like time isn't really moving until the year is over. The down time you are usually recovering or sleeping in. I agree with you, I think he thought just take few off and lived it up, and just never had anyone to say, woah, it's been awhile man. By the time he realized it's 7 years later.


Agreed but I guess that's how much of a toll it took on his mental health. I hope he got involved in other businesses or the like to keep himself an income during that time. Poor guy. 5 years for fucking weed.


>I hope he got involved in other businesses or the like to keep himself an income during that time. [Teaching nunchuck skills to strippers](https://mobile.twitter.com/nickdiaz209/status/1390099360873172992?lang=en) sounds like it pays pretty well.


Doesn't he sponsor a couple dispensaries and/or breeds?


Lmao OP just used the articles headline but also added the actual quote. If anything they went out of their way to show the true context.


Wild how people take what they feel in their gut off headlines and project it onto everyone else these days, truly


“I’m not impressed with your performance” 2021 edition


Probably an unpopular take but Diaz actually performed great. He was matched with a former champion after a long layoff. Any other combat sport wouldn't have allowed that matchmaking because Robbie has been active and Diaz hasn't.


Hes spent the better part of about the past 7 years partying literally every single day. Is what it is. The Diaz bros will never do what you want them to do. It’s part of the charm


Everyone is either one side or the other on this. I love Nick, love Nate too. MMA would not be the same without them. Nick could, if he decided to take it seriously, finish his career with some great fights and possibly some big wins. Who knows where it could take him. Honestly, that was the best "rusty" performance I can remember.


*I waz not impressed by yur performance*


I agree with GSP saying money was left on the table. Nick probably could have got a better bigger fight but the outcome would have been worse. Obviously he should not have come back because the style that the Diaz bothers fight is made on heart and determination and he didn't have that this time


He meant that Nick left money on the table by spending all that time partying instead of fighting while his name got bigger and bigger


Nicks weed ban ruined his career


Nick beat his suspension in 2016 and chose to stay out of competition


Nick's weed habit and disregard for the rules he kept signing contracts to abide by and then choosing to be a partyboy for the last 5 years is what ruined his career.


NSAC hit him with a longer suspension for weed than they hit Silva for roids. It was ludicrous no matter how you slice it.


Ronda Rousey convinced him to drink with her for the first time in his life and he went on a 5 year bender so I blame Ronda Rousey for all of this. He should have stuck to weed.


It wasn't entirely his fault, he was suspended for 3 years (5, but they reduced it). He could have started fighting again in 2018 though so he still had several years where he could have earned more money. However, I can see how the suspension might have caused him to get pissed off and shun everything involved with fighting.


thats the fuckin seed cocksucker!


It’s not just the ring rust and years out, the Diaz boys win fights by fighting longer and with more commitment than you do, whereas Nick openly admitted he didn’t want to be there. Just look at the finish, a younger Diaz would’ve popped up and gone after him, Nick let the fight be waved off when he got the chance. Like he said, he didn’t nest to fight but too many people wanted him too, and a few other businesses he had been screwed over on, so he felt he had to.


GSP gunning for that rematch.


Hold on brother, I'm being honeydicked


You can’t just be telling the truth, Georges.


Sorry to break up the Diaz circle jerk, but I really have little sympathy for Nick, because he is the cause of all his own problems. If you sign a contract saying that marijuana is a banned substance and if caught you will be suspended/fined, how foolish to you have to be to keep medicating yourself with absurd quantities right up to fight day, so you’re guaranteed to test positive. All Nick had to do was abstain from smoking for a while before his fights, and he would have been fine, but because he was unable to control himself he was caught multiple times, and paid the price. Yes, it’s a stupid rule, yes weed should be allowed pre-fight, but it wasn’t at the time. Why would you take such a selfish and destructive risk when you have been caught before, knowing full well that it could end your career? He’s a brilliant fighter, but he’s done this to himself.


And now they don't even test for weed. Fuck off dude, Anderson was juiced to the gills and got a lesser suspension.


You grew up snitchin.


yeah thats not an argument, everyone takes roids and gets a slap on the wrist. You're in the double digits IQ wise if you actually think this.


GSP would win a Diaz fight right?


He already did in 2013


The headline make it sound like he went away willingly in the first place.


Well, whether willingly or not, he knowingly broke rules, got caught, was suspended and then chose to not fight after the suspension was up. The entire thing was under his control and his specific choices (whether or not you agree with the rule, which is a different conversation).


Fed energy.


No shit


Almost a decade of straight partying doesn’t get washed out with a couple of fight camps … he’s nearly 40, too. Let’s not act like we were going to see 2009 Nick show up


I guess he was not impressed by his performance.


Fucking obviously


dude hade a belly nuff said.


The saddest thing was realizing we were all robbed of some of his best years thanks to bullshit suspensions over weed. You could see flashes of the old Nick, but they were there to remind you of what we all missed out on.


It's important to note that the term "rusty" in Québec is quite a bit less pejorative than in the English language.


Hear me out. Diaz bros vs Logan bros.


Ground breaking revelation here from Georges


At least Nick had the guts to fight Anderson Silva and Robbie Lawler. GSP can't say the same.


Who cares he got ragdolled like a bitch by gsp


Well he was champion and cleared out his division. Maybe Nick should've tried to beat him


I think he would have beat him at UFC 137 or even UFC 143. But it didn't work out that way.


Why would he beat him then but not when they fought?


I believe the version of Nick that beat BJ would have beat him.


Nothing changed between that Nick and when he fought him.