Tucker: "Everybody loved the name Heavy Machinery except Triple H. ..He thought it was too gimmicky I guess. I guess thinking like fat men in construction hats but we explained that we are Heavy Machinery. It’s not a gimmick. I wanted to be called Tank & he wanted to be called Dozer, Tank and Dozer"

Tucker: "Everybody loved the name Heavy Machinery except Triple H. ..He thought it was too gimmicky I guess. I guess thinking like fat men in construction hats but we explained that we are Heavy Machinery. It’s not a gimmick. I wanted to be called Tank & he wanted to be called Dozer, Tank and Dozer"


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> It’s not a gimmick. > I wanted to be called Tank & he wanted to be called Dozer, Tank and Dozer" If this was all in the same conversation I wouldn't blame Triple H for getting that image. But it was a cool tag team name once you got used to it.


Heavy Machinery would’ve worked much better during the Dusty Rhodes era of NXT. The characters during that time were more colorful and diverse (Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze, Dancing Queen Emma, Adam Rose/Leo Kruger, the original version of the Wyatt Family, etc.).


They also had War Machine change their name to something more on the nose. That being said, symbolism has never been a WWE strength


War Machine was problematic due to both the Marvel character and the felonious MMA guy (mostly the latter). War Raiders was a fine compromise, but then the main roster happened.


The Viking Experience still makes me chuckle. So bad.


Sounds like a theme room at a honeymoon hotel in Vegas. "Would you like the Tiki Hut, the Wild West or the Viking Experience?"


Nah, it’s a Scandinavian 70’s jam band. Bodvar Bjarki and the Viking Experience.


VIP treatment at an NFL game in Minnesota


A collective.


And now I'm cracking up because I've imagined the reaction that the front desk would get from offering a "viking experience" to newlywed historians.


When I first heard it my mind somehow couldn't comprehend it and I thought it was the Viking Express (wouldn't have been incredible but okay and a call back) Then I wondered why people were so mad and saw the amusement park ride sounding name they had come up with.


Esp. makes sense re: Marvel....be a headache to trademark for merch..especially things like action figures. That kind of thing can be dealt with, but if you can do an easy compromise before hand to avoid it, better all around. (And War Raiders was pretty good..especially since the crowd could chant "War!" and "The Raid is one!" was a good announcer thing to say)


See, I didn’t even know about the MMA guy. That sucks, but it’s weird to me that one asshole gets to claim War Machine now even though it’s been used to describe armed forces and such for years.


Agreed, but you can’t blame WWE for dodging that bullet right away.


Yeah I can pretty easily blame WWE. The idea that the name was disliked cause of this is something y'all just made up. WWE has housed and supported so many problematic people, I highly highly doubt that MMA fighter almost nobody even knows about is the reason the name was disliked. Like a million other things in WWE, someone higher up didn't like the name for some dumb arbitrary reason, so they changed it to something far worse. What's WWE gonna do when I google "viking" or "war" and find out about pillaging and raping? Let's platform hulk Hogan but we're real worried about war machine, y'all are fucking hilarious. They do fucking business with saudi arabia. In what fucking world would the name "war machine" cause any controversy that would be perceived by anyone who gives a shit. Even if WWE *did* change the name because of the MMA fighter, that's actually a great example of why I *can* blame WWE for being incompetent.


Have you heard of Chyna, and their (publicly stated) reasons for not wanting her in the HOF? Does Submission Sorority ring a bell? Are you aware they have scrubbed the name Chris Benoit from their history book? I’m not defending WWE’s history of doing business with terrible people. I’m saying it’s hard to blame them not wanting their fans to google “War Machine” and get results for a guy who is serving life in prison following multiple felonies. It’s understandable they’d want to give the team a very Google-friendly name that couldn’t be mistakenly connected with anyone or anything else. Do your research before coming back to me.


> I’m saying it’s hard to blame them not wanting their fans to google “War Machine” The logical backflips yall do to defend WWE's bad decisions are truly olympic level. If you google war machine, the MMA fighter is on like the 50th page, several pages behind the IDEA OF A MACHINE BEING USED FOR WAR IN WHICH PEOPLE ARE KILLED >Do your research before coming back to me. fucking lol. Absolutely nonsense thing to say. There is no research anyone can do on this idea you just made up. Nobody in WWE has spoken about this, you literally just made it up in an attempt to defend WWE's shitty ideas, and your argument is "look at other shitty decisions WWE has made, can't blame them for making another one!" >Have you heard of Chyna, and their (publicly stated) reasons for not wanting her in the HOF? Your original argument was that "you can't blame WWE for XYZ", and you are using WWE's super shitty excuse for not honoring Chyna as an example of not being able to blame WWE for something? Yall shitty fuckers are actually using WWE not respecting Chyna as a defense for WWE now? Genuinely impressive levels of stockholm syndrome going on now between WWE and its fans. >Does Submission Sorority ring a bell? Yes another example of WWE corporate having a bad idea, that was not a name the wrestlers came up with, but god forbid we blame WWE for constantly making stupid as fuck decisions


They kinda had to after the UFC fighter damn near killed his ex


Speaking of which, are they still with WWE?


Yeah, I think one of them was injured though.




I wish they had been Bull and Dozer


“No Gimmicks Needed” Steve the Samurai has finally come to life.


"This Is" Howie Dewitt


Best comment.


I was always more of a Dick “The Hammer” Dick guy


Cuba Gooding III


"Hardwood" Rich Mahogany


"All Sack" Drew Gulak.


Hes on 206 Live


Ah, Cuba Gooding.. cant ever let this one go..https://youtu.be/O0xLeIUFBaU


Oh my god, there was a Samurai on our team?


“Don’t go” Jason Waterfalls was pretty good


"It's not a gimmick." "Tank and Dozer." Hmmmm.


The Matrix tribute


I can side with not calling them Tank and Dozer, but Heavy Machinery was a great name, and leaning into being big blue-collar lads was really fun.


I like the thumbnail choice to almost look like a hard hat


Tank and Dozer....like....The Matrix?


Came here to make the same comment


ok but Tank & Dozer being named Heavy Machinery is like comedy in itself, it sounds like fat men in construction hats lol


It sounds like a show my toddler would enjoy


With a finisher named 'Tonka Tough'


Considering he got his name shortened to just being “Tucker” on the main roster, Tank would’ve been fine. I actually think Vince would’ve “gotten” Heavy Machinery more with the names Tank & Dozer rather than Tucker & Otis.


> Tank and Dozer Give them a Matrix gimmick.


They need a shifty manager named Cypher to betray them so Tank can say the line "Believe it or not, you piece of shit, you're still going to burn!"


Ok but he still has to be played by Joey Pants.


That's cool. He already played a crooked booker once.


I'd call him Titus Sinclair instead of Cypher though.


They already did. Cut one after the first movie. Replaced him with a much smaller guy.


Tank and Dozer would have been fucking *terrible* wow


They did use Dozer for a while. I mean, he was still called Otis Dozovic, but people called him Dozer as a nickname.


THAT was awesome. But trying to present his name as actually being "Dozer" wouldn't have been good.


That's how nicknames always work in WWE


I'm starting to think Vince doesn't understand how nicknames work.


Gimmick is a bad word in wrestling, but honestly we could use more gimmicks. Having a gimmick doesn’t mean it has to be so over the top and corny.


This guy should maybe not talk so much.


My coworker has dogs named Tank and Dozer 😂


When Tucker is the NJPW and AEW champ at the same time, HHH is going to have to eat his words.


Impact and AAA mega champion to


ROH and NWA there for the taking


Don't forget GCW!


I loved Heavy Machinery. I felt like I was a kid again watching the Natural Disasters or something.


Gotta side with HHH on this one. I never liked the name though it’s not the worst automobile related name from NXT. That title has to go to The Mechanics (now FTR)


I thought it was a nod to the tradition of shitty WCW Saturday Night gimmicks like Roadblock, High Voltage, and State Patrol


There was a construction tag team “Men at Work” not the Australian rock band. It was Chris Kanyon and some other guy. I remember them fighting Sting in a handicap match. That was the first two on one match I ever saw. Sting was a freaking badass.


Don't forget Right of Way, Falling Rocks, Slippery When Wet, and the Bootyman


At least one of those is a Jojo stand


That name just meant they were mechanics in the ring. They were good workers but didn't have any flash


I liked the Mechanics more than the Revival but FTR is a great name


Ohh come on man. The Revival was a cool name and nod to their old school style but I agree FTR is a cool name.


A team Thurman "Sparky" Plugg would have felt at home in...


All Night Tucker Knight was great enough already.


Otis absolutely should have been Dozer. Always thought it was weird he had the last name Dozovic but wasn't Dozer.


It’s amazing the more I hear people complain about how the WWE didn’t listen to their ideas, I can’t blame the company for not listening. Between this, Chelsea Green’s terrible ideas, Peyton Royce saying she’d eventually like to split…the more I realize these people were pitching crap no wonder they weren’t getting on TV.


There's space between letting the talent do just whatever, and shooting down pitches out of hand. Like here, their initial pitch was flawed, but instead of throwing it out, they workshopped and came up with something that worked.


… aren’t dozers the tiny things from Fraggle Rock that do all the building?


That's 100% what I think of when I think of Dozer. 🤷‍♀️


Did they just watch the Matrix?


HHH was right.


Triple H is right. And those names would have made it worse. Heavy Artillery sounds like it would have fit what Tucker meant better.


Suddenly I realized that the blonde woman in the red dress could've been Mandy and we have ourselves a Matrix reboot!


I mean, they had a team called The Vaudevillains that acted like they were from the Vaudeville era.


you know what? I fucking love this idea.


Wasn't the rumour that instead of Tucker, Otis' partner was going to be Bull Dempsey, aka Bull & Dozer?


It wasn't bad when Otis was Otis "Dozer" Dozovic. Old School reference aside, Frank "Tank" Knight would have been a better name than Tucker. By the way, do you think LA and Tucker kayfabe related?


Ok, maybe Tank and Dozer is a bit too much, but Heavy Machinery is a cool name and they worked very well together. Still don't get what good the split brought, Tucker vanished in a puff of smoke and the handling of Otis' character led to... a complete makeover. 🤷‍♂️


Dozer and Tank is a much more fun name.


They should have suggested leather jackets with spikes on them. He would have gone for that.




And denim. Lots of denim.


I'm glad they weren't named Tank and Dozer, but I'm also like, names like Mace, T-Bar, and Slapjack are okay? Huh?


Well that's the difference between the people in charge of NXT and the main roster


I just thought not liking overly gimmicky stuff was something Vince and HHH agree on. But then again, Vince only doesn't like gimmicky stuff until he decides he does.


If we’re doing Matrix gimmicks in NXT, Drake Maverick should have been “Mouse”.


And bring back his wife as the woman in the red dress.


Ok Terra Ryzing.


I will never understand why they kept the name ‘Otis’ when ‘Dozer’ was such a bad ass name.


Heavy Machinery was the *perfect* name, Trips, wtf?!


Modern day Natural Disasters


Get three more members and they could call their stable Devastator


Yeah, I don’t blame HHH at all..


Damn that would have been dope, kind of like the sub-teams of Transformers like the Constructicons.


I don't think Otis would be where he is now if they called him Dozer.


And if Vince came up with all of this, you all would be piling on him right now.


As they actually used the name Heavy Machinery it's clear that HHH listened to their ideas and they worked the ideas around til it was something they went with. I mean, that's how it should work.


From the last human city TANK and his brother DOZER!!! "WAIT CYPHER FROM BEHIND WITH THE ELECTRICAL GUN!"


Sounds like the creative freedom they wanted was not wwe