Brandon and Bryan explain the popularity of Hitler. Watery

Brandon and Bryan explain the popularity of Hitler. Watery


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I wish shapel was here for this one. “Hitler was bad? Really? I didn’t know that.”


"I don't watch TV so I didn't really know"


You can tell Schlob watched another documentary. That's what he does all the time, watch a documentary and he speaks like he's the expert on the topic. ​ Also " then he paints this nairdiv"


Spot on.. He did say He watched a documentary right before this


Every.time. we know him bedder than he knows himself


How To Become a Tyrant just debuted on Netflix, it's almost surely that one. Pretty decent, sort of like History For Dummies, narrated by Peter Dinklage (who not surprisingly turns out to be an A++ narrator).


Germy, great cuntree, never been


Is that where Comgrigger is from?


Nah b. he’s from the state, not the country. The thic brat is from Germnee


It’s such a bullshit fake wannabe intellectual thing to say. “You can hate him all you want but he was great at speeches man and was a good leader bro”.


“Their outfits were fire.”


Brendan would’ve been a nazi %100, “there just haters to the fuhrer b “


He would’ve been part of their fucked up medical experiments. One word out of his mouth and he’s on a cattle car.


He would definitely want to do a collab on a Thiccc (3 Cs) Boi drop of Nazi uniforms. “Represent the squad with these fire ‘fits B.”


“YeAh, yeAh? Who you gonna pick? Stalin? France? How many tanks they got bubba?”


I mean... I hate to agree with Brenda but he wasn't wrong. If you are a costume designer for a movie, trying to design outfits for an evil army that wanted to exterminate people you couldn't go wrong with all black, well fitting Hugo Boss, emblazoned with the skull and cross bones and ancient Germanic runes.


Hitler was a beast of a fashion, B


On the speeches, it’s not even true. Hitler bombed way more than he killed, and was methed out of his gord half the time. These guys have watched the Hitler highlight reel, for some reason. I doubt they have any idea about American leaders and orators from the 30’s, like Huey Long or Henry Wallace, let alone seen their speeches. They’re trying to be edgy with this take, but it’s just hack. This show has never been worse.


That’s it, it’s just them trying to be clever in the rogan way, hearing/watching a shitty documentary and then poorly repeating it. Fake edgy cunts


I learn more hair than I learnt in skull, bappies


He just keeps saying Germany was going through a bad time, the econmyyy. I'd love to hear him elaborate on any of this instead of just regurgitating basic talking points.


This clip reminds me of incel types that take on a contrarian viewpoint, usually in community college, in an attempt to seem edgy and Uber intelligent as a desperate cry for attention. THEY DOO NUT MADDUR.


Hold up B. Are you trying to say that Hitler was not a good orator? That's just a patently false statement. We all agree Hitler was a bad dude, that's not to say he was utterly useless at everything. Anyone who wants to actually read objective, and educated information on this question should go here... Not listen to a fellow line chef at PF chang's. >>https://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/comments/5iij0k/how_was_hitler_a_good_public_speaker


I disagree, B. Not trying to give anyone a lecture, just offering my opinion.


You disagree with qualified historians? Umm.. ok. Sure, I guess?


Qualified historians disagree on this. I disagree with the ones in that Reddit thread, I guess.


The posts in that thread are literally, linked the qualified historians. Ask history is one of the few well ran subs, where comments must be sourced. You're, literally making something up.


It’s was an opinion; an interpretation, and not particularly serious. It’s not something can be fact checked or verified. I’m not arguing it, I just stated it. I don’t come to this subreddit to argue about Hitler.


Interesting take from someone commenting about Hitler.


Notice I said “argue” and not “comment”, ya cunt.


“Hugo boss made their uniforms. Say what you will about their politics, but there’s a foundation of charisma and good fashion that mesmerized an entire country.” Historian Brendan Schaub


Julius Schaub was Hitler's right hand man. You can bet Schaub is related to him...look into it.


Hitler and his marketing degree lol


His market segmentation and positioning strategy: Give everyone a pitchfork. Truly ahead of his time.


He’s such a little bitch. You can clearly see that when Calvin starts tawlkin, Brenda purposefully keeps going, reiterating his tired point iiiveryone already knows, just to seem knowledgeable on the subject. But it’s all verbal diarrhea.


Norm MacDonald on Hitler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAMgT8LuZaw


I came here specifically to say shkrankelly crankelly


Are all PF Changs workers awl the Norm fans?


If any aren't, then I imagine they're the charity hires to keep our disability quotas in line with state legislation...


That’s mean!


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How many speeches you watched, b? How many times have you heard on JRE what you're repeating ear.


Yeah Hitler just painted that whole anti-semetic narrative, there wasn't rampant resentment of Jews that existed in Germany (and Europe) for centuries preceeding Hitler or anything. Fuck he's such a dumb cunt. B-B-B-Beast of a marketer, this is Marketing 101 at the Thiccc Boy School of Economics with Professor B.Schlwab, today we're looking at Hitler and how you can convince other people of shit that's tawdily bloggbusser.


Hey b , you a phizophafer ? Take your creative arts degree back to the frya before you git lit up . Brenda is a 2 degree holdin grad and one of them is in mawkiteen. You’re not even a black belt in bjj .


Oh that cyanide pill rocked him! Oh he's hurt!


>["there wasn't rampant resentment of Jews that existed in Germany (and Europe) for centuries preceeding Hitler or anything." ](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expulsions_and_exoduses_of_Jews)


I reported it too YouTube for promoting terrorism’ for shits and giggles


“Hitler was a better actor than Daniel Day-Lewis”. What?


Good at marketing. This fucking clown, I swear. 😂


‘Nazi’, by Hitler. ™️


Remember when Obama burned down the Capitol and blamed it on the Groypers? All charisma...


Every time I think they can’t find a new low they do it. Incredible to see.


Great guy , never meddim Would he be able to murder at the store tho ? Comedy is the toughest job in the world, much harder than nearly winning WWII


He’s either going full heel, or full on rtarded


He is unbelievably rtarded


Wrinks: "He was a better actor...than me...that's for sure" (That's what he said, right? I can't rewatch the clip because I punched my monitor when Wrinks said "DoiCHlan UBeh All-eees - That means 'Germany Over All'....")


[THICCC BOY NATION](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w48MMI_KA6E)


Did Tim Kennedy find him in the end?


Hilter was known for his krizma, whatever that is.


“The mandragon, live from Berlin”. Is what Bryan is fantasizing about while watching hitler. Imagine those crowds just LOVING HIS COMEDY.


2 weeks until brendan says "Hitler had some good ideas, buppa"


So Schaumb just watched "How to Become a Dictator" on Nedfligz, right?


“Good at marketing”…. 🤣😂🤣


'There you go, thats how it goes' - Brenton Schlawb on the Holocaust.


"germy" "krisma" "nearative" "da Jews" "baspot" I wonder if Brenda knows why "germy" was in a bad spot? I wonder if he knows about parliamentary politics worked in Germany in the 1930's and how suspect it was that Hitler was appointed as chancellor, I wonder if he even knows that the "leader of germy" is called the chancellor. Also very funny that he can only remember two presidents and that's Obama and trump. What a complete moron


It's like a 10 year old explaining nazi Germany


this is literally high school level history and he's explaining it like it makes him look smart lol


Hitler and Daniel Day Lewis are really great comparisons, B. Imagine being Callen in that situation, self-proclaimed history expert, having to listen to that buffoon tell you about the rise of Hitler. I'll ask my 3rd grade niece for a better synopsis.


“He paints a ney ratuv”