WON: Some of the reasons behind this weeks weaker Dynamite line-up

WON: Some of the reasons behind this weeks weaker Dynamite line-up


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I'm glad Gangrel was at least paid.


Same but I do hope they bring him back, at least for one appearance


I wouldn’t be mad at a Malakai Black, Gangrel, and Bray Wyatt stable.


Keep Black alone for now. His current package is perfect.


Black is basically the only person in AEW that isn't in a team or stable. Keep him separate.


CM Punk also. I'm actually really interested in what they do with Punk from a faction basis. Does he start one? Stay a loner?


Which is weird as the whole house of black gimmick lends itself to a stable imo


The House of Black is the arena Malakai wrestles in, the fans are his followers. That's the vibe I'm getting.


This. At most let him lead a group under the House of Black mantra.


I upvoted you and the person you responded to. You are both right. As long as Black gets some use, I'll be happy!


Agreed. Turn him face-tweener and put him with Sting/Darby down the road, imo, but right now Black is earning his way into AEW with some very polished heel work. Let it ride.


I'd rather he feuded with Darby, which would be incredible. If there's a trios title I'd love Darby, Moxley and Kingston to try and win it. They've been very fun, especially given Mox and Darb's allied relationship last year.


I just love how the crowd was chanting one more and he didn't listen then low blowed Arn for the heat...it's the little things


AGREED. I’m sick of the idea that everybody who comes in must be in a group. Loners are cool.


I kinda miss the days when the main factions in AEW were The Elite, The Inner Circle, and Jon Moxley.


This but instead of malakai use a couple of AEW homegrown guys if dark order is over Silver and Reynolds. But otherwise some one else whose a tag team but needs a group to run with.


>if dark order is over NO! You hush now! All siblings fight but they make up ;-;


Add Brodie King and you've got a license to print money.


Abadon too? Ministry of Darkness type stable.


Fangin and bangin.


Sounds like he should join The Wingmen. Instead of waxxxed and vaxxxed, they can be Fangin and Bangin!


OMG, I didn't know I needed a Wingmen as Sexy Vampires stable until right now. Full on Twighlight shtick! 😂


Certainly seems to be a *hot topic* in wrestling.


That was one thing that struck me on the Fangin N Bangin video clip. He was genuinely gutted he didn’t get to do his entrance again. He seems to genuinely crave to do it in front of a huge audience once more. The AEW gig wasn’t just money for him, it was a chance to relive that pop. Hats off to him though, it was cool to see he’s still in touch with Edge and how happy he was for him in his moment.


I was actually kind of annoyed that Vince didn't have him come in for a free paycheck with the whole thing Edge was doing, but it seems he was working with the other guys the whole time.


Makes no sense, Edge told Gangrel he was planning that moment for a while, AEW got in touch with Gangrel within the week. They could have booked Gangrel as Edges idea was in the works for a while.


Yeah but Gangrel has been working on the indies so he's dead to them now.


AEW clearly didn’t want to look like they were ripping off WWE despite it being weird chance


He was at Matt Hardy's house for the match with Sammy Guevara at full gear along with Hurricane Helms https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2915680-matt-hardy-beats-sammy-guevara-at-aew-full-gear-2020-in-elite-deletion-match


They also had him front row when the Dark Order leader mystery was in full swing


Only had to fang, didn't have to bang. Gangrel is winning at life.


Fuck yeah Gangrel got the bag sitting at home


He was really bummed about it. He told the whole story on his podcast, it was posted here yesterday.


Which episode I’m genuinely curious, is it the most recent one? I wanted to go train at his school then it shut down so I want to know what happened.


I still feel bad, being on TV gets him awareness for his wrestling school and indie bookings Guy couldn’t promo but had a memorable character, AEW should try using him as a Janela indie monitor or as a coach


He no longer has a school. https://www.ewrestlingnews.com/news/gangrel-no-longer-associated-with-his-own-wrestling-school


I didn't realize that for years I lived about 15 minutes from his school for as long as I did.




Even if he’s not a paid bona fide scout, it’s not like he can’t influence the talent AEW or GCW books. I have zero doubt Cesar Bononi worked with Janela to get booked at GCW, and I also have zero doubt that Janela will, say, text an EVP or Tony and say “yo check out Rickey Shane Page/Matthew Justice”. Or he might book someone to look great at Spring Break and Tony Khan notices, without any true 1:1 communication. At the end of the day, networking is networking and Janela being a presence in the indies (as opposed to say, idk, Kenny Omega at the moment) will lead to him being an influence in AEW and GCW booking.


Wait, Gangrel was going to appear on Dynamite? What angle would that had been for?


Probably Christian/Omega segment


he was actually going to squash cm punk, kind of a weird choice given everything


I’m pretty sure I read that he was gonna win a triple threat winner take all championship match against Kenny and Christian


It's AEWs plan to turn Punk into a mega babyface.


was speculated the Christian and Omega segment


My bet is when Kenny dropped the "You think you know me?" line that was supposed to be when Gangrel would come out.


Good call.


Wonder if word got around


Gotta assume Christian and Omega due to the Brood history


Something to do with Christian I'm guessing.


Gangrel returns and squashes Kenny for the world title in 27 seconds


followed by fruit punch gatorade bath




Glad Gangrel got his money, but he was clearly hoping this would help him drive traffic to his site and sell merch.


Tony Kahn if you’re browsing the sub: I still would very much like to see Gangrel make a cameo at some point in the near future


He did make an appearance at Full Gear 2020 during the cinematic match at the Hardy compound.


Sheeeeeeeeyit I want more than a cameo


Didn’t know Clay Davis was a wrestling fan.


Wire references in a wrestling sub, this is what makes life complete.


Cameo? Omega needs challengers


Word up


Stick him with Luther and Serpentico. Luther uses Serpentico as a weapon, Gangrel feeds on his blood to re-energize and make his comeback. If they ever have to compete in a match that goes longer than 15 minutes, Serpentico dies from physical trauma and blood loss. This is why I am not a writer and never should be.


I remember the brief period I was excited when I thought Luther was Gangrel. :(


I feel liked I'd be more shocked is TK didn't browse this sub.


Kinda crazy that WWE and AEW have Edge and Christian and *both* had the idea to do Brood stuff with them


Both wanted to rocket strap Gangrels legacy brother


I really miss the E&C podcast. It lightened up my Friday mornings hearing about Christian trying to slap Edge’s ass and Edge shitting on Christian’s podcasting skills.


Now I’m a little anxious for the 2 positives considering All Out is in a week


A lot of concert tours are starting to get postponed or cancelled. September will be interesting.


In locations where vaccinations or negative covid tests are required, there has been little to no transmission as to consider it significant. Lollapalooza is the best example of this currently. Expect this to become the norm


I think they'll make it just under the gun. I have a feeling by October we'll be back to no live crowds for a few months, even though I think both sides are kind of against it now for different reasons. Or they'll just be doing shows in Florida and Texas, which probably wouldn't be a good look for the company. If the NFL doesn't limit crowds or cancel them altogether though no one will aside from individual acts choosing to. So AEW is probably gonna be fine.


The venues will make the decisions for them. Now that Pfizer has FDA approval and Moderna will most likely receive it in 3-4 weeks, along with the rollout of the third shot boosters, most or nearly all the venues are just going to require all ticket holders be vaccinated or have a recent (48 hours) negative Covid test. The data being released about the efficacy of third shot boosters is very, very promising. Those of us following the science will be totally fine in the winter, and the gulf between us and the people eating horse dewormer is going to get even wider.


> The venues will make the decisions for them. Now that Pfizer has FDA approval and Moderna will most likely receive it in 3-4 weeks, along with the rollout of the third shot boosters, most or nearly all the venues are just going to require all ticket holders be vaccinated or have a recent (48 hours) negative Covid test. i cant understand for the life of me that they dont demand masks, the us lives in its own bubble


The United Center required masks, but almost no one wore them.


Yeah I think it’s just a matter of not having enough people to police thousands.


This isn’t entirely true. As someone who went there, people did have their masks down when in their seats. But when walking in and out, in lines, going to the bathroom, etc. everyone was masked up for the most part.


It's just an impossibility to enforce, unfortunately. I went to Brittsburgh a couple weeks back. They required masks to get into the building, but rent-a-security can't be bothered to get in nonstop verbal (likely turning physical) altercations all night when people sit down and take them off. The venue mandate did likely get more people to wear them than would have otherwise though. So it's a half win at least.


I live in Texas, the people here would rather spend $15 on a separate beer to hold for 3 hours as opposed to (god forbid) covering their faces with a piece of cloth. I wore a mask at the Houston Dynamite and they had the AC cranking, it was actually quite comfortable.


I would think the NFL is slightly different since (almost) everything is outdoors. Really I would hope that the worst case is just requiring vaccination proof for entry.






New Orleans, which has been ultra cautious in its covid response, gave the green light for full capacity in the Superdome for Saints games provided vaccination cards or a negative test is shown


I’m getting married at the end of October, with our honeymoon planned for immediately after If after everything this last 18 months, our big day is kneecapped right at the finish line because dumb people couldn’t do a damn thing for someone besides themselves (no disrespect to the AEW wrestlers, who were vaxxed) I’m gonna be ***pissed***


They can just film the COVID Cruise!


Why would anyone trust a cruise after what happened early on during covid?


Many people are incredibly dumb.


I have a 78 person class. I'm also in a state where we are not allowed to tell people to wear masks on campus. The best we can do is highly suggest it. I have 2 students with family members who are positive so they are quarantining to be on the safe side. I have 2 who were sick so staying home to lower the risk. 4/78 and we're only 1 week into the semester.


My wife has tickets for a large concert in late September, we got the email last week they were requiring vaccinations and negative tests. I’m honestly hoping they postpone. I feel like we’re going to be a complete shot show by the last week of September.


There are a few concerts announced that I want to go to, but honestly, if we're at a place where you should wear a mask, need to be vaccinated, need to show a recent negative test, we probably shouldn't be having concerts.


I personally get incredibly neurotic every time I see wrestlers sitting in the crowd these days. It’s been happening quite a bit on AEW programming lately, so given that crowds are back to full-capacity and most venues don’t have COVID vaccination mandates in order to attend, it’s probably something that should be scaled back for the time-being.


Punk needs to be careful, diving into the crowd and hugging everyone the way he has been. If his match is cancelled AEW is fucked.


Covid has been running wild with its reign of terror for almost two years now.


> Covid has been running wild WATCHHHAAAA GONNA DO?


I'm gonna wear my mask & wash my hands, brother!


Say your prayers, take your vaccinations!




If only there was a safe, proven way to deal with it. Maybe some kind of shot that would give you near immunity to it and lessen the effects significantly if you got it. Man that would be great.


You are not without risks of contracting the virus regardless. See the two vaccinated wrestlers above (I guess Stu and... No idea really). But yeah now it's a big big risky business. And the US seems to be still very slow on vaccination rates?


Vaxxed here. Yeah that's also my understanding. I could still get infected, could still infect others, despite being vaxxed. Just that I have much, much lower chance of being hospitalized or die from COVID-19.


You have a lower chance of being infected, and a lower chance of a severe bout of the disease if you are infected. But it's not foolproof (believe me, I'm one of those lucky people who got a breakthrough infection). Which is why we need everyone who can to get vaccinated if we're ever going to actually hit herd immunity and beat this thing for good. Which is why that probably won't happen.


Yeah. At least the [vaccination rate](https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#vaccination-trends) is picking up slightly again. Still not as fast as I'd like it to be. Nearly 52% of all Americans (including those not eligible to get vaccination, cuz under 12) are fully vaccinated. Of those eligible to get vaxxed (12 and over), 61% are fully vaxxed. And 63% of adult population are fully vaxxed. Would prefer to see at least 80% across board.


Yeah, I think 80% would be the bare minimum we need to approach herd immunity.


Also a lower chance of death.


Correct my reddit friend. A colleague of mine (in his 40s) all his family wss double shot vaccinated, and still got covid. They still had lingering effects too, delta hits hard. I guess the vaccine helped them not have worse..


The US had a very fast vaccination program. It's now slowing down because most people who wanted the shot already got it. Now the health officials need to convince the vaccine-hesitant / antivaxxers to take it


I'm not sure there is a way to convince the majority of people that do not already have it. Donald Trump was just giving a speech and actually tried to say the vaccine is a good thing and got heavily boo'd.


Have the most vaccines. Yet our rate of vaccination plateaued in May basically. It’s a shame what a cesspool this country has become, especially in certain areas


Risks exist sure but bring safe and minimizing them slows the spread significantly. I’m sure that’s what you’re saying of course I just wanted to Rubber stamp it.


Sounds like a pipedream. Let's take some horse dewormer and bleach instead and hangout with a bunch of people inside without any masks. /s


Sounds like a perfect way to own the libs


100% apple flavored lib ownage. Temporary blindness is just a small perk.


Finally a man who makes sense in this sea of vaccine "information". /s


You can be double vaccinated and still get it. The vast majority of adults in the UK are fully vaccinated and anecdotally there are a lot of breakthrough cases. They're mostly very mild but it means a wrestler would still have to isolate and potentially miss a big PPV.


Do you not see the irony in what you’re saying in a thread that involves 2 vaccinated people having Covid lol


>If only there was a safe, proven way to deal with it. Maybe some kind of shot that would give you near immunity to it and lessen the effects significantly if you got it. Man that would be great. I always find it funny that anti-vaccers end up inventing vaccines on accident. "I don't believe in vaccines, i expose my body daily to different bacteria and such to make sure it is prepared and my immune system is well trained" Man, if only there was a way to achieve that besides licking park benches


Whatcha gonna do when COVIDMANIA runs wild on you!


AEW is _not_ fucked if he pops a positive before the show. They’ll just do it later. It’ll suck but unless he gets long COVID (unlikely, pretty sure he’s vaxxed) then they’ll just put it on free TV and pop a rating when he feels better.


He touched everybody ringside then his face on the most recent Dynamite. Definitely worried for him.


I was surprised that there have been a few matches where the wrestlers have fought in to the crowds/throughout the stadium. That just seems like asking for trouble.


Fully vaccinated here. Tested positive almost 3 weeks ago. Was sick for 2+ weeks and I'm finally starting to feel normal again. Did everything right - social distanced, never really went anywhere, facemask all the time, hand sanitizer and handwashing religiously. A co-worker in my office is unvaccinated and got tested positive a few days before I did so I'm sure that's where it came from. That said - this delta variant is no joke. You can do everything right and it can still get you.


I feel ya. Fully vaxxed, had a breakthrough. I rode mine out not feeling all that sick, just a stuffy nose. Get those boosters when they're available, people.


And as a reminder, anyone with a suppressed immune system can get their booster now. That includes anyone with autoimmune diseases on immune suppressants.


Stories like this are what both terrify me and make me feel that vaccination is the right choice. If fully-vaxxed people can still get it and get dropped for a fortnight, I can't imagine what it can be like when you're **not** vaccinated. Jeeezus. Get your shots, folks. Risks ain't worth it.


Happy to hear you’re almost recovered good sir, FUCK COVID!


How bad did you feel? I’m terrified of catching it. I’m 27 and no health issues I’m aware of and not overweight but I’m stuck working in person til I find a new job. Every week we get an email someone in this building tested positive. Feel like it’s only a matter of time before my turn. My cousins wedding is end of October and I’m getting my booster about 10/1 so I’m also trying to decide about that lol


So initially I had a fever of 103. I had lots of nasal congestion. Lost all sense of taste and smell. Like, literally all sense. I couldn't smell anything. Jalapenos in my mouth didn't even burn. Wasabi didn't burn. Couldn't even taste minty toothpaste or smell body odor. And the body aches were the worst I've ever had. My sister works in a doctor's office and he told his staff that while there is a chance that vaccinated folks can get COVID, that the infection is more upper respiratory and not in the lungs. So, my oxygen levels were fine. Never had any coughing and my nasal congestion cleared up pretty quick. The fever stayed for two weeks, but went down gradually every day. I'm back at work but I'm not 100%. I stay tired most of the time. My joints still ache, especially my knees. I usually hit a wall about 3pm where my energy is just gone. Thankfully I never had to be hospitalized and I never had any breathing issues beyond a stuffy nose. The body aches and fever were/have been the worst. Also, its been 3 weeks and I still have trouble tasting and smelling things. That's been the worst part to me.


I’m glad you’re feeling a little better at least! That does sound truly awful tho I’m sorry you got sick due to an asshole co worker. These people have held us hostage for so long and are intentionally doing as much damage to us as they can. Fucking psychopaths.


Currently quarantine and (hopefully) riding out the tail end of covid. Fully vaccinated but live in an area where less than 50% are vaxxed and also no mask mandate. Can definitely happens and it sucks.


Hoping you’re at the tail end!


Thank you! Getting tested again tomorrow so fingers crossed!


Did your co-worker get really sick?


So not to get super political or negative, but the thing about dealing with anti-vaxxers when they get COVID is that they minimize/lie about what is actually happening. Where I work the COVID protocols are pretty stringent and if you have symptoms you have to stay home - no questions. So it's honestly hard to say how bad they really have had it because I didn't have much interaction with them while we were both quarantined. They said that it wasn't all that bad, but they have always minimized their illnesses in the past. I'm pretty sure they were going to lie about being sick because they came up rather abruptly with a vacation request around the time I had my first symptoms. I announced my symptoms first and then they notified everyone via email that they had tested positive - while on vacation. Maybe lie is too strong a word. At the very least I believe they had no intention of notifying us that they had tested positive.


A coworker of mine in his early 60s contracted COVID and was out for almost 3 months. Spent some of that time in the hospital. The other day, he found out I was a “vaxxer”, and tried to bait me into an argument about why get vaccinated when you can still get it anyway. These people are a different breed.


A cousin of mine was posting about an anti-vax protest she was putting on at the hospital where she works because she's at risk of losing her job if she doesn't get vaccinated. She was talking about how she's done her own research (lol, she's a receptionist, no medical training at all) and she believes the vaccine is dangerous and isn't worth the risk. Later she said she's not afraid of Covid because of the 99% survival rate (which isn't true.) I pointed out the death rate of Vaccinated people is significantly under 1%, so why is she afraid of something under 1% and not afraid of something over 1%. She then deleted her post entirely and sent me a message about how I was rude.


I am sure it'll be fine by then.


I damn near shit myself when Punk did a crowd dive. Used to love that stuff. But, all I thought was: "Oh god, please don't...don't you do this to us..."


They’re both vaccinated so they’ll likely be fine. and as long as they quarantine for 10ish days, everyone else should be too.


>he was still paid as if he was on the show however. Dang....that's nice.


I wonder what was the COVID match. I don't recall a match being announced and not happening.


Yeah, he said it was an unannounced match, im trying to figure out who wasn't there, maybe even a tag-team?


Well, Stu Grayson was conspicuously absent from the Dark Order vignette.


And nothing from Team Taz. Although they might have had something on the Dark tapings


Was there. Taz did commentary for Dark and Rampage. Hobbs and Hook came out for Cage’s match on Dark. I think Ricky Starks jumped Cage afterword, but I was in the bathroom, so not sure.


Yep, the whole of Team Taz was there. They setup the Cage v Hobbs match on Dynamite next week on Dark Elevation this Monday.


Colt said on his stream that Stu had some travel issues and he's fine


ivermectin on a pole match, Sasha Banks vs Drake Wuertz


Lance Archer wasn't on the show, or Stu Grayson.


Now I wasn't there so I don't know if any of these guys were in Dark or Rampage segments, but I didn't see: Fuego Del Sol Andrade Pac Lance Archer Sammy Guevara Shawn Spears And since at least two of those guys are in All Out matches, you'd think they'd want to be featured


Sammy and Fuego had a tag match for Elevation, and i think Archer is working NJPW right now.


Glad Gangrel still got paid and I'm guessing they'll probably try it again another time. Those variants are no joke and I really hope more people take precautions (get vaccinated and mask up in large indoor gatherings) so we don't have to deal with empty arenas, as great as it was to have Austin Gunn (happy belated) filling in for us.


Honestly even with 2.0 and a Gangrel appearance I don't think the show would have been much better. And I can't imagine an unannounced match with the 2 wrestlers that got covid would have saved this show. Wishing the best for those who got covid though. Hopefully it's not bad cases. I noticed Stu wasn't in the dark order segment So I'm thinking maybe he was one of the people.


If the unannounced match replaces Gunn Club/Factory, that fixes the entire show in my opinion lol. The first hour was fantastic but that match really took the wind out of my sails. I’m relieved to hear Dave talk about this because of that card was a backup plan then it’s okay. Hopefully they realize there isn’t a person alive who wants to see QT or Brock Anderson.


Nah Brock Anderson was a prop and used appropriately. We won't be seeing him again for a while.


The problem with Brock is that was the main event of the show. I don’t think a squash match featuring someone who’s only wrestled 12 matches should be headlining the first Dynamite with Punk.


Well it was a match to built up how much of a hoss MB is.


Sure, but that’s not something you close the show with.


But we know who he is, and him defeating someone like Anderson does absolutely nothing for him. On top of this being the main event


It would've been fine, IF they had a big surprise to close out the show and face down Malakai. Instead... we got Lee Johnson. lol.


I guess it's not a bad problem to have, but AEW is at the point now when they have anything less than an amazing show people bitch and moan. They have set the bar really high which is good in a lot of ways but damn if it isn't jarring to watch a pretty solid show then come on here and literally all of the discussion you see is crying about it not being amazing. I can't relate to that kind of attitude at all, I would never choose to be so negative and miserable, but clearly that makes me an outlier here.


I was at the show and had a great time and enjoyed almost all the matches and 90% or more of the crowd seemed to feel the same way from what I could tell. So it's been a bummer to see so much negativity online about the show. I think that's just the unfortunate side effect to how good AEW has been throughout it's existence. There's so much to be positive and optimistic about that tiny nitpicks or little inconsequential stumbles become these huge focal points for negativity.


I think a lot of AEW fans (myself included maybe) are just feeling defensive about it. The bar is set really high. Remember the Kingston-Mox-Darby trios match from 2-3 weeks that opened the show, that was an incredible banger? It behooves AEW fans for AEW to be successful. The better they do, the more we get out of it, whether it be happier wrestlers with bigger contracts, more TV hours, more accessory shows, better production value, bigger crowds with bigger reactions and bigger pops exciting the product further. They want it to succeed and they know what Dynamite is capable 75-80 shows out of the first 100. This seemed like an important moment to have a great night.


They're graded on a curve now. What could pass as an 'Ok wrestling show' becomes a 'Horrible Dynamite'.


And their top guys were all readily available to replace that unannounced match. They could have used Kenny and Bucks for a trios match, Christian could have had a match, split up Mox/Eddie/Darby to use for a singles or tag match instead, MJF and Brit were there, maybe even give Chuck something to do. I heard Team Taz and Brian Cage were on Dark. They could have been used on the main show instead. Sounds like it was just an excuse for a bad show.


I would have still done the Gangrel / Brood angle with Christian Cage regardless of Edge / Rollins.


Then you'd get all the "AEW is just copying WWE" comments though lol...


For pure speculation... We didn't see Pac or Andrade live (just a taped match promo). We didn't see any other members of the Pinnacle, most noticeable to me was Wardlow not coming out with MJF, but doubt he'd have had a match. And as others have mentioned, we didn't see Stooo in the Dark Order promo.


Evil Uno was streaming yesterday, so I think they filmed the Dark Order bit the week before. We didn't see Dark Order at all outside of the vignette.


You might be onto something. He mentioned at the end of his vlog that he was going to Milwaukee but maybe it was pretaped and they never went. Maybe there was no purpose to showing them since they’re in a breakup type angle.


Doesn't seem like it would have been an above average card still without those cases though honestly.


Probably not, the show was centered around the Punk appearance and AEW’s trying to push top matches for All Out instead of Dynamite this close to the PPV.


If you pull the Gunn Club vs Factory match it would've helped massively imo. What hurt was having so many green (and for most people, uninteresting) rookies from Nightmare Family/Factory on one show.


As someone who hasn’t regularly watched weekly wrestling shows for a while, if that was truly considered to be a “weaker” Dynamite, then sign me the fuck up. I thought it was great. And while I do still like WWE despite the internal shitshow it seems to be, from the top down, AEW is superior if only for the vastly more coherent booking. There literally wasn’t a single segment I felt like skipping. Although I didn’t watch it this week, I’d assume you probably can’t say the same for RAW.


Yeah, a lot of people saying it was the worst episode of Dynamite ever, and yet even then it was still enjoyable.


Lol wow. If that is the worst they’ve done in almost two years of dynamite (that sounds crazy to say as someone who was at the first episode in DC), then I’d say they’re doing pretty fucking well for themselves. I thought it was a thoroughly enjoyable show. This’ll probably get me some shit, but sometimes you need to sit back, chill, and actually just enjoy the wrestling instead of being a smark


That being said, I don't know why wrestlers are still all touchy-feely with the crowds. It's still not safe yet.


Still one of the weakest cards in a long time whcih is odd when it’s cm punk first dynamite Really feels like guys like Kenny or Cody or Bucks should have been wrestling The factory vs wingmen is also a dark/elevation level match. None of those guys are future stars so it was an odd choice I expected younger talent like Sammy MJF jungle Boy etc etc Also unfortunate timing for hangman to be on leave Long time to go, dynamite Just kind of felt like a miss


I think their feeling was that CM Punk was going to pop them a monster rating (which it did) and that they rather showcase a bunch of new guys and attitude era talent while selling the PPV. It really was more of a PPV ad then a real Dynamite.


The Factory vs Wingmen wasn't a match.


Lets face it when you can put Brock Anderson in a main event you gotta do it


Ricky Starks was conspicuously absent from the show and next weeks Powerhouse Hobbs vs Brian Cage graphic.


He popped up on the Dark Elevation taping, he was in Milwaukee


Contrary to the haters' proclamations, this week's weak Dynamite was not due to incompetence or Tony Khan being a raging scumbag.


What the hell was gangrell going to do


Be with Christian presumably


All I have to say is that one of the issues that *every* company makes is that they start booking for and around what the other company is doing. Weeks like this are a major reason for why, when you have plans, you need to go along with them. This was a show where they KNEW they would be getting more eyes on their product and instead of a banger of a show, they put out something weak. Sure, they're going to have multiple new debuts and shocks to the system of the next month or two but *you can't count on them.* The only thing you can count on is the show in front of you.


I wonder who tested positive?


That's a lot of segments to lose last minute and still not even consider doing a second women's match or literally any sort of promo to set up the women's title match at All Out instead of just unceremoniously announcing it. I wish they had half as much faith in that division as they did the nightmare family.


Downvoted and I’m trying to figure out why exactly. Because you wanted MORE women’s segments enough wredditors got together to tell you to piss off?


I guess wanting to see any of Shida/Tay Conti/Emi Sakura/Thunder Rosa/Leyla Hirsch/Kris Stat wrestle on tv is seen as trolling or something because I didn't do it in a thread specifically about how poorly the women's division is booked. On a show with a way too drawn out Jericho promo, a plodding Matt Hardy singles match that dragged about 5 minutes too long, and the freaking Gunn Club. Honestly I would've been content just seeing Kris Stat actually challenge for the title (and maybe be allowed to cut a single promo???) instead of it being announced with no fanfare which they clearly could've made time for given they had to replace multiple segments from the show on short notice.


Only Wreddit will you get downvoted for wanting more women, but upvoted for making a thread talking about how great the woman you want to see on TV is.


Because it's a criticism of AEW that isn't easily dismissed. Some people simp so hard for wrestling companies that they can't handle even the slightest critique of "their" brand.


Literally could have had Shida squash someone on Dynamite and people would be rejoicing at the fact Shida was on Dynamite.


My question is, are the people (in general, not just AEW) getting breakthrough cases not masking up when in public? I basically mask up anytime I go in a building except when I swim (which is actually wrestling related as pre-Covid I listened to Going in Raw while I saw and now I'm listening to The Art of Wrestling which fit perfectly for a 40-60 minutes swim).


I'm in the south and more people are wearing masks than before, but its still probably only 15-20% of customers in a store.


I'll give you an example of a situation that I know of. A married couple with a three-year-old daughter. They mask up every time they step out their front door, all 3 of them. One parent works full-time. The other parent works part-time and goes to school full-time. Therefore, the three-year-old is in daycare. Both parents are vaccinated. The three-year-old cannot be vaccinated of her age. Vaccines are not mandated for anything in my state except some hospitals are doing vaccine mandates. The dad came down with covid. Prior to that, the three-year-old had a runny nose and a slight cough but has had allergy issues for a while now. They tried to get her tested for covid but could not find a place in town that would test a three-year-old for covid. About a week later, the dad comes down with covid. They can't prove that the daughter brought it home from daycare and they can't prove that she had covid. It's likely the most obvious reason, but we'll never really know for sure.


with the way Florida is now and all the traveling they do, some breakthrough infections are inevitable. If they're fully vaxxed, 99% chance they'll end up ok.


The mask doesn't protect you, it protects everyone around you from you if you are asymptomatic. You can wear a mask and it wont help you as long as a person who is positive next to you doesn't mask themselves.


It does both. Your chances of catching it are lower with a mask on, though best results are a double mask.