WOR - Will Ospreay is scheduled to face Karl Fredericks at the New Japan Strong tapings in Garland, Texas on September 25th to 26th. Dave Meltzer also expresses bemusement at Goldberg's choice in moving to Texas.

WOR - Will Ospreay is scheduled to face Karl Fredericks at the New Japan Strong tapings in Garland, Texas on September 25th to 26th. Dave Meltzer also expresses bemusement at Goldberg's choice in moving to Texas.


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This is probably a big factor, which is kinda funny, because Texas’ total tax burden is only 1 percentage-point lower than California’s. Texas has no state income tax, but they have higher property taxes and sales/excise taxes, so it balances out when you look at the bigger picture. [reference source](https://wallethub.com/edu/states-with-highest-lowest-tax-burden/20494) Edit: of course, however, you get more bang for your buck on the properties themselves in Texas. A $1mil home in each state will look very different.


1 million would get you parking spot in Boston.


Not in this market, that parking spot would easily go for $1.5+ mil nowadays


Not without a lawn chair it won't


Literally why Joe Rogan moved to Austin, and then, not even a full year later, he suddenly had a $100 million deal with Spotify.


Maybe football reasons. Despite UT sucking since Vince Young left, Texas is still the premier state for high school football.


His son’s football career is exactly the reason for Goldberg and his family moving to Texas. Goldberg has said as much on that special they recently aired on him on Peacock/WWE Network.


Allen High School is the perfect example of how big HS football is


Southern California is almost as good, especially when you have Goldberg's resources


Texas is the reason ……


He moved to San Antonio for those big ol' women they got down there.




​ ![gif](giphy|3oEduT3DTECyCzxmrS)


" How many rings you have Chuck?"


Rings, Erneh


stealing mike awesomes gimmick


[Charles Barkley's gimmick.](https://youtu.be/E7GPuudYY5k)


this is the crossover comment I came to this thread for


Everything's bigger in Texas!!


I have to admit, I am a little jealous about the likes and responses. The last time I made an Inside the NBA reference I was told in response I giving them a stroke


Goldberg is upset about the Padres


Don't worry they have Jake Arietta now!


I hear Goldberg can be hard to get along with and didn't want to risk getting on Arietta's bad side. Jake might try to put a dent in his skull.


Aren’t we all? Except for the rest of the NL West of course.


*Laughs maniacally in San Franciscan*


He learned that San Diego means a whale's vagina.


He was honestly more surprised by this than Punk returning to wrestling. It was just bizarre.


"Oh yeah apparently Punk might be returning to pro-wrestling, but anyway in bigger news why the fuck is Goldberg moving to Texas like holy shit I can't wrap my head around that"




It's because Dave knows Goldberg and the area and knew how good the area is/was for him and his family. Dave knows he moved for taxes, and came close to saying it several times, but doesn't outright say it as he doesn't want to put him in a bad light.


that's what streamers and "influencers" do. whole bunch of them either live in Texas or Florida.


not because of taxes though, because of proximity to servers. That's how they get single digit ping and gives them a competitive advantage and the reason the esport clans tend to keep their houses there.


I mean, it's all part of the equation. Cheap housing in Texas, great ping, lower taxes, etc.


b i g o l e w o m e n


c h u r r o s


Sir Charles vs the women of San Antonio is my GOAT feud.


Didnt goldberg say he moved there for his son on the Talkin Shop pod? So his son would get on a football team or they had a good football team or something. I don't understand how american football and school works.


He did. He moved there so his son could play against better competition in football. He said it on the podcast.


I just came here to say I think San Diego is awesome. Not knocking San Antonio, though. Never even visited so I dunno. Also people move to different places for different reasons. Weird to speculate on the reasons for it. Lol.


Live in Houston, visit San Antonio frequently, been to San Diego several times, stayed in Carlsbad which is north of San Diego. If I made Goldberg money I would stay in San Diego, then again I like the outdoors. That being said everything about Goldberg screams guy who would move to Texas, specifically the Austin area, for tax purposes.


I’ve visited family there plenty, it’s just so downright pleasant


Not according to the Pontiac Bandit


I just listened to that portion. Dear lord. When Dave gets hung up on a topic, his speculations can get so damn bizarre. And then after getting so worked up over trying to figure out, he quickly dismisses it with a defeated "whatever."


He just follows these thoughts to the weirdest, most random places, with Bryan patiently, silently waiting. And finally he gets tired, and then a little "pffft" noise, and the "whatever."


It's cause he's trying to fantasy book the angle and he can't make it make sense.


It's gonna be something simple like he has family or friends there. Or he likes the food.


This post just made my day. I'm going to the 25th New Japan Strong show in Garland (front row ringside!!!) and was really hoping Ospreay would be there. That should be a good match with Fredericks.




Goldberg's son plays high school football. Texas lives and breathes football. Better change the kid gets noticed there and gets coached better there. Not that hard to understand. You know and Goldberg even said he was moving for his son.


No state taxes are nice.


Yeah, but we have a high sales tax and high property taxes. It's all a trade off.


Also if I'm understanding recent events correctly, your power grid kinda sucks ass.


It's not the best in the world, but it was a once in a generation ice storm that hit the entire state. Meanwhile in California, if somebody flicks a cigarette, 50,000 go out.


A 'once in a lifetime' cold snap has killed power in Texas *three times* in my lifetime. 1989, 2011, and 2021. Each time, the state was told to upgrade our shit because it can't handle extreme weather events. We haven't and people keep freezing to death in their homes. But, hey, it's not like extreme weather events are increasing in frequency or intensity. I'm sure we'll all be fine the next time!


What upgrades do you think could have stopped it? Other than the winterization of natural gas plants, I really don't see what more could have been done.


I won't pretend to be a grid expert and the NERC/FERC report on the 2021 situation isn't out yet, but we can look to their report on the 2011 event for some suggestions. https://www.ferc.gov/sites/default/files/2020-05/ReportontheSouthwestColdWeatherEventfromFebruary2011Report.pdf (pages 197-217) In addition to straight hardware improvements, of which there are many, there are a lot of suggestions for policy, planning, and standards improvements. This list isn't comprehensive, but is just snippets of things I think are interesting as I read through it again. * Plan and build as if winter was summer. >While the probability of a winter event in the predominantly summer peaking Southwest appears to be low, shedding load in the winter places lives and property at risk. The task force recommends that all entities responsible for the reliability of the bulk power system in the Southwest prepare for the winter season with the same sense of urgency and priority as they prepare for the summer peak season. p.197) * Increase the amount of reserve power available to be spun up and allow ERCOT to require the preparation of said backup power generation in situations of incoming extreme weather. >Increasing the amount of responsive reserves going into a cold weather event would compensate for the probability that a number of generating units might fail, and would provide better response to system instability in the event of such losses. >Additionally, pre-operational warming would help prevent freezing and identify other operational problems. Running a unit prior to the start of extreme cold weather would utilize the unit’s own radiant heat to help prevent freezing. And starting it up would permit correction of any problems that otherwise would not be noticed until the unit was called upon for performance. (p. 200) * Increase the number of generators capable of fuel switching. >Sixteen percent of ERCOT’s generation capacity is listed as having fuel switching capabilities. During the February cold weather event, a quarter of the 20 units that attempted to switch fuel were unsuccessful. If a unit represents itself as having fuel switching capability, verification of the adequacy of its capability would provide useful information to the Balancing Authority or Transmission Operator as to the availability of that unit in the event of natural gas curtailments. (p. 200) * Require accurate minimum ambient temp ratings for all power generation facilities. Use this to plan outage and backup generation/routing plans. >In order to ascertain actual capabilities during extreme weather conditions, Balancing Authorities and Reliability Coordinators should require Generator Owner/Operators to provide accurate ambient temperature design operating limits for each generating unit that is included in its portfolio (including the accelerated cooling effect of wind), and update them as necessary. These limits should take into account all temperature-affected generator, turbine, and boiler equipment, and associated ancillary equipment and controls. >The Balancing Authorities should take steps to verify that Generator Owner/Operators comply with this requirement, and should prepare for the winter season by developing a catalog of individual generating unit temperature limitations. These should be used to determine if forecasted temperatures place a particular generating unit in a high risk category. (p. 200-201) * Develop and implement winterization standards >The state of Texas has provided a starting point for such legislation with SB 1133, which was signed into law on June 17, 2011. This statute incorporates two important components: (1) mandatory reporting of emergency operations procedures, and (2) independent review by the PUCT. >In addition to the matters covered in the Texas statute, the task force recommends that planning take into account not only forecasts but also historical weather patterns, so that the required procedures accommodate unusually severe events. Statutes should ideally direct utility commissions to develop best winterization practices for its state, and make winterization plans mandatory. Lastly, it is recommended that legislatures consider granting utility commissions the authority to impose penalties for non-compliance, as well as to require senior management to acknowledgement that they have reviewed the winterization plans for their generating unit, that the plans are an accurate representation of the winterization work completed, and that they are appropriate for the unit in light of seasonal weather conditions. >NERC staff has concluded there would be a reliability benefit from amending the EOP Reliability Standards to require Generator Owner/Operators to develop, maintain, and implement plans to winterize plants and units prior to extreme cold weather, in order to maximize generator output and availability (p. 203) * Improve inspection/maintenance standards w/r/t cold weather. They go into a lot more detail with their suggestion for this particular item - 8 pages worth - I just grabbed the summary of it. >The task force found a number of inadequacies in generating units’ preparations for winter performance. These included a lack of accountability and senior management review, lack of an adequate inspection and maintenance program, and failure to perform engineering analyses to determine the correct capability needed for their protection equipment. (205-212) * Exempt natural gas facilities from being subject to rolling blackouts. >The natural gas industry depends in many instances on electric utilities for the power that helps move gas from the production fields to end users. Electric powered instrumentation, compression, pumps, and processing equipment are essential links in that process, and in some instances, even the brief, temporary loss of electric power can put a gas production, processing, compression, or storage facility out of service for long periods of time, especially where weather conditions delay access to those facilities. The resulting gas outages can contribute to electricity shortages by cutting off or reducing fuel supply to gas fired generating plants. (p. 215) * Determine where natural gas flows can be increased in periods of high demand. >In some instances during the winter storm event, LDC distribution systems were unable to flow scheduled volumes, suggesting that downstream parties may not have had sufficient capacity or facilities to handle historically high demand. >FERC/NERC Staff Report on the 2011 Southwest Cold Weather Event Accordingly, state commissions and distribution companies should determine whether system enhancements can be made to improve volume handling capacity, such as additional distribution valving, looping, more compression, or reconfigured compression. Although such system improvements would probably not compensate for the level of supply shortfalls that occurred in early February 2011, they might allow LDCs to take higher volumes for longer periods of time. (p. 215-216) Note: I do realize how silly it is to drop a wall of text on a subject I don't know enough about on a wrestling forum. But here we are anyway.


So like I said, the generators dropped the ball. The grid itself was fine for the most part.


It's understandable with the ice storm I guess, however wasn't there also big issues with a heat wave this summer?


There is every year. It's blown out of proportion because of politics. The generators didn't properly winterize for the past winter, which was unforgivable, but Texas has a very reliable grid that doesn't face near the problems of the western grid.


Shit, where I live is CA (tri-valley/east bay), if I fart in the wrong direction during summertime, about 200 acres of land go up in flames. Of course, that fart probably caused a gusty of wind that pushed one of PG&Es outdated power lines into each other and caused the spark that lit the flames.


Same with Florida. Sales tax and super high property taxes, and now it's getting more expensive to live here.


Dave really is not good at bemusing is he? Besides paying less taxes, Goldberg wanted to start another brand ( Goldberg's Garage ) which he was able to acquire property to build a huge garage for his car collection for much cheaper and he has already teamed with Bunker Branding for marketing who is run by a huge influencer Matt Carriker that has over 14 million subscribers from his Youtube channels...its a business decision, then you add in that his son plays football and baseball and Texas is known for high school football so there is another factor


Dude publicly said he moved to Texas so his kid could play Texas high school football. Meltzer can be the absolute worst some times.


Dave just talking shit to start rumors. Now half this sub gonna be calling Goldberg an antimasker.


West coast wild fires are rough. He could get himself acres of land or a huge house in Texas for a fraction of what he’d pay in San Diego. He also has a kid, so it might have to do with not wanting him to go through a California school system? Curriculum, mask/vaccine, etc.. Interesting move by Bill. Dave is right, Texas weather is awful except for the winters.


Even the winters can suck. See: last winter


How often do you have winners like that though? Meanwhile california is always on fire.


* Excluding this year when we nearly froze to death.


The fact Dave even spoke about where someone is moving let alone equated it to a dislike of fucking masks is so irresponsible.


> He did not sound very convinced by this


Then why even suggest it?


Because it was a classic Meltzer random thought spiral, and he cannot stop himself from verbalizing all of it.


Which is why I said it’s irresponsible. Why even suggest this.


You're reading an edited down transcript of what's likely a stream of consciousness style discussion, I have no clue why. Hell the dude has a notoriously dry sense of humor, maybe it's not even sincere and OP read it wrong.


This wasn't one of those instances when you can tell Dave is being facetious.


Such a lightning rod of a topic prob shouldn’t be joked about. Especially when a lot of your listeners take each word you say as gospel. Highly irresponsible.


Wow, Dave assumes alot for his own good, just like this subreddit does


Could it be that Goldberg just like the area better or to be closer to family or for one of a million reasons that has nothing to do with masks?


San Antonio is a great place to live. Have family that live just outside of San Antonio in Boerne, so I’ve been a lot. Weather can absolutely suck in Texas, it’s the most random weather of them all, and summers definitely suck in Texas, but it’s not a deal breaker. Cheaper housing also definitely helps, man can get a pretty decent chunk of land for what would be a small house in California. Also, taxes is why he moved, as why many people move here


Agreed. The Hill Country area pretty much from SA to Austin is absolutely gorgeous. Also Concan, Leakey, up to Fredericksburg, and down to Boerne has some beautiful views. Realistically, as you mentioned, summers aren’t that bad and not deal breakers. Maybe because I’m a native Texan, but 100 degree weather for 4-6 straight weeks is nothing. I’ll tell you this, I’ll never complain about the heat again especially after 7 straight days of weather in the teens this past February.


Dave is so out of touch. Why does it matter where a grown man decided to move he and his family?


There’s a significant trend of people moving from CA to TX, and happened well-before Covid. Mostly because of taxes and homeless population in California.


We have homeless here. It’s not a hobo free haven. They’re just spread further and away because sa is big. The California people are basically creating the homeless by buying into areas that have became heavily gentrified as well as paying 300 percent over market value for a house.


Texas has a lot of homeless people as well.


California has 6 times the amount of homelessness of Texas with a pretty similar population.


TIL that Dave Meltzer doesn't know much about taxes.


I've lived in Houston all my life. It gets cold in the winter for, like, a week. Maybe Bill just doesn't want to pay California prices for, like, everything?


California prices are coming to Houston very soon though.


Yup, which is unfortunate.




You think that he moved partly because of less smog regulation?


North county is pretty nice though. Couldn't it be just for the idea of paying less taxes? There has been a decent flux of people moving from Cali to Texas. There's pretty expensive property tax and some nickel and dime fees that people don't account for... but I have no idea what's the comparative impact if you are rich. But it's like... mind your business, Dave. lol


Weird that he thinks Goldberg would be against mask mandates. A few years ago Meltzer talked at length in the Observer about how great of a guy Bill is. I suppose it's possible to a nice person and also be dumb as fuck.


> I suppose it's possible to a nice person and also be dumb as fuck. As someone who spent 5 years living in the midwest I can tell you for certain that this absolutely is possible.


Will Ospreay working with the likes of the strong roster isn't exactly BIG booking lol. Not trying to knock on the guys, but if this story they are telling eventually leads to TJP getting a shot at the 'real' world heavy weight champ, that doesn't exactly come across as big deal booking for Ospreay lol


the ticket sales are BAD for that NJPW event, not a good idea to come in and charge more than AEW did at the same venue


Taxes. California is a shit hole that robs you off your money.


Dave Meltzer is Charles Barkley confirmed


2m a year for 3 dates. WWE shouldn't need Goldberg in 2021. Especially not for that money.


I know a potential factor. Gun laws.