Why do so many people complain about Triller and still tune it?

Why do so many people complain about Triller and still tune it?


Try asking a boxing page, this is a ufc page.


It never fails to baffle me how much boxing shit gets posted on here.


It wasn’t always this bad


It really wasn’t, mate. As soon as McGregor fought Mayweather, it’s like a boxing sub. Don’t even get me started on Jake Paul. Again, he might be ‘fighting’ MMA guys, but it’s a boxing match.


Blame it on pake jaul


Because the dude who runs that bitch straight up said he doesn't give a damn about anything just wants the money.


Wtf are you talking about


Ryan Kavanaugh who runs Triller made a statement about booking these fights only for the money. So the more outlandish the matchup is, the better as long as views are bought


That’s not a response to anything in this comment thread. Someone complained about too much boxing talk in the ufc subreddit. I said blame it on Jake paul. Then you came with that


Casuals don’t understand there are substantial differences between mma and boxing. Most don’t have a clue of the amount of skill required to be a professional boxer. Most mma striking isn’t even close to being on an elite boxers level and they don’t grasp that at all. Downvotes don’t change the truth. I prefer mma , but let’s not act like most mma fighters strike on the same level as elite boxers.


Wow it’s such a surprise that people that fighters in a sport where only fist are allowed have better striking than athletes that use multiple martial arts. This is like saying birds are more elite because they fly better than fish of course they will because that’s their speciality. 🙄


Why are you being passive aggressive? A lot of people don’t understand that. He’s just starting a fact.


That’s vitor Belfort, a former UFC fighter. The card also had Silva vs Tito. Don’t pretend you don’t understand why it’s on this sub. If it has a high profile UFC fighter it will be here. Just like all the stupid drama that has nothing to do with actual fighting.


It never fails to baffle me seeing people not to post stuff like this here lol.


Idk what this comment even means. “People not to post stuff like this”


In response to the comment you responded to, but in agreement with your comment. Edit: Whoops. There’s actually an awful typo in my comment lmao. Oh well


Yes and no, it's the UFC fans that come in casually and whine and whine after tuning into a shitshow. Despite not normally being on the boxing page lol


I don’t know one persons that bought into this shit. Or any other of their fights. Every single person I know streams it or watches it on Reddit 5 minutes after it’s done. Lol


The main card wasn't even 5 minutes worth of fights. It was hardly worth streaming. The highlights were the entire fight


I don’t know anyone who has actually bought one of their events. Plenty stream illegally though.


Yeah but those people say “ I feel robbed even though I streamed it” like they didn’t know it was a terrible show


Holy fuck OP you assume a lot of shit. You sitting next to all the dudes illegally streaming it and watching them type this shit up? Like dude your entire argument is just accusations.


Not at all, if someone says they streamed it, I’ll take it at face value. Its okay that they streamed it but the complaining about it just doesn’t make sense. Maybe reread but slower this time


Why do you give a single fuck bro.


Don’t get sensitive, it was just a question, bro


Mate don't do the retarded "omg bro youre so sensitive" youre the one giving a fuck. Most people here didnt watch it.


Sensitive? You are mad about other peoples choices. Wtf you mean lmfao hypocrite


Who said that ?


People ain't bright Don't want to hear about that type of content but their actions speak louder when they still check it out anyways


Cuz it’s better than watching nothing on a Saturday night


It’s not one or the other, you can watch something and still not watch this


When there’s no fighting I’ll watch it … speak for Urself


Some parts ppl like some parts ppl don’t like. Anderson Silva ko of Tito Ortiz was fun to watch the main event. Juiced up vitor knocking out a near retirement age man who tripped a few times (like an old man trip not because he really got punched) not fun to watch


I’m just happy there doing boxing and not mma, would be really a shame to see some mma shit like what we witness there


cause it’s easy to stream


Exactly. No one paid for this event.


People love freak shows, me included


For sure but to the people that complain after, that doesn’t make sense


Recreational outrage


You sir, know what you're talking about.


Pete Davidson was hilarious when he was on a triller card. It's like they take the majesty from boxing and shit all over it


No UFC that night 🤷🏼‍♂️


People like shit shows


Nothing wrong with that but I see a lot of comments like “I feel robbed even though I streamed it” like they didn’t know it was going to be a shit show anyway lol


It’s a joke dude


Car crash tv


Beat me to it


The people complaining aren’t the people tuning in…it’s almost like there are lots of people on the planet


When they say “I feel ripped off even though I streamed this” they are both watching and complaining. The people who are complaining and not watching aren’t the ones I’m talking about


No, they are most likely just repeating a comment they saw online and hoping for upvotes/likes lol…a good portion of them probably didn’t even watch


No, you’re just saying that to try and save face lol


I’m not trying to save face, I don’t care what strangers online think about a comment I made. The fact is half the people commenting on posts about fights clearly don’t watch the fights and are just commenting cuz they comment on everything they see online.


You're basing that off of hard-core fans opinions of it, when in reality it's casual viewers that are buying it.


I don’t mean just buying, I mean streaming. Why do they stream something they know is going to be a shit show and then still complain


Oh, well simply put people are idiots. Better to just ignore them.


The only reason this is blowing up is because Holyfield lost. If it was the other way around and TRTVitor go KO’d everyone would be celebrating this event and Holyfield. Hypocrites them all


Commented this before I saw yours. You’re 100% right. The boxing community is mad their guy lost and that’s not the narrative they want. Can’t have a boxing legend lose to “some mma guy”


Haters like to hate


1. It's like a car crash or anything else horrible. You dont wanna see it but at the same time you can't look away 2. I just watch the highlights when I hear I liked the outcome of the fight. Didn't watch Holyfield, even the highlights.


But most people knew this was going to be a car crash before it even happened then they complain it was a car crash. That makes no sense


Swear I didn’t even see Cheators fight. This is literally the first imagine I saw. Saw a lot of Silvas fight tho 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻


Let’s boycott 👍🏼


It’s probably not the same people complaining and buying it. More likely the people who aren’t buying it are complaining that there are people buying it and they wish they didn’t.


Why does people feel compelled to look at car wrecks


Bc it’s still fun to watch. My opinion.


Cause they are haters


Cause Anderson


They don't tune in tho, it just makes the rounds of the media bc it's an abomination


Some definitely do. I see a lot of “I feel robbed even though I streamed it”


I’ve never watched this but so many people talking shit I kinda want to now.


They ain’t paying for it


Ay fr tho. Imagine if that left hook landed. Reminded of the left hooks against Tyson. 😳


I think they’re mad that their boxer didn’t win against an mma guy had Evander won this would’ve been a different discussion


People complain because it's a freak show. People tune in because it's a freak show.


*steal it


Do we even know the numbers for this event yet?


Fomo, obvs. Bunch o’ losers.


Still haven’t tuned in.


Because we are a bunch of sadistic people. Just in the nature of most human beings i guess 🤷‍♂️


I will always wonder, what the point is of complaining about something that people chose to do willingly. Like hating Kim Kardashian cause she’s rich for nothing, or speaking negatively about Jake Paul cause he’s a troll and popular, or voicing frustration over willing participants of the TRILLER events. **Seems like an exercise in futility.** These people will do and continue to do, regardless. Saying you “cringe”, or something to that effect just makes you appear weak minded. Should spend more time talking about solutions to real issues. Ones that have consequences. Better still, would be to draw attention to the people/events that have levity and matter to you. Rather than give your energy to things you dislike.


Same treason straight men watch gay porn For the plot


I don’t know a single person who watched that event haha


We complain because it’s ass. The commissions should not be signing off on this shit. But we have an attachment to these big names that we are watching fall from grace. Just like a car crash. I don’t want to watch it, but I can’t help. Also I don’t tune into this shit, but it’s always on Reddit so I’ll keep up to date with it.


Every single time Anderson Silva fights you should tune in. That man is special.


Its a shit show but its still entertaining. Its kinda fun to see fights that have absolutely no impact on anything, its just a fight between two legends that are way past their prime. I hope they would leave retirement home aged people out of it tho. Can't even imagine what Holyfields family must've been thinking at home seeing grandpa climb into the ring and starched by roided Vitor.


I watched it hoping for Evanders safety. The Silva and Ortiz fight was legit IMO.


Ortiz vs Silvia was entertaining. It was super short though


Because everyone hates car crashes, yet all of them pull out their cellphones to film. We humans are like this, we are drawn to shitshows


It’s car crash TV. People can’t help but look at the wreckage.


Tuned in to YouTube for the highlights and still want my money back.


People use those black boxes that are hacked to watch these abominations for free lol


No matter how stupid it is everyone wants to attend the circus


I only watched it for Anderson Silva but the commentary is fucking terrible.


triller isnt a fight promotion, its a video sharing app rivaled with tiktok. despite any opinions on the circus acts that transpire, it does seems fairly effective as a marketing tool.


I hate my local grocery store but I need groceries bro


You need food, you don’t need a shitty boxing event


Yea but what im trying to say is its the most convenient I coulda just said that I guess lol


Watching Freakshows and Trainwrecks is a US tradition.


Because free streams and bullshit else to watch


What's the chances of Holyfield fighting again?


We tune in because we’ve seen these fighters give hell in the octagon, we are loyal - that’s why. We want to see where they’ve been in life and happy they finally got a paycheck.


It’s like a freak show, all these bizarre matchups peak people’s curiosity


Bunch of neck beards crying cause you’re posting UFC fighters who participated in a boxing match on a UFC sub.


Cause I love to see Tito catch some hands.


Because we are slowly revealing that appealing to the lowest common denominator works. High level boxing isnt interesting to everyone because not everyone can really appreciate whats happening, sure the spectacle of it is interesting if it happens to be there but they wont go out of their way to view it. Boxing combined with people who have a "brand" (like jake paul) or some association to a "brand" (like the ufc) appeals to people who are followers of either brand. Even though people who hate the idea will still watch because whether or not they do has no impact on whether or not the event is going to take place. It also appeals to people who are just interested in what the outcome of the freakshow is.


Will I ever spend real money to watch a Triller event? Hell no. Will I illegally stream it? Hell yes


The question is will you complain about it how awful it was afterwards knowing it was goi to be awful beforehand?


It’s like a dead bird on the street


Bc stupid people can’t not watch stupid people, be stupid. Fucking brilliant!


Because the fighting industry has become saturated and way to commercialized


Same reason Clickbait works. ‘Fuck this obviously clickbait title…. *clicks*…’ People say they don’t want to be fat, but they don’t avoid eating burgers and pizzas.


I think car crashes are bad, but I still look at them when I pass them on the road.


But do you complain about how awful they are afterwards?


Yes. If a car accident makes the news because it’s horrific, I would say ‘god, that was horrific’


That’s not complaining


Saying something is horrific and bad is not complaining?


No, not in the way people complain about the triller event


I don't tune in.....


Mark Henry said it best. “Y’all just a bunch of puppets..” He’s right !


I complained and didn’t tune in. The highlights on reddit were enough. I’m guessing I only missed out on 50 concerts, backstage tours of the catering and a fat dude slapping a midget.


Elder abuse, that is all.


No one watches that shit. It's just celebrity boxing.


When you say "tune in", I hope you arent confusing it with people who only pirate streamed it or looked up clips on youtube afterwards. People hated triller the first time around because it was 50% a concert, with awfully horrible "artists" that sound like they pulled them off the street. Then a bunch of people a majority of us know, when all we really wanted to see was Askren vs Paul. Regardless of your opinion of his brother Logan, he did it the right way with Floyd. No bullshit, just the fight that we wanted to see.


Hmmm i guess the word ‘capitalism’ was used to answer such questions, wasn’t it?


Doesn’t answer the complaining part. It’s fine to watch of course but complaining about a shit show that you knew was going to be a shit show just doesn’t make sense


It does indeed but i wont bring out some marxist terms in a ufc thread on reddit lol


How convenient


I already answered this question above


Ducking worse than Bisping did to Yoel


I cant see u brother


It’s bad when you have to add a wwe twist to boxing to make it view worthy. What does that say about boxing