Spoiler Alert for Impact wrestling Bound for Glory 2021 Updated Card October 23rd

Spoiler Alert for Impact wrestling Bound for Glory 2021 Updated Card October 23rd


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God that blue on blue makes it hard to read some of the names


at least the text isn't vertical lmao


Whoever designed should try harder


​ ![gif](giphy|QazAqN1wtdQRO)


There has GOT to be a better way to say that




Well the original was black letters on a black pallette.




I was gonna comment this too, the visuals scream amateur E-Fed.


Honestly couldn’t even tell names were written. Had to figure out by half their blue faces


i'm like 'ooh. mackenzie james... wait. thats mickie james. sweet. i like her new name!"


One would assume it’s gonna be Bullet Club vs. Good brothers for the tag titles


Not really looking forward to a Good Brothers's match frankly. They just don't do it for me and I really wished Austin and Fulton were pushed again. But looks like Swann and Mack are getting a slow push for quite a while so I expect them to be challengers to the Tag Titles very soon.


Can someone who watches impact explain what the “call your shot” gauntlet is?


Intergender battle royal where the winner is determined by pinfall or submission when it's the final two. Winner receives a trophy and a title shot of their choosing up to a year.


Rumble-style Battle Royale that has the final 2 try to pin or submit each other. Winner gets a trophy for any title of their choosing (even a man can be a Knockouts singles or tag champ with it). The trophy works like MITB. Last time, Rhino and Joe Doering won the titles from FinJuice with it.


I guess that in theory a guy could challenge for a women's title but it's never happened. No woman has won the gauntlet yet but Impact has allowed women to challenge for men's championships.


Because technically Impact is intergender. All the titles can be held by anyone but they don't open that can of worms by having men challenge for the Knockout's championship. Way less messy to have women occasionally cross divisions.


Technically Eric Young won the KO tag titles before so there is precedent.


They need Scott Steiner to challenge for the women’s title


More specifically, Rhino and Doering won the titles by calling their shot/cashing in immediately after FinJuice had defended the titles against another team.


20 person intergender royal rumble. Final 2 must get a pin or submission. Winner get the trophy. They can "call their shot" to challenge for any championship in Impact at any time. But only once.


From what I remember, it's a battle royal where anybody can join, men and women, and the winner gets a shot at any championship he or she chooses


Iirc it’s a regular battle royale, the “call your shot” but refers to the fact you get a title match of your choosing if you win.


Regular battle royale until the final 2 participants, then it becomes a regular match.


Gauntlet match. When there’s 2 participants left they go to a normal match. Winner get a trophy that can be cashed in for any title match.


Alexander for champ


Has Christian done much in Impact since becoming champ? Excited for Alexander to get his time on top, but if he didn't end up having a meaningful title reign, that'd be kind of a bummer. Unless the whole thing is just "champion of an era gone by passes the torch to the future" or something?


I know it's complicated, but it sucks that there won't any kind of blow-off to the Kenny Omega-as-champ story that dominated the company for most of the year. Alexander vs Omega would have been super hot fire. This match will rule, it just doesn't have the same build.


Looks like they didn’t get enough time to marinate Awesome Kong’s graphic in blueberry juice like the others


Is blue meanie hosting?


Blue man group performing live.


Well it is in Vegas.


Man I hope Alexander wins. So far you’ve had Kenny (an AEW guy) win the belt on an Impact PPV. He then lost it to Christian (another AEW guy) on Rampage (an AEW show). Let an Impact talent go over at this point, especially on their biggest PPV.


Second this request! It honestly really annoys me that something like that could happen. So much build for Kenny. He had so much screen time. Every week he was there with Don Callis talking all manner of shit. Then he's gone. Lame.


Cool card, hard to read


Inspiration look great, glad they’re back.


The Iisparation has finally arrived!


literally cannot read this but I'm sure it'll be a great show


God I can’t wait for this show.


aight Ill guess ill check wikipedia cause i cant read any of that


looks like a dope show definitely watching.


Lookin good so far.


Wait wasn't Josh Alexander the X Division champ? Did he relinquish the title?


Yes. He invoked Option X/Option C to get a world title shot, thus vacating the X Division Championship, which was won by Steve Maclin.


X Division Championship is vacant, there's going to be a three-way match between Maclin, Trey Miguel and an opponent to be determined next week.


Ahhh okay, I couldn't tell by the eye bleedingly neon font they chose.


Ooo interesting. I had no clue such kinda options existed. Josh is one of my favs but Christian just won the title This match is gonna be nuts!


Yep, it's only ever been done a couple of times before, Austin Aries was the first one to do it, then I think Chris Sabin (please correct me if i'm wrong) was the second person to do it.


Those two are the ones I remember doing it. It requires you to have held the X-Division belt for a specific amount of time to be able to activate I believe. You can't just win the X-Division title and then invoke option C a month later.


> You can't just win the X-Division title and then invoke option C a month later. Nah, you can. From what I recall, when Aries won the X Division title for the fifth time, he invoked option C about 5 days later


i wanna say lio rush or buddy matthews will be the mystery xdiv challenger, super small chance of it being chris hero but I'd kinda love it.


Kenny should challenge Josh Alexander some time after this.


Prior to this announcement I was thinking Don West might get a Impact HOF nod at Bound For Glory this year considering his health stuff and his work for the company.


IMPACT usually has the best graphics out of all wrestling companies. But this one is horrible unfortunately. Still gonna be a fun show for sure.


I thought the 2000s nightclub colors were cool. Guess that's just me. Ace has to be doing something with CD, and I feel like Swann and Mack and BeyBlade might be in the tag with the Good Brothers. Who is a potential third for the X-Division match??


Who the fuck is in charge of Impact graphics. They are always so awful.


I feel like I'm looking at something different here. These cards look really dope to me and it's kinda apparent what the names are lmao


Absolutely zero flame or hate to Hangman, but imagine if things had gone to the original plan, and we could have had Kenny Omega vs Josh Alexander. Like are you fucking kidding me I’d fly across the fucking country for that


Yea, I don't get why he dropped the Impact titles when he did.


the word is they wanted a shock for the first episode of Rampage and they needed to make Christian look like a strong challenger for All Out.


Tony Khan saw an opportunity for Omega to lose the Impact belt without getting pinned by an impact wrestler and took it.


This art is amateur hour, wow


At least they're not going to AEW after all.


Crazily enough the company that ditched them can use them more than the others right now


How many competitors are part of the gauntlet?


20 men and women. They usually toss in a few popular indie names as surprise entrants. This year I can see some AEW and NJPW guys possibly entering.


What happened to the early advertising where they were flashing AAA, NJPW logos etc?


Impact just keep getting in their own way smh