Lance Storm on Daffney: "Jericho tried to get her into WWE...the response he got from whoever it was said, ‘Yea, we really don’t like that screaming thing.’ He said, ‘Well then tell her not to scream.’ It’s like she doesn’t have to scream. It’s not the only thing she knows how to do"

Lance Storm on Daffney: "Jericho tried to get her into WWE...the response he got from whoever it was said, ‘Yea, we really don’t like that screaming thing.’ He said, ‘Well then tell her not to scream.’ It’s like she doesn’t have to scream. It’s not the only thing she knows how to do"


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She wasn't Johnny Ace's type.


Johnny Ace's type is women from lingerie catalogues. And Bruce's type is whatever is Vince's type.


Johnny Ace a filthy casual confirmed.


>Vince's type Blonde voluptuous femme fatales It's the exact type of character he tried, and failed, to recreate numerous times ever since Sable left WWE


If you listen to Cornette Vince was obsessed with Sable and white panties


Yep, white bra & panties look according to Cornette


Thought it was Dunn that was obsessed with white cotton panties


And let me guess the Panties and Bra match was a brainchild or Fart of Vince right? That was the beginning of the end for me with wwe. Just appealing to the lowest common denominator of wrestling fandom.


You've just made me realized I've never heard the story of how the Bra and Panties match was created. Vince, Bruce, Russo - who thought of it first? And who else was in the room that couldn't shoot it the fuck down..


Blonde and skinny with huge boobs. Pamela Anderson, all these years later. Or, I guess, Sable. Or Debra. Or Trish.


Hey it worked for Trish


Trish also transitioned from a purely sexualized valet with a bit of muscle into a legit decent wrestler which was also a huge part of her popularity after the Monday night wars


> into a legit decent wrestler I'll take huge understatements for $100, Alex.


No, "legit decent" about sums up Trish pretty well. You're remembering her work with rose coloured glasses if you think her peak could come close to what women today are putting on. Who knows how good she could have been had she been working with today's roster though..


Thankfully she was also a great wrestler.


Oh you mistyped : ‘s type after Vince I think!


Vince's types is also women from lingerie catalogues.


Johnny doesn't have a goth girl dom gf confirmed. And he calls himself Ace.


Johnny Ace out here slippin' instead of simping for a 9 foot tall vampire queen. What a mistake.


Lady Dimitrescu is love, Lady Dimitrescu is life ☺️


She lives… not just in my dreams


>Johnny doesn't have a goth girl dom gf confirmed He's married to the Bella Twins' mom, like the exact opposite of a goth girl dom GF.


He does not have a girlfriend who looks like Paige


He doesn't like screamers, because he can't scream on command himself.


Ace screaming sounds like two bricks being scraped together.




Jesus Christ. Even if I probably disagree with Johnny Ace on most things in wrestling, comparing him to someone who has been accused of what Andrew has been accused of is ridiculous. You might disagree with the guy on wrestling but it’s ridiculous to post that.


If I’m to understand context here a post was made calling John Laurinitis a pedophile because people don’t like how they think he did his job. And it received a net 8 upvotes


Yep. The guy compared him to Prince Andrew, who was tight with Jeffrey Epstein. How many upvotes do you think it would have gotten if he hadn’t deleted it?


Lmao you’re really comparing Johnny Ace to a fucking pedophile? And people are upvoting you? Take your hatred for WWE down a notch buddy Jesus Christ.


“He is really into twins though.” -Maria Kanellis…probably.


Johnny Ace's type is too bland, holy fuck


Yeah well no one in their right mind should even care what Johnny "Ace" thinks. That abusive prick should jump into the sea for all I care.


Right, but the unfortunate reality is that what he thought played into the hirings


Didn't wanna blow him like the Bella's did


I believe Daffney either had a stint or try out in OVW, courtesy of Colt Cabana’s podcast, and Johnny Ace told her that she should “find another business to work in.” What a complete cunt with no eye for talent.


Johnny Ace wasn’t looking for talent, he was looking for women he wanted to fuck


Dragging Laurinaitis' no-talent ass was one of the greatest things Punk did in WWE.


Except it led to us having to stomach him as an on screen character for months.


That was fine, as it was basically public humiliation. Punk verbally ripping off a chunk of Laurinaitis never got old.


For all of his efforts he got Laurinitus to headline a PPV ahead of himself while Punk was champ.


Good Christ that match is miserable. "Cena Beats Up An Old Man For 10+ Minutes And Then There's A Bullshit Finish". After th absolute banger that Bryan and Punk put on in the title match, too. Love that match. Like the card, mostly. Hate the Johnny Ace match.


All he had was People Power.


Funk man!


I agree. Oh was it satisfying


She was wicked hot. Zombie hot.


Vince is a dude that’s so racist and sexist he told JR that he wouldn’t hire Gail Kim because all East Asian women are ugly. Vince didn’t budge on that issue until JR told him there were porn sites just for watching East Asian women. Johnny and Bruce are people who dedicate every aspect of their lives to kissing Vince’s ass because they have nothing else to offer. This is the level of human being we’re dealing with. Not the type to have the best taste in general, let alone have the capability to understand that everyone finds different things attractive


You got it all wrong bro. JR didn't tell Vince about asian porn. He had to SHOW it to him.


Ah yeah I forgot that part. So racist and sexist he refused to believe Asian porn was real


Yeah and it's played off as lol silly ol vince instead of Vince being like 'WELL I GUESS I'LL HIRE ONE OF THE BEST PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS WORKING TODAY IF DUDE'S JACK OFF TO HER RACE.'


Seriously. It’s one of the stories that jumps to me whenever people try to pretend that Vince isn’t super bigoted


Vince is one of the few people who seems more toxic than his buddy Trump.


So what you’re saying is... Vince should run for President...?


That and the thing with Carlito. "KnOwInG ViNcE!"


Which thing?


That is sickening


Did he hire the Bellas? I guess he did. Awkward when you think of his current relationship status.


There's some rumours about Johnny Ace and the Bellas sharing some "acts" in a hot tub before they signed with the WWE. That'd also be before he went out with and married their mother...


That was said by Maria Kanellis in a shoot interview. She's proven to be a hypocrite and has contradicted herself many times. I wouldn't take her word on it.


All I know is that they were borderline jobbers the first time they left, and were mostly valets upon return. Then, Ace starts dating their mom and suddenly they’re top women in the division and are on a reality show. I’m not saying the two are related, but it’s not at all hard to form an argument that their star power and talent was manufactured in line with certain events. Edit; weird how you can allude to something as just being odd, yet still get responses from people looking to defend it. You can both like the Bella’s and accept their success was fortuitously timed with behind the scenes shenanigans, they’re not mutually exclusive.


Probably more to do with the fact Nikki and Cena started dating in 2012, and Brie and Danielson married in late 2013.


I don’t know if it had more to do with it, but at the very least all this behind the scenes stuff is certainly in line with their rise up the card. Hell, the only reason the Johnny Ace scandal rumors exist is because it was so bizarre how they went from bottom of the barrel to division focal points seemingly overnight


>I don’t know if it had more to do with it, but at the very least all this behind the scenes stuff is certainly in line with their rise up the card. Ehhh, I disagree. These rumors, are just rumors. There is very little to zero substance besides that Kanellis interview apparently (2nd hand, hearsay, not in the Tub with them speaking from personal experience), and everything else is circumstantial. HHH, Cena, and Danielson all had very meteoric rises after marrying/dating prominent people in the company, and family of. Nobody is accusing any of them of blowing Vince in the showers or anything. The Bellas are twins, which anyone who watched Hardees/Carl Jr commercials in the 00's can tell you was a very weird *thing*. They very clearly are good workers who know how to play the politics game, and yea, they probably got a nepotism boost. Maybe they did something in a hot tub and maybe they didn't, but you don't know- and citing them shooting up the card isn't really evidence of that, just proof that they were on the inside, not outside looking in.


I agree with you. It's weird how these wrestling fans here are basically calling Vince sexist and racist, and then those same fans are turning around and saying (with no proof) that the Bellas are sl*ts. It's hypocritical.


Also, Total Divas was announced less than 2 months after their return. I've always suspected a large part of why they were brought back was because that show was in the works and the Bellas had a more marketable hook than Nattie, etc.


There were reports in 2011 that Vince was extremely high on the Bellas and was extremely annoyed that the writers hadn’t tapped into the twin dynamic to build storylines. Then they had TD which was a vehicle for them that they brought to WWE. Those two things were probably the reason they became stars.


Both won the Divas title before they left and when they returned, it took Nikki a year and a half to win her only other title - within that time frame, Kaitlyn was champion, AJ had her longest title reign, Paige debuted and beat her, AJ returned and beat Paige, Paige won it again, then AJ again, and finally Nikki managed to win it. She wasn't rushed into it at all and then when she returned in 2016, Becky was the inaugural SD women's champion while she was having non-title feuds. Brie was always used to put somebody else over. They got bigger spots when they became over. [Check the reactions!](https://youtu.be/Ouhq7gs9k0I?t=250) to Vickie announcing AJ's opponents at WM. The Bellas got the biggest pops by far.


Which totally explains why they continued to be top stars and given top star opportunities even after Laurinitis had left, right? 🤦‍♀️ Seriously, this is just a remix of the old 'The Bellas only got pushed because of who they were screwing' which, as much as I hate it, is more believable than...*this*.


What are you talking about? They were already heavily famous even having a tv show before he was dating their mom.


I always go into any shoot interviews just assuming 75% of the stuff wrestlers say is bullshit, because it usually is. It's still entertaining bullshit.


Oh I've never taken the rumour seriously, didn't know it started from Maria Kanellis through. She's certainly said enough shit over the years to not be taken seriously.


Do you really think that their mother, who by all accounts is a good person and also was very successful in life prior to being on the reality show, would marry a guy that fucked around with both her daughters? Jesus Christ do you think the Bella family are trailer park trash or do you just hate WWE that much?


I put this on the same level as Macho sleep with an underage Stephanie McMahon. It's bollocks, but funny bollocks to point out.


This. People gloss over this like it’s not so fucking disgusting lol. These people are human for Christ’s sake.


Johnny ace is living Ted Cruz's dream life


You mean the same prick who told AJ Lee, “nobody wants to have sex with you”? Shocking. /s


Fuck him....gawd damn piece of shit


And it seems to be happening again now that he’s back


I can’t help wonder who is the biggest scumbag:Johnny Ace, Bruce Prichard, or Terry Taylor. Then I remember Panda refused to pay Daff’s medical bills and all three asswipes tie for 2nd.


Dixie, the answer is Dixie.


She and Jericho where probably very good friends as she was at one point married to the gutairist from Stuck Mojo and Fozzy (Jericho had already Left WCW the time of her debut in the company)


Damn, that explains All Out. I'm assuming Rich Ward was originally supposed to play out Jericho, or maybe the entire band


And you wonder why Punk left. The executive culture there sounds absolutely toxic.


To be fair, she didn't fit what they wanted in a Diva. She wasn't blonde, big titted, and full of plastic surgery. Look at the Diva Search, it wasn't about skill, it was about "Which of you gives the men a bigger erection?"


I honestly believe had her career not been ended in TNA she would have shown up in NXT eventually. She may not have made the main roster but I think she would have been a hit with NXT fans.


Ahh Funk man Stupid idiot signed the wrong one legged wrestler... He only looks for swimsuit model s.. Not talented people like Daffney.


Is this also why we never saw Screamin' Norman Smiley in WWE after WCW folded?


Not on screen. But he signed on to work backstage


We should get him back in the 24/7 scene.


Wearing the football gear and all


I assume he doesn't scream backstage?


Jericho has mentioned on his podcast before that when he suggested Norman Smiley as a trainer for WWE developmental, the reaction he got was “the hardcore guy from WCW?!”


How New Day never used him for a one off where they all did The Big Wiggle in the ring is ridiculous


My God I love Norman Smiley lol Always thought he should've had a heel run as Norman Scowley... just a big ol scowl at the fans as he's walking out & bootfckng guys on the mat And yes Ozzy would sing his theme song


WWE had no use for most of WCW. Just like when Vince bought Stampede, and so many other territories, it wasn't about the talent. He couldn't give two shits about who their stars were, he wanted your tape library and your IPs.


I mean we can't talk about promoters wronging Daffney without bringing up Dixie Carter.


through her entire career, Daff was done dirty.


I'm outta of the loop. What did Dixie Carter do?


She wouldn’t pay for Daffneys medical bills as Daffney wrestled an unsafe and inexperienced rookie from Team 3Ds school named Rosie lottalove, who was very overweight and the joke being she’s fat. On a taping of Xplosion, Rosie sat on Daffney which caused her a very serious injury that led to the end of her in ring career. She did have some injuries from hardcore matches previous to the Rosie match as well but that match was the cause. After the match, Bubba approached Daffney and apparently shouted at her because he said she made Rosie look bad, her complaining of her injury to management made them decide to not hire Rosie. Daffney was also let go from TNA once she decided to sue them because of the lottalove situation


Bubba doesn't get enough scorn for being the disgusting loser he is. Industry would be better off never, ever letting him when another day in his life


Bubba ray Dudley is seemingly bullet proof no matter how much awful stuff he does


Too many wrestling fans are sympatico with Bubba Ray. That's why.


Such an asshole that Awesome Kong beat his ass backstage.


That was *Bubba The Love Sponge*, one of Hogan's buddies. *Why* did Kong beat his ass? Well it's simple, he tweeted "“I say fuck Haiti Why do we have to take care of everybody our country is in shambles. Bubba” Kong taking offense to that, because she's not an asshole, had a few words with him. He allegedly also sent her a threatening phone call, which she filed a lawsuit over. She then asked for her release from TNA, which they refused to grant, so she sat out until it was granted. You may remember Bubba as the man who let his wife have sex with Hogan, so he could film it and sell it. While we learned he was a racist, we also learned Bubba was a cuck. He's a piece of shit, who was briefly a Stern lackey, he's a literal nobody outside of where his radio show is broadcasted.


He should stick to what he knows, which is great for getting legit heat in his promos and a decent hand as a singles wrestler or in a tag team. As a Booker/trainer/backstage personnel, stay away as long as possible.


Wasn't there also a Hardcore spot that carter pressured daffney into? Like I know she got pigeon holed into hard-core stuff but I swear I remember a spot she didn't feel safe doing.


You’re correct, the match is the Monsters ball at BFG 2009, when Daffney was coerced by Terry Taylor into being chokeslammed through a barb wired board perched between the ring and barricade. She didn’t want to do it but they managed to change her mind and the bump indeed looked as nasty as you’d think it’d be.


I hope she and Abyss were cool, I believe Abyss is a good human being right? That spot was genuinely insane and too unfortunate that Daffney injured her arm there on the barricade


And because Spike didn't like Men on Women violence, they couldn't show that spot on Impact.


Isn't Rosie Lottalove the one that did a balcony dive and Sid Vicious'ed both of her legs?


No, that was Goya Kong. [**Rosie Lottalove lost 130lbs and goes by Andréa now.**](https://dasg7xwmldix6.cloudfront.net/episodes/154466_yubo4pEN.jpg) Edit: She was Sage Beckett in WWE.


Don't forget Terry Taylor. He helped to convince her to do a barbed wire table spot which concussed her. And Team 3D(namely Bubba) who "trained" Rosie. Rosie gets hired, because Bubba said she was one of his schools best students. She proceeded to injure Daffney, which Bubba promptly got angry at Daffney because it was somehow *her fault* that she got injured by a green wrestler.


I feel like if Rosie was one of Team 3D's best trainees, I wouldn't want to hire anyone from their school. She was not good at all.


Notable names to come from 3D's Academy: * Leva Bates / Blue Pants * GoD * Sage Beckett / Rosie That's about it. And I attribute their in-ring capabilities to the fact they were in WWE developmental at one point or another. I feel like Bubba doesn't even know how to make a ham sandwich, let alone how to train a wrestler. And to Sage's credit, she lost weight and became a pretty decent wrestler in NXT, wasn't anything special, but she wasn't "Rosie Lottalove" anymore, she made a better name for herself. I have a ton of respect for D-Von, because he stays out the media, he's not running his mouth or being an idiot, he seems content to watch his boys become wrestlers. While Bubba is just a bitter asshole, who thinks he's hot shit.


Lance Storm talking about Daffney and how Chris Jericho tried to get her into WWE: “I can’t recall a time I didn’t see her where she appeared happy, where she was smiling and making everyone around her smile and be happy as well. Not that I knew her that well, but there was also the connection in that Jericho knew her really well because she, at one point, was married to Jericho’s bandmate from Fozzy. The one story about Daffney I think is funny is Jericho tried to get her into WWE post Invasion. I remember him telling me that he went and suggested her, and the response he got from whoever it was in the office that he talked to said, ‘Yea, we really don’t like that screaming thing.’ He said, ‘Well then tell her not to scream.’ It’s like she doesn’t have to scream. It’s not the only thing she knows how to do.” Lance on recommending Angelina Love to WWE: “I was in OVW. They sent half a dozen or 10 women down to be trained and evaluated over two weeks, and Angelina Love was one of them.  I was a big fan of hers. I thought she was really talented. She looked great. She could talk. I really pushed hard for them to hire her. She had braids in her hair at the time, and they didn’t like the braids.  I was like, ‘I think if you offered her a contract and told her to take the braids out, she would.’ It’s just odd and funny that they see one thing, and like with Daffney, we don’t like the screaming. It’s like, well, she can do something else.”


I died at deadpan Lance Storm telling that Angelina Love story.


So good. Can picture him saying it and the WWE brass being like "Hmmm, no I'm not sure it'll work now that we've seen her in braids."


Dang... Like Laurinitis seriously believes in first impressions bring literally everything, doesn't he? Like can't flip a page to see Angelina without braids I've seen casting directors with more patience skimming through an acting resume than he apparently has


He's just a sexist pig who judges women on if he wants to or thinks he can find a way to fuck them. Dude is slime and the industry would be better if someone took him out back behind a truck and beat his ass


Oh no doubt. I'm aware of how sexist he is already. I was merely remarking on an assumed trait I just discovered about him


We’re taking about the guy who made one of the bashams shave his head because he couldn’t imagine him bald


And Angelina Love is exactly their type! A blonde with a huge rack, except she could also talk and wrestle and they don't hire because of braids. Goddamn,


Didn’t they cut Cena’s hair the day of his debut because they hated the Prototype look? And yet they lacked the wherewithal to ask Love to unbraid her hair?


Source is Cornette. One of JBL's lackies, I believe Harris Brothers, was the champion in OVW and called up to work a dark match on SmackDown. When he got there they wanted to know what he would look like bald so they had him, literally, shave his head.


It was one of the Basham Brothers but yeah, true story.


And then Cornett's was pissed because he could have booked a hair match.


And they told Michael Hayes that they will only hire him if he got a haircut and shaved his bear


Terry Gordy wasn’t a shaved bear, that was just how he looked


Well you see when they find that 1 turn off about these women then they are not attractive to them anymore and these people don't hire women who are not attractive to them.


They signed Angelina Love, she was Angel Williams at DSW. She kept getting injured whenever she was about to get called up. They were high on her at one point.


Its like how Luke Harper became forever unappealing to Vince cause he couldn't pull off a Southern accent


Johnny Ace the type of dude would walk into his dream house and then not buy it because the living room was painted green.


He’d pass on his dream car because he didn’t like the song on the radio.


Reminds me of this Weird Album song: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PtMU8nvZzOs


The Ruby Riott situation shows that mentality hasn’t changed at WWE & likely never will. If someone who is that universally praised by colleagues & fans can’t even get within range of meaningful programs before release, it’s not happening there.


Funnily enough Ruby is one of Daffney's girls. She was their manager in Shine.


Angelina Love seems like she’d be exactly WWE’s type? And she’s talented. Them passing on her baffles me?


So we all just hallucinated Paige and Melina and every single woman who went through a shitty 'crazy heel' phase where they did nothing but scream?


My first thought was Paige and melina both did the screaming thing. Iirc when Paige got brought up her tron and jacket literally said scream with me.


"Scream *For* Me." It was a bit more sinister/innuendo.


I mean that's nearly 10 years later. Do people think opinions shouldn't change one bit over a decade?


Bryan Alvarez brought that up. Basically, reading between the lines, Daffney just wasn't "Diva Hot" enough to be hired, but they had no problem with their own taste in women doing a screaming act.


I was about to say, Melina used to banshee wail constantly, and Vickie Guerrero's entire gimmick was screaming.


Carmella constantly screams


"Did you call me *CRAZY!?*"


Lance or Bryan actually brought Melina up during that podcast as an example.


Mean while Page screamed all the time...


I immediately thought of Vicki Guerrero who’s gimmick still to this day is to scream “EXCUSE ME!” As loud and shrill as she can.


“THIS IS MY HOUSE!” Show off tongue ring every two seconds I don’t miss Paige at all. I’m sorry her career was cut short, but she just irritated me.


I would’ve loved to see Daffney in the WWE. She is and could’ve been the anti WWE Diva. Going against the grain of the standards of what a WWE diva is supposed to be.


She would have destroyed it like she did everything else in wrestling. She was one of the great womens wrestlers and on top of that, no one had/has a bad thing to say about her.


I know the opportunity wouldn't have come until after her injury, but I still imagine in her in some alternate wrestling reality as the perfect Sister Abigail.


*Vicki Guerrero has entered the chat*


I think that Lance is just missing the point that the WWE simply didn't want to give Daffney a shot. Probably because she didn't fit the mold of typical sexy Diva for the time. So they gave Jericho a line of bullshit when he pitched her.


I think that’s what Lance was getting at.


Yea, I don't know about that. I listened to the show yesterday in its entirety, and the point that Lance ended on was that the WWE are very closed minded when they view a talent. And that the WWE will look at one single attribute, then make up their mind. Like the braids in Angelina's hair, or Daffney screaming. Whereas I believe that the WWE had more reasoning that they didn't want to disclose for giving a talent a shot. And the reason that they weren't open about it, is because they didn't want to come out and say the sex appeal that they were scouting for their on air female talent.


It’s not like they haven’t employed screamers so to speak. So probably bull shit on their part


Oh God. Jillian Hall 😭


I don't think he's missing the point, I think he's just not saying the quiet part out loud.


The screaming was just an excuse. It's obvious why Daffney didn't get make it to WWE. She didn't have their preferred look. Big tits and ass and was too alternative. Lita also had a alternative look but she showed she could do sexy and could do lucha things which was unique. They also probably didn't like that she was in WCW and didn't want to continue her character because it wasn't their idea. So they probably didn't know what to do with her without her WCW gimmick. Other WCW girls transitioned better because they were hot like Stacy and Torrie or WWE created a gimmick for them like Molly Holly. If WWE don't get your gimmick or don't come up with it you're going to have a tough time just look at DDP. Not many WCW wrestlers kept their same gimmicks when the Invasion happened. Even a guy like Booker T who kept his gimmick after WCW still only won his only WWE world title with a King gimmick that WWE came up with.


Daffney was gorgeous, though. She just didn't present herself in that manner for the bulk of her career.


Seriously, this wasn't good looking enough? https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4b/Daffney\_July\_2010\_crop.jpg


Absolutely gorgeous. I even love the makeup she had on her. Very goth ice-queen vibe


the article also points out they did the same thing to Angelina Love


She would’ve fit in well in WWE.


Spooky girl doing spooky things you would think would have been right up their alley.


I always saw Paige as Daffney 2.0 when she came in. It’s sad they didn’t want the scream but yet hired a screamer later on.


Jericho should’ve shown Vince some Goth porn then he might’ve hired her.


Funnily enough had he shown her a certain website (not gonna mention it by name as not to upset anyone) he might very well have been convinced.


I cannot mentally process WWE think. They are beyond the mortal realm of understanding.


I was excited when they hired her and gutted when she got canned that December. I also remember being stoked to see Crowbar vs O'Haire/Steiner respectively that same year on Velocity/Heat etc.


Honestly I don’t think WWE would have know how to use Daffney well. She was not their “type” at all.


And say whatever you want, but the same 'she's not our/my type'/'not fuckable' bullshit is *exactly* the reason why Ruby didn't get a proper shot in WWE either.


They literally gave Melina that gimmick this company man anyway Daffney honestly would’ve fit like a glove in WWE probably would’ve been one of the best managers for that era but alas.


And also, later hired Paige who has a similar look. But of course there was a lot of time and different backstage folks between then


Daffney REALLY should have been a no-brainer for post WCW hires for WWE. Her character would have fit so well with all the women who would come in around the mid 2000s


"I want athletic 10's". An actual quote from VKM that Bruce shared on STW


They immediately then turned around and hired Melina Perez and had the entirety of her manager character for 2 years being hot chick with a shrill scream throughout all her team’s matches. This is not a shot at Melina, just if the reason given was “we don’t like the scream” it’s ironic that they embraced a WORSE scream for someone else.


At this rate, people can take any tragedy in this world and spin it to “WWE’s fault.”


Facts. Why is this being brought up now? Very distasteful




That’s such a bizarre reason to not want her. I’m sure if she would’ve looked like Sable, they would’ve ignored the screaming though. Not saying Daffney wasn’t attractive, but she didn’t fit WWE’s idea of attractive. But I think she would’ve been a great fit in WWE. We were robbed of potential matches with her and Trish, Lita, and others that were there at the time. I’m not sure if she ever wrestled Mickie or Victoria in TNA, but those would’ve been good too.


She feuded with Victoria (known as Tara) in TNA over the knockouts title. It was a pretty cool feud. Tara's gimmick in TNA is that she carried a spider which Daffney kidnapped. They had what I think may have been the first women's first blood match in a major promotion. The blowoff to the whole thing was the infamous lockbox challenge but let's not dwell on that cause it was the stupidest fucking thing ever.


Rowan: “Did someone say.... spider?”


Even an implication that Daffney wasn't attractive enough would be utter insanity from WWE. Someone look at her and tell me she wasn't one of the most attractive women in wrestling. Being blonde isn't a crime, WWE.


As much as I don’t like Jericho’s trump stuff, he does seem like a decent human being.


Almost all the backstage stories I've heard about him are him trying his best to help younger talent out. Jericho was always hazed hard coming up, so it seemed like he did his best to make sure other young wrestlers didn't experience the same thing.


That’s respectable


He stepped in to get David Benoit pulled from a Stampede Show, because Smith Hart(brother of Bret) decided to book this untrained idiot knowing full well he was untrained. He's a complicated person, like we all mostly are.


“Someone killed themselves? Find a tedious link so we can shit on WWE!”


Using her death to further your anti-WWE agenda


A woman who tragically committed suicide probably wouldn't have been a good fit in WWE with their culture of horrific bullying and misogyny


I mean,she was in WCW.I don't think that locker room was any better


WWE doesn’t owe everyone a job


I'll take "that's not really the point of this post" for 500, Alex.


Then what is the point?


Try harder to miss the point next time 🙄