Malakai Black : "...My job was to destroy you and your world. The entire world hates you, you’ve become the beast I set out to make you, and I was willing to sacrifice my blood for it. Enjoy the seeds I planted for months. House always wins."

Malakai Black : "...My job was to destroy you and your world. The entire world hates you, you’ve become the beast I set out to make you, and I was willing to sacrifice my blood for it. Enjoy the seeds I planted for months. House always wins."


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People really think that Tony Khan doesn’t hear the internets reaction to Cody, despite TK posting on message boards his whole life lol. They’re playing the long game. Cody isn’t turning into Homelander, he ALREADY IS Homelander. The man is playing a delusional, narcissistic hero.


People have been saying that for, like, 6 months now. At this point, I believe it when I see it. I half expect there to be some angle next week that will try to establish Cody as a babyface again. Like having him come to the rescue of some beatdown or something.


They JUST did this on rampage and he was cheered like crazy so you're probably right


Here's the thing, lotta the time when Cody(the character) does overtly face things, it always feels like he's trying to steal the spotlight. He helps not out of altruism, but ego


Yes. And they need to actually pull the trigger on that and *do something with it*. We've been waiting for months for something to actually happen with that idea. Every single time we see a hint of something happening, they go right back and have him save a face from a beatdown, or beat an evil heel, or do something else that very obviously books him in a babyface way. And if it's really their intention to go with him as a delusional heel who thinks he's the good guy, then that's just bad storytelling.


He’s a heel to the internet, and they’re clearly playing into that. For a platform that seems to think they’re smarter than others, y’all are really getting worked. Even Twitter sees the story lol.


This isn't about "not seeing the story", this is about the story not being very good so far. If the plan is to turn him heel in the way you describe, it's just not all that interesting *yet*. They could absolutely turn this into something amazing. But then we go right back to the very same people having told us that this will turn into something amazing any day now for six months. And it hasn't happened yet. I mean, hey, maybe I'm wrong and next week the story will actually move forward instead of going one step back, but so far, that's not what happened. Remember when this exact thing happened months ago, and then Cody came out to do a promo that essentially said "Yeah I'll never turn heel I'll be a good guy forever!" and then he was a good guy again?


Yeah it´s the same discussion than with the Roman experience in WWE. "Oh you ´ve all been worked because Roman is a heat magnet and the other guy is getting over because of it and you don´t see it.". Yeah, cool, at the end of the day, all I see is not really good stories on TV with bad psychology.


He’s not quite Homelander for me yet. I get thats the story but Homelander as a character is so good because you get to see him do horrible things but it’s always good when he’s on screen. Cody hasn’t done anything overtly heel yet so it just feels slightly off for me. EDIT: just to clarify I stopped watching during the pandemic so I missed the Ogogo feud which maybe would have changed my mind.


He's turning guys, I promise! Any day now...


He wasn’t getting booed out of building until July. Idk why people thought he was turning since 2020 when there were no fans. Malakai is LITERALLY telling you that he’s corrupted Cody lmao. The story has only just begun.


Black playing the bigger pictures seems about right. Story is in a good place right now but it's the follow up that matters.


"The entire world hates you" aaaaaahhh! Like, Cody's character is constantly in this Twilight Zone. Where he is an All American, 1980s, overbearing babyface who fans have gotten sick of. And it's even been referenced in character by Arn, Malakai, and the commentators that fans are sick of him. But when he won last night it was still meant to be a babyface win "And its Cody's redemption!" There is no doubt Cody is aware of it and has been for a while, but I just don't understand what they're building towards. Even on Rampage when Malakai attacked Pac and Cody made the hero save, that ruled out the best finish for Cody vs Malakai imo, which was an overt double turn, with Cody winning dirty. I just don't get what they're building towards.


Yeah no. If they'd concluded the angle in a better way then nobody would need to be on twitter trying to patch up the cracks. And no, I'm not part of the *"Malakai should have won"* crowd.


"You didn't win!" is always lame.


I think with Black his narrative is that he doesn’t care if he wins or loses against Cody. The ultimate endgame is that he wants to see Cody suffer.


Anyone have a list of guys who’ve had their first AEW singles loss at the hands of Cody?


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That's clever, Malakai is awesome


I wish they’d never shown that clip on Rhodes to the Top where Black is thanking Cody for all he’s done.


If seeing the backstage reality of wrestling annoys you that much maybe you shouldnt watch wrestling reality shows 😂


Maybe just don’t do it immediately after the show. Some sort of buffer should be allowed


That’s what I think too, but seeing as how I’ve been devoted mercilessly already....


AEW fans can’t accept even the slightest form of criticism. Its odd. Love the product but fans are out of wack. Sucks for younger generation that the “fake” aspects even easier to sniff out when they have a show breaking kayfabe literally right after


Didn’t say I was annoyed mate - just that I wished they hadn’t aired that segment right after the match is all.


Just tell yourself that was “Tommy End” trying to break free (I agree with you though).


I kinda wish that Malaki's first big feud had been with Hangman. Since everyone is always like "(insert free agent) should be the leader of Dark Order!" they could've done a twist on that where Malaki Black came in telling Dark Order they were soft now and he was there to lead them, they rejected him, he picked them off one by one until Hangman came back to confront him and that would've given him the confidence to go after Kenny.