Do you think Nina had a chance against Silky during "No Scrub"?

Do you think Nina had a chance against Silky during "No Scrub"?


I think they both deserved to be eliminated for that mess of a lip sync.


I do think Nina had a chance however she, like Silky, did awful. If it wasn't top 5 it very well could have been a double sashay. I do think Nina should have stayed if they were going to keep one of them. Season 11 had a lot of riggery. See the awful treatment of Shuga Cain.


Nina can't lipsync, thats why they kept her out of the BTM2 until the last possible moment haha I think she would've gone home against anyone in the cast to any song (except maybe Soju)


To be fair, "No Scrubs" is a terrible lip sync song. The chorus repeats indefinitely for like the entire back half of the song. It's hard to work with such monotony. They were still bad tho.


TKB could have turned it out.


Duh, but at the same time, the fact that I keep seeing the exact same recommendation over and over of "TKB or Tatianna could've turned it" literally every single time this gets brought up is worth noting. Is TKB literally the only queen that could've made that lip sync work cause she's literally the only one that ya'll use as a counterpoint over and over and over. And naming two queens who've given us some of the best lip syncs of the franchise and claiming they can make a meh song work - groundbreaking.


I don't think No Scrubs is a bad lip sync song. No its not a high energy dip and split number, which is the problem with Nina vs. Silky's lip sync they tried making it that kind of performance. A good lip sync performance is about conveying the mood/energy of the song and not just trying to outdance the other queen. TKB is a strong default choice but I could see Ra'jah, Symone, La La, or Widow also turning it put to No Scrubs.


Let's not blame No Scrubs. I'm sure if a TKB-type of queen or somebody not as messy as Silky or not extremely White in shorts and a bolero jacket like Nina would've tried it, it would've come off better. In the end, it doesn't matter. Ru was favoring Silky all along, Silky was always winning this. A double sashay was extremely warranted as I don't get how this was any different than the two previous double sashays. And the "it was too late" excuse is pointless 'cause it still meant a Top 4 for the final challenge, they could just not eliminate anybody like always, and that awful musical didn't need five people.


I like to think that season 11 would have turned into a shitpost if they were both eliminated. Picture this - there's now the top 4 of A'keria, Brooke, Vanjie and Yvie. As they need 5 queens for the rumix, they bring one back. If it's Shuga, then she's obviously not winning. She may be in the bottom and sent home again, rendering the episode useless. She may also make the top 4 if the storyline of Brooke vs Vanjie is pushed. But in this case the top 4 is A'keria, Brooke, Shuga and Yvie. Shuga would literally kandyho herself into the top 4 and become the ultimate robbed queen, who bamboozled the production into a corner


Why does it matter if Shuga was winning or not? Silky and especially Akeria weren't winning either. And they don't "need" five people for the rumix. Eliminate Silky's part and add another chorus for time. Everything about these musicals is interchangeable, arrangeable and disposable.


I do feel like Silky’s mess was a little more forgiveable in retrospect because despite immediately breaking a heel followed later by that disastrous wig incident she still seemed like she was trying. When both performers are completely sucking at least give it to the girl who went to the back and tried to give some range. I’d rather someone be messy and energetic (if slightly misplaced) than clean and completely out of touch with the material


honestly should have been a double elimination just because they both wasted such an iconic song and I’ll die on that hill


I feel that ru absolutely favors silky. She ended up trying to give her a chance to come back after she was eliminated, what, 2-3 times? That being said I do not think Nina could have won tho. I thought they both should have been booted on that one.




Nina can dip and split and death drop?