POST AEW Rampage 10/22/21 Discussion

POST AEW Rampage 10/22/21 Discussion


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I'm catching up on last week's AEW episodes. Came here to say PAC deserves to be AEW champion after Hangman Adam Page. He's incredibly electric and charismatic as a tweener. The visa travel issues suck but maybe they can try to work something out where he temporarily lives in the U.S. for an extended amount of time.


The picture in picture stuff for Pac vs Andrade didn't show during my rewatch on the TNT app, does anyone have it?


That main event was great. I also love the idea of Andrade and Black teaming up, even if it doesn't make much sense kayfabe wise. I guess it also kinda rules out the double turn I was imagining for Cody and Black.


AEW is legit live action Tekken.


I don't mean to diminish their skills but god damn, Anna Jay and Hayter out there looking amazing.




AEW apologists: Tony Khan should ignore Shida because she can't speak good English. Shida: *speaks pretty fucking good English, but with an accent* ​ Andrade: *gives heavily accented caveman talk promo* AEW apologists: PUSH THIS MAN!


IMO that match made Hobbs look quite weak. Hit his finisher just for the early second pop, and lost in the dumbest way possible. A shame but it makes sense since they had teased the Moxley vs OC match and Hobbs is a bit away from getting his first real push, he's just being featured cause that's how AEW works. FTR on my TV means a good show. Decent match between Britt and Jay, they both can improve a lot but there was some good stuff there. 2-PAC vs 2-Ndrade was AEW's second best TV match this year bar the obvious one. Incredible pace, awesome moves, the selling was there, both guys looked incredible. Post match segment felt quite overbooked but if they explain it it will make sense and might lead to an awesome multi-person feud. Also cool to see Arn and Cody seemingly on the same page. All in all, another good Rampage. The hour still flies by, complains or not.


Andrade, PAC, Malakai triple threat please.


If anyone doesn't have Fite, I recommend getting it just for Andrade vs PAC. That match came alive during the break. The commentators talked about PAC's "vascular neck" after he took that seated dropkick that left him dangling off the apron. Loved that match. And I like seeing feuds cross over too, so I'm happy with the post match. Poor Schiavone. Even when he's not doing the interview in-person, a wrestler still cuts off his question.


Was Arn as entertaining back in his prime as he is today? If so I really need to check some of his 80's and early 90's stuff.


Arn was great. His work with the 4 Horsemen is phenomenal, his wwf team with Tully was great. Definitely go back and watch Arn in his prime!


Pleeeaaase give us a Pac v Andrade 2/3 falls match at Full Gear


or a 30 min iron man match


Andrade vs PAC was absolutely excellent, their best match so far. Baker vs Anna Jay was a decent match as well. OC beating Hobbs doesn't please me one bit but whatever.


My one complaint from the show is that after feuding with the Pinnacle for the last 6 months Jericho should hate FTR, even if the feud is over. He was far too happy to see them beat up Alex and Penta. Otherwise it was another great AEW show, they're on one hell of a run.


I wish AEW would stop taping Rampage - all the hype of PAC vs Andrade made it impossible to live up to :/ It was good dont get me wrong but I think I expected more


I think PAC Vs Andrade was my match of the year so far, anyone else agree?


It was a great match...but there have been better...like Bucks vs Lucha Bros Steel Cage, Omega vs Danielson, Omega vs Fenix


Great matches indeed. For me this was my favourite. God AEW are putting on bangers....this is just a normal Rampage!


I hope whoever told Jericho he is good at commentary steps on Lego every day forever


Jericho is good at commentary ![gif](giphy|lREoIZngfzquY)


dont know how else to say it but AEW has figured out wrestling. there hasnt been a bad episode for months


Justice for Skye Blue, Riho, Emi Sakura & Ryo Mizunami! That's all the people that could've made up a 16 women field for the tournament.


Please tag as a spoiler for who hasnt seen it yet


It's a post show thread, genius...of course there's spoilers lmao.


Ehm yeah but if you scroll through reddit and see the results that can kind of suck. I dont come on here before I have seen the show but not everyone does. So spoiler tag would be nice next time and yes its a post show thread but hitting the 'spoiler' tag is easy.


Lol bin yourself


Don’t go into the post show thread for a show you haven’t seen yet


My main takeaway of the show is that I’m completely done with the 4 man commentary team


Jericho was solid tonight but Starks, Taz & Excalibur is goated as far as Rampage commentary teams are concerned


2 / 3 finishes were rollups 😂.


bunch of people bitching about how "terrible" the OC vs Hobbs finish was in the post match thread. If one awkward looking roll-up (on a huge fucking dude) and a finish that gives one guy character development and sets up Mox's continued heel turn is the bar for "terrible" AEW is doing pretty fuckin great...


My main problem with the mouse trap finisher is that it looks an overly complicated move to execute and when it's actually applied there's no downward pressure on the majority of the pinned guys body so in kayfabe you would expect a kick out, especially from someone much bigger like hobbs. I remember he did it against jericho and possibly Matt Hardy and it looked crap both those times too. I get a quick roll up could catch someone off guard for the 3 in kayfabe but the mouse trap just seems too elaborate and poorly executed to be credible. I won't lose any sleep over it though lol I thought rampage was good this week anyway.


He did the new teabag pin against Hardy, not the mousetrap. I like the mousetrap but Orange is 0-2 in pulling it off on AEW.


I wasn't sure if he'd done it against Matt but i seem to remember seeing it more than once and never liking it haha


Rewinding a bit from the main event, which understandably has all the hype... OC vs Hobbs was way better than I expected it to be, and where do you think they're going with this Remsburg stuff that's been happening since Eddie/Miro?


Honestly, nowhere. It's not a Remsburg issue, it's a AEW being extremely adverse to DQs issue...despite frequently creating situations that SHOULD result in a DQ, they practically never pull the trigger, which makes ALL their referees look incompetent and impotent. Within kayfabe, all the heels should just blatantly cheat as much as they want, because the referees have shown a complete inability to enforce the rules.


This show was fuckign great


Yooooo that Main Event is solid through and through. The previous company sure has slept on Andrade and PAC. And Damn! Cherry topped by Armed Anderson with face Cody elevated it more!


Yo pac vs black is what I need. Figured it wouldn’t happen till months from now but I hope I see these two fight for the title one day. That would be sick as hell.


Is this being televised in Canada yet? I’d love to watch…


There's a work around on the TSN app. Doesn't air on any of the TSN channels though


Yeah I refuse to use that garbage app. Yo ho yo ho I guess.


I wish we had an option to actually support AEW without being tied to TSNs crap. Here's hoping we get a streaming option up here soon like FITE


Yeah. Can’t believe tsn is still sleeping on this shit in order to broadcast 5 channels of cfl…


Fite + VPN is a godsend. Im in Canada as well. I support AEW thru the Fite subscription and having full screens during PIP is amazing.


Good show, PAC Andrade 2 was pretty good


When used in moderation, those chaotic finishes are concentrated adrenaline. What a fun ending.


Yeah moderation is definitely key. That was just so hype… they hit every hype beat… timing was incredible.


This ending is the type of thing WWE need to get; you need overarching angles. This type of swerve is perfect because it's kick-starting two feuds at once, and potentially three. The third being if the Cody heel turn is really coming, it can come at the expense of PAC. Great booking, really leaves you wondering which direction it'll go. What if these guys are the base of a Black led stable?


I just loved it for the reasons you mentioned. That whole thing managed to get the entire crowd into what cody was doing at the expense of malakai, which is incredible. Cody gets a new look going against these three guys, and if cody goes heel then you might have an andrade, black and cody thing and thats terrifying for the rest of the wrestlers in kayfabe.


Pac and Andrade are perfect for each other in the ring. Both matches have shown amazing chemistry. They do really dangerous looking stuff to each other.


PAC v Andrade. - jaw drop


I'm disappointed the TBS title tournament has given some people byes for the first round. Missed opportunity and just generally unsatisfying.


Weird nitpick


I think its great that they rewarded the 4 competitors that are listed in the top 5 rankings. ​ Continuing to make them matter.


I didn’t realize that. Makes total sense.


And it also gives them a way to hold off on hype match ups until later on. Don’t want to give them all away at once.


"If she wins she'll catapult up the rankings and get a title shot!" wtf you mean? give a bitch her championship she beat the fucking champ. not like she actually won or anything but thats still silly


Non-title match homie. This shit ain't new.


yeah i know its a thing and its as dumb as its always been. if you beat the singles champ in a singles match you should become the champ no ifs, ands, or buts about it. i really never understood how non-title matches are supposed to make any sense because they dont


“If you beat the Super Bowl champion in the regular season you should win the Super Bowl.” See how absurd that is? Now take that principle, and apply it to pro wrestling.


What are you talking about?


What a great chaotic ending. Like the best version of a Nitro ending. Black and Andrade makes sense due to Zelina who funny enough doesn't even work there. I thought Anna looked like she was going at half speed a lot of the match.


Anna can do some cool looking things, but it was like every movement she made was the same speed. She was very robotic but has improved a lot.


I was thinking the same thing. I wonder if they're giving her a lot of "take your time, work safe" advice. I could understand if they want her to focus more on doing the moves safely than making them look impactful. But ever since she came back from injury, it's been really noticeable how slow she is compared to the other women.


> Black and Andrade makes sense due to Zelina who funny enough doesn't even work there. there already was some connection between them in AEW, tho indirectly. i think Andrades theme is called "kill the messenger" and malakai stands for something like "my messenger". from malakais interviews, he loves small details and some people figured this one out immidiately, so i would bet this detail is definitely intentional.


It's bad enough that Baker isn't the most fluid wrestler, but an Anna Jay who was even slower just bogged the match down.


I have no idea who Zelina is outside of wreddit comments and think that's a bad basis for some totally random pairing to make sense.


Zelina Vega is a notable professional wrestler who is married (I believe) to Malakai Black and formerly managed Andrade to much success.


Anna definitely looked slow, unfortunately.


Agreed. She looks like a dancer or gymnast who became a wrestler. She can hit all the moves but lacks the intensity and snap of it.


Her kicks looked effortless in a bad way. No power or effort behind them at all.


I noticed too, wonder what that was all about


With all her injuries, she’s only been wrestling a year or so total. She’s just green because she’s new and hasn’t gotten pacing down quite right


Britt is so smarmy i love it


A friend and I used to joke that Mark Henry must've walked in on Vince making love to HBK or something, because he kept getting a paycheck for so long. Well finally all these years later, he SCOOTS on out of the WWE. ...and into AEW. He gets hired to do commentary every week for an hour, that's why they started paying him. A couple weeks later, that hour shortens to 10-15 minutes on screen as a backstage interviewer. Each week he's on-screen a little less. Now this week he doesn't appear at all. So they're paying him to *not* work? Does Mark have dirt on TK now? I don't know what's going on here, but I'm suspicious. Somewhere Mark Henry laying in a pool of dollar bills, laughing as he thinks about his VHS collection of blackmail. "*Vince & Warrior '89, Vince & Warrior '90, Vince & HBK '95, Cody & TK '2019..."* ​ Bullshit aside, fun show tonight as usual. It's nice having a 1h wrestling show again, it always leaves me wanting more. Luckily I'm about to get more! I'll be at the upcoming Dynamite. Just over 2 years ago I attended Dynamite #2 and it was a blast. They was another Boston taping in the works for April 2020 before COVID sent that to hell, but time flies and here we are. Hopefully Agganis Arena is as easy to get in/out of as it was the first time. It was the smoothest experience I've ever had going directly to an event in Boston, rather than parking semi-outside the city and finding another way in/out. Usually car + Boston = nightmare, under any circumstances. Either way, it'll be worth it.


I genuinely do not like Mark Henry after I heard him on Busted Open dreaming about the days when vets can openly brutalize youngsters for not showing them enough deference again. The days of Bradshaw’s reign of terror are what we have to get back to for wrestling to be popular again, apparently. He’s a shit wrestler, a shit commentator, and apparently a shit person.


>He’s a shit wrestler, a shit commentator, and apparently a shit person. Ironically, seems he doesn't remember the taste of X-Pac's shit in his sandwich.


im wondering if theyre maybe quietly phasing him out due to this, the talking about Pacs injury thing (that apparently he was also wrong about) saying the company let Pac put himself in danger, and the thing where he spoiled the Punk/Garcia match.


God I forgot about the comment about PAC’s concussion. Hadn’t heard about Punk/Garcia.


I think they just decided he wasn't very good on commentary, and he's continuing his backstage role


Wasn't he commenting on Elevation this week? It's mostly backstage work he was hired for, though.


Arn brought the mf glock 😤😤😤


Pac is so damned good. And Andrade. Amazing, both of them.


Solid ok show


I'm going to Dynamite in Boston. I'm so pumped we're getting Deeb/Shida.


Man, any combination of Ruby, Rosa, Shida, and Statlander would be *batshit*. Nyla is gonna murder whoever walks out of Deeb/Shida (assuming it doesn't end in a draw, leading to either a three-way dance or Nyla simply waltzing into the semi-finals vs. Kris). A Nyla/Deeb/Shida angle would be an amazing clash of histories, styles, and personalities with just the right balance of heel v. face (especially since all three women could easily go 'tweener in a heartbeat--the only thing holding Nyla back right now is Vickie). Feel like Rosa vs. Jade is going to be the real decider though. Velvet will probably carry Jade through a match in order to avoid Heel vs. Heel, but I don't think they'll let Velvet get the win (even though by every single goddamn metric you can think of she's a better performer than Jade).


Yeah, I'm all in on the Nyla, Deeb, Shida 3-way. Shida could pin Deeb and STILL not get her 50th win lol


Hate the "fight forever" chant, but I need Andrade and Pac to have like ten more matches.


Ok, Andrade and PAC have just the most insane chemistry. My god those two could legit fight forever, it doesn't matter. It shouldn't come as a shock with such talent. And then that ending. Wow, it might seem odd fitting but I love the wait and watch cliffhanger approach of AEW. Helps that the payoff is almost always worth it. But it also reaffirms one thing that brings me back to these shows weekly and love this promotion so much. The interactive world of AEW. As a huge One Piece fan, as a huge fan of the Coen Brothers and the worlds of their films, as a deep follower of the MCU; I just love how every part of AEW interacts with one another so beautifully and so easily. It's a thriving organic universe with so much detailing and already such a well developed deep lore. Ultimately AEW will become a great saga and thanks to chapters like these and matches like these, it will forever etch its legacy on the history books of pro wrestling and minds of its fans. Paying off particularly for those paying attention.


Interestingly, this is the first time Cody has interacted with anyone outside of Black and his Nightmare Factory opponents in a long time.


World building is my favorite part of storytelling. AEW is so great at it.


You can tell there are some comic book fans involved.


Right comic books too...continous serialised format.


I always compare the booking of aew with some of the style of one piece. Big factions with variation in the matchups instead of letting the Main Character defeat everyone, each character has his mission in parallel, some times they work in teams, etc haha I'm just in the thriller bark arc don't spoil me please haha.


Hahaha no worries. I envy you though, wish I could run through OP with fresh eyes again.


Main event was fantastic, but that ending was awful. All it does is confirm what I already feared, that Cody is winning tomorrow.


I'm as down on Cody as anyone, but why wouldn't he win?


Just keep booing Cody and cheering Malaki friend, that's all we can do


Don’t worry, i’ll be unnecessarily screaming at my TV come tomorrow.


I'm amazed others aren't getting this. Aligning Black with Andrade is simply to make Cody more the face. In every match against Black Cody has been booed. All this is about is getting Cody over with the crowd again. No way Cody loses on Dynamite Saturday. I just hope they don't screw up Black like WWE did.....


One loss isn't gonna kill Malaki


It isn't going to help him, and it accomplishes nothing except making the part of the fanbase that is sick and tired of Cody even more sick and tired.


I mean how can you not be sick and tired of Cody if he wins tomorrow? It was his idea to never challenge for the World Title. So why should he be the guy to give Black who is extremely over his first loss? It's just idiotic.


Forget 6 stars in the Tokyo Dome, PAC/Andrade II is 6 stars if Jericho just shuts the fuck up. Still 5 stars but Jesus Christ man. Also if you're gonna do the roll up finish in the main, just let Orange win with the Superman Punch even if you kinda want to protect Hobbs.


Jericho sucks at commentary and is the worst part of Rampage


For a man who was one of the greatest mic workers, he’s really struggling to find his voice on commentary. He yells everything. He slightly varies the volume of his yelling, but it’s all yelling all the time.


It was a hell of a counter to the finish Andrade kept trying to set up, which is one of the best ways to do a roll up finish. As for OC, the mousetrap is one of his finishers so I can forgive the finish, though I think Hobbs should have gone over.


> if Jericho just shuts the fuck up. One can only hope.


To defend aew a little, one of the finishers of Orange is the mouse trap, it's not a just a rollup.


Calm the fuck down dude lol. The match was great but it was not industry defining or life changing stuff.


"you like this thing too much" is the worst possible response to have to anything


It just really pisses me off when I see someone who is enjoying something.


Jericho is not that bad.


People endlessly bitching about something is almost always worse than the thing they're bitching about.


He is that bad. He's a babyface, and he was cheering for FTR to assault Alex and Penta, despite the fact he was in a blood feud against the Pinnacle literally a couple months ago. People are rightly praising AEW for their commitment to continuity. Jericho apparently didn't get the memo -- and he's a babyface! he doesn't have any excuse unless he fucking forgot he turned the better part of a year ago.


Forgetting that he was literally just feuding with FTR took the damn cake.


Genuinely like, its bad enough to forget he's a face for no reason, to do so and route for two guys he fucking despised mere months ago? ​ Incredibly frustrating.


I don't think he's been a face on commentary since his turn.


God I love when they do chaotic endings like this. Malakai coming out was a shock, then Arn, then the debut of the Glock, then Cody. Rampage has never been short on great matches but they really need more angles like this on the show to make it feel more on par with Dynamite.


"Damn. We need people to cheer Cody. Where's the next show?" *Florida you say?* 😏


Am I missing something or is the post show survey not in the comments?


Andrade hitting the ropes after being knocked from the turnbuckle looked like he was in a bounce house. My man bounced three damn times on those things.


Zero Huevos


I currently own Death Triangle, Andrade and (Aleister) Black t-shirts. Also FTR are my favorite tag team (and on my Mt Rushmore with Daniel Bryan and Sting). I don't know what's going on but whatever it is, I like it.


On paper, I really hate an El Idolo and Black alliance. ​ El Idolo is a money-first Hollywood guy, the kind Black came after Cody for being. Its not at all good for his aura as something special to have him slumming it with El Idolo at all. ​ And this isn't to be anti-El Idolo, he just killed it in that match, but this is not the direction I want the House of Black in.


I agree but I'm hoping it isn't about Andrade + Black aligning it's that Black is turning his sights on Pac after what is, hopefully, the end of Cody vs. Black tomorrow. Maybe Pac interferes to return the favor...


Before they arrived it seemed right to pair them and zelina. Now it feels weird. But it can make a new heel team to challenge lucha bros. And then it justifies one of them going for the world title and the other winning the tnt title. Malakai is a great tag team wrestler and in aew wrestlers don't feel relegated or downgraded for doing tag matches.


Why? What the fuck do they have to do with each other and what does Zelina have to do with them? She managed El Idolo in NXT right, what does that have to do with Black? ​ And they just booked Zelina to win a tournament afaik? so I wouldn't have certainty in a jump being immediate, regardless.


Black is married to Zelina. Guess it would be nice to have those 3 together.


Said it elsewhere but I think Black was going to try and do a moral test on Andrade like he's done with several others--set him up to show his true colors, then annihilate him on the spot or else let him go. Unfortunately, the Codyverse spilled into the moment and fucked it all up.


I have to agree. When the lights came back on and Black was standing there, I was hoping he was going to attack both of them. Kind of deflated me seeing him team with El Idolo. Selfishly, I am wanting House of Black to be it's own thing instead of teaming with other heels because they're heels.


Maybe there's more to it...


That's what I'm counting on.


The issue with Cody is that he’s a big money Hollywood guy who *acts* like he’s some blue collar, hard working champion of the people. It’s a lie. Andrade doesn’t make any false claims about who he is.


I still don't understand why the occult worshipping black metal badass wants to hang out with El Idolo and his silly pants from that.


Hope this means we get PAC vs Black. Should be a great one. Could just imagine amazing vignettes between them. Have they ever faced off before?


Fought each other in WWE at the UK Championship Tournament - would love to see it in AEW.


I enjoyed the “EDDIE” chant while Andrade did the Three Amigos


Armed Anderson used his Glock to shoot Cody into face territory. I just stole this sentence from somebody else because I had to.


Pac and andrade just dropped a top 3 moty


If they're teasing Black v PAC, that would finally close the loop on this photo https://m.imgur.com/ZUfH5vd


Is anybody else getting Lux Luthor from Superfriends vibes from Andrade? It feels like he has this uncanny ability to pull in allies from all the different corners of AEW's heel locker room. Him having an alliance with FTR and now Black legit feels like a comic book crossover. If he's able to create more alliance with more monster heels like Miro and Lance Archer he might eclipse MJF as AEW's heel kingpin.


Doesn't hurt that his entire look just screams Roman Sionis.


That’s what I’m hoping for, he legit looks like a evil villain.


I think it's the striped paints that really makes his personality pop. It's such a cool, unique look. Makes you truly believe he's some arrogant rich guy with a personal tailor who doesn't even need to get into proper ring gear to annihilate you in-ring.


The lights were supposed to go off at 2, right? Just seems like it'd be a better story if the lights went out and we didn't see an actual 3 count. Instead, they were late on that, and now we all saw Pac won.


Now that u say this it seemed like they were a lil off for a second when the lights came back on


OP, Full Gear moved to Minnesota.


Fixed, thanks for letting me know!


Pac vs Andrade 2 was incredible. Those two lads are absolutely insane. Some of the bumps they took were ludicrous. The post match was cool but made little sense. Why would Cody and Arn be waiting for Black? I thought for a second Arn was setting up a bad arse faction with Andrade and Black and the gun shot was directing them to kill Pac.


I’m VERY intrigued by whatever these 4 men are doing at Full Gear.


The thing about the Hobbes OC result is that it definitely bummed me out. But then at the same time now we have Taz and Lio Rush going at each other about it on social media and the whole thing with the ref leads me to believe this is going somewhere interesting and will end up being bigger for Hobbes who would have lost to Moxley in the next round anyway.


Taz team had the same vibe as a hfo for me. Hobbs need to get away from them too. Let Lio poach private party from HFO and you could get a strong faction.






Counts as a W for me


This isn’t even needed, pointless shit stirring.


Welcome to the internet


Pac V Andrade was fire. Just a great match. Im not sure what to make of the aftermath, but the match itself was fantastic. However... I really disagree with the Hobbs V OC booking. It's a little disappointing as we're going to get the predictable Mox vs OC match, when instead, Hobbs as a dark horse would've been more interesting.


You should've seen it coming in the aftermath of Mox vs. Yuta. TK booking might be logical but also predictable. The story is indeed going where you think it's going.


PAC-Andrade 2: Into the Codyverse was an absolute fucking banger, as expected. You could make a hell of a Top 5 MOTYC list just out of AEW weekly television from the last month. I have been bullish on Hobbs for a while and a full-on mark ever since that insane spot where he caught Dante Martin between the ropes and slammed him against the post. He puts so much personality into his hoss style just by sneering - THAT'S the kind of character work I like to see in my wrestling. He's about the only person I feel bad about having OC go over, but at least he looked good. He's going to be a great TNT Champion at the VERY least. Team Taz did nothing wrong in getting rid of their dead weight. Also, for a wrestler who's only worked 26 matches in her career, Anna Jay is incredible. It says a lot that THIS might be my least-favorite Rampage of the month. This is the AEW A-show, folks.


Andrade is my favourite wrestler in AEW now.


PAC vs Black. A potential banger match that also rhymes!


Haven’t really been blown away by any match during Britt’s title reign so far. Really feels like Ruby should’ve won at Arthur Ashe.


Because of all the blow away matches Ruby has had?


At this point I think Ruby could get more out of the women Britt has faced. Britt is still relatively new and has places to improve


Arn needs to become the enforcer............ for Bullet Club


He's the gun that fires those Bullets


Great episode. I'd have put Hobbs over in the first match, OC had an out with the ribs and didn't really like the finish but not bad overall. Hobbs gets better every time I see him. Enjoyed Anna vs Brit, my only issue is with not having PIP for the ad break. I'm watching on Fite which I pay for and I also pay for a sub to AEW so we shouldn't be getting a break in the match, took me out of it a bit. I'm sure y'all enjoyed the ME, a great match with a pretty cool afterbirth. Malakai & Andrade aligned? Or just a one off? And it also got me excited for Cody?Black 3 which initially wasn't the case.


Hobbs needs to up his torture rack game




You higher than Riddle on that camel.


Camel more over than anyone on this show


Jordan better. Prove me wrong


That’s fact


Lot of trolls in the live thread this time around, but its hard to be mad when its during a great show.


I just to just not keep tabbing over to the live thread, it was really bad this week.


That was a really good episode of Rampage.


My guess with the Black situation is he loses tomorrow due to Pac, then we get an Andrade and Black vs. Cody and PAC for a semi culmination to both feeds. This will let Black and PAC start up a rivalry and Andrade and Cody can move onto their next programs. Once Black and PAC are done have Black fued with Andrade due to Andrade having some fuckery behind Black's back


That...could honestly work. It's definitely throw-everything-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks booking. But if it works, it works.


That post-match brawl was ridiculous and made no sense. I loved it.


Pac Vs El Idolo 2 was everything it was hyped up to be, what a fucking match! I personally still lean ever so slightly in favor of Danielson vs Suzuki as my personal favorite Rampage match (if Rampage Buy In Matches count), but this match was definitely up there as well! I'd also be in favor of seeing an El Idolo/Black tag team wreak havoc in the near future!


It's hard to compare when Bryan v Suzuki had the luxury of no commercials and nearly 30 minutes to wrestle.


That's very true, good point. Still, if both matches were put in a similar timeframe, I just think its a matter of match style preference for me that puts Danielson v Suzuki over. Pac v El Idolo was still an absolute banger of a match though!


I can dig having an alliance between Andrade and Malakai.


Black and Andrade together is such an interesting pairing, I kinda hope it wasn’t a one off just to have Cody come out


three matches that did not miss, an ending segment that makes me want more, and anna jay on my tv. what more could you want?


Hmm... Maybe a little Tay Conti? OH WAIT WE GOT THAT TOO!