PWInsider: Tommy Dreamer has been indefinitely suspended from Impact by Ed Nordholm

PWInsider: Tommy Dreamer has been indefinitely suspended from Impact by Ed Nordholm


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I feel like Tommy getting more hate than ric from this episode.


Everyone was expecting Flair to get cancelled in this episode but no one could’ve predicted that Dreamer was going down with him.


Lesnar should be as well for his behaviour prior to the plane journey. Dustin got off lightly on the show as well


What did Brock do?


Terri said he flashed her the night before and then the fight on the plane.


LOL nothings going to happen to Brock for that.


Brock is, as JR so aptly put, a made man.


Exposed himself to Terri Runnels backstage not long after he joined WWE. Also, in the events from the episode, he and Mr. Perfect were causing a ruckus, Perfect got fired for it but not Brock.


Perfect got fired for that and because the fucking guy was roofying half the plane.


It feels like Perfect getting released was because him rubbing Brock instigated the fight between them. Some wrestlers have said that some of Hennig’s ribs would go a bit too far; Konnan and Disco Inferno have said on Konnan’s podcast that some of Hennig’s ribs included messing with other wrestlers belongings and that he once destroyed Kidman’s ring shorts prior to a match to the point that Billy had to rush to a WalMart and buy some new denim shorts just to have something for the night.


Henning the O.G. of it's only a prank bro.


Hennig's also the leading suspect for instigating the Dynamite Kid vs Jacques Rougeau fued that ended with Dynamite getting his teeth knocked out


Hennig was also the one who caused the escalation between the Rougeaus and the Bulldogs by messing with their gear, resulting in a fight which caused Dynamite to get his teeth knocked out by a roll of quarters. You’d think he’d have learned from that shit back then


Probably not ideal for a guy wrestling dark matches


Especially after he absolutely bombed when he got a singles match with Stone Cold Steve Austin shortly after an impressive return in the Royal Rumble. Unfortunately, Hennig was well past his prime in 2002. Thus, he really was in no position to STILL be instigating other talent with juvenile pranks as a grown man in his 40s.


It's crazy, he was in his early 40s and considered past his prime. Meanwhile a lot of guys now are just hitting their stride at 40.


Drugs are a helluva drug.


Everyone was already at least kind of aware of Ric. Tommy has a rep as being a good chill guy as far as wrestlers go. So hearing him talk like this, took a lot of people by surprise.


Sometimes the smart thing is to shut the fuck up. Ric chose not to respond for the show, which is the best thing he could do in order to not look worse. If Dreamer held his dumb beliefs but chose not to air them on TV, then we'd never know and it'd be chill. >It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt. Side note, I think Dreamer's thoughts show that side of wrestling (and other areas in society) where they play make believe and get so wrapped up in the industry that they don't see the wider scope in society, which leads to this thought process of "its okay because that's just what Ric does." Vince is the absolute worst example of this, considering he needed burritos and the fact that 'people find Asian women attractive' explained to him. Hopefully it's less prevalent nowadays and most of the workers realize a bigger world exists outside of wrestling where ribs and sexual harassment aren't normal.


This episode really showed how carny the WWE was back in the Attitude Era. Vince wanted so bad to be one of the boys, and turned a blind eye to everything happening behind the scenes, but didn't give JR or anyone else any power to fire people without his consent.


"Ric was a made man. Ric got a pass." Turns out this is still true 20 years later. But I think the main reason Tommy is getting most of it is because Ric did something heinous 20 years ago, while Tommy said something heinous today. Not excusing anything that was said or done, I'm just trying to apply logic to it.


It’s also surprisingly stupid of Tommy. Like wtf was he thinking? He knew everyone was going to see this. How did he not understand this would blow up in his face?


I think more than anything wasn't that Ric got a pass but that 20 years later Tommy Dreamer was still giving it a pass.


More so, Tommy doesn't think that anything Ric did even needs a pass. It was all above board.


I think a lot of people already knew Ric was a pervy old man and about the sexual assault suit. It's, sadly, not surprising to hear. Dreamer defending him and dismissing the accusations in such a flippant way is a new development and *is* surprising.


For Dreamer I think a big part of it was the tone in his voice while saying it. I just finished the episode and couldn’t believe how hard of a stance he took. He sounded disgusted that this women was grossed out and scared at Flair forcing her to touch his penis. The episode also showed the direct contrast of her having PTSD from the incident and them him basically saying “fuck your get over it”. And then his comment saying “someone is probably offended by my haircut right now”. Now you come off as an inconsiderate prick and an idiot. Great job Tommy.


It's more that we've had years to come to terms with the shit Ric did. But Dreamer's attitude to this took us all by surprise.


I guess I understand the sentiment of not wanting to throw my friend under the bus publicly. He is grasping at straws to defend his friend. If I were tommy I just wouldn’t have done the damn interview.


Yeah, him actually agreeing to be on the episode was what confused me most. Was he even on that plane ride? Like, what a dumb fucking hill to die on, defending a guy over an event that you didn't even see first hand.


He was part of that WWE UK tour, so I guess he had to be on the plane.


RVD is on there and managed not to bury himself at all lol.


*Ric Flair has consistently said there are no truth to these allegations* Rvd: Yeah I saw Ric doing the helicopter with his dick to a flight attendant named Heidi in the gally. I even took a picture.


Rick James: yeah I remember grinding my boots all over Eddie's couch


I ***think*** it was Lanny Poffo to Wade Keller, who told a casual story about Ric just flopping it out at a restaurant onto some lady's shoulder. He was both bewildered that Ric did that, and also that the lady stayed put and kind of just gave it a gentle pat like a pet hamster. He didn't endorse the action mind you. He was both completely aware that it was weird as hell, and that it was also something you could get away with because Ric was Ric and wrestlers has that kind of star power in a certain place and time.


For a stoner, RVD thinks shit through.


RVD was doing well in school before he decided to do wrestling.


Of course RVD excelled in high school.


Just watched the episode and RVD came across as someone who deeply regrets what happened, and fuck Tommy Dreamer if Flair had done that today WWE would purge him for their existence from the public outcry


Hes notorious for wanting to make everyone happy. The problem is when you make a sexual predator happy - you enable their abuse


Turns out Tommy Dreamer’s just not that smart.


Dudes gotta have potato soup for brains from all the direct chair shots to the head over the last 30 years.


I mean he was gonna kill himself in front of Paul Heyman at Mania 17 because of ECW closing down.


No, he was going to kill Heyman first and then kill himself.


He's so dumb he was gonna off himself first


This sounds like something that Bobby Heenan would have said.


Well Heenan was at Wrestlemania 17!


God I miss The Brain


Ah yes, he's still fucking dumb though.




He could have still defended his friend's character, while being extremely disappointed if the allegations of Ric forcing himself on the flight attendant were true. Everything he said just made him look worse, as if he has bigger things to hide and desperately doesn't want to out Ric.


Nobody forced him to do the show. He could have stayed home and kept his shitty take to himself. He willingly went on national television to talk about it. In 2021. Just a dumbass move all around.


You expect Tommy Dreamer to turn down a paid booking? On TV none the less?


The irony is it might be one of his last paid bookings.


Eh, there are plenty of kids birthday parties out there


Just don't invite Velveteen Dream!


his tone came across like he was tired of how that plane ride was portrayed and wanted to massively downplay it, such a deliberate choice and bizarre one.


The thing I don't get with that argument is that there has been nothing out there over the last few years that indicates that Dreamer and Flair were even close. Dreamer is behaving more like a whiteknighting fan than anything else.


This is what I think it comes down to. Tommy is one of those guys who seems like he'll defend "the boys" on whatever because he still seems to idealize wrestlers as counter culture outlaws who flout the rules of normal society. Particularly his generation, which were the last generation of the rock star lifestyle they were trying to emulate. A combination of the deadly consequences of that lifestyle leading to a generational shift as well as people in the outside world paying more attention, makes him go into rants about cancel culture because the wannabe outlaws are now able to be held accountable. He has no problem calling the flight attendant a greedy lying slut because he thinks of the world as "us vs them" in regards to wrestlers vs everybody else and seemed to go into defense mode just out of either habit or because he genuinely will defend "the boys" on anything. Finally, he was there for the absolute horror show that was the ECW locker room so I feel like this was him lashing out because he knew there so many other stories...potentially some where he was much closer to the shady goings on, and this felt like him laying the groundwork for a defense, just in case season 4 decides to look at ECW.


A relationship with Flair could win Tommy Dreamer a job somewhere down the line, provided Flair retains business cache. Flair's business cache probably just evaporated on this episode. So what you see is a man desperately trying to hang on while the tides turn.


I think there's enough history of dreamer being a fan of WRESTLING that he would just back whatever it was to the hilt as long as it was to do with WRESTLING. That was host how the boys were and Ric was one of the boys.


Maybe he's just of the mind that nothing Ric did, was wrong? Why is it so hard for people to understand that there is still that 'boys will be boys' mentality around. With how casually he threw out the eye roll when saying 'someone took offence' and about how people will get mad at him because of his ponytail, it seems very much like he is one of those.


Yeah but uh, nobody ever did shit over the years about what Ric did. I'm really not sure how different it is for Tommy to say that, or for everybody here to turn a blind eye to what Ric did. It's like people decided going into the episode that somebody was going to take a shit storm and as soon as Tommy said that it was like "OH thank god it doesn't have to be Ric!" Like.. it's just weird to me.


Jr previously got fired over what Ric did.


Fucking right? Shit is wild to me. Granted tommy just could’ve not said anything, but still. The internet is a very weird and odd place


It sure is CaptainButtFart69. It sure is.


Ric is flat out denying any wrongdoing. Meanwhile Tommy acknowledges some of the vile stuff as truth and then goes on to downplay and gaslight. He in turn is simply wylin




That "just saying" will get a person every single time.


I think it's just because Tommy has actual gigs and a job he can be removed from. What can be done to Ric besides social media outrage?


Stop carting him out for cheap pop


Yep, no argument there. Just saying there's no place to really fire him from right now, you know?


There was rumors of AEW wanting to bring in Ric.


They were setting it up . Now who knows .


Honestly when they were in the "setting it up" phase there was talkin on here of this Plane ride from Hell episode going to bury Ric hard. I wouldn't be surprised if Tony waited to see how this all went before fucking with anyone else from that era especially Flair.


Jericho is involved enough with Dark Side that they were probably aware of everything ahead of time, no?


Because everybody already knows about Ric, most likely.


Sometimes people hear vague things and it truly doesn't catch on until somebody with a platform starts making noise. People knew for decades about Bill Cosby but it took Hannibal Buress continuously hammering at home whenever he did stand up or had a mike in his hand. I'm hoping this is what it takes to get Ric to finally have his due.


People will point out that this is because we already knew about Ric. But, more than that, we have discussed this in length just in the past few weeks. There have been threads pretty much every other day about who will work with Ric after the documentary, etc, etc. So for a lot of folks the topic isn't just a dead horse. It's a dead horse that they've all had their turn at with the baseball bat just in the past fortnight. What they're discussing is the current event. The news. The developing story.


Same reason Dustin Rhodes and others were fined/reprimanded, but Ric got off without issue.


Man there is gonna be a dark side of the ring episode on this episode now


Dark Side of the Ring's "Dark Side of the Ring's Plane Ride of the Hell".


Narrated by a bunch of cancelled wrestlers, MST2K style


Meanwhile the guys that actually did the things will keep getting paydays showing up everywhere.


WOOOOOoooooo! /s


Damn bruh everyone dipping on him


Never thought I’d see the fall of Tommy Dreamer


Never meet your heroes like RVD said


Tommy is apparently trying to protect his


I highly doubt Ric Flair gives a shit about Dreamer either.


This is the real thing I think as well. Unless I’m missing something I don’t think Dreamer even crosses Flairs mind


Especially weird since ECW was so "fuck those old guys in Atlanta" during their whole existence. Dreamer would've probably been jobbing to Haku if he ever made it to WCW.


Haku?? He would´ve been jobbing to Das Wunderkid!


Tommy: You took everything from me! Ric: I don’t even know who you are


Ric: *woos in confusion*


It confused itself in it's woo'ing


Ric: Sir this is a Wendy's


Ric Flair up until like a month ago might affect Dreamer's money, but Dreamer won't be affecting his. In this context, it makes sense. But is sad.


Man did you see how his eyes lit up when he talked about flairs dick? That man had genuine love in his soul for Ric Flairs penis. Have we been asking about Batista this whole time by mistake?!


>That man had genuine love in his soul for Ric Flairs penis. I hate to agree with you here but this seems like an accurate take.


The key difference being that Nobody knows how big is Batista's dick, meanwhile apparently EVERYONE knows how big is Flair's Dick


Like a babys arm holding an apple


By god, youre a tripod


Good thing my heroes are all fictional. Spider-Man will never let me down.


I mean he killed Quentin Beck…


RVD was out here telling the truth "Your hero's are not good people, don't meet them"


I should have known he was suss when he told a story on a podcast about wiping his ass with towels in a hotel, and that he fussed at Rhyno for cleaning up behind himself because “that was their job.” He also brought his young daughters out to the front row to watch him bleed all over the fucking place in TNA. They got freaked out (duh) and Beulah had to take them to the back. Dude is fucked in the head.


Imagine not learning from Mick Foley.


Everyone needs to learn from Mick Foley.


> Everyone needs to learn from Mick Foley. Now seems like a really good time to remember that "nicest guy in the business" Mick Foley has never really liked Ric Flair.


Didn't he write an entire chapter flaming Ric?


Flair called him a garbage wrestler and stalled his career in WCW. My favorite story concerning those two was when Foleys book came out evidently it passed off Flair so much he wanted to have a scrap. Well Mick was absolutely incensed and was willing to oblige him and they had to be separated. Mick downplayed it and said it was for the best and that he didn't need to get his ass kicked in front of the boys. Flair says it was Arn who got in between them and got him out of the room and ripped him a new one. Asking him if was stupid for picking fights with a guy who willingly got lit on fire and launched off the cell. Even Flair admitted it was incredibly stupid.


Flair probably spent a huge part of his career trying to intimidate people into capitulating to him and no one ever stood their ground because Flair had political power. So it makes sense he'd try to publicly humiliate a guy in a "safe environment" like catering. Unfortunately for Ric, Mick's testicular fortitude is the stuff of legend. That was probably the first time anybody just said "okay, lets fight Ric" in his entire career.


Its crazy how nice of a person Mick comes off as being, like a big teddy bear, but also the last person in the world anyone would ever want to fuck with. Guy can be scary intimidating when he turns on the crazy.


Mick Foley did this in 1999 and immediately regretted it, how fucking stupid is Tommy Dreamer? When he admitted to wanting to shoot Paul Heyman on a Wrestle Mania show I thought he was just being dramatic but this guy seems like a real weirdo.


Are you talking about when Mick did the I Quit Match at the Royal Rumble? If so in his defense the Rock went way over the line with what was agreed upon before the match and what he did when they started. Beyond The Mat showed their conversation beforehand where they talked about 2 shots max and how Mick's kids were going to be watching. Flashforward and Rock committed assault with a deadly weapon and I have no idea how Mick didn't get brain damage. Rock seemed apologetic afterward, but I always wondered if Vince told him to push the envelope.


Yeah I've seen Beyond The Mat recently, it's a great film but the idea of having his kids at the age they were watching him in a hardcore brawl of any kind is crazy. And yeah, I have no idea wtf was up with The Rock lol


Rock was fucking *lethal* with the chairshots in the Attitude Era.


The Rock seemed to lose control.


I am pretty sure the Rock did just lose control. If his second book, Foley makes it clear that the Rock was still fairly raw during this period and his wrestling "instincts" were pretty bad and he actually flubbed or missed spots a lot because he was 2-3rd year wrestler. People seem to forget that the Rock was a main eventer at a stage of his career when most wrestlers were still working their way up.


Foley did get brain damage. He suffers terrible CTE-related vision problems among many other serious issues. He talked about it on his A&E doc.


It's pretty sad how much Foley has aged recently. The guy looks and sounds ten years older than he is.


I think he did without doubt. I can’t imagine Rock being that much of a reckless idiot without some prodding beforehand


The one guy not actually involved with the plane ride will be the only one taking heat. Wow. I have no idea how Dreamer thought any of that was a good idea.


What if this was his idea to deflect stuff from the others?


Flair paying him under the table to take the fall


“Woo! C’mon, Tommy boy, just do the job for Naitch one last time.”


Flair would have to have money to do that. Between his debts and 4 marriages he doesn't exactly have bribe money left.


Dreamer was on the plane, he just wasn't one of the people acting horribly.


Are we certain Tommy Dreamer wasn't on the plane? Saw comments saying he was part of WWF's UK tour. And also used words like "when we landed.." during the episode.


Quick search lists him as a participant of the WWF Hardcore Title Fatal Four Way Match in cologne, germany, as part of the WWF Road To Insurrextion Tour. https://www.cagematch.net/en/?id=1&nr=26589


He compared sexual assault to him having two ponytails, whyyyy would you do that.


Because under a pony's tail is a horse's ass. Coincidentally, just like Dreamer now appears.


Most of the really guilty parties are either not employed by the major companies or dead. There aren't really any possible consequences now for actions that already happened. Tommy, though, spoke in a way that basically defended sexual assault and had a job to lose. It stands to reason that he would have the most visible consequences.


Well Ric Flair was employed with WWE up until like a month ago. And Dreamer might still think he has a future in the business. This show killed his future.


Meanwhile, every promotion and their mother will still roll out the red carpet for Ric Flair.


Dark side of the ring: I’m about to end this man’s whole career.


Don't sell it, Tommy.


I've been told Tommy thinks he's fired because his haircut.


I mean double pony?


I’ve been told he isn’t too upset about it either, because he’s lucky he still has hair since he’s 50.


On this edition of when keeping it real goes wrong.


"Granny no!" - Tommy Dreamer in a few months


FUCK THAT! I don’t like people playing on my phone.


holy fuck Dreamer all you had to do was not sit in front of a camera and talk about how cool sexual harassment is what the hell dude


Dude it's like having a bad haircut! Chill!


Legit feels like he took one for the team. He was the fall guy.


Tommy came off REAL bad in that episode. Like... he honestly sounded like if he learned Dusty Rhodes had assaulted someone in his family he'd laugh it off as a gag and say that you're just too sensitive.


This 100%. The comment he gave at the end about if she really wanted closure she shoulda followed through on the suit rather than settle for money was pretty fucking cold blooded and ignorant. Like I honestly turned and told my gf wow that was fucked as soon as he said it.


Especially when the flight attendant basically says that they only accepted the settlement because her husband wanted to.


That was the big turning point for me, too. I can honestly understand struggling to look at someone you respect and admire in that kind of light. I could even live with him saying just that. "Ric Flair is someone I respect and admire, and I don't want to comment on this" wouldn't have been great, but I could at least respect and understand it. Blaming the victim for taking the settlement instead of trying to go toe to toe in court with a multi billion dollar corporation, a beloved household name, and their limitless resources, oh, and by the way, if they lose, they're broke, humiliated, and out of a job? Now that is shitty and he should know better than to buy into that garbage.


He definitely came off like he was trying to protect Flair. More disturbing though was his attitude towards the flight attendant, I get Ric Flair is a friend, but real friends hold each other accountable for their behavior.


I remember listening to the Busted Open podcast after the Jimmy Snuka Dark Side of the Ring episode. Tommy Dreamer sounded like that kid that would wait on his father outside with his bags knowing damn well his father wasn’t gonna show up, but still held out hope. Jimmy could do no wrong to Dreamer. Tommy uses the excuse of ‘you have to listen to both sides of the story’ but of course, Jimmy has passed and he wasn’t mentally able to before that🙄. Dreamer bragged that Snuka let him kick out of his Superfly Splash…it just seemed his childhood is being ruined and rather than accept it, he’s making excuses for them and destroying his career in the process.


And of course, it's always the fault of the judgemental public and bitter victims, not the people doing the sexual assault or murdering, respectively.


I’m amazed nobody stopped Tommy during these interviews to ask him if he’s sure that’s the route he wants to take this. Save Tommy from his own shit take.


After watching the Confidential episode with Jericho and the creators, I think it's because they take their journalistic integrity pretty seriously. I have no real concrete evidence of this, but if they did that then they'd violate that integrity. At its core reporting and journalism is "here's the facts warts and all", so yeah it sucks that Tommy Dreamer has such a trash take, but they're just putting out what is said.


Man what an idiot. Just steamrolled all of the good will he had built for himself over the last few years. Selfishly I am a little sad that his is starting to get dropped because over the last few years (before covid) he did a lot of work for a little independent company up here in Canada. He was able to get some big names to appear at events for us. Like Bret Hart and Mark Henry. Sucks that, that is likely out the window now too.


Which company? From Alberta here want to start looking in to nearby indies


It was in Ontario. Called Chinlock


He chose a very weird hill to die on


holy shit, that's wild.


I don’t know how the fuck he thought joking about his hairstyle in the context of sexual assault was going to go over


Say what you want— but this is a headache Impact doesn’t need. And you can have your own opinion, but that can have consequences. Having a dude in the back that was brushing off sexual assault as if it was no big deal is only going to invite issues. I mean there’s a ton of talent that don’t have awful and problematic takes — why bother with the headache.


The man spent over 25 years building up his career and image, and then nuked it all in one hour.


All because he couldn't stand the idea of a woman being 'offended' by Flair waving his penis about in front of her. That's what ground his gears enough to want to go on TV and stick his neck out - being aggrieved that someone was, in his mind, simply offended by what rationally would be considered a sexual assault. Even if he personally doesn't think it was a big deal, imagine being motivated so much by hating the fact that someone else *does* think that, you'd want your name and face out there telling everyone this.


While being the father to 17 year old twin girls. I feel like if one or both of his daughters came home with a story like that, he wouldn't be laughing.


Sadly, after that interview I could see Dreamer saying "what were you wearing?" to his own daughters. Dude had some glee in his eyes making fun of the victim's trauma


Why is Tommy Dreamer getting more shit for this than Ric Flair?


Right? It was a stupid take but he wasn't the one helicoptering his dick and boxing in stewardesses


He had to know this was coming. He honestly left impact wrestling zero choice.


Did he? Because honestly, the episode was probably filmed months ago. If he cared he would have notified Impact management about it sooner. And it's not like Dark Side of the Ring is an unknown property or on its first season.


The problem is that he had no idea this was coming because Tommy’s used to the kinds of things he said being ok in wrestling. That he’s getting flack for it is ultimately progress.


>He had to know this was coming. Do any of these idiots think like this? No they don't. He's probably gonna go on a tirade about being cancelled I'd bet money on it.


Of course he's being canceled, he has a double ponytail








Listen man, he's just happy he has hair


Even the guys on BO tried to distance themselves from him in a way. And given Dreamer's history... well lets just hope he doesn't do anything stupid.


> He's probably gonna go on a tirade about being cancelled I'd bet money on it. I'd take that bet actually, Dreamer has exposed himself as a sexist pig BUT the man seems like the sentimental sad sap type based on backstage stories about him, I expect the teary apology response if we get one.


"As the father to two teenage girls, I want to apologize.." I guarantee that's how it'll start. There'll also be a "People who know me realize that this was a lapse in judgement and doesn't reflect my values," type statement as well.


Probably thought he was going to come back to a load of high fives.




It's crazy - before I watched Dark Side of the Ring, I liked Dreamer. I witnessed the man destroy his own career last night. Amazing. Good on IMPACT for taking action.


He fucked up! He fucked up! He fucked up!


If you ever listen to Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer shoot shit on Busted Open, this does not surprise you. Hell two days ago Bully was talking about how if he was in Dave La Greca's position and Thunder Rosa came to stay at his house. He would have jumped in bed to join Velvet and Thunder Rosa.


New Jack came off looking better in the episode about him than Dreamer came off this.


Tommy Dreamer - the *real* carny piece of shit.


Stealing Don Callis gimmick.


Real men don't quit - they get fired!


I died.


Now will they ban Ric from all backstage appearances? If not this is just Dreamer taking the heat.


Usually, you see pieces like this get edited to make someone look bad. ​ However, Tommy was literally asking himself questions and answering them in one solid take.


Yeah, it's hard to argue your way out of this one. It certainly made it worse that his statements were juxtaposed with the stewardesses statements, but nothing was chopped together to change the meaning.


Won't be popular comment, but shocked any wrestlers or people still actively working would involve themselves with this show.


I would think most of them aren’t worried because they believe what they’re saying is what’s right. I’m sure Tommy thought he was right too.


Right? JR is in a bunch of episodes, doesn't come off as an idiot. RVD was blunt, but right. Justin Credible came off very level headed. No one came off poorly except for Dreamer.


> RVD >blunt Heh heh...


Mike Chioda also looks like a total chode if we are being fair.


Some wrestlers are not very smart. He believed every word he said