Kurt Angle on offers he received from AEW: "I turned it down for personal reasons, but Tony Khan’s been really nice to me, very generous. The first offer, they wanted me to have many matches. The next offer, I think, was three matches, and then one was just an on-camera personality, no wrestling."

Kurt Angle on offers he received from AEW: "I turned it down for personal reasons, but Tony Khan’s been really nice to me, very generous. The first offer, they wanted me to have many matches. The next offer, I think, was three matches, and then one was just an on-camera personality, no wrestling."


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On the next offer, Angle will be paying AEW


Tony is a fuckin genius


*Tony Khan cracks knuckles*


*Sips White Claw* *Flexes biceps*


I know a lot of us want to see Kurt still go in the ring but we just need to face facts - the man's body's held together with string and a wish right now. A purely on-screen role anywhere would still be cool, though.


Him winding down in TNA in 2016 was emptying the gas tank. The matches with Drew, Lashley, Roode on his way out... and later that summer with Cody and ZSJ... were all diminishing returns and you could just see then that he's got nothing left. And that was 5+ years ago!


Seeing how slow he had gotten during his last run was a real eye opener to how bad of shape his body is in. He ran himself too hard for too long and never really took care of himself. The fact that he had the "miracle neck surgery" years ago and was back in virtually no time should tell everyone all they need to know.


Would've liked to see him and Shane O' Mac go one last time


Just fucking anything but Corbin. And I don't even hate Corbin, I actually really like the guy. But fuckin A, what a big middle finger from Vince. That retirement match should have been a big deal, and they fucking wasted it on Corbin. I understand that we probably didn't get Cena because he probably wasn't allowed to wrestle at the time (filming schedules or something), but there were probably at least 10 better options for his final match.


It absolutely should have NOT been Corbin. It can't do anything for him when people don't want to see it happen. Literally anybody else would've been better than him.


That whole last run seemed like a big middle finger from Vince


He was glad to have him back but also, fuck him.


One more grandpa death match, winner takes all.


All what tho


The butterscotch candies you can hold in your coin purse


As much as I adore that match, the thought of current Kurt Angle throwing an Angle Slam off the top rope gives me the fear.


Painkillers are a helluva drug. I broke my hand 6 weeks ago displaced bine and everything. Luckily my prescription drug addiction means I can work with it and not feel a thing. God life sucks.


If we are being honest he doesn't bring much in an on screen role if he can't go. Dude is a shell of himself. People who only know him from his gm run aren't clamoring for a comeback


In all fairness, he had a tonne of pressure to recite a script word for word in that run which was not what made him a star


What are u talking about? Kurt always read off the script word for word during the attitude era.


Not sure why you’re downvoted. Kurt Angle has said numerous times he works better with a script lol.


He's downvoted because WWE bad, upvotes to the left. I mean, I get it, there's tons to dislike about them, that doesn't mean everything ever is their fault.


Not sure why you’re getting downvoted. Kurt himself has said he used to remember and recite the script word for word.


But, it's also Kurt Angle and he was the victim of terrible writing. Same way Mick Foley was when he was a GM. But put them in a position with better writing however while being allowed to actually push your own ideas on top of that? Kurt could kill it in a better role. Like for instance, put him with Daniel Garcia. Put him, Bryan Danielson, and Daniel Garcia together in some kind of heel wrestling faction. Like what Catchpoint used to be back in the Evolve days. He doesn't need to wrestle, just to mentor. Just like Arn does with Cody Rhodes (who doesn't need him), or like Jake Roberts does for Lance Archer (who doesn't need him), or like Tazz does for Ricky Starks/ Hobbs/ Hook (who soon won't need Tazz).


Everybody fantasy books that stuff but I don't have any interest in it. It makes me sad to see him on tv honestly.


I think it'd be different in a role that is designed specifically to draw his personality out. Have him be somebody's Terry Silver, an extremely passionate mentor living vicariously through a young wrestler who can channel his intensity.


same i dont want to hear his weird old nasal voice on tv, and i dont wanna see his fucked up head and neck ​ plus hes done some serious brain damage over the years and hes not the smooth talker he was 20 years ago (i dont remember his tna promos at all)


disagree with the lance bit, if i see one more lance archer promo il puke


Arn Anderson ads almost nothing to the nightmare factory in his “manager” role.


Not completely true. Malakai kicking his head off was a big fucking deal


See I knew there was something, that’s why I said almost nothing.


Are you upset that someone tried to continue a discussion with you?


Quite the opposite! Re read my comment pal, I know it’s easy to automatically assume I was being angry but I was just continuing the fun…


this is why text conversations are so dodgy, no tone/inflection and you were right arn adds very little on tv, but i prefer that to them overusing him


I think he would do a good job with Tamyra Mensah-Stock as a mentor/manager kinda role.


Kurt makes me wish I was Dende so I could heal his body


Senzu bean!


No more beans for Kurt Angle.


Nobody fucks with the white mage


Angle and Ogogo would be money. Stable could be called Olympus or Olympians.


Angle/Ogogo vs Sting/Darby would be money


if they get kurt on aew the "this is TNA 2.0" people are going to start to have a point. There's literally no reason for Kurt to be there.


Hot take: TNA hiring ex-WWE people wasn't the mistake, TNA hiring *Hulk Hogan, specifically* was the mistake, and as long as AEW treats Hogan like he has leprosy they'll never become TNA 2.0.


TNA hiring ex-WWE and making them Main Event or champions or putting them over their own stars within a month was a big issue


Well he would be a wrestling legend in a wrestling company. I think that's a decent reason.


The fact that Kurt himself is actually admitting he can’t physically handle wrestling anymore, given all of the major injuries that he has wrestled through (“broken freakin neck”) should be enough evidence of what kind of condition he’s currently in. I remember Kurt recently mentioning in his podcast that he actually needs to get ANOTHER serious neck surgery that would require a lengthy recovery time. However, he has been holding off on getting it done due to the pandemic.


Never say never. Sting, Edge, and Daniel Bryan all came back from career ending injuries I mean ffs Terry Funk retired 56 times but still always manages to come back.


Honestly - I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t do what Sting has done in AEW. If I had to choose - I’d probably air on the side of no matches for Kurt and him be simply an on-air personality, however.


Angle is a human version of the walking animation from the old WWF RAW Xbox game, complete with 45 degree angle knees.


Ah, yes. Anchor, Inc. the developers that had never seen a human before


I'd finally managed to forget that bizarre pair of games.


Raw 2 was a bad game, but its create-an-entrance feature was awesome. Much better than what we had in even the modern 2Ks. I played that game just to fiddle about with the entrances.


Don't forget dropping boxes on people backstage.


I fucking loved Raw 2 and I don't care what anyone says! Fun ass game lol. My younger brother and two cousins used to play it all the time. Well, we played pretty much every wrestling game but that one was especially fun just doing all sorts of crazy stuff to each other in the multiplayer season mode. I still remember Rey Mysterio causing the Big Show to tap out to a boston crab and Stephanie McMahon beating Triple H in an almost hour long ladder match for the WWF title. Good times lol.


Kurt should be glad he’s not in a wheelchair. He has nothing left to prove in the ring and I’m glad he realizes that


I say this as a lifelong mega fan of Kurt Angle: I am *so* glad they didn’t bring him in for many matches. The poor man has the mobility of a 1980’s Hasboro action figure and I want him to live comfortably, not potentially fuck himself up more.


Even if you didn’t care for his health, he’s physically unable to have a proper match now. Even the few matches leading up to his retirement were hard to watch.


He should've had his last match at the Mania where he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. He still wrestled indies shortly before and moved a lot better. Not prime Angle but he could still wrestle well enough.


Fuck you, GI Joes had great articulation, motherfucker!


Lol I was talking [about these.](https://ibb.co/2nLVpsN)


This is an interesting insight in how AEW tries to get legends on their program. Seems like they are definitely not letting go after the first "no". And there's plenty of flexibility on the offers. The information on Punk that's coming out also shows that they've been talking for almost a full year before he eventually agreed to show up. I wonder how many different offers happened there.


Also makes you wonder how many more long term negotiations are in the works.


“Okay Shane, you gotta hear me out on this next offer…”


I know it won’t happen but holy hell I’d go nuts for ANY McMahon to end up in AEW! I’ll even include HHH as one just because of how much it’d melt the internet wrestling community


I mean who wonder could really come in and move the mainstream needle for AEW more than Punk? In the next 3-4 years, there is not a long list of names. Here just a brief collection of thoughts on former WWE champions alone: They’ve sworn off Hogan. Taker, Rock, HHH, Shawn Michaels & Cena have a deep familial-like loyalty to Vince. Lesnar & Orton recently resigned to WWE since AEW formed. Orton has only like 15 non-WWE matches to his name. AJ Styles is probably on the verge of retirement & wouldn’t move the needle for mainstream audiences. Would be great for extending a bullet club story, can work the indie style but isn’t popular outside of wrestling. Flair is coming, but he’s going towards 80 and isn’t going to draw a ton of attention after a debut. Another comparable person Kurt Angle is Kevin Nash whom is also past his physical prime. The New Day are a package deal by their own accounts. MVP/Lashley could move the needle but are tied up in current contracts. Booker T seems to be anti-AEW more than other ex-WCW guys publicly. Rob Van Dam is past his time. Batista’s public comments on wrestling in the last two years seem designed to push him away from wrestling & stop comparisons to Rock/Cena. He’s old and has gone on record as being done with wrestling a few times. Jeff Hardy can’t work the way he used to and is working off serious demons. There is also somewhat of a public feud between himself and Matt Hardy (how much of their family drama is a work isn’t up for me as a fan to decide). Alberto Del Rio is… a felon. At the highest levels of pro wrestling, the only people I see left are Rollins, Heyman & Stone Cold. Seth Rollins could work the indie/AEW style and slot into AEW well. He’s even trained a few of their roster members. Steve Austin and Paul Heyman had careers lived in pro wrestling before WWF. Could offer a ton of advice after working in ECW/WCW at their peaks.


Khali. Biggest star of all. Only held the WHC, but that still counts. In all seriousness great write up. Didn't know about the Jeff/Matt feud tho.


There’s only so many names with the ability to get mainstream attention in wrestling. At a certain point you have three options: - building stars from scratch with the hope one can break through the cultural glass ceiling - bringing stars from the outside - poaching from competitors AEW has a good mix of all of the above right now. They are also borrowing stars from Impact & NJPW, rather than poaching. At this point, they would need to bring in a huge American or international celebrity to move the attention needle. I also just remembered that tried to get Edge too (that didn’t work).


I know Tony really thinks Kurt has more in him and can come back and play the hits one more time, but this isn't Sting to me. He was stiff and blown up in every match after 3 minutes in his last go round. It would just be hard to watch


Tony probably didn't know just how bad Angle's body is. He was still having great matches as recently as 5 years ago.


Man I just wanted him to come out for that Pittsburgh pop, soak in the cheers, and then disappear


Honestly glad Kurt has said no. It's good he got the last run in WWE but it didn't seem like he had much left. It's just not necessary for AEW to bring out the guys way past their prime.


Sting is way beyond his prime, yet he's regularly featured and now getting involved in matches.


Sting also doesn't have to do 2 hours of exercises each day just to get his body to a manageable level of pain.


I really have zero complaints about how they use Sting. He still comes off as a really big deal, but when he comes out, Darby is still the one that is important.


And he's really fucking good. Like, I did not expect Sting to be this good.


How about just as an on screen personality? Maybe a manager to someone?


it would have to be the right fit. if it didn't happen with Chad Gable then who?


I want to see him manage Leyla Hirsch and focus on the shoot wrestling stuff. Don't act like that shit wouldn't be dope.


For AEW it might me a bit square peg in a round hole-ish but I would go with Anthony Ogogo. Go with the professional sports look with Ogogo coming out in a entrance hood and entourage. Have Kurt be his sports coach showing him managing his exercise schedule and diet. You can go quite far with the whole peak performance aspect of the character.


Jeff Cobb would be ideal if he were in AEW, maybe Daniel Garcia?


Garcia and 2.0. Scary shoot Angle AND goofy comedy Angle.


He said they wanted to put him with Riddle, but he denied to focus on his health.


Riddle really doesn't need a manager.


Could work to keep him focused as his mind wonders to scooters & munchies.


definitely not but those segments would have been fucking hysterical, riddle constantly making weed references that go over kurt's head.


Sadly, Kurt's promo skills have also degraded significantly.


I have respect for wrestlers who can say it's enough, I'm fine with my career, and not risk their bodies further, especially someone like Kurt.


Isn't he a great example of someone who \*didn't\* do that?


Yeah, he is. He came back way too soon after his second neck injury which got him hooked on the pills, then when he left WWE he immediately went to TNA in the same calendar year. He should've disappeared in 2006 and came back around 2009.


Yeah he’s another example of pushed himself way too hard trying to do too much.


there's no way tony doesn't know about kurt's health issues so i hope kurt was at least embellishing the truth here


Leave him alone now, TK.


Why in God’s name would you want Kurt to wrestle a lot?


I don't eant to see Kurt wrestle anymore, but having him as a manager like Jake would be okay to me.


I still think Kurt Angle could be a good GM or something. In his last GM run, his character was written poorly. Kurt still can entertain if you let him do funny stuff. For example, I enjoyed that bit in his feud with Baron Corbin where Kurt dressed up in the gold suit and he started German suplexing guys in the ring. You knew it was Kurt in the suit, but it was still funny.


"I hear TNA is hiring" is still an incredible line.


Honestly hope he signs with AEW in some role just so we can have him in the video game.


Nothing to that can't be fixed with a great CAW feature! Hopefully they'll allow fans to upload them as a community.


Same, if I can't have prime Angle vs Omega irl then atleast let me get it in the game.


bad idea and im glad kurt didnt agree to it let the man rest he's done enough, maybe he'd be cool as a personality but i never want to see him wrestle again


No matches please. But everything else, hell yeah.


I think at this point, back off. Considering the injuries and the abuse he did to himself. He done.


I would love to see him in a Jake Roberts/Taz/Tully role.


Dont be stupid with money.


The next offer is Tony paying him to go to WWE


Angle has every right to not sign a contract, but it must be hard not to seeing how well legends are treated in AEW


If Angle didn’t stop wrestling from 2016-2017, I really think he could’ve worked a couple more good matches, but his body slowed down a lot afterwards.


Kurt probably still wants his match with Cena on the table if it ever comes down to it. Otherwise it’s probably not worth getting back in the ring.


I’d love to see angle be the manager of another Gold medalist or amateur wrestler


Angle forming a new worlds greatest tag team would be awesome


This is the same guy who won a gold with a broken freaking neck and jumped to TNA to work despite every doctor telling him to take time off. If he's turning down a hefty paycheck to work at this point then he really shouldn't be taking any bumps.


He wanted to finish with the E


Would like to hear this from TK's perspective. But as it stands, it seems TK was unaware how severely bad Angle's physical health is at first. And then in the next round, he wanted to bring Angle in to wrestle and take less bumps, citing how TK booked Sting and Tully Blanchard. Then the final round of him not wrestling at all. I think TK sees that Angle still has a lot of value left as a personality. But him declining even a non-wrestling role signifies that he is other a) completely done with wrestling as a whole or b) a sign that he's still loyal to Vince despite him being released.


Angle turning DOWN wrestling makes me really happy. It looks like he made peace with himself and made his demons tap out. WITH A BROKEN FREAKING NECK.


Jesus christ TK...relax. ​ AEW doesn't need Kurt whatsoever. Like dude... spend that money on like set design for PPV's or something. Kurt has nothing left in the tank... ​ Hell take that money and hire Mickie James to run and produce for your entire womens division.


I want him to be a manager for Josh Alexander


I give Angle props for knowing when to call it quits and admitting he knew his last run wasn't good. Maybe down the line he can show up as a manager or a trainer or an on air personality in AEW/NJPW/WWE/Wherever because I think there's potential in that. He is naturally really funny.


Only value I see in having Kurt come in at this point is as a manager, and even then I can't think of a single person I would like to see him paired with.


I don't know how much value Angle really brings anymore. Sure, he's still a big name but he can't go in the ring and his promos aren't what they used to be. 2016 was his last real year and some might even argue that he was done in 2015.


I love Angle to death, but even as a regular on-screen personality, we saw from his GM run that he's just not the same performer he was in his prime, in the ring or on the mic. The only way I'd really want to see him now is if it's a one-off. If someone brings him in for a Pittsburgh show to pop the crowd and give some gravitas to an announcement or introduction, sure, that's neat. Maybe have him in someone's corner for a match, put the ankle lock on someone, sure, as long as he's not taking any bumps. He might even be able to manage a special guest referee spot at a push. There are things he _could_ reasonably still do, if he wants to. Any more than that, not really interested. The guy's had a long athletic career and he's put his mind and body through hell, he's more than earned his retirement.


At least no crucifixions were involved this time


But that last one's fine though. And you can help a young future of the wrestling business by being in their corner, i.e. Sting.


I hated that Corbin was Kurt's last opponent but honestly its best to just leave it at that Kurt's a legend but for his sake he doesnt need to be wrestling. Let Corbin have the honor of being the man to retire angle that's a pretty cool accomplishment


I love Kurt Angle but I’m never sure whether to believe his version of things like this. While wrestling in TNA he made a big fuss about going into MMA and even said he had met Dana White to discuss his contract, which Dana said wasn’t the case.


It's because they didn't give him a milk factory. I have a source. It's er..... milk times, central mania. Yeaah, let's go with that.


You weren't there, but they stole that angle (or leaked it) on the IGN Wrestling Board about 12-16 hours before it happened. I remember freaking the fuck out.


I really really want Angle vs Danielson. But I get it. The thing that pisses me off is he's probably one of the GOATs and his last match was against Corbin.


The many matches offer scares me. Angle should be not be taking any bump whatsoever.


I wonder if whoever signs Gable Steveson could convince Angle to come back in a mentor/manager role? That seems like a good combo.


Go get paid Kurt. Remember there was a time when Angle wanted to go back to WWE and they wouldn't even give him the time of day. I think it was right after TNA.


Or when they booked him to lose to Corbin at WM in his last match for them?


Dunno why you guys are getting dv wwe treated him like a mid carder hbk undertaker and flair all got great send offs and he like jobbed for 3 mins in a shit match with corbin.


tony trying to get kurt into aew like homer wants lenny to get into the bus


Understandable - he really wasn't the same sexy Kurt and I think it'd tarnish him further to do so. Still that Tony's flexible on dates and stuff is probably a good reason why he's been able to sign so many people.


Damn people in here acting like Angle is on his deathbed. I’m not saying he should be taking bumps or anything, but the dude is still ripped to the gills, clearly works out somewhat strenuously, and can move around. I’m confident he could have one more match with a safe worker who could make him look good. Ideally Cena should have retired him at WM35 but we can’t have nice things.