Tony Khan: We’re gonna do the better show I know, and if you don’t believe me watch whatever go home show they did last night because it sucked

Tony Khan: We’re gonna do the better show I know, and if you don’t believe me watch whatever go home show they did last night because it sucked


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"I don't watch the show, Paul. Why would I watch the show?" - Brock Lesnar


LOL he said that on Raw?




Haha that’s great. I was thinking, well that makes sense. If you’re there you could watch everything as it happens. But nah, Brock’s just chilling backstage with a forest dirtsheet.


u/forestdirtsheet incoming


Funny how he came back looking like a backwoods man after reading backwoodsman magazine lol


Heyman interrupted him mid-reinvention. that slight pause before he asked for steamed broccoli? that was Brock accepting that yes, he is a broccoli man now.


What the fuck happened this week that Impact TK is actually manifesting?


I think it’s due to the fact that Smackdown this week is an extra half-hour, so those extra 30 mins are during Rampage. First time WWE and AEW are going head to head (not counting NXT), and Tony is taking it personally or at least has been playing it up that way


It could be both. This is definitely a huge moment, you can't blame him for being hyped out of his mind


I think he wants AEW fans to take this one personally. They haven't been showing up for Fridays and he's trying to get some hype going.


People have shit to do friday night


It's a really crappy timeslot. One of the worst, really. (Without being at like 4AM or whatever)


It’s often called the time slot of death. The only thing that’s had success on Friday’s is sports and that’s largely due to bars always playing the game


The only slot worse than Friday night is Saturday night which is why we’ve had Saturday Night Live for decades. It’s not worth creating anything else for the time slot, barely anyone is watching anyway.


Sci-Fi shows have been successful on Friday's. X-Files before it got moved to Sunday nights back in the day was a big one. The Stargates and Battlestar Galactica did pretty well on Friday's as well.


Yeah, because us nerds aren't invited anywhere to go on Friday night.


Some of us are invited places. We just still don't go, because we are nerds, and we have Battlestar Galactica and X Files to watch.


This is the way.


Unlike us pro wrestling fans, who are definitely not nerds, and definitely have important, non-nerd things to do on Friday night


Tv landscape was a lot different 30 years ago


Sg1 and Atlantis were amazing. Shame they never did another series. Yup. Too bad THEY NEVER DID ANOTHER ONE.


Yeah I know it's like how there was never a Star Trek 5. Or how Highlander ended at season 5 and ya know it didn't have a spin-off as well or a made for Sci-Fi Channel movie. I'm also glad they never did a Alien 3 or even an Alien vs Predator movie. NONE OF THE ABOVE EVER HAPPENED THANK GOD!


>(Without being at like 4AM or whatever) *Cries in European*


I imagine Thursday would be a better night for them.


I've said this since the beginning, Rampage in particular is a hard sell on the East Coast... that is prime going out timeI Think Danielson vs. Suzuki is going to be great, but I am not tuning into that or Rampage until Saturday morning... like usual. edit: i meant saturday! not monday morning!


Yup. 10pm is already death on tv any day of the week because everyone 30+ in age is likely going to bed due to work or kids or just life. Then you put it on friday as well? The people who are young and staying up until midnight or later every day are also the ones with bars and parties to go to. Its just a bad choice when everyone in your demo has a valid reason to be unable to watch.


I'm the only demographic Rampage is built for: The 30 year old full time doctoral student with no kids, who doesn't party anymore or go out drinking and finally has a night they don't have to sleep early on to wake up the next morning. But I actually dont watch it live either🤣. I DVR it for Saturday so that I can finally get some video games in for the first time all week Friday night. Friday night time slot for television really does blow chunks😂😂😂


As the real market here, mid 20s filmmaker on that sweet sweet workers comp who's friends all work weekends and won't go out Fridays, I actually do watch Rampage, but I'm Canadian and have to do it on TSNs website, so my viewership doesn't matter.


holy shit you’re me that’s what i do! friday night destiny 2 sesh into saturday day time wrestling on replay


32yo Supply Chain professional who WFH. I have no life and I have insomnia like many other people my age.


Another benefit of living in Colorado: Legal weed and 8 PM Rampage. And on Wednesdays, legal weed and 6 PM Dynamite. I’m NEVER leaving this time zone.


Get it on my TV and I'll show up. Still not available on cable in canada...


That’s the real answer. Rampage aint doing too big and he saw this as a chance to boost that shit.


AEW is not beating Smackdown Friday overall when Smackdown starts at 8 and Rampage 10. Not even in the 18 to 49. What will be interesting though will be the 18 to 49 in the half hour crossover that they are head to head when the quarters come out.


Absolutely. If AEW loses, it doesn't really matter. If AEW wins, it's a huge notch in their belt. You'd be silly to not throw everything you had to take that chance.


I believe that winning in viewership and even demo is going to be extremely tough, but this is such a huge opportunity, it's good news no matter what. The opposition has responded. He's getting on the level. And, tonally, it does feel like a battle is going to happen on Friday, so I love the energy


Last fs1 smackdown was under a million over all I think


Ohhhh, is it on FS1 this week? I genuinely didn't know, Rampage might get a two-piece in, oh shit


Smackdown being on FS1 this week is literally the only reason Tony’s talking shit.


Smackdown being on FS1 is the only reason any of this is happening. Local news starts on FOX affiliates at 10 so there would never be an opportunity for them to tack on another 30 minutes.


Well, it's a huge part of the dynamic, I would also be emboldened to talk an immense amount of shit that the rival program is on a much less accessible network and I'm still where I'm supposed to be.


Dynamite’s been bumped too. Playoff Sports >> basically anything else. Isn’t Dynamite gonna be on Saturday like next week? He’s not wrong for talking about — that’s what a promoter does. He’s just a total geek while doing it lol.


Yeah, looking at his body language and face when he said "that's fine" I really don't think it is fine with him.


I dunno. He kinda always looks like that. There's a reason that he gets called Cocaine Tony a lot.


There's also a reason I get a contact high whenever I look at him moving around.


"Oh, we're going head to head on Friday? I guess I'll start an hour earlier on YouTube commercial free with everyone's dream match. Nbd." -TK


Why not put the dream match on Rampage at 10pm if it's a dream match?




Anyone watching a YouTube show about AEW is likely already an AEW fan. I do agree about the rest of the card not being messed with.




SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND! *Wardlow launches Marko Stunt into orbit*


Might just be trying to set a precedent that this is WWE having a go at AEW. Whether that is true or not perception is reality and to some this may solidify the perception in people's minds that WWE and AEW are on the same level is WWE feels the need to compete...ignoring the fact that WWE was forced into this position by Fox.


The sudden enthusiasm about Scream was hilarious


David Arquette is All Elite, confirmed.


If TNT could go ahead and greenlight Ready To Rumble 2 that'd be great.


Ready to Rumble 2 but it's actually a Scream reboot with David Arquette running for his life from Malakai Black


You’re going to wish us into Arquette winning the AEW belt. Don’t talk to TNT!


Serpentico has been in aew for a while...


I'd be a terrible wrestling promoter because I would literally just spend the rest of the interview wanting to talk about Scream. Especially on the day when the trailer for the fifth film was released.


How great is Scream though. How do you thread that needle of parody and horror so perfectly!?


Because Wes Craven was a good filmmaker, not just a good horror filmmaker. Also he already balanced horror and humor with The Nightmare on Elm Street films.


Two of them, anyway


1, there was hardly any comedy in the first movie but Dream Warrior opened the floodgates.


It is incredible how perfectly put together that movie is.


matthew lillard had an all time performance, literally every line he said was gold


"You hit me with the PHONE, dick!" Also: "Sydney, did you really call the police?" "Yeah, Stu, I did." "My parents are gonna be so mad at meeee."


All wrestling promotions should be forced to take five minutes out of each show to discuss Scream. This is my new desire.


Sydney is either dying or the killer this time right?


I don't think so, but I don't think she's going to be the focus like before. More a mentor like Nancy was in Dream Warriors. I do think Dewey might finally eat it though.


Dewey survived Nick Gage, surviving Ghostface should be a walk in the park.


He's also survived Ghostface lmao. A couple times really


I get it, Scream is a great movie


Who kidnapped TK and replaced him with ECW TK?


This is IMPACT paid promotion Khan


Oh wow. He’s really throwing the shade now. RAW did admittedly suck this week though


Its interesting, Tonys been pretty reluctant in the past to go full hog when asked for comments on WWE. Feels to me like it's a conscious decision to change it up now, maybe a mix of wanting to come across more confident as well as tailoring his interview style for the kind of audience barstool has. Certainly will make for headlines and social media chatter


It feels like this past week he’s been really going at WWE. I mean, he always has, but ever since they announced on Saturday that they decided to add the extra half-hour to SD this week, he’s really been shitting on them.


I always imagined Jericho would be in his ear encouraging him to talk a little shit, because he could come across relatively timid (i say this as a timid socially anxious dude myself). Either way, it does definitely feel like he's decided to start leaning toward that classic shit talking aspect of promotion so it'll be interesting to watch (and to see how many people dont take it for the over the top wrestling perfomance it is).


I think Tony feels about a zillion times more confident speaking now. Before it kind of seemed like he was holding back and not wanting to come across too hard. And he would kind of speak about things in a segmented way. Like he would talk about his love for wrestling. And he would talk about the business side. But not he will kind of combine them, and if willing to talk a little shit because 1) he knows that in his mind his wrestling show is better, not by his buying his own hype, but because he knows as a fan Raw was trash And 2) he knows that from the business side Rampage does their numbers and does well on fridays. I don’t know what the numbers were last time Smackdown was on FS1 but I would he shocked if Tony didn’t.


Let's just say right now is not a good time for WWE to seek sympathy in the eyes of the general public. The Saudi Arabia show does not do much to win people onto their side.


Before this or right after he says that WWE going after AEW timeslots got to him and pisses him off, idk why SD is going late but I’d be pissed too, they seem to be the ones wanting to go head to head.


It seems not much gets under his skin, but once in a while...like the one NXT show from december 2019 that cleanly beat his, he brings that up a lot. And it seems the smackdown overrun is bugging him quite a bit.


For real, He's going to be talking about December 2019 years from now lol that one show really tied his dick in a knot


I mean we saw Rhea Ripley become champion meanwhile the Dark Order became a joke. Now Rhea's been omni-flair'd (though I do like her tag team dynamic) and the Dark Order are amazing.


It is the 2nd time WWE's decided to go head-to-head with them just to fuck with AEW. At a certain point, you just kind of have to acknowledge reality. I get that you don't necessarily need to use the exact wording Tony is using, but it is what it is. He's in a fight no matter what anyone wants to tell themselves.


You do realize that WWE can't just tell Fox that they are going long, right?


It's almost surely a strategy at this point. He's got momentum and he's got a growing product. He's taking the good part of the WCW playbook -- you confront and you are openly antagonistic to the larger competitor, but he isn't reprising the mistakes. I don't read him as a guy who would just randomly shit talk WWE. He is a doing it with purpose.


Agreed. I don't think its something the Tony of two years ago could, or should, have done. But as as you said, with the current momentum and his rise in confidence, its very likely the right move (even if its something hes not entirely comfortable doing yet). Risky, if you cant back it up, but it should help perception


As opposed to most weeks where RAW is high quality entertainment.


I'm a WWE guy since the early 90s...the show fucking sucks every week


lol right yeah ***this week***


Wait what did he mean by go home show? isn't the Saudi PPV next Thursday?


I think he was insinuating it was a go-home show for SmackDown? I mean it's just all kinds of wrong. But Raw did suck.


> But Raw did suck. As is tradition.


The crowd wanted to go home 30 minutes in


Eh, who's counting?


Probably just confused the two weeks


Khan is going full Bischoff right now.


He just wants to be the Raw Commissioner in a couple years. It was all the long kahn


This is all just so he can kiss Stephanie in a Vince mask.


It wouldn’t surprise me if this is less bitterness at them being having the ‘A show’ on his time slot and more it’s the first opportunity to go head to head and try to light a fire under them, a strong and fully firing WWE is good for AEW too, a rising tide and all that. As hot as AEW have been, the business needs both company’s hot to get even close to attitude era levels of popularity.


I think Tony just wants to see if anyone has a pulse over there in Titan Towers.


It would be stupid for anyone important in WWE to acknowledge this in any way. There's no upside to punching down. Of course Tony would love a flame war, but that would 100% be to his benefit.


Where’s the coke?


In the cup. He just drinks the powder now.


TK’s Coke guy must be putting in some overtime


10 showing him all new and exciting ways to ingest the yayo.


He just mixes it with his coffee, like non-dairy creamer.


It's like the impact promo version of TK has manifested and found its host that just happens to be Tony Khan and I am very much here for it.


*Snorts coke and downs a white claw*. [It's shitpost time!](https://i.imgur.com/AYjwpLU.gif)


Impact Promo TK was a wild fucking dude.


We just need the biceps to pop out again and the transformation is complete


*Code Blue. Code Blue.*


Scream really does fuckin slap


Even 4 was decent. interested to see this new one as they've turned the genre on its head a few times. Not sure what is left to do that with.


I'm fairly confident that Radio Silence can do some pretty good work if they were given leeway by the studio. Ready or Not is a pretty damn good send-up of the Most Dangerous Game-esque horror and hit a lot of those vibes that the early Wingard/Barrett films like You're Next and The Guest did.


I enjoyed 4 too. I might even give it a rewatch tonight. I have faith. I’m looking forward to it.


Just watched all 4 yesterday as I was home sick from work. All of them hold up pretty well. 3 is easily the weakest but still enjoyable.


I really liked the first two movies. Then they kinda got away from what I enjoyed.


The 3rd one was just total balls. Didn't even see the 4th


The 4th film is very much worth your time to watch honestly. It's a very damn good film!


Literally just rewatched it for the first time in years today lol. With all the new promotion for the new one, I just got the urge to go back and watch it. Great movie


if I were a multi-billionaire with multiple streams of income that each generate millions of dollars I wouldn't give a fuck either


Cocaine Kahn on the prowl again


He’s gotta do what he’s gotta do, they are pre empted in the midst of hot run and they are worried of losing their momentum. Best way to remind people about Friday and Saturday is to stir the shit during the week


Aw crap. I forgot Dynamite isn't airing tomorrow.


Wednesday sucks without Dynamite


I think they're only pushing SD to 2 1/2 hours this week because it's on FS1 instead of Fox, which has playoff baseball. No doubt that it's direct competition for Rampage but Fox has their local news on at 10PM so I think WWE will only be able to do this 2 1/2 hours when they're on FS1.


Damn Tony gives no fucks lately


Zero Fucks Friday Tony: "I'm going head-to-head with Smack Down!!" Sobered Up Saturday Tony: "I wish all wrestling fans a very pleasant wrestling." Violent Tuesday Tony: "By the way, Danielson vs Suzuki is happening."


Violent Tuesday love it lmfao


Seriously though, my man doesn’t even give it a full week promo cycle and then puts it on YouTube for free. Violent Tuesday Tony is about the pain.


My Fulham fans say he has never given a fuck. Except with dogs


Big Dick Tony has arrived.


This man is a shitposting machine and I'm here for it.


I thought because some of Smackdown's people were coming to RAW it would make it more interesting. Needless to say when I watched RAW today I didn't make it halfway through before I Abe Simpsoned it (walked in, took off my hat, then turned around, put my hat on and walked out again)


Boy why are you obsessed with me


It's not like last week's Rampage was anything to write home about.


I want to see what he thought about Scream


A few signs that Khan is beginning to settle into carny wrestling promoter quite nicely. Here for the drama.


I enjoy both WWE and AEW when I don't read Tony's tweets.


Raw has sucked for the better part of 15 years now he’s not wrong


Most of the wrestling-related talking heads seem to be in agreement that last night's Raw was **especially** bad. Like significantly worse than normal.


How much worse can it really get?


That is correct. The last 5 weeks, Raw actually improved significantly from total garbage the prior 12 months. But last night was back to the dogshit they used to give us. There was nothing redeemable about the show.


I don’t watch Raw anymore and haven’t for a long time but I’m sure you are right


God I miss when wrestling was fun and not this crybaby shit.


NXT was fucking awesome every week and like 600,000 people watched it. They don't care that RAW sucks major ass. They really don't.


Even as an AEW fan I held a healthy respect for NXT, I watched it a lot during the ROAR OF THE CROWD STOMP YOUR FEET GET LOUD days...its a shame that it got the main roster treatment.


my man tony is already talking like he knows he's gonna get creamed. Chin up, bro.


Jacksonville Tony needs to lay off the nose candy.


It…was not a go home show though


And it's also not the show he's competing with this Friday. That's the good one.


I guess this is my old moment - kids are just now discovering Scream?


I only watch AEW nowadays but Tony's tweets and interviews like these are cringe.


AEW fans: you know we shouldn't idolize Vince hes a billionaire he just got lucky Tony khan: WWE FUCKING SUCKS SHIT AEW fans: *nut* BIG DICK KHAN I FUCKING LOVE U


My multimillionaire is better than yours!


Both "hardcore" fans looks stupid as fuck and act like this is the start of friday nigth war, this is going to be a one time only. I don't care about ratings, I Watch both and I'm happy that there is more product to see. Im just sad/angry that Sasha vs Becky is a build up match for the Crown Jewel title match and not a PPV match alone.


I get happy watching WWE sometimes, sometimes I get happy watching AEW. Sometimes WWE upsets me with booking, sometimes AEW upsets me with booking


yeah this is going to look so well when the 300k viewership news comes in. Thats why you put the matches people are going to care about on youtube.


This guy can't stop talking about WWE


Can someone explain what counter programming means? How is Becky vs Sasha meant to appeal to AEW fans, they barley even have a women's division. If the main event was Sami Zayn vs Nakamura I could see the point but its like if WWE just runs their weekly show they're scared and counterprograming aew. Meanwhile Tony khan hotshots Bryan vs Suzuki on YouTube and its top notch booking


Smackdown it is then.


Lol I really wish TK would stop doing this. Because like, why?


Youre gonna be met with the same dumbass response of "youd never last in the attitude era." This shit is mad obnoxious though, its like 93% one-sided which makes tk look absolutely obsessed


Not wrong.


So childish lmao, and this thread "Yaaaas king!"ing him really comes off like Reddit would jerk off Elon Musk at his peak popularity


WWE really is in TK's head. He can't seem to stop talking about them. I was at the AEW panel at NYCC. It was really interesting, whenever a WWE wrestler or the company itself came up the talent kept saying "the other company." They mentioned ROH, NJPW and IMPACT by name. But whenever WWE came up (probably five to ten times) they wouldn't call them by name. I wonder if it's an internal company thing. It was Rosa, Tony S, Cole, Darby and OC at the panel. Anyways I like AEW more so I don't want this coming off as a pro-WWE post. I care more about their product. It's just interesting seeing how TK talks about them (almost like Bischoff) where WWE higher ups don't mention AEW. The fact that the talent wasn't saying WWE at the panel was interesting too. They were giving full on expanded answers but not saying the companies name. I just want to give another odd example. Someone asked them who they wanted to wrestle that wasn't in AEW. Rosa got super awkward and was like "well they're in the other company...I don't know if I should say..." and fans chanted for her to say it. Eventually she said it and it was Io. The entire panel she was really open and quick to answer but that made her pause as if she wasn't allowed to give a positive answer regarding WWE.


> It's just interesting seeing how TK talks about them (almost like Bischoff) where WWE higher ups don't mention AEW. It helps AEW to mention WWE because they're the underdogs and it fuels the "Us vs. Them" mentality a lot of fans seem to have. Think what you want about the "feud", it draws more attention to AEW. So they are going to push it as much as possible. WWE is in the opposite boat. The less people hear about AEW, the better to them. Only a portion of their audience are "general" wrestling fans. A huge number of them just watch WWE every week because that's what they've always done. I was that way for a long time. I knew TNA existed but I never paid attention at all. Why would I? In my head they were just the inferior wannabe program. I imagine that's how AEW is to a lot of WWE fans. Remember the IWC is pretty small vs. the total WWE audience. They don't know much beyond "This is the top wrestling show and has been my whole life."


If you're the number two company, most of the time it benefits you to talk shit because you're trying to get their audience's eyes on your own product. If you're the number one company, what benefit is there to mentioning the number two? I can't remember if it was Bischoff himself who said it or somebody else in WCW from the MNW but it was the same logic then, too.


Now he's pivoting into the "better show" narrative after realising how incredibly embarrassing his other tweet was, when he was talking about Rampage beating Smackdown. Probably should've just lead with this narrative from the get go and he would've been fine. Instead now he's gotta face the humiliation on social media when those numbers come in.


Ah yes another inconsequential Punk match and a clusterfuck multi man tag is really gonna beat out Sasha and Becky


I'm glad someone else has said it.


> Sasha and Becky Which going by Raw and last week will end in a dq with Charlotte or Belair running in.


After 1-3 minutes total wrestling. Also, never downplay the chance of a roll up finish.


Not really a fan of him doing this, makes AEW look a little weak when he's talking all this shit and they don't respond at all.


This is bad. Don’t talk about the competition’s show being good or bad. Subtle jokes back and forth are fine, despite how some feel, but this comes off desperate and sad.


I would get it if it was like in the Monday Night Wars where there was a back and forth going on between the two companies verbally. But it seems more often than not it just ends up looking like Tony trying to bait, but screaming into the void instead.


After all the shade Tony has thrown he better hope Rampage beats Smackdown or atleast is really close, not good for his image if he can't back all his talk up.


But... it won't? Like if Smackdown has moved channels then it might get under 2 million, but Rampage doing 1 million would be a huge upswing so it's never going to beat SD, I don't get it? Dynamite was getting closer to beating Raw but won't this week because it's got moved to Saturday for some reason


This man is so embarrassing lmao




I like dont give a fuck Tony


Hear that? It's the sound of a thousand Roman pfps coming to scream on Twitter.




What’s the mental health help feature? Edit: Just got a message lmao


Is that what that's about? I got a message from reddit suicide prevention and was like wtf.


That’s why I got that message from the admins? Wtf is wrong with AEW fans here? That is beyond fucked up


Psst, it goes both ways. I posted something about WWE sucking and I got the same thing. It’s not AEW fans (as a whole), nor is it WWE fans as a whole, it’s deranged people.


Yep,I barely even talk about WWE because I don't care about it, but the very rare times I do, I suddenly get those mental health messages that are only done to upset the person its sent to


Someone did the mental health help thing with me because I said “Oof” in the AEW ratings thread. Sad people.


hey now don't underestimate the sasha ones and the others still rocking the fiend


He sure knows a lot about "the other shows" that they supposedly don't watch. Edit: I apologize to the Tony white knights I offended.


Didn’t he say before that he doesn’t watch wwe so he doesn’t repeat any of their stuff or something like that?


I kinda hate seeing backstage boss'opinions. This will inevitably lead to him to a Mr Khan angle. Ultimately, these rich assholes should just fund the thing and shut the fuck up. Strictly my humble opinion.


Well he certainly isn’t wrong. Raw sucked last night and has sucked for a long time now.


What's in that cup?