Which match(es) are you looking forward to the most? #AllOut

Which match(es) are you looking forward to the most? #AllOut


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I’m ready for the 15 minute barn burner that is QT vs Paul Wight. /s I hope this match doesn’t last more than 5 minutes. Real Answer: Steel Cage Tag Team Title Match!


>I’m ready for the 15 minute barn burner that is QT vs Paul Wight. this is just the first in a series matches between QT and Paul Wight, trading wins back and forth on every Dynamite and Rampage. It cumulates in a 60 minute iron man match that'll eat away an hour out of their next 3 hour ppv.


I don't think Paul could ever do a 60 minute match


"YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT 60 MINUTES IS, IN THE BEDROOM OR THE RING!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SobD560-9ZQ


How many times will Paul Wight do face/heel turns in that series


3 turns during the ironman match alone.


I'd be alright with this if they then became a beloved tag team after say.. a best of 7 series.. They can call themselves No More QTs


Best of 7. Actually, I would like to see the Best of 5/Best of 7 gimmick in AEW at some point, but not wirh QT and Wight.


I'm actually looking forward to that match. Not as much as I look forward to the other matches, but AEW has built up enough trust with me that I'm confident they won't do anything stupid here. I'm happy with giving the charismatic legend that Paul Wight is a last run in which he isn't made to look like an idiot, and maybe at the end put a young big guy like Comoroto or Hobbs over.


In all honesty, after the angle on this week’s Dynamite, Wight vs. QT shouldn’t last more than a few seconds. Anything more than a KO punch for a quick squash is more time than the match really needs at this point.


At most a stall job by the Factory but anymore than two minutes of the PPV would be too long.


I just hope for y'all the match will be over 10 min because i don't give a shit


I'm actually quite confident that Wight and Marshall will have a fun match.


Punk/Allin, Pac/Andrade and Bucks/Lucha Bros


This but also every single match lol


Except maybe QT vs Paul. It's weak, hope Malakai Black just comes out of nowhere and knocks down Paul later stating that he did it cuz Paul should stay retired.


Now that you mention it I’m surprised that Black vs Cody isn’t on the card. Is it expected to be added after Dynamite or are they doing that one later?


Cody is filming his game show.


*reality show


No idea, to be honest


If it goes five minutes or less, it's harmless and fun to see Paul do his thing. Any longer than that and I will consider this Paul taking Chuck Taylor's rightful spot on the card.


PAC Vs Andrade, Punk Vs Darby, Lucha Bros Vs Young Bucks




Kingston Vs Miro should be good too but those 3 definitely stand out above the rest for me


Definitely CM Punk vs Darby It's Punk's first match for a major promotion in over seven years This is his homecoming


PAC/Andrade and Eddie/Miro are my top 2.


All of them, I'm so excited to be in attendance for it. Should be an incredible show


PAC Vs Andrade I’ve been kind of unsure about Andrade. There’s 0 reason to not have a great match with PAC so I want to see how that goes. Bucks vs Lucha bros is the other one since that’s the other match where I’m not completely sure who will win plus they have great chemistry.


He's just shaking the rust off. The guy was amazing in NXT. If I had to put money on it, Andrade and Pac would be my bet for match of the night.


Andrade had a pretty rad match with Sydal, I believe, a month or so back. I'm really expecting something awesome with PAC.


That match was a disappointment imo and Sydal did a disproportionate amount of the carrying in that match.


Ah, I might be remembering it wrong then. I tend to like Sydal's matches and feel like he pairs well with a lot of people.


**Christian vs Omega II**\- If they were holding back with that Rampage match (which was excellent) then good god what will happen if they are on full throttle. **Darby vs CM Punk**\- Nothing to really say. It's Darby vs Punk. **Bucks vs Lucha Bros**\- This can't be anything other then MOTY contender. **Eddie Kingston vs Miro**\- Two big bastards just slapping the piss out of each other. **Mox vs Kojima**\- Should be a very good match. **Andrade vs PAC**\- This has opening blow away match written all over it.


God damn this is a stacked card.


literally all of them. should be a very fun show.


Such a stacked lineup!


And their holding back


Punk vs Darby, Bucks vs Lucha brothers, Pac vs Andrade, Mox vs Kojima and Omega vs Christian


Punk v Darby, Tag Title match, TNT Title match. Also on the Buy In, potentially Ruby Soho's debut!


In Order: 1. CM Punk vs Darby Allin 2. Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros 3. Kenny Omega vs Christian Cage 4. PAC vs Andrade El Idolo 5. Women's Casino Battle Royale 6. Paul Wight vs QT Marshall 7. MJF vs Chris Jericho 8. Miro vs Eddie Kingston 9. Britt Baker vs Kris Statlander 10. Jon Moxley vs Satoshi Kojima


DAM... really? You put Big show vs QT match OVER Moxely vs Kojima?!


I think Paul vs QT will be a fun match, and while the outcome is obvious, I think the match will be structured in a way that plays into that. Moxley vs Kojima's outcome is also just as obvious, but I imagine - like his previous match against Yuji Nagata - they'll act like Kojima is somehow a threat to Moxley and it will be a competitive match. It's like if Paul and QT had a 10-minute highly technical back-and-forth match I would hate it, because regardless of how good it is, that's not what the story calls for. Moxley should easily beat Kojima, but I don't think he will. I think he'll struggle to do so in a match that's "better" than Paul vs QT, but far less satisfying.


Much as I'm looking forward to Mox vs Bread Club (It's my number 2 or 3 below Punk's return match and possibly Bucks v Lucha Bros) but Kojima isn't exactly a known name in NA and Paul Wights first match in AEW is pretty big.


FOR SURE, the match of the night should be Lucha bros vs Bucks.


Kojima lariat


If I have to choose one, it's Miro vs Eddie Kingston


I don't expect this to go longer than 10 minutes but it will be a glorious, violent 10 minutes. Both guys are at the top of their game.


stacked card af. mox v. kojima definitely though.


In order - Punk/Darby - Omega/Christian - Jericho/MJF - Moxley/Kojima - Steel Cage - PAC/Andrade


I know folks want to see Malakai having a match at All Out, but 9 matches is enough. And Black’s match could’ve been overshadowed anyway it’s another squash. I can see why the QT/Wight match was placed as a buffer.


They are still doing plenty with Black and his time will come soon enough!


I could be way off base, but Malachi and a debuting Buddy could play into the QT/Paul match. Seems like either a squash by Paul, or a swerve and have The House of Black destroy a giant.


Think Britt Baker and Kris Statlander are gonna put on a clinic. Looking forward to Pac vs Andrade, Punk vs Darby, the steel cage tagteam match, and Miro vs Eddie a lot, too.


Honestly all of them. Even QT vs Paul should be a fun 3 min squash match as a comedowner after one of their hotter matches


PAC vs Andrade, Steel Cage, Punk vs Darby, Eddie vs Miro, Christian vs Kenny


Pac/Andrade and Punk/Allin


Miro vs Kingston and Pac vs Andrade I'm also pretty excited for Moxley vs Kojima and I'm interested in seeing what Big Show does in his match with QT.


Have they ever done a PPV with this many matches?


All Out 2020 had 11 matches, I believe. All In 2018 did as well, but that doesn't technically count.


Mostly all their PPVs have 9.


I must have been thinking of NXT Takeovers that only have 5 to 6 matches.


Lucha Bros/Young Bucks


Outside of Punk/Darby, Lucha Bros/Young Bucks. I saw their DoN match and was amazed, their ladder match was insane. Imagine what they do in a cage.


- Punk - Darby - Young Bucks - Lucha Brothers - PAC - Andrade


Cage match, TNT title, PAC/Andrade and Punk/Allin. The rest are eh.


Top 3 Cm Punk vs Darby Christian vs Kenny Lucha Bros vs Young bucks Looking forward to all these matches but the Jericho one tbh.


Honestly, all of them for different reasons. Even Wight vs. QT. I think QT is a bit underrated in the ring and I think if the Paul Wight we get is the one we sometimes see when he feels like he has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove, it could be a really solid match.


I'm fairly certain QT has been intentionally bad at times because of what he was trying to accomplish (before the Factory), and while he's not Fenix or Dante Martin, he's good. Oddly enough I don't know what to expect from this 'match' and it could be really fun!


im not gonna lie, thats probably the best card ive seen on a us show but punk-andrade and punk-darby


All of them except the Big Show match. Also not really invested in PAC vs Andrade, but they have the potential for a barn burner


Bucks Lucha Brothers is going to be insane. Going to see moves never seen before.


Cage Match, Mox, and CM Punk (duh). Looking forward to a special appearance by Danielson and Cole to form a faction with CM Punk to fight the Elite… which will result in a late game addition of Hangman to that group.


Baker vs Statlander and Bucks vs Lucha Bros for sure; both are matches where some of my favorite people in their divisions are fighting eachother. Also looking forward to the battle royal, though I'm not sure it counts as it's on the buy-in.


Punk and Darby obviously, but Lucha Bros and the Bucks will probably be match of the year.


Good God, this is a great card!!


All of them besides big show because just no plz just no


Probably Andrade vs PAC


Mox vs Kojima or The Bucks vs Lucha Bros since they'll be just really good in ring matches but I am interested in seeing how well Punk can go.


I’m like really looking forward to Miro v Kingston. And also the rest of them too. Just give me Bray and Bryan and I’ll be the happiest dude on the planet.


QT vs Tall Paul for sure


Cage match and statlander winning the belt


No way she beats the good Dr.


One can hope


Punk vs Allin is the only match I care about and the potential debut of Bryan or Cole.


Matches I’m Most excited for is punk Darby and Andrade pac


CM Punk / Darby Eddie / Miro


Miro Kingston, steel cage, and punk allin


odd Paul and QT is doing the same pose


Darby vs Punk Kenny vs Christian Tag title Cage The rest of the card is icing on the cake.


Adam Cole Debut


I love gimmick matches and tag matches so definitely the cage match most. Punk vs Allin next most hyped though with Miro/Eddie third.


Miro/Kingston and Andrade/PAC, and then obviously Punk/Allin if for no other reason than seeing what Punk looks like after 7 years off.


Lucha Bros/Bucks, Britt/Stat, Miro/King


Punk/Darby. I am going to try to watch Dynamite and Rampage ahead of the show next weekend. Hopefully I’ll be excited for other matches on the card then too.


This card def amazing, but I can't wait for Pac V Andrade. Andrade imo has Main Eventer written all over him, just hope to see a star making performance from him, to get him to the heights he should be at. Hopefully a Ruby Soho debut as well.


Big Show vs Cutie


I'm surprised Malakai Black has no match. Could be added next week maybe.


Punk and the steel cage are my.most anticipated. Feels kinda weird that my least anticipated are the other two titles, but they'll both be great matches. They just feel a lil too cut and dry in my opinion. Hell I'm more interested in the QT match because I do love me a good garbage WWE-esque lower midcard PPV match.


1. Punk vs Darby 2. Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros 3. Jericho vs MJF


Cage Match, Punk v Darby, Miro v Kingston, Pac v El Idilo.


One tag match, one women's match. Could use a little more of either for balance but whatever, gonna be a guaranteed banger.


Pac and Andrade will probably steal the show, Kenny and Christian, and obviously Punk and Darby.


Punk/allin, omega/cage, young bucks/lucha bros, pac/Andrade, MJF/Jericho




Steel cage one easily. Their ladders match was absolute insanity and this will probably follow suit. I've no doubt Omega one will be solid its just that to me christian isn't that interesting a dance partner as Lucha bros are. PAC is one of my favourites. Sad about the fact that not only is he wrestling a dude with clear ring rust but also who has been meh personified in AEW and is gonna be made to job to him :( a guy who is in absolute prime and as excellent a wrestler didn't deserve this.


Do you know which show the ladder match is on?


All Out 2019. It's available on AEW YouTube for free too. Also watch PAC vs Omega there.


I see it the other way with Andrade. If he doesn´t deliver against someone like Pac, I think they won´t push him that much the next months. You said it Pac is absolutely fantastic in everything and he ´s really protected since the beginning of AEW. He´s someone that could totally be the next AEW champion after Hangman. Andrade has to be good in that match. And I think he will. Andrade in NxT and even on the main roster was a hell of a worker, legit on the Gargano tier in NxT.


If he doesn't deliver, it'll just make PAC look bad and does nothing for Andrade. Losing to a guy who has been out of action and so far, clearly has ring rust and hasn't proven himself to be anywhere on PAC's level. Then again, Tony did just have Omega in his prime lose to Christian who is 10 years older and was out of action for 7 years so it is on brand for him.


Not Big Show vs QT I know that for sure


So which one?


man im not gonna pick one!!! i'm straight up looking forward to every match on this card. they are all gonna be FUN to watch for different reasons. that said i hope the lucha bros f'in take the bucks heads off!!!!!


Wight just punches QT out and sits on his face. Miro loses via count out because he was at home with his double jointed wife. Chris Jericho forfeits after his wife puts horse dewormer in his bubbly and nearly kills him.


It's a coin toss between Eddie vs. Miro and Luchas vs. Bucks. Darby vs. Punk has such an obscenely high set of expectations baked in I'll be happy so long as it's not a complete fuck-up. Everything else, I'm honestly hit or miss on but I trust it'll be entertaining to watch and that's all I can ask. One thing I *am* looking forward to: The salt we'll be able to mine out of the QT haters. My french fries will be zesty all year off one match and I love it. We need a QT match at every PPV just to fuck with people.


This card is fucking stacked. One of the best in AEW history in terms of sheer talent/names. Ofc I'm looking forward to seeing punk back the most.


Punk/Darby and Miro/Kingston. Also hoping for battle royal to be decent and for Tay to do well.


Mox/Koji for me I love me some Koji


So I'm assuming that the cage match will be a tornado tag match. Which is cool and all, but I'm not the biggest fan of matches where two guys are engaging and the others are just busy looking hurt while they wait their turn to do a spot. I would love to see a classic of a conventional tag match between these two teams at this point. Given the names involved though, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt in this instance, so here's hoping for another banger. Pac vs Andrade needs to deliver for Andrade's sake in my opinion, his introduction in AEW has not been great so far. His match against Kenny in AAA was pretty entertaining, so this should be good at a minimum. But if he actually does go All Out with the absolute freak of a workhorse that is Pac, this could potentially be the match of the night. Workrate Andrade over body guy Andrade please. Miro and Eddie almost feels a bit premature, given the dynamic between the street wise thug of god and the sociopathic beast/"God's favourite champion", and both men's supernatural promo abilities. I'm not sure how this plays out, who leaves with the belt, if it's the beginning of a feud, or what happens. Excited either way. Paul Wight vs QT Marshall either needs to be a sub 5 minute squash, on the preshow, or both. Does anybody actually care about this match?


Is this Paul Wight’s first match in AEW? If so like I believe, then I am most hyped for that. The only other event I’ve been to was the raw before wrestlemania 23, and I ironically saw CM punk vs Kenny Dykstra that day in Chicago. Kris and Christian are both undefeated for 2021, those records up for grabs are pretty intense. Personally, now that Tony Khan has said there is something awesome to close out the show, I’m excited for the end of all ends here.






PAC and Andrade are going to steal the show


Lucha Bros vs Young Bucks. It’ll be the best match of the night. Punk vs Darby just for its atmosphere. Andrade vs Pac. Although I’m a little hesitant here since Andrade didn’t look great in his first AEW match. But if you can’t have a great match with Pac then something is wrong.


Pac vs Andrade should be a show stealer, no doubt. And I'm also looking forward to Punk vs Allin for obvious reasons. The show in general is stacked with great matches. It will be fun.


In order: CM Punk vs Darby Allin Kenny Omega vs Christian Cage MJF vs Chris Jericho Miro vs Eddie Kingston Young Bucks vs Lucha Brothers PAC vs Andrade Jon Moxley vs Satoshi Kojima Britt Baker vs Kris Statlander Paul Wight vs QT Marshall


The casino battle royal for the surprises and Britt/Kris.


Bucks vs. Penta and Fenix, and Pac vs. Andrade. The rest of the card is great by the way. CM Punk vs. Darby and Kenny vs. Christian could be great obviously.


Is Omega vs Cage not a title vs title match? (Haven't watched AEW for a week due to no Internet so not sure I've missed an announcement).


Have the Bucks ever been in a cage match before? I'm behind the whole card. Can't wait to see Miro and Eddie. Can't wait to see a cage match live. Can't wait to see Christian wrestle live. Punk is returning. Yeah, it's just gonna be a cool night.


Obvious answer is Punk/Darby, but also Miro/Eddie and PAC/Andrade


I want Andrade and PAC to open so we can lose our shit!!!!!!


Miro vs Kingston and I really hope Andrade can show off with pac.


The Bucks & Lucha Bros in a cage is goni be nuts! Someones doing something crazy.


Punk/Allin and PAC/Andrade are the two I’m the most excited about


Looking forward to see if there will be any more NJPW crossover after Kojima-Moxley, perhaps someone coming out. CM Punk back is awesome too. The answer for me is always the Kenny Omega match though. That guy is just a big fight wrestler, always always makes magic.


Eight ex-WWE guys. ​ Yeah, they're not jock riding at all, lol. Enjoy your PPV.


In order: Bucks vs Lucha Bros Jericho vs MJF Omega vs CC Paul Wight vs QT Darby vs Punk Everything else


All of them. But a no to Mox if all it becomes is another bloodbath. I'd like to see more wrestling with him this time.


Where is hangman page?


PAC v Andrade, Kenny v Christian and Bucks v Bros will all probably overdeliver. The rest will likely be good at worst. Not a stinker in the bunch. Even Tall Paul vs QT can be good if booked right.


Stacked card, hard to choose, but rather than try to imagine what will be the "best match of the night" imma go with the two wrestlers that I enjoy watching the most right now: Kingston vs Miro "Now being the Mad King before I burn this place to the ground."


So stacked


CM Punk vs Darby Allin Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros. Omega vs Christian Moxley vs Kojima Miro vs Kingston


Punk vs Darby easily took main event spot. Two top guys going at it. Now I also want to eventually see Miro vs Moxley.


All of them


In order: Lucha Bros/Bucks Punk/Darby Omega/Christian PAC/Andrade Miro/Kingston Moxley/Hojima Baker/Statlander MJF/Jericho Wight/QT


In order: Punk/Darby, Miro/Kingston, Bucks/Lucha Bros, PAC/ Andrade El Idolo, Omega/Christian. Everything else I want to see I'm just not super hyped up going in. Leaves room to surprise me with how good they are.


I am hoping for some surprise wins. Most of the matches seem to suggest a strong favorite to win.


Punk’s my favorite wrestler so his return is the obvious answer for me, but from an in ring perspective Pac vs Andrade is gonna be insane. I honestly can’t remember the last show I was THIS excited for.


The question is who isn't looking forward to Punk vs. Darby? well, it's gonna be a good match but the one i'm on the edge for is Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros.


Andrade is set to be a PPV player for AEW, so I expect his ppv debut to be a banger


The steel cage match.


Im sorry but I just have no desire to see either mark henry or paul white wrestle again. No matter the opponent.


I'll lose my shit if the Lucha Bros get the W! In all honesty though I'm tired of seeing Jericho all the time and Marshall/Wight should be on the pre-show...


Cage vs Omega Lucha Bros vs. BUCKS Pac vs Andrade Mjf vs Jericho Eddie vs Miro ... dam that's lot


While we're here. AEW should do more triple threats and four way matches. There's 8 singles matches here 🥴


If you're not saying punks first match you're lying. We all want to see that. As far as wrestling match not story? Pac Andrade.


All of them besides QT vs wight


I’m bummed they don’t have anything for Malakai black


It’s not that they don’t have anything for him, it’s that he doesn’t need to be on the show. The card is already stacked but we still have the go-home show this week, so we could get Malakai vs Cody 2 announced. But if they kept him off the ppv, that’s cool too.


Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Ok. No.


I'm most excited for the match with the black guy.