Remembering “TEST” - The Best Big Boot In WWE History?

Remembering “TEST” - The Best Big Boot In WWE History?

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Once a testicle, always a testicle!


**TESTICLES, RISE UP!** ^- ^wait.


I remember some people calling him a Nash rip-off but I always preferred his long haired look with pants Once he cut his hair and wore trunks he looked like every other generic big guy WWE was hiring around that time


He legit looked like a Nash clone in '99. He was much more flourished and athletic in the ring. But unfortunately had a speck of Kev's charisma and promo skills.


He still could've had a longer run as a babyface I think. I feel like babyfaces can have pro wrestling weakness and not have those weaknesses be apparent if their heel opponents are That Damn Good™, and Test had that during his feud with Shane McMahon and the Mean Street Posse.


Yup, he he had the look and skills, but sadly didn't have the personality/charisma to match. R.I.P Test.


I thought he looked cool in ECW just because he was ridiculously jacked up, but that’s not a healthy idea..


Test big boot was always my finishers on my create a wrestler


Same. Either that or the pumphandle slam.


Fond memories of my little brother and I figuring out how to do Test's pump handle slam onto our beds.


Same, in Smackdown HCTP, that shit looked brutal as hell.


He was the JBL of big boots. He always looked like he was taking everybody's heads off, nobody did/does it better


Great finisher. Still the best boot finish I’ve ever seen


I love that every opponent sold it like death too.


Perhaps they weren't selling at all lol


Said it before and I'll say it again and again and again: Test is one of those guys who was one manager away from being a major league star, and he had the worst possible luck as the first major burial in Triple H's rise to the top.


The problem with that is Test’s managers/valets kept being taken away from him, and it was usually done to elevated THEM into a bigger role rather than Test himself. Stephanie McMahon was moved away from Test to get paired up with Triple H, Trish Stratus was phased out of managing T&A in order to get paired with Mr. McMahon, and Stacy Kiebler got pulled from managing Test (after that storyline where she was going back-and-forth between Test & Scott Steiner) to be featured as a star on her own. Test had really good chemistry with Shane McMahon when they would be paired as friends on-air, but that pairing never seemed to be destined for anything long-term, unfortunately.


If Test had been around literally 5 years earlier, dude probably would’ve been a multi time world champ. He just came into the hottest wrestling scene ever and couldn’t really separate himself


I loved his pumphandle moves.


The name and original concept was dumb, but he had some many spots, tag teams, factions, the Stephanie wedding… It was a hell of a run, just extremely difficult to breakout and stay at the very top in that era given how top heavy it was at the time. If you didn’t kill yourself in a TLC match and willing to spend a decade in tags, you weren’t climbing out of 1998 as the face of the company down the road. It also makes you really respect what Kurt Angle did to come in solo and succeed so fast and have a HOF career. There wasn’t much air space free for that kind of climb back then.


What many don’t realize was he was only 23 in that angle with Stephanie and HHH. When I saw that he had passed away and how long he was wrestling for I assumed he was late 30s but he was only 33!


He was signed with only eleven professional matches.


Big Boot, Flying Elbow, Pump Handle Slam, great theme music, excellent hair. Dude could've been WWF Champion if he had a better promo.


Should’ve got that run at the end of ‘99 instead of the big show


He was the attitude era male Alicia Fox. The moves he did well, he did real well.


That's a great comp. Test looked great when he "got his shit in". Wasn't really anything to write home about past that though. I will say the "Un-Americans" were an underrated stable and him and Booker-T actually worked fairly well for a thrown together tag team.


Was just gonna say this. Her big boot looks A LOT like the ones in this video.


That Pump Handle Slam was a thing of beauty back in the day. Such a nice finisher. RIP Test.


Add in a brutal gutwrench power bomb and the test drive (now reckoning). Dude had an awesome move set.


His fullnelson slam was underrated


Dude always had one of the best move sets in the older games.


I liked him a lot and he almost had everything he needed. Shitty name too, though.


He has an awesome theme song




That’s not even the best line. The best line is Freakin’ for a jack off like what the fuck.


Smack a dog and pray for your old teeth


It’s almost like a yakuza kick


Dude had an amazing look and an awesome Big Boot but was a *zero* personality wise. Kinda like a Kevin Nash but with Diesel’s level of charisma.


Yet he did still manage to date Stacy!


And Kelly Kelly he was a good looking dude with a great build not surprised


He was much better in the ring than Nash, but with about a tenth of the personality


The animation for his big boot in the old ps2 Smackdown game was fucking brutal, and I loved it.


I always gave that big boot as a finisher to my CAW. In addition to looking brutal as hell, I remember it sort of "locking" to your opponent, so it was easier to hit than most other running moves.


His big boot was great, but there were some amazing sells in that clip too.


I remember watching him live in Australia back in 2005 beating Samoa Joe with the big boot after faking a knee injury.


The Attitude Era had the best midcard ever


I remember somewhere around the end of Test’s run, he’s coming down the ramp and there is a big sign clear as day saying “Don’t push Test.”


Either him or Brodie. So fuckin good. The key is in the straightness of the leg (good flexibility for such a big chap). Makes it look like a fucking limb javelin or some shit! I remember when I was younger thinking that a Test boot was utterly deadly. Test had a lovely pump handle slam too.


has WWE ever acknowledge Test after he died? he seems to have been forgotten


A Paul Hayman away from being a Superstar imo.


His Big Boot was fucking LOUD.


Absolutely was the best big boot. Should have been his finish. It was the clothesline from hell but with a foot.


It was his Finish for a lot of his run


Test, Test, this is a Test.


I spammed the hell out of this finisher in Here Comes The Pain!


Test had some really underrated hoss matches in WWE. Two that immediately come to mind are him vs. Kane from No Mercy 2001, which honestly had no right being as good as it was, and Test vs. Brock Lesnar at King of the Ring 2002. Then WWE management lost faith in him after they asked him to cut his hair and he refused. Then six months later he ended up cutting it anyway.


His match against Taker at Summerslam 02 was dope as well.


Yeah man. I’d argue it was his most high-profile match too.


In hindsight, feels surreal to see him take down folks like Taker, Rock, HHH etc with the boot


If you can only pick one thing in the world to be the best at ... kicking guys in the face is a pretty good choice


He nailed Stacy Kiebler. Legend


So underated think being so similar to triple Hhh hurt him a little especially when he split with Stephanie.


He was a smash-together of HHH and Nash. Loved Test, but dude wasn't bueno on the mic.


Eh, he wasn't that bad. He wasn't totally amazing, sure, but he certainly wasn't a total charisma vacuum, either. He was more than passable as a midcard talker, and given more mic time, he'd have probably improved to be a decent enough main event promo guy too. Again, nothing that'd set the world on fire, but enough to back up his underrated in-ring work.


RIP test! They should do a dark side of the ring episode on test


[Is Test still dead?](https://twitter.com/isteststilldead/status/1429744138061107201?s=21)


Like running into a brick wall. Always loved his big boot.


his full nelson slam looked great too


Remember his Full Nelson slam? Loved that one too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIEY8nJdU24


Bro forget the boot, the pump handle slam was epic




This, the pumphandle and that one time in ECW where he just had snot hanging from his nose. Like abnormally long. These are what I remember him for.


Love the leg slap from Billy Gun and then immediately the Test Big Boot which sounded exactly the same lol


My boy Galls used to call this guy “Diesel 2000”.


Such a main event look. But couldn’t promo to save his life.


Man, if Test had Kevin Nash's charisma he would've been world champion material.


Golden Nogger Award winner Test? Of course I remember him.


Testicle for life


He never got to play a kind, gentle kindergarten teacher in a pink sweater named Mr. Ticle


Can someone explain how the big boot is done safely? Its impressive how clean some of these look. Some you can see the hands catching the boot but others just take it straight on and the speed he's going at it looks like it could be a potato


Brodie Lee had a similar looking (perfect big boot). RIP


Dude, Test was so over in the Spring of 2001. His career never really recovered from turning heel during the Invasion storyline.


who else would be a contender? literally whenever big boot is mentioned my first thought is always Test. RIP king.


Charlotte actually does a pretty good one, I like how she transitions it into a sort of spin and pose spot that works with her character super well. And people like to shit on Hogans but I think that’s because Hogan’s usually required the other guy to do all the work (in all fairness probably was super safe) and it got progressively more shit as he got older and his legs got worse. Same with Taker, was good to start with but as he got older it became progressively less good looking.


In a parallel universe, he married Stephanie and is running NXT as Papa Test.


The thing that separated his Big Boot from everybody else's was that he drove his foot through the opponents head. Most big boots at the time were a person standing still lifting their leg while the opponent ran into their foot. But Test treated it like "I'm gonna make my foot hit the top rope on the other side of the ring, and if your head is in the way, so be it." Similar to the difference in a clothesline and a lariat.


[A Valuable Resource](https://mobile.twitter.com/IsTestStillDead?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor)


Test Test this is a Test


I used to love watching Test. His boot was my favorite finisher when I was a kid. I wish he'd been given a more marketable name and had a run as a main event heel.


Nobody's big boot beats Brodie Lee's.


That reminds me, is Test still dead?




Brodie will forever be my number 1 boot, but Test put some stank on it


That sell from the Undertaker. Damn.


That doesn't work for me brother!


What happened to him? Always felt he was underrated.


He's dead. Drug overdose many years ago


What a shame!


I didn't remember him using boot as a finisher, but it sure looks great here (perhaps because it's being sold as a finisher?).


He used it as a finisher for a period. He went through different finishers. I remember him having a ludicrous Top Rope Elbow Drop, as well as that Pumphandle Slam.


A lariat of a Big Boot.




The first one with Rock in it. Man, Test straight up kicked him in the face. Didn't get full extension. Rocky ate some Test toes.


So Rocky was a Test toe kill.😏


He will never be the next Nash man


LOOOOVE The Boot on Billy Gunn (the second last clip).


I bequeathed to a boot to the head, and one to Jenny and the wimp.


“Rodney, Pete Gas, Chewey Ahbs”


Yes. Yes it is.


For my money I'd say The Barbarian, but can't go wrong with Test.


Test had my favourite walkout music when I was a kid.


Missed his big boot to Bossman in the 2000 Royal Rumble that knocked out one of Bossman's teeth.


Did he not use the boot when he was in ecwwe? I remember him here and there from my childhood but never see his big boots from that era in his clips online


A couple of tours in Japan would have been world changing for him. He’d have been unstoppable.


God this really made me want to what wrestling on VCR


Idk about being a main eventer, but Test could’ve been bigger than he was when he was around. It’s a shame he ain’t here with us anymore.


**Test** did an autograph signing at a Blockbuster Video near my house way back in the day. He signed a metal folding chair we hastily grabbed from the garage when we heard about it. My mom sold it with the matching table and chair set at a garage sale years later anyways


Long Haired Test was a beast. R.I.P. Big Guy.


Dank wrestler, dank theme, dank moveset, really an underrated player from the attitude era and was taken too young from us. Love this dude.


I thought he had next.


Brodie had the best big boot


It was his finish for a good reason. I think the most impressive thing was always how he managed to get his leg nearly completely straight all the time.


Test is an all time great thigh slapper. It's a gift.


Everyone in this video sells it so damn well, too. I remember Test's boot being how I figured out the leg slap as a kid.




That boot can break any claymore in half. Where the boot to Lesnar though, that was a killer.


Test’s big boot>Mcintyre’s claymore


RIP man. Sucks what happened, wrestlers don't get anywhere near enough support after they retire :(


Definitely my favorite boot ever. I see a lot of love for the pumphandle slam too, which was another one of my favorites. It’s too bad he went away from it late in his career, using a variant of the roll the dice move that I believe he called the Test-drive, and finally the TKO in ECW. FANTASTIC diving elbow off the top too. Looked great and always sounded devastating since he was such a big guy.


Pleather Pants Test is the pro typical boy


It's like he's fucking jousting with his leg


I thought back in 99 he was going to be the next big canadian breakout. Maybe it just wasnt in the cards but still had something cool too him. Now he feels like another tragedy of the pre wellness check era wrestling, he went way too young.


God damn he was a beast with that move. I would submit Harpers Big Boot into the list of best users though. How he'd slide down onto one knee sometimes, just looked like he'd cut through people.


Test kinda became the poster child for WWE’s penchant for hiring and pushing tall dudes with more steroids than ability, but he was genuinely pretty good in the ring during the later Attitude Era and early Ruthless Aggression and stood out for how he made certain things look super impactful, like his Big Boot or the Pumphandle Slam. I think he gets a bit of a bad rap due to getting de-emphasized and buried 50 miles beneath the earth after Triple H married Steph in storyline, and his final run on WWECW where he was completely immobile and looked like a balloon animal with disgusting, Jinder-esq backne didn’t help at all. Still, for a couple years from late 1999 to early 2003, he was super fun to watch, and he certainly was a gazillion times better than all the stiffs of similar stature to him they brought in throughout the late 2000s and early 2010s.


Test was not a particularly good wrestler, but there were 3 things about him. 1- he was big 2- he was likeable 3- his big boot was _amazing_.


His running big boot, I used as my finisher in WWE games for years! That shot looked so cool!


Right before the 6th one where he hit Mark Henry you can hear Cole end a sentence with “Test” and begin the next with “He” and is sounds like he said teste.


This question mark should have been an exclamation mark.


His big push in the late 90s ultimately lead to getting triple H over


The pop he got for the big boot he did to Brock at the King of the Ring tournament was wild. They really believed for like 2 seconds that Brock was gonna lose.


Test was over during the Stephanie/Triple H angle. But when you are the good guy going up against someone who kidnaps and forcibly marries your fiancée…and you LOSE…it’s pretty impossible to ever come back.


Test had a consistently great Big Boot (always hid the slap of the leg pretty damn well too), but the greatest singular Big Boot of all time has got to be when Tim Donst got knocked the f\*ck out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEKdT12ORO0


I always liked Test. His elbow drop looked great and I always liked his pump handle slam finisher.


HHH had a funny line about fake lat syndrome at one of his first appearances.


And an awesome Elbow drop.


I think the key is that he pushes and follows thru with the kick, he doesn't just stand there letting the opponent walk into his boot. Which is kinda what Charlotte tries to do, but hers looks messy most of the times.


I still think Trent Acid had the best big boot


Something about Luke Harper’s big boot I loved the most


"Mom, can we get sweet chin music?" "We have sweet chin music at home."


Is Test still dead?


Best big boot? You gotta be jokin' me




Although Test had a really good Big Boot. Masahiro Chono's Kenka Kick is Friggin Brutal. But still, R.I.P Test, You will never be forgotten.