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theres a whole special flair for cartel😭




I can’t imagine cutting The head off a chicken let alone a human.


Less cutting it looks like more hacking. Like determined hacking. That's what I think gets me, you hit them over and over and over and they go silent but just keeps going... Terrifying


Yeah,no empathy at all


I doubt he is long before suffering the same fate


The way he twisted her neck… he wanted her to remember?




If you dehumanize a person far enough you could


I cut the head off of a chicken the other day. It was surprisingly hard and it made my soul hurt. Hard physically, and I keep a very sharp knife. It took me longer to do the chicken than this guy did that lady, but then again, it was my first chicken…. Next time I’ll be faster. Those guys unfortunately have taken the head off of a few people so they know what they are doing


I thought one uses an axe on chickens, not knives?


A cleaver.




Easy Ozzy lol


Underrated comment ⬆️ Edit: wow, you all took the visual of biting the head off of a chicken 🐓 pretty seriously. Teeth visual made me laugh.


That shit made me hungry af im bout to order popeyes


Shut the fuck up


You a sad boi ?






I did 2 with an axe. Still felt sad like this guy and his sharp knife.


Easiest way is to use a bucket with a hole cut in the bottom. Put the chicken in the bucket upside down. Pull the head through the hole, and a good clean swipe with a sharp blade.


My uncle used to have ye olde style farm and I still remembering squeeling of a killed pig. Though the sausage was tasty.


Pigs may have the most horrific panic sounds. It's gnarly to hear.


Yes, most people can't imagine that fucking sound. Straight outta horror


Any tips that you plan on applying next time? Not at the point where I'm killing my own meat yet but I'd like to avoid the first timer issues when I do




with some training and a good machete, the human head is the easiest part to cut off.


You probably ain’t doing it right you have to cut in a Angle 1 slice should do it so you don’t make em suffer


This happened in the state of Tamaulipas I believe. There is a lot of military presence there. I travel into Mexico at least once a week and there is a vibe of not knowing who is or isn’t a cartel member and the scary part is them possibly mistaking your vehicle for a rival cartels. A lot of the cartel members are American citizens and do drive vehicles over there with Texas plates.


Do you ever get worried? There are a couple resorts I was looking at to plan a trip but it's looking more and more like I'll go somewhere else, doesn't seem worth the risk.


Typically the cartels stay away from tourist areas, at least as far as overt crime. They're obviously still there and extorting locals. They leave the tourist zones alone because tourism itself is immensely profitable and the cartels get a cut of pretty much every business' income. ​ I went to a bachelor party in Cancun and got shitfaced almost every day and nothing happened to me. We were there for like 5-7 days.


If you can be shitfaced almost everyday for a week and not end up beheaded on the internet, that review should be on Travel Advisory


On Travel Advisory, while Mexico overall is currently Level 3: Reconsider Travel, it does not indicate you should reconsider travel to Quintana Roo (the Mexican state that Cancun is in). It says you should, "Exercise increased caution due to crime," for that specific state. Here's the [link.](https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/mexico-travel-advisory.html) ​ It also lists the Mexican States to "Do Not Travel To." Very useful website TBH.


It doesn't really have to be the cartels getting paid off of the businesses in the tourist areas. It's usually as simple as if they fuck with tourism then the local authorities are going to have much more reason to do something about it since it fucks with the local economy. Its easier for everyone to just stay out of the touristy areas and do your business where its easier, cheaper and less likely to get you and the federales into a situation where you cant ignore eachother.


I don't really know the intricacies of who pays who in the extortion rackets in Mexico. What I do know is that I spoke extensively with locals on that occasion and, at least in the Cancun tourist area, all of the businesses are either outright operated by the cartels or they pay the cartels off from their profits.


Oh I buy it. That's just a general rule for organized crime. Even in say a random part of a city in America. Cops know about the gangs. The ones they pick to go after the most are the ones causing obvious havoc, making places appear unsafe for the average civilians or otherwise making their job harder than others are. I totally buy them being in the local businesses I put nothing past the cartels. I just mean it's not a necessity for them to have incentive to not fuck with tourists experience.


No wonder my partner refused to go to Mexico even if we are just going to stay at the resort only and not set foot outside. I thought my partner is just being a scaredy cat and just overthinking things. But I've changed my mind regarding vacationing in mexico after following MMC and watching all these cartel executions


I'm from Mexico and this isn't likely to happen to you at all, this happens to people involved with the cartels and shit, also, this happened in one of the most violent states here, if you'd like to do some tourism you can, a resort is quite safe imo. I love my country but this is really saddening, I wish all this would end soon.


Thanks bro


If you'd like to go on a vacation you could go to Cancun or Los Cabos, maybe even Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco might be a bit dangerous though.


Yeah I was thinking about either Cabos or Cancun. Prefer Cabos more though, heard the water is warmer


Well, if you come visit, have fun!




is mazatlan safe


Not that much, I think it's still tourist friendly, but stilm there are some shootings from time to time.


It’s similar in American states. Every state is safe to go to but you know what cities to stay away from. And then even then you can go to those cities but you learn what parts of the cities to stay away from. For example, here in (Maryland) the first place everyone thinks of is Baltimore and the murder and crime rate. In reality we are a farming and fishing state with lots of small communities in the middle of nowhere surrounded by rivers. We all have been to Baltimore for school field trips to fort Mc Henry and the Aquarium, and they even have amazing hotels for expensive weddings. But if you go to the area a few blocks from John’s Hopkins, it’s a poor community. And the other side of the city is even more run down. It’s all about knowing where to go. That’s why THESE VIDEOS ARE EDUCATIONAL. But don’t let it keep you from studying up on where is safe to go so you don’t miss out on some amazing places.


The chances of anything happening inside a resort are slim to none. Those places are locked down and even the cartels know tourists are important for the economy.


He is being a "scaredy cat", this shit been going on 40 yrs, just gets shared now


Cartels don’t fuck with Americans. They are given orders not to. If they do, they get completely fucked by federal agents to the ass, it gives America an excuse to go and fuck shit up


Oh god no. I think I'll stay away from visiting my mother's side of the family forever. Pretty sure my grandma and family left for a reason. >\_>


Hearing her scream quickly muffled by her airway getting cut and filling with blood is very disturbing to say the least.


Its haunting, that’s for sure. Just seems like an awful way to die, especially given how dull all of these cartel blades are. I’d rather be shot at that point. Getting executed at 17 is just sad and cruel.


Yeah if she had been 27 it wouldn’t have been sad or cruel.


It’s sad/cruel no matter what the age is. Being executed and beheaded by a dull blade and having it recorded is a horrific way to die. As desensitized as I am from working in the medical field, it’s still hard to watch.




Your point went right over his head.


Why did you pick 27 seems like such a random age


Cause it’s not 17


I watch with the sound off on default. Makes it so much worse most of the time


Ever since way back when with the Chechen soldier throat cut thingy I found on Limewire when I was a kid I've never watched any of this shit on Reddit w sound


That’s the video that scarred me too. When they were screaming for their mothers.


Which vid are you talking about?


Dagestan beheadings / Tukhchar massacre


I've never seen that one, do you have a link?


Thank God it gave me a 404, I did not want to see that.


Yeah, I tapped on it and saw a couple of seconds and changed my mind. Don't need to see or hear that today.


Reminds me of those beheading videos from years back when isis was doing it. I still remember them doing it to some contractor and it was jarring to hear the screams turn to bubbles then silence


Can someone translate?


She gave her name, place of origin, occupation in the cartel, boss’s name, nicknames of other members, around how many members are under the control of her boss, where they get stationed, what relation does the zetas have with gov officials in the area, and lastly what she was there for. She was a 17 yr old cook for a the zetas, she was getting payed 60 US dollars weekly. I kinda heard her name was Martina Cordova, she was from Tamaulipas, she gave her boss’s name and a few other members nicknames, she said there were less than 100 members in the group operating in that area, she said the zetas there make deals with the local governor and state officials, she was forced to go there and report on rival cartel as well as navy’s activities around the area. At the end the interrogator criticized the zetas for being too cowardly by sending a girl to do their risky jobs. The man then goes and proves he’s as much of a scum as they are by killing her in such a inhuman way.


Appreciate it thanks a lot


By cook do you mean for drugs or actual food for the cartel members.


Drugs...I figure that is.


i would award u but i’m broke


Could always join the cartel as a cook and earn 60$ a week?


Like that Monster Jobs app notifying you, *"We found 1 new job that may interest you."*


What was her "occupation?" Beyond being inhuman...why would they murder someone who just complied and gave useful information then publicize the video. Won't this encourage rivals to not give up information?


At this point you give the information not hoping to survive but to avoid more cruelty during your execution.


Why they always spit out confidential information in these videos? In my opinion it’s because in that situation you’re going to die wether you comply or not. In that position it’s better to give as much information, after all, you don’t owe anything to your cartel and most likely they left you to die and will replace you easily with another person. As for occupation She mentioned she was a cook for the cartel members, but from what she said at the end it looks like she was forced to run a bunch of errands for them besides cooking


I'm surprised that the cartels don't threaten the family members if someone spills the beans before being killed. Maybe one wouldn't be so free with information if they knew their mother was going to get killed too


It’s tougher than that, giving up information might be the difference between getting a relatively quick be heading or getting flayed alive and having your heart cut out with a box cutter.


These fuckers and their dull blades


Translated from [source](https://elblogdelnarco.com/2014/07/18/video-fuerte-donde-el-cdg-decapitan-a-mujer-de-los-zetas-respuesta-del-comandante-gallo/) > Strong video where members of the Gulf cartel interrogate and behead a young woman member of the Zetas. > Commander Gallo's response > This video shows that violence has not slowed down as Enrique Peña Nieto says. Share on twitter, facebook and other media so that it is seen that insecurity remains the same, and it will not be solved by hiding the information and the reality of our country. > Enrique Peña Nieto censures the national media but not us, blames the fucking corruption of the PRI and all the governments. That the media are censored by the government, and make believe that nothing happens in Mexico, is something else. This is the true side of what is hidden in Mexico. > Next message: > Pa k they send undercover fucking asses, get together to break their fucking mother jotos ! > Atte: Cartel del Golfo Gpo Bravos. >


The part that makes me mad about Cartels is we know right where they are yet we aren't allowed to drone strike their HQs.


Why not? /genuine


I don't think the Mexican government would allow it, and they're much more well armed than the U.S generally likes to pretend.


I mean, yes but its not just that Mexico *could* do something about it. Those are Mexican citizens. It is one thing to help the Mexican military, we do because they are very close allies militarily and happen to be otherwise very good friends as far as relationships between nations go. We would never be okay with Mexico killing Americans on American soil even if they said it was one of the American organizations that spend the money in the first place and fund the existence of cartels. They would likewise appreciate we not do that and if and when they want help, the DEA and I'm sure supporting agencies would be down regardless so why fuck around with crazy 'act of war' lookin ass moves. That's without even considering the fact that they're one of two countries we physically border in the world and considering we're also cool with Canada so we can sort of forget about them (the type of thinking that leads to this conversation) it seems like a very stupid reason to do that kind of internationally-illegal-type-ish military action. They do have a serious military, that we train along with and help and they are in a position to fuck up Americans compared to most countries, they can do it better than any other country on earth just because proximity. Again, luckily they're the homies and good neighbors compared to a lot of countries' relationships with bordering countries. Fire ass food too.


Agree 100% (though I wouldn't know about the food, being English).


Risk? I’m guessing nobody wants to risk getting found out you are the one ordered drone strike. When cartel is that powerful, you would believe they can find out.


This video should be a little old, since Peña Nieto left presidency years ago (there's currently AMLO, John Oliver made a video about him). Probably there are two main reasons: first, they have political power too, connections with "regular" politicians. Second, they have a lot of money and military power. And "execute justice themselves" with that power, even against police officers. For example, like 3/4 years ago the police arrested Chapo's son. The people of his group started to go around the city shooting their weapons randomly, uploading themselves doing it in social media. I even remember one guy with a rocket launcher in the car... And it worked out, since hours later that guy, Chapo's son, was released. Months later, the leader of the policemen who arrested him was killed.


God damn.


This video helped me with my anxiety. I was feeling stressed at work and then I saw this and it put into perspective how relatively simple my life is. Though the stress is still valid, I do not have to worry about a rival institution beheading me. I feel better now.


It's a slippery slope, Ill go on a bender of these and feel generally anxious and have recurring scary dreams that involve gangs and guns.


I hate people


Honest anwser: what would you guys do in her situation wait to die? Talk and maybe get killed less rough? Personally I would like to say I would run because you are going to die anyway you don’t have another option but then again the thought of being like one of the people in there videos


You wouldn't do any of the things you think you'd do. You'd be paralyzed with fear and do the same thing everyone does in these videos.


Yup, there’s a reason why In literally every video I’ve seen of people in this situation (and unfortunately I’ve seen a lot) they just freeze up and wait for the inevitable. Im pretty sure it’s presumed that if you try and escape or play any sort of game, then you would be made an example of. There is also a phenomenon where people wait because they believe something will save them last minute, even when impending doom is certain, I’ve forgot what it’s called though…. And in all fairness this one was actually rather quick compared to many others I’ve seen.


Yeah I always assumed they were being hopeful for the impossible because if not they'd just shoot themselves in the head before surrendering.


There was only one case where al qaeda had an Italian hostage, the video of him was supposed to be a beheading video but at the end gets up with his hands tied behind his back and starts kicking them until he gets shot. It’s truly rare for that to happen


He was smart imho


Yup, I speak Italian aswell, he shouted ‘an Italian never dies on his knees!’ INTENSE


Thanks for the accurate translation. I had read in a wiki article he shouted “I’ll show you how an Italian dies”. I can’t seem to find the video. Everyone would like to act like that when faced with death but the truth is most of us probably would be paralyzed by fear, it’s understandable that’s most of the cases in these videos. It requires a special type of mindset to go down fighting, probably pride or when you know your death is not in vain. I don’t think dying horribly for the drug trafficking business gives you that type of morale though


I mean I wasn't ever cartel or some shit and I'm genuinely not tryna sound cool because trrrrrust me it never ever was cool but I have been in situations where I couldn't fucking win no matter what and was completely at the mercy of someone who had no reason to treat me less horribly than it had to be. You might be a lose your mind and fight everyone to the death guy, you might be a scream guy, a cry and beg guy, whatever. If you're like me though you may or may not be frozen but odds are you look like it regardless. You're not mentally frozen though. You can get frozen but only because you're not frozen to the extent where there's just competing thoughts. In my experience you fucking think everything. There are 'time slows down moments' and if a long situation there are ones that fly by. Complete with you doing things and saying shit youre too busy losing it to consciously think of. You make like 100 decisions and half of them arent even pertinent to the next few seconds and then whichever one was gonna happen you're doing before you realize it and then you're just confused as to why you're alive, or I assume it just kinda ends there when it doesn't so if you're religious or anything I guess you tell me what happens. Its weird like when I see some of these I feel like I can see them thinking one thing and the next while sitting there or even while saying the shit they always make them say and it kinda bugs me out. I might be completely projecting though with that as much as it feels real to me. I know I'm rambling a lot but I'm just saying shit gets weird when you "know"(think) you're already dead.


Talk but give bad info. Maybe say a few of their members were double agents to get them killed.


Feels like if you did try to run you would most likely get shot and that sounds like the better option to me. You kinda have to lowkey try to get yourself blasted without them realizing you’re doing it to avoid the long slow death. Kinda like the premise of the Walken Vs Hopper scene in True Romance.


I think the opposite would happen if you run. They're not going to shoot you, they're going to chase you down and 'punish' you even more. To "make a point."






That’s why I wonder if sometimes they tell them if you just answer our questions then we’ll just rough you up. Hard to imagine someone just accepting a beheading unless there’s no other option


With hands thight in the middle of nowhere. Were are you gonna run not to mention you will be caught in 20 meters . After which out of anger they might kill you more slowly


mm yeah maybe I think if you ran there’s a higher chance you’re killed less brutally than… this


I think you mean the opposite.


If I knew no matter what I was gonna die, I'd just be a complete asshole. Instigate the fuck out of them and end up driving them to just shoot me. If I'm at the point that I'm on my knees in the woods, they're not gonna be torturing me any more. I'm gonna ridicule, insult, and curse their whole family line.


You'd probably just end up getting skinned alive if you pissed them off like that. I'd imagine they're fully aware getting shot is more pleasant than getting tortured.


Not if you're cursing their families. They usually have a weird superstition as far as curses go.


That's when you lose your tongue, it's all downhill from there


Thats how you get Funkytowned...


Say bye to your fingers.


She looks like she got roughed up quite a bit first.


I'd do whatever it takes to get them to shoot me. So probably try to run.


I’m thinking the best way to get a quick bullet is to rush the closest guy with a gun. Cuz then they have to worry about losing their gun to you.


17 years old... That's horrible.


Poor girl. 😪


You know you've seen too much when the first thought you had was atleast they didn't gangrape her before the beheading. And your second thought is maybe they did off camera.


Third thought: they're on too much drugs for their pajaritos to work


They likely did


What hurts me in this case is that she is only 17. Literally a child


Cartel Golfo vs CDN-Zetas A few years ago they were both a single cartel. If you cut off the head of the hydra, they will grow 2.


Was that the sounds of her neck snapping when he twisted or some branches? Either way, these fuckers need to stop with the dollar store sharpenings; give your boys at ISIS a holler, they see to have the sharpest blades for beheadings


My money's on neck.


Oooof. I don’t know I’ve ever heard that on a human before (I mean, I’ve butchered meat, so I know the sound, makes sense it would come out of a human too)


Wasnt this girl 17? I think she was a cook for a rival cartel. Unless I'm thinking of a different video.


The way the bones cracked... 😳😳


Psychopaths. Enemies to humanity. Pure evil.


I thought more than seven years on Reddit would desensitize me from this kind of stuff, but they did not, here I am fucking crying over this. I think I'm done with this sub.


Don't blame you at all. Stay strong, hope you feel better.


Well her pain was over fairly quickly


This is a nope for me. Pass


Man. I remember how sick and terrible my first beheading video made me feel. Now it’s just like “oh hey they coulda did that better with a different technique…”


that poor girl. these cartels are what I would imagine a meth sex party between nazis and isis would create.


And they are right next to US. Many of them have american citizenship as some other commenter said. Yet Americans aren't bothered by it like they should be. Why is that?


I would really like to believe that if cocaine was made legal and regulated in the states, cartels would slowly start to fade. Of course it’s not that simple but maybe it could be a step in the right direction.


You just like cocaine


Sometimes I realize how desensitized I am. Like my facial expressions stay blank as I sss a human beheaded, be ccx cause I've seen it so many times before. The worst thing I've seen that I think would still affect me was seeing a kitten get its throat slit on 4chan. Its always bad when it's an animal


yeah something similar happens to me, i get more sad when i see animals getting killed idk why


It's the helplessness is what gets you. I feel the same way man. Makes me feel like shit. Then I go on /r/combatFootage and see isis get killed, and don't feel a thing. Mental stability/instability restored! Yay!


imma have to have a link cause i hate myself


I have no idea where that gif is. I was like 14 when I saw that shit, I'm 21 now. I think it's better it gets lost to the past, it was quite revolting




So you came here to not watch videos but comment about how you won't watch them? Fuck that's edgy!!!!!!!


Can someone give a visual summary.


What the hell :(


May her soul find peace and those that murdered her get a taste of their own medicine


I wonder if everything is ok over there sure has been a lot more of these


Is this daily in South America?


North America*, Mexico


Yeh North America sorry for my bad English


Your English isn’t bad unless you’re implying that you spelt ‘north’ wrong the first time




Fuuuck this really was brutal


Your link isn't safe. Is there a mirror?


Not sure why siasky would be flagged. It's just cloud hosting. It could also be used for HTML5 games / apps so wonder if that got it flagged. Anyways, figured I'd give the pomf site a spin. Here's the link. https://pomf2.lain.la/f/ygp3vlpe.mp4


Fuck that was brutal. Such a slow death.


Dude had terrible aim. Looks.like he never done that before. Amateur.


I was going to suggest letting the Filipino president, Duturte run that country for a while. But then I realized it’s probably too far gone with corruption and anybody that tried to actually fix the problem, would just be assassinated. Sad really.


Nope I couldn't even watch this although I've seen tons of beheadings. Nite reddit.


Holy shit. fuckin' animals. To a woman NOW that's fucked.


What do you mean? Is it better to do it to a man for some reason?


Yeah it's acceptable to behead a man.


man, so brutal, it's nuts. i can never do this to another human being T\_T


Just not loading for me is there something wrong with the link?


I would've at least thought cutting from the back would've been the most painful


Cartels vs all middle eastern terrorists vs All gangs in America who you picking


It always seems to be the same guy asking questions, in all cartel videos. A higher pitched voice, sounding like a bad actor reading a script.


I think I'll pass on this one..


I can’t understand why they do this?why choose murder?it’s odd they chose that punishment and not anything else for the women x


I couldn't watch him trying to tear her head off


I’m glad I don’t know Spanish because knowing the dialogue going on has to make it that much more disturbing


Grim that


God that neck twist is so fucking cringy....


The 360 degree head twisting was worse than the machete IMO.


This might be a stupid question but is there anything being done about cartels? These guys seriously need to all be captured and killed. Fuck these guys. Pure evil.


What a terrible way to go man


They’re not sending their best


Oh fuck that. 17 years old. I'm not watching this.


F that .I won’t even bother answering them


Free haircut!


Fucking animals. These are the POS’s causing a crisis at our border.


That's why the US has to let them in.


I often find myself wondering how I can avoid a sequence of events that leads me to be the subject of one of these cartel beheadings






Idk why I like this stuff so much