Any Brick And Mortar Stores That Sell Silicone Wedding Bands Around?

Any Brick And Mortar Stores That Sell Silicone Wedding Bands Around?


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I have no recommendations, I'm just here to say I appreciate how wildly varied these recommendation requests are.


I’m not quite sure if they have this specific material or not but Johnson’s Jewelers in Cary has a good selection of rings. We got my husband’s band there and they have this HUGE book of bands and rings and are nice about offering options and ranges of costs.


They do! They advertise them on their windows haha that’s how I know


My wife got hers at REI. They were up near the registers.


Dicks usually sells the Qalos rings but you can’t try them on since they come in a package.


The jewelry shop in downtown Cary carries them!


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I ordered mine off Amazon but I've seen them at Dicks and buckle I think


I think most of the silicone bands are sold in a package so not sure of trying them on. I've bought one for myself and my husband online from Enso and their sizing was spot on. Very comfortable. We wear ours everyday!


Walmart should have some


If you do go online, I'd recommend Enso. I have one after my wedding ring shrank. I think it was the dryer, hard to say. The Enso I have has a custom "engraving" on the side and it's very comfortable. Very inexpensive option too for when I work on things and don't want to hurt the other ring.