Criticisms that made you go "It's not that bad!"

Criticisms that made you go "It's not that bad!"


A lot of the 'We did it Patrick, we saved the city!' memes that crop up around superhero movies. I dunno what to tell you, the damage probably would've been a hundred times worse if the superheroes HADN'T gotten involved.


"We have to stop the Avengers they're a menace!" Okay Wonder Man, let me show you my slideshow of how many ways Earth gets dusted without them.


That whole villain arc for him made no sense and they didn't even do anything with it. Just had him randomly pissed at the Avengers and instead of using his celebrity to call for better accountability for them he got a bunch of D-listers to attack them.


Whatever happened to Wonder Man? Didn't Rogue absorb him or something?


Temporarily (Uncanny Avengers). Someone cut him loose near the end of the run, and AFAIK since them he's stuck to his pacifist superhero thing. Best shown in No Surrender >!when he lets the Immortal Hulk pound on him long enough to successfully talk him down.!<


I agree with this. In regards to Marvel, it was *really* hard to swallow people being super pissed at Wanda for throwing that exploding guy out of a crowded ghetto street into a building by accident. Collateral damage during battle is realistically **impossible** to manage if the baddies pick a place and time that doesn't allow for evacuation. I think the meme accords made sense when it concerned the Hulk going bananas and the Avengers being unable to prevent his actions. But when people attack movie Wanda, I just refer them to the plane hijacking in The Boys.


Also what made that ridiculous is that that was the incident that made the UN go “we need more oversight on the Avengers”, instead of the time Tony and Bruce made a murderbot that destroyed a goddamn city. Not only was the scale orders of magnitude different, the Ultron incident was also much more applicable since it’s not spit-second decision-making like Wanda’s incident, it’s a project that Tony and Bruce took upon themselves to do that might’ve actually benefited from some oversight.


I always took it as, “Sokovia is the reason they’re demanding oversight and Wakanda is the tipping point.” That’s the reason they’re called the “Sokovia Accords.” Mind you, Sokovia is also the reason why UN oversight is a *terrible* idea. Sokovia’s affiliation with Hydra is what directly led to the Ultron incident. Hydra who had infiltrated the highest levels of the US government up until the year prior. Not related to Hydra but still quite pertinent, the Vice President had been arrested the year before for collaborating with a known terrorist organization *who had kidnapped the President.* You can’t trust *any* government on Marvel earth.


You know what, that makes perfect sense. Somehow the fact they’re called the **Sokovia** Accords flew completely over my head. Also in Black Widow >!we’re introduced to *another* secret organization that apparently controls the world!< so MCU governments retroactively became even less trustworthy.


I feel they were already working on the Accords. The incident with Wanda just rushed them out


Batman was mad at Superman for fucking up Metropolis in Batman Vs Superman. Ok if he did nothing then Zodd would have killed literally the entire human race, wtf do you want him to do?


There’s even a part where Superman tries to take the fight to space and Zodd brings it back to Metropolis


This was also why in BvS and the Snyder cut, the final fights happened in an empty port and a ghost town, respectively; to minimize civilian casualties.


Ah yes. The Power Rangers approach. Fight in the Abandoned Warehouse District.


I mean, both areas being abandoned were also justified; it was nighttime, so people who worked there were presumably off-duty, and Steppenwolf specifically chose the ghost town to set up shop in because it was radioactive.


Partly why I think people being like "SUPERMAN DESTROYED THE CITY IN MAN OF STEEL" are dumb. No, he ACTIVELY avoided doing that. But Zodd was also an asshole and insane. ​ There's plenty of actual reasons to not like Man of Steel, but that one complaint always irked me.


Zod said, essentially, that he was going to destroy as much of the planet/kill as many humans *as possible* before Clark killed him. He was essentially actively trying to make things worse to commit suicide by Superman.


Yeah, if he can't do his purpose of *leading* *Kryptonians* he's gonna do his other purpose of *killing my enemies* (ie: humans and Superman). He's under no illusions that this will actually accomplish anything, but it's all he was raised to do AND lets him just throw a huge baby tantrum and hurt Superman so it's only upside for him


Yeah, I really don't like that movie but it baffled me that people got so hung up on the fact that A) a bunch of Metropolis got destroyed and B) Supes killed Zod. As you and others have said, there's a big difference between a protag causing damage by choosing to fight recklessly and them just not being able to containall of the damage. The killing Zod part I saw as him being pushed to an extreme solution to an otherwise unwinnable situation, which should serve as the thing that solidifies his no-kill rule going forward. The rest of the film was garbage though.


The movie also made it abundantly clear that Clark DID NOT LIKE killing Zod at all. Yet some people act like he gleefully did it and personally razed the city himself.


Except that wasn't the only reason, that was just what put Supes on his shitlist, because he personally knew people in the destroyed buildings. Luthor spent that entire movie framing both of them for all kinds of bullshit to escalate things, so by the time Batman actually went after Supes he thought he was also involved in actual warcrimes and *blowing up Congress,* and Supes thought Batman was intentionally marking people for death in prison when it was really just a Zorro thing. Oh, and the visions of the Knightmare start to further push Bats into murder mode. Unfortunately a lot of this is only clear in the Ultimate cut because that movie was butchered in editing.


> and Supes thought Batman was intentionally marking people for death in prison when it was really just a Zorro thing I just dunno what Bruce "Smartest man in the world" Wayne expected to fuckin happen


he expected the same thing Zorro did, and it worked out originally. The only reason they were getting killed is because Luthor hired hitmen to kill everyone with a brand


...oh, *shit.* When I watched it on theaters I thought they were getting killed in prison for being bad enough dudes that The Batman had to step in and brand them, which made the other criminals get disgusted/scared at them.


understandable, as I said, that movie was *destroyed* in editing. The fact that the infamous 'Martha' scene left out the tiny-ass flashback that reminds the audience why the name is important and what else it caused Bruce to remember, but the actual fight itself is mostly left intact, shows you the priority problems they had. I think a lot of the complaint that Snyder 'makes good scenes but bad movies' is almost entirely because of this tendency he has to cut context for time before compromising a setpiece.


I mean, did we really need to see Martha Wayne fall in slow-mo *again* at that point? Like, if it had been the first time we saw Crime Alley in the movie maybe it would've been fine...


They cut out most of the actual reasoning behind them going at each other. I don't even know why the theatrical cut had *any* of the scenes about the bullet, or the bat brand that they did keep.


Save Martha?


Saving humanity can save many Martha!


"Yeah but what about my car?"


Any time I see someone compare a game's graphics to the PS2 era, I imagine that person may not have actually seen a PS2 era game.


You know what looks like a fuckin’ PS2 game? Final Fantasy XII. Inverted abs aside, it looked and still looks lovely. Other games of that era, like Zelda Wind Waker or Metroid Prime, really don’t feel like they’ve aged a day, visually.


The crazy shit used to pull off lighting on the PS1 and PS2 and artstyle choices really show when the PS3 was, for a while, just trying to do it with more processing power and polygons. The way Vagrant Story and Kingdom Hearts do lighting is insane. Edit: To explain, Vagrant Story does lighting by having a double of the character at higher brightness that is ever so slightly offset towards the light. Kingdom Hearts on the PS2 does lighting by having areas where models get their entire brightness changed. This is so well done you don't realize that going near a light also brightens the back side of the model, which shouldn't happen.


I think Kingdom Hearts 2 looks _massively_ better than Kingdom Hearts 3 for that reason but whenever I say that out loud people think I'm an insane person.


I noticed almost immediately that KH3 seemed to go really heavy on the subsurface scattering, like they were just super enamored with Unreal Engine 4 being able to use that technique that they lathered it on everything. It gave all the characters a really heavy "glow" that they were lacking in previous games, and was kind of distracting for it.


Wind Waker, Metroid Prime, FF X, DQ VIII and even Kingdom Hearts just prove that art direction and lighting are so much more important to a game’s visuals than just having the most polygons and high detail boob sweat renders.


Silent Hill 3 has better facial animation than some current gen games today.


Silent Hill 2 and 3 still look incredible today. 3 in particular could easily pass as a modern game


ESPECIALLY in the Otherworld sequences where the wall textures start fuzzing out and writhing. That effect still blows my mind every time I see it.


REmake looks so fucking good because of the prerendered backgrounds allowing for more detailed character models that if you told me it was an early PS3 game I’d believe you


Games like Sly Cooper, the Ratchet and Clank series, Re4, Silent Hill 2, Okami, all of them look great still. Because they went for a clearly defined visual style instead of "LOOK! MORE PIXELS MEANS MORE BETTER! REALISTIC BROWN AND GRAY!"


People were saying this about Mighty no.9 In reality it looks like a ps3 game, which i think has replaced the ps2 in many peoples mind as "old graphics"


It super has. And not actual ps2 graphics, its what we thought ps2 looked like before the next gen came out. We all had those "it looks so real" moments back in the ps2 days and I bet the "HD" collections that filled the latter half of the era just furthered that line of thinking


ff10 was ps2 and that shit was beautiful


MGS3 still looks pretty damn good on the ps2 as well


An 8-bit/16-bit mix-up for the new age.


Games are all either 8-bit, PS2 or RTX: there's no inbetween


If you just bump up the resolution on a lot of PS2 games they look beautiful today. There was some technical wizardry going on with that system.


Silent Hill 3 can almost pass as a modern indie game.


Honestly it looks better than plenty of games even today.


And even saying that something looks like a PS2 game doesn't work when the graphical fidelity of PS2 games varied greatly. Like, for example, [Max Payne 1](https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/51X3PG583KL.jpg) came out a couple months before [Metal Gear Solid 2](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/hYokCn8res0/maxresdefault.jpg). You got Max Payne with blocky characters with flat textures for faces while MGS2 has much more detailed models with modelled faces. So, which game defines the graphics for the era?


I've always wondered, why does Pliskin look so familiar? He definitely couldn't be anyone I've seen in any other game.


I'm always struck both by how good and how low quality PS2 era can be. My mental filter still says 'Halo 3 is amazing and if we stayed at that level of graphics forever I would never complain' so there's also that.


I just got done rewatching the original Pirates of the Carribean trilogy and i'm surprised looking back at the Rotten Tomatoes audience and critic scores and seeing how low they are. I think all 3 of those movies are some of the best action/adventure films of all time. Are they high art? No, but who gives a fuck. [I just like seeing cool sword fights in a whirpool](https://youtu.be/2W4gXvlbKu0) with AMAZING music, great dialogue, and special effects.


That three way duel in 2 was awesome as well. Also Davy Jones is the best. And that opening in 3 is killer. Shit, I’m gonna rewatch those movies right now.


Davy Jones as a character is incredible, his acting is perfect but the thing that always floors me is his CGI. Like, he holds up by today’s standards. I’ve seen filmed 5-10 years older that have CGI characters that don’t look anywhere near as good! Jones is the gold standard for inhuman characters.


I'm still amazed that the LOTR trilogy and The Prequel Trilogy were made when they were.


Oh man the tech behind the big battle scenes on LotR is awesome. Incredibly powerful and innovative, all done on blocky-ass 90s PCs. If you look closely you can see it’s a bit rough around the edges in biiiiiig shots, but the cinematography works with it to avoid the worst of that. The Nazgûl and their Fell-Beasts are just incredible, the Mumakil are great too!


I grew up thinking that the 3rd movie was a fantastic end to the trilogy; only to see people not like it for reasons I'm still not sure of.


As someone who really likes PotC 2 and 3, 3 feels bloated a bit by the pirate kings storyline in the first half. If they had cut a lot of it out I think the movie would be better appreciated.


2 and 3 have some weird bloat to them. And they get a sillier tone despite darker subject matter (like a dude tries to sexual assaults Elizabeth in 2 or 3 when in 1 they made a couple jokes but didn't go that far) So while I think the later ones could use some tightening up I adore those movies a lot.


I like 3 but not gonna lie, I fell asleep the first time I watched it and woke up at the halfway point.


DAVEY FUCKING JONES BAAAAAABY, and even though the story is kind of just get ppl to places to do cool shit (for the most part, outside of Davey Jones who is fucking cool.) its great annnnnd the actors carry the characters soooooo fucking well!


I never really got Pat and Woolie saying "Couldn't you just have Jack go after some treasure" for 2 and 3 in response to the fantasy aspects when POTC 1 had fucking cursed immortal skeleton pirates.


Like... they did.... the dead mans chest was a literal buried treasure chest with a key needed to open it.


Name one character who isn’t perfectly cast in those movies.


They're really fun movies. Admittedly I don't remember the 2nd and 3rd ones super well, aside from a few scenes. They delve into schlock territory at times, but like, it's clear what this movie is aiming to be so it's fine. The 1st movie is genuinely a favorite of mine. Delightful movie!


NGL I also liked the fourth one but it 100% proved that Jack Sparrow can not and should not be the main character and is the best with a roster of other characters to bounce off.


I thought of a couple examples at first, but then I realized my issue in general is mostly with the nitpicky video essayist side of the internet that thrives off controversy and stirring up anger in rabid fans by telling them what they already believe. Not only is it not constructive, it only serves to divide and alienate in an internet culture that is already very susceptible to division and alienation


You hit the nail on the head.


Wanna name names?


The Quartering


Is he... a videogames critic? I just thought he was an aimless outrage peddler, didn't know if he had any specific issues or criticism against media.


He had one criticism against Parasite I think when it won against Joker in the Oscars. Although, it's not even *really* criticizing the movie Parasite because he hasn't watched it, he was just mad that a non-western movie won Best Picture. God, that dude's such a shithead...


Off the top of my head? Geeks + Gamers was a longtime offender, although it’s hard to say if that really qualifies anymore since I think one of them admitted that they act clickbaity and reactionary because it makes money. Critical Drinker is probably a straighter example, as well as an unfunny jackass


Geeks + Gamers Upper Echelon Gamers Critical Drinker Quarter Pounder LegacyKillaHD Most of them hacks that only thrive on negativity and the 'anti-SJW' train that attracts fans that think they're deeper than they really are and are just a poisonous miasma that Youtube *refuses* to stop recommending me. Yongyea is also another honorary mention for basically switching to a Negative News Channel To Outrage At after he milked the Metal Gear Solid cow dry.


For context, these are the guys who were gung-ho Synder cut people and [had him on their show and got mad when he wouldn't get on their anti-SJW bandwagon.](https://youtu.be/imjyqi5VvNk)


Snyder doesn’t ever get enough credit for being a more complicated person than most of his critics are willing to acknowledge.


Snyder seems like a cool guy to have a beer with. That being said, there’s a 50/50 chance watching one of his movies will result in me banging my head against a wall.


He's in my "I'd love to hang out with you but you'd have to pay me to watch your movies" list, along side Sandler.


"Max has little screen time, so Mad Max Fury Road is a bad movie"


Tell me you haven't seen any of the original Mad Max movies without telling me etc


"No, see, it was different in the old movies because, uhhh..."


To balance this, I saw an article called “mad max is the only good movie in the last 10 years” in my college’s paper.


I don’t really think the tailing in Judgment was really that bad. If anything, it’s just super basic. It’s not this offensively horrible gameplay mechanic people make it out to be.


It’s not even the worst part of the game That goes to the creepy fucking girlfriend system that has such a lack of self awareness that you can hit on borderline underaged girls after completing their substories. Substories that involve her getting hit on and harassed by men Yagamis age. Fucks sake, one of the girls turned 18 like a month before the start of the game


It doesn't even make sense to have in the game because Yagami has a love interest. I'd rather if the dates were with her and expanded her character than random girls where it gets creepy.


Resident Evil 4 Ashely is not that bad, She hugs your back when behind you so you clearly see where she is, she gets down when you aim your gun while she's in front of you. She can follow your path pretty well, she listens to instructions and the game is designed to help you with hiding places, You can tell her to hide in the dumpster and stay there until you cleared out the enemies. Her screaming for help while annoying does alert you so you can deal with the Ganados near her, and its not like your with her for the whole game, whenever she gets kidnapped she's gone for a long awhile so your playing the game a good amount of time without babysitting her, Do I need to say anything about the Knight suit in future playthroughs.


I would post the roosterteeth clip if i had the patience to find it.


["Bitch, dumpster" is a classic.](https://youtu.be/B6gLxdwoEGc)


Now i remember why I liked Roosterteeth.


As someone who just recently played RE4 for the first time I absolutely agree with your assessment and didn't find her anywhere as annoying as other people.


Resident Evil 4 handled escort mission way better than most others like, say, Dead Rising 1 or Silent Hill 4. Also, Ashley gives you a little thumb up whenever Leon takes down the Ganados. Really nice detail.


I don't know if I have a false memory but I feel like Ashley was always well-received until recent years. Maybe modern players going back to visit the game with their "modern sensibilities" blowing it out of proportion?


Ashley was always hated on for simply being an AI you have to protect.


Just because a character does something illogical or incorrect, doesn't mean there's a plot hole.


"wow, this character has flaws and doesn't always make the 100% rational decisions 100% of the time. what a stinker, I hate plot holes." \-stupid people


The Naruto fan base has proved to me that no one actually knows what Plot holes mean. 15 year old traumatized Kakashi not adopting a orphan he doesn’t know is not a fucking plot hole


People actually say Kakashi should've adopted Naruto exist? Like I've heard about the Third Hokage complaints and that makes sense to me, but Kakashi is hilarious.


Kakashi was barely qualified to take care of children when he was a mentor, let alone when he was 15.


No, Nathan Drake quipping in a gunfight doesn’t mean his a heartless monster. Read a pulp novel you joyless ninnies


"Kitty got wet, you son of a bitch."


Fuck yeah


I always assumed jokes about Nathan being an international criminal who's heartlessly gunned down hundreds of people to just be a bit of a joke at the expense of video games logic. You need to be a real stick in the mud to get upset over something silly like that. It's like pointing out how many people Luke Skywalker kills when he blows up the Deathstar. It's mostly just a fun thought experiment.


I’ve seen enough people go “I can’t get into Uncharted because Drake guns down entire countries and that’s just so unrealistic I can’t get with it”. My sarcasm detector is faulty but I’ve seen enough to say there’s a decently sizable contingent that believe it.


"Realistic". Oh man imagine if they actually played uncharted and got to the actual unrealistic shit


That was basically me diving into the first Uncharted game when I first got a PS4. Game was like "Cool you've been fighting pirates and rival treasure hunters up to this point, now deal with these fucking >!wendigos!<."


Same. When I was going through Uncharted I had no idea. I was blindsided so hard and it made me like the series more tbh. Uncharted 2 was one of my favorite games for awhile. Its still in the top 50 now but its fallen since I've played more games. Wish my copy of 3 wasn't stolen in college


Drake tries to jump and grab onto something, immediately breaks bones in his hands


I want a realistic video game just to shut these people up. "I'm in a gun fight with someone! And I've been shot one time, and my character is down. Apparently, gunshot wounds are debilitating and painful." "I killed the bad guy and rescued the hostage! I am not affiliated with law-enforcement in any capacity, and am now under arrest for murdering someone."


Why nobody told me that, now i need to get into Uncharted.


The supernatural stuff is some of the coolest stuff in those games honestly.


>My sarcasm detector is faulty The internet has permanently broken mine.


I think it started as a joke, I remember Jim Sterling mentioning it in a video of theirs, but people are stupid and probably thought it was a genuine criticism and started parroting it.


I first heard it from Yahtzee


Even then, Yahtzee was mostly pointing out (for comedy) how Drake was an apparently wealthy white guy gunning down hordes of brown people in the pursuit of making himself more rich and famous. That's why he jokingly lauded the third game for making it so you're mostly killing white British dudes instead


That might be it. It was a famous games journalist with a fancy accent that's all I remember. :p


Pirates 3 really isn’t that convoluted, guys. Yeah, it’s big and dumb and takes itself a little too seriously and the pirate council makes less sense the more you think about it, but it’s *really* not that hard to follow. Fuck, I was 10 when it came out and I had no problem following it.


And the joke of the Pirates Council, who represent chaos, is that the supposedly traitorous pirates hold an election to determine their leader and have written laws they must follow. Meanwhile the EITC, who represents order, declares martial law and kills people for nothing. So who is the real justice of the world? The ones who impose rigid order or ones who propose freedom. There's themes in the Pirates movies. Honest to god themes god damnit.


It's all a precipitous spiral from the idea of "The Pirate Code" being more than Black Bart being a weird bitch to his crew.


And Keith Richards being an old pirate and also Jack's father is just too good


That's my favorite Pirates movie. I loved the weird magic in the series and that's where it was at its best.


Mine too. I thought everyone brought their A-game for that movie. The two movies afterwards felt like hollow tree stumps in comparison.


Yes rubber bullets were silly. No, they didn’t exist to make Saejima a good guy, no they didn’t remove the morality of the ramen shootout scene. Yes Yakuza 4 has probably a gunshot kill fake out too many, but the rubber bullets aren’t the sole reason Yakuza 4’s story is bad. I like Yakuza 4 a good bit more than a lot of the games, but people whine about rubber bullets too much. There’s plenty of other things to harp on about in that game.


Like half of the discourse about Outer Worlds. You can tell a lot of it is coming from people who got WAY too overhyped thinking it would rival New Vegas or even surpass it, and the worst of them bash it by pointing out imaginary story flaws, showing that they didn't even really take time to pay attention to it or jumped to conclusions. It's definitely not an *amazing* game, but I thought there was some good stuff in there, and while I was pretty happy with it I won't begrudge anyone who found it lacking, but at *least* try to be honest/accurate with your criticisms.


I honestly believe the new vegas comparisons were not applicable, yeah outer worlds is by obsidian and a few guys who worked on new vegas, but im willing to bet 90% of the team never touched the development of new vegas. Also like somebody else said, outer worlds 1 feels like bones to build on, kind of like breath of the wild is for zelda going forward. I'm willing to give em a chance as I did enjoy my time with OW1.


On that note, especially with The Outer Worlds 2 being announced, I held the option that The Outer Worlds is a nice solid first step into the overall universe. To use an analogy, I'm kind of hoping that it's going to be a Baldur's Gate 2 situation where the sequel is *far* better than the original, and expands on a lot of the first game.


I'd imagine with how the first one ended, we'll see >!a galaxy locked in conflict between some kind of collective of newly awakened colonists working toward a good future (probably giving more fancy tech rewards), and the remnants the turbo-hyper capitalists trying to retain control (with more monetary and industrial-style rewards), with maybe some scattered smaller factions in between.!< Depending on how much work they put in, I could also see >!a Wild Card option of playing both sides to come out on top in money and tech.!<


My problem with the game 100% boils down to >!"You spend the entire game hammering in at every opportunity that corps are responsible for everything wrong in this setting, and then you release a murder mystery DLC. There's no fucking way the corp did it, right? That's like having the butler do it at this point, you can't actually do it again _OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU DID IT AGAIN."_!<


The criticisms I heard were the planets after the first are empty and lifeless, the dialog takes a dive, and the combat is just never good. And those are all things I found to be true. I played through that entire game and the only part I really remember is the first world and hooking up the mechanic girl with her girlfriend because it was cute. The last area is just a vague recollection of big spaceship hallways and I think there was a mech? I played this game less than two years ago. Not an awful game, just a mediocre one.


Dark Souls 2. It was the first sequel to one of the most influential games of the past decade, one that people grew to love as the lore and game were dismantled so all of the genius found in it could be seen. Also a sequel that Miyazaki never intended for but FROM needed to produce per an agreement between FROM prior to him becoming president and Namco Bandai when all Miyazaki had eyes for was Bloodborne. So of course it never had a chance to begin with. Parts that deviate too much from DS1 means they don't understand the world of Dark Souls, and parts that are too similar mean it's just a soulless retread trying to bank on nostalgia (which is hilarious considering DS3's endless callbacks). Zullie's dissection videos do a lot to indicate what DS2 could have been with a less turbulent development cycle, and ymfah's are amazing for showing the kinds of challenge runs you can do *without* having to exploit blatant glitches.


DS2 is my least favorite Souls game, but I still think it is good and find some of the criticisms needlessly hyperbolic. I mean, I guess it comes down to what you hold as important to the Souls experience, but I honestly never even really thought about how you ride an elevator up into a lava world. Didn't care. I think it is funny now that it has been pointed out, but it wouldn't even be on my list of issues with the game.


The biggest problem was attempting to entirely and wholly redefine the series while all the talent was off working on Bloodborne. They restarted development, what was it, three times when they landed on Another Dark Souls and then built it with no time and no budget.


Calling Death Stranding a walking simulator (hello YouTubers) makes me want to vomit out my ass. Yeah, guys. The purpose of this game about forging connections and conquering rough terrain is to simulate walking.


Isn't that usually tongue in cheek? Like, "walking simulator" always referred to games like Dear Esther where all you did was walk around and listen to a story. But Death Stranding is a walking simulator in a more literal sense because of its in-depth walking mechanics.


"Hiking simulator" would be apt until it becomes Kojima's Wild Features Ride


Usually, but almost the only people I see use that term for DS are people talking about how bad it is despite not playing it


I know it sounds ridiculous to take issue with anything Dunkey says, but he made it pretty clear with his dunkview on Death Stranding that he was presenting his genuine opinions and god, did I disagree with every single one of them.


I honestly stopped watching dunkey after the octopath traveler review. That fucking comparison to mario was just... wow.


I still watch most of what he puts out, but whenever a new Dunkview drops I tend to assume we're just not gonna agree on things.


For me it was his ff7 bullshit. I have no desire to watch his shit anymore. He doesn't just pretend to have bad takes, he actually has horrible takes for real


Not to mention the fact that afterwards he made fun of a guy who made a response video to it, while showing clips of the video and not censoring the guys name. Like yeah his response was kinda shit but occasionally I'll go back to the guys channel and he STILL, TO THIS DAY, gets dislike bombed and shat on in the comments. And before somebody says it, no, dunkey did not directly send his fans after the guy, but the internet isn't new. Shit like this has happened so many times before, that ignorance is not an excuse.


I fucking hate communities of big Youtubers, purely for the fact that a lot of their fans are mindless drones who take their master's opinions as their own. I'm currently dealing with something like that on a few of my videos. A bigger Youtuber who has absolutely no qualifications to speak on the content of them reviewed them poorly... and almost daily, I'll get one of their 10 year old viewers repeating his opinion on my videos like they came up with it on their own. It's fucked.


Yeah he has never lost me more than he did with his DS take. Felt like I was watching Gamespot gripe about Alien Isolation.


And the moment you try to criticize it youre met with “hes a joke channel” and all that stuff he used to defend himself. Also youtubers seemingly playing terribly on purpose


"he's a joke channel" "no this one is called a dunkview so it's serious also you can't disagree it's just his opinion" just forever and ever


Liara is pushed more than most characters in Mass Effect. She's still fine, and serves a critical role to the plot.


I just finished my run of ME1-3 and didn’t romance Liara. Even though I feel she may be pushed a bit more, she’s still a great friend to have and you owe her your life, literally. She respects your relationship (in my case Tali) and gives you a lot of morale support plus she’s an OG crew mate.


Broke: Liking Liara for normal reasons Woke: liking liara because she has the same voice as Lightning


Destiny is destiny Commander.




Search your feelings, you know it to be true *and it’s hawwwwt*


I’m a pretty negative guy in general, but I enjoyed Rogue One despite the pretty boring story beats and characters, (except for K2-S0, love me a posh dickhead robot badass) the visuals were really good and that final battle is awesome, I don’t care RLM


Same, I don't care if people don't like it, I like the ending. It's cool. It's neato. Did we need this story told, by no means, but I'm glad it was. It's neat. I like neat things.


Rogue One tried to do something different, which is far more than can be said for the sequels, and I have to at least respect it for that, even if the overall product was nothing more than fine.


Now, I know you were referring to Red Letter Media, but it didn't stop my brain from filling it in as "Rebel Lives Matter," which, as far as I'm aware, is not actually a phrase linked with Star Wars in any way.


Most of the time when Pat criticizes something


*Insert hyperbolic take based off of a hyperbolic take from someone that didn't play the game*


If it makes you feel better, every time Pat says something bad about something you like, just remember all the other times he's talked shit about something and then finally read or watched or played it and been like, "Actually it's pretty good", or at least, "It's not as bad as I thought."


I’ll not sit down and listen to people talk shit about the original ENG dub of ***”Neon Genesis Evangelion”*** when Allison Keith was and still is *the* voice of Misato Katsuragi in my head.


Ok, hot take but I am going to defend Doom 3's default flashlight here. Doom 3 is certainly a flawed game, but by far the best thing it has going for it is it's lighting system. Especially for the time, it was just a straight up great looking engine. Having your flashlight on all the time drastically diminishes the appreciation for how good the game looks in the dark. Its like playing the Arkham games with detective vision on all the time. Doom 3 is also trying it's best with mixed success to be a horror game. Having to make the choice between holding a gun and holding your flashlight adds an element of tension to the game. And having to make use of environmental lighting in the level to more accurately shoot adds an element of strategy beyond "circle strafe while shooting them in the head". All the snarky reviews at the time bitching about not being able to ducktape your light to your gun just really seems to miss the point. The game was meant to be played this way, and it's works perfectly fine. Game still isn't great though, for various other non-flashlight-related reasons.


The real crime Doom 3 commits is having an absolutely abysmal shotgun


It may actually be the worst shotgun in any game I've played. The spread is silly.


Honestly, they could reduce the spread by *half* and it would still be too close ranged


Every time Pat talks about Kingdom Hearts


Which makes me sad that Woolie never got to finish Kingdom Hearts and probably won't, since the series seems great for him with his love of action and connecting lore. I've just had to accept that whenever KH and Fate gets brought up on the podcast to expect a bunch of wrong info and dumping all over them.


Kingdom Hearts is bad because it constantly sounds like a 13 year old playing with Disney figures. Yeah I ain't gonna lie that if you take scenes out of context it sounds awful but for the most part the story is good and the gameplay is one of the greats of the PS2 era so stop judging the book by it's cover.


Hell I like it CUZ its a 13 year old playing with Disney and final fantasy toys


Case in point: my enjoyment has diminished as the disney and FF characters become less relevent


Yeah, kinda wish Maleficent would form a new dark council


^I ^should've ^been ^the ^one ^to ^fill ^your ^dark ^soul ^with ^liiIIGht!


Funnily enough the reason I never got into it is because of how little the Disney stuff factors in. It’s the main hook for the game but you could read a whole plot summary for that series and never know there were Disney characters in it.


The fact that 3 didn't finally have the world order break down and allow Disney characters to interact is criminal. Give me a gummi space segment with Captain Hook and Jack Sparrow fighting Xehanort's minions while Jack tries to steal a keyblade


I remember reading (mayhaps on TvTropes) thay Disney has some strict guidelines on how the characters from movies get to interact with the overall plot and between eachother.


It's actually even dumber than that, Disney has different teams for each of their properties, and those teams get to decide how their characters and settings are used. So the Frozen/Tangled teams said "We want you to retell our story and change nothing", but the Toy Story and Monsters Inc teams said "Go wild, Yeetus Vanitas and all that"


Corporations actively making their characters less interesting is so dumb, I hate it.


I don't think 2k was trying to say that black people are wrong for rising against their racist masters in BioShock infinite, I'm pretty sure they were just going for "revolutionaries not always good and just"


I think it's because the scenario itself is a racially sensitive one. After the Haitian Revolution, it became a propaganda line in places like the American South and South Africa that if they did not keep them perpetually suppressed then the black population would immediately rise up and slaughter all the white people out of revenge. After Daisy Fitzroy plays this boogeyman to perfection by trying to kill the white child of a slaveowner to 'pull it up by the root', I'm pretty sure there isn't a single other black or Irish character in the rest of the game who isn't trying to kill you.


The issue is that we don't see enough of the revolution to get a good handle on it for that subversion to not be played straight . You basically meet the revolution for 30 seconds, go to do a mission for them, and then jump through a dozen timelines and then they're murdering everyone.


Go to a different timeline to complete a mission for someone you never met in that timeline. That quest makes no sense and was where i checked out. Gameplay was fun though.


No shortage of dictatorships created by popular revolutions to attest to that fact. Though they might have considered toning down Columbia's massive racism in the first act if they were planning on going that route. The well-to-do Columbians don't make a particularly strong case for *not* burning the whole thing down in the opening chapters.


Yeah I replayed it recently and the bit with the stage and the baseball made me go "Hoo boy...forgot we get *right* into it."


Didn't they retcon Daisy being just unreasonably unhinged into Daisy "playing a role" in BaS? I don't remember it that well, it's been a while, but if true and they did retcon, then it's as good as outright admitting they fucked it up with Daisy.


Yes that is exactly what happened. You literally get to overhear and see the deal going down and Daisy being not very okay with it at all.


So I have this with Genshin Impact, specifically how a lot of the playerbase tends to treat how the women are written. I totally get that a lot of how women are written, especially in media that appears largely catered to men should be scrutinized, but I think that the playerbase tends to be so hyper-critical of the way that the Genshin girls are written that they kind of loop back around into being sexist. ​ Like don't get me wrong, none of them are revolutionary-feminist-masterpieces and all of their outfits are ridiculous, but the way they're all written is...fine? They all have their own distinct personalities, ambitions, and stories, separate from the player characters influence, but the players just tend to boil them down into a few words. ​ Ganyu and Jean get simplified down to "overworked waifus" when Jean has the burden and pressure of generations of expectations placed upon her, and Ganyu uses her work in order to feel like she has a place in human society despite being so different from them. It just feels like a lot of nuance gets lost. IDK maybe I'm wrong but it just rubs me the wrong way. ​ The only example of a character being outright "badly" written I can think of is Kokomi and the final act of Inazuma was just a mess in general so....


The last five minutes of *Gotham* is the most viewed *Gotham*\-related video on YouTube, and 10 comments down is enough to tell you that 90% of the viewers have never actually seen the show, and are there to unjustly bash on five years worth of anticipation and development. Yeah, maybe the Batsuit isn't the best-looking, but when you've gotten so attached to David Mazouz as Bruce, it's not really that noticeable.


Gotham in general is a giant example of people who don't like it being too hyperbolic.


"The Handler in Monster Hunter World ruins the game and I want her to die."


I think a lot of that hate comes from the fact that you can't skip cutscenes in MHW and she's in most of them. It can be really annoying, especially if you're playing with friends, to be forced to watch a long ass cutscene where she's just running around doing dumb shit.


I think she's annoying, but she didn't ruin the game or anything.


A lot of blowback in the Yugioh community led to people trying to shit on the older Master Rules and the original rules in an attempt to make the current "play half your deck in one turn" meta seem reasonable. Problem being that they try to bring up cards like Pot of Greed. You know, the card that INSTANTLY(Not actually instantly lol, see replies. That's what I get for going off of memories from 16 years ago) got banned when the first ban-list came around. It's a really bizarre thing to see when these people try to say that "Every meta is imbalanced" to someone who has LITERALLY played in tournaments. "BuT tElE-dAd"- they say, trying to take down an entire era by bringing up one 6-month period when the game has been absolutely fucked for 4 years now(Arguably longer if you bring up Pendulums).


>the game has been absolutely fucked for 4 years now I know this is just a personal opinion and I know not everyone enjoys it but I think current yugioh is in a very good state right now and has been for a while. I'm enjoying it more than Magic right now and that's been my game of choice for a long time.


Yeah I agree things have mellowed out a bit. Dragon Link being on top is definitely a downer but otherwise we're in a place where rogue decks can legitimately thrive and there's decent variety in meta decks. It's not perfect but it's approachable.


As an MTG player, Pot of Greed seems like the most ridiculous shit ever and I can't believe it was ever legal in any format.


It really wasn't. There wasn't really a format before the first banlist. Basically just casual stuff before they started getting srs bsns around it. Also man, you guys had Ancestral Recall lol.


Ok but in our defense: 1. Ancestral recall costs a mana at least :P. 2. It was already known to be part of the Power 9, a list which includes a card that just says "take another turn for 2 mana". 3. Recall had already been banned 10 years before PoG got axed.


Was Anti-Raigeki from before any banlists? It always felt like they didn't know they could just ban cards.


I got the legacy of a duelist on ps4, got up to the pendulum cards and quickly realized those actually suck. There's such insane power creep already but then you have multiple strong monsters you can summon basically for free every turn? And if one dies it'll just be right back? Fuck that garbage.


Maybe I'm weird or I just have a poor eye for aesthetics (I tend to disagree with almost everyone over aesthetics honestly), but regardless, I'm putting my foot down: Bakugo's hero outfit is *FINE.* It doesn't look any weirder than any other costume in MHA, and I don't get why it gets any flak.


As much as I hate FFXIII but one thing I'll never understand is the level of hate Snow got. I'm mean he's kind of a jackass, but almost everything about him and everything he does throughout the game points to him being a genuinely good, selfless, heroic person. I guess people hated him because Lightning didn't like him because he's a delinquent and is engaged to her sister, but the entire point of her arc is that she's completely in the wrong about him. I'm not even a fan of the guy but I think he got way more hate than he deserved.